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Repod is a free podcast player to manage & listen to yourfavorite podcast shows, and the community to share, discuss, reviewor recommend your favorite podcasts. Join the podcast community. •Discover new podcasts that you wouldn't find recommended on anyother podcast app • Share & discuss podcast episodes • Manageand organize your podcast subscriptions so that you can quicklyjump into your next bingeable series or newly discovered show orepisode Podcast Discovery with Friends With over 50 million podcastepisodes out there, Repod’s community helps you consistently findand listen to the best episodes beyond the Top Charts. Thecommunity of podcast discoverers share diverse recommendations sowe can discuss the best episodes together. Unlike other podcastlistening apps, Repod offers simple sharing features and engagingdiscussions so that you could find shows or episodes that aretailored to your taste for podcast listening. Share PodcastRecommendations in the Community 🗣 Share episodes, shows,playlists, or profiles with anyone inside or outside the podcastapp 📝 Start a podcast discussion. Post a comment on your favoriteepisode for the community to respond ✂️ Clip & share up to1-minute podcast episode snippets that stood out to you the most ⏰Tap into clips and timestamps to quickly jump into the best partsof an episode 👍 Enjoyed an episode? Rate and review podcasts withan upvote 📈 Discover podcast episodes that are the most likedwithin the last day, week, month, or year Creating & SharingPodcast Playlists 📖 Create & share your own public podcastplaylists. 🤝 Follow other user’s playlists so that you can expandyour podcast taste palette 🤓 Find trending playlists, new podcastshows & series, and other new & noteworthy episodesOrganizing Your Podcasts 📚 Organize your podcast subscriptions andepisodes with Stations. 🌟 Save your favorite podcast episodes andclips to listen and share for later. List to all of your favoritepodcast shows including: The Joe Rogan Experience, The Daily, ThisAmerican Life, Freakonomics Radio, Stuff You Should Know, TED TalksDaily, Reply All, Radiolab, 99% Invisible, Hidden Brain, How IBuilt This with Guy Raz, Planet Money, Serial, TED Radio Hour,Criminal, Today, Explained, Daily Boost, The Tim Ferriss Show,Invisibilia, Science Vs, Every Little Thing, Crime Junkie,Revisionist History, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, Life Kit, StuffThey Don't Want You To Know, Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman,Heavyweight, Making Sense with Sam Harris, Darknet Diaries, StartUpPodcast, Short Wave, The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, OfficeLadies, The Indicator from Planet Money, My Favorite Murder, TheHappiness Lab, The Moth, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, Up First,Slow Burn, In the Dark, Lore, Dr. Death, and more! Find podcastrecommendations by genre or topic: Society & Culture, TrueCrime, Comedy, History, Sports, Business, Entrepreneurship,Technology, Love & Relationships, Self-Improvement, Health& Fitness, Religion & Spirituality, Politics, Games /Hobbies, TV & Film, Food, Fiction / Audio Drama, Travel &Places, and more! Ready to give Repod a try? Here is how to getstarted: 1. Sign up for free through email, Facebook or Twitter 2.Import your subscriptions from apple podcasts or import fromanother podcast player using the OPML import/export (Pocket Cast,Castro, Pocket Addict, Overcast, Player.fm, Castbox) 3. Find yourfriends or follow other podcast tastemakers 4. Start listening,discovering and sharing your favorite podcasts