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Story for children Lesiki 1.5
"The Lesiki" is a kind fairytale for our children. It is aboutthree young magicians: Robin, Snowy and Karolin, who always getinto surprising adventures. Story after story is full of magic,beautiful nature and, of course, the lessons which a child can getout of the fairy-tale. It's magic audio books for kids.Manyspecialists have worked at each episode: authors, an animatedcartoon designer, a voiceover professional and a childpsychologist. We have created this fairy-tale for our own children,filling every episode with all the things we have learned at ourmothers' knees: kindness, justice, honesty and mutual aid. Threechests with the episodes are already opened, the next episodesshould be paid. If you like our application, please, leave yourpositive comments. We believe, that we'll make our world better,learning it together!