Виктор Резнов Apps

Space flight 1.0
The long-awaited update of the legendary platformer, especially formodern Android-platforms has come! You have a very exciting spaceflight ahead of you: dynamic game play, intuitive control, and fungraphics - all that we expect from good mobile entertainment.Whatis there to do?Your goal is to fly into space, to distant stars.Help your astronaut to rise as high as possible, maneuver betweenobstacles, collect fuel, and set new records! However, remember:the farther the green-skinned pilot flies into space, the harderthe game becomes - steer more carefully.Features of the game:Brightand funny graphics, looks good on any screen;Easy control:immediate play after downloading, no need to waste time forlearning;Dynamic and incredibly fun game play;Short game sessions.You can play anywhere: in the queue, in the subway, at lunchtime -flying into space will help pass the time!Are you ready to say"Let's go" and give a wave of the hand? Download the game, and letyour space flight start right now!
BvB Pong 1.0
Learn the successful game Pong for example on your phone or tabletas a whole in a new way with a smoother  Graphics than everbefore. This exciting game entices you into slaveryThe userinterface is designed to minimize distraction and allow full Immerse yourself in the game. Prove that you are a fluke orly inthis game!When creating a fluke Pong, ARS was used.Think your toogood for a fluke pong?  Or your friends play fluky and watchthey lose their mind, as they try to get a point again