İzmo Bilişim Apps

Real Dress Up 1.3.0
Are you bored of playing classical and routinedress up games? If your answer is yes, our Real DressUp game isjust for you! In this game, we try to dress up real men and womenmodels with well prepared dresses. You can dress the modelsaccording to your mood! You can suit up the models for an importantinvitation or dress the models with short , t-shirt or bikini tomake your beach style! And also you can choose t-shirt, trousers orshirts to show your casual style.! Hey , it is time to discoveryour inner fashion designer !
Tadya Yeni Yıl 1.0.0
Tadya yeni yıl için oldukça heyecanlıgörünüyor. Yılbaşı gecesi için Tadya'nın evi süslemesine yardımcıolabilir misiniz? Oda içersinde değiştirebileceğiniz objeler;pencere, sehpa, koltuk, tablo, televizyon, çam ağacı ve şömine'dir.Evi süsledikten sonra ise sıra Tadyada. Onun için en güzel kıyafetiseçeceğinden şüphemiz yok. Tüm bu aktiviteleri yaptığında Tadyasana puan verecek. Hadi hazırsan hemen indir, oyna!Tady seems quite excitedfor the new year. Tadya you can help decorate the house for NewYear's Eve? Objects in the room can change within; window, table,sofa, table, television, pine trees and fireplace. After decoratingthe house is in order Tadya. We have no doubt that she would choosethe most beautiful clothes for her. When all these activities dotady will give you points. Come on, you're ready for immediatedownload, play!
Tadya House Cleaning 1.0.0
Welcome to the Tadya House Cleaning game.TodayTadya starts to clean the rooms of her house.First, Tadya decided to clean kids room. After cleaning kidsroom,Tadya wants to clean her kitchen.The kitchen is so dirty! When the kitchen is totaly cleaned ,Tadyawill clean the living room. You must put the items and throwit tothe right place. You should clean the dirts on floor,wardrobe,door etc. You will be rewarded with high score if youcomplete thelevels in a given time. Hey what are you waiting for?Let's startto clean the house!
Tadya Strawberry Cake 1.0
Tadya decides to make her favorite cake.Butwhen she looked at the recipe list, she figures out that therearemissing materials at the kitchen so she thinks that she must gotothe supermarket. She buys the missing foods from thesupermarket.At the second stage, tadya places the foods to thetable. When allthe foods become active , we pour all the foods tothe pot andprepare the cake leaven. At the third stage , we pourthe cakeleaven to the oven cup and send it to the oven to cook it.At thefourth and final stage , there are lots of cakes appear onthetable. Each of them looks different and has an unique taste.SoTadya can not decide which cake that she wants to cook. Areyouready to help her ?