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Telugu Holy Bible 5.1.0
పవిత్ర బైబిల్ - Telugu Holy Bible
Treasury Scripture Knowledge 1.0.1
Bible Commentary. Treasury Of Scripture KnowledgeThe Treasury ofScripture Knowledge was, and still is, a Bible reference work firstpublished around 1830, created by the London publisher SamuelBagster (1772-1851). It is a set of cross-references. That is, itconsists entirely of a book-length listing of cross-references,showing only the chapter and verse citations with no accompanyingtext. About the size of a complete Bible, the TSK is also organizedlike a Bible, beginning at Genesis and ending at Revelation. Eachverse of the Bible is cross-referenced to several others to enablethe reader to gain a true sense of each word and phrase as it isused in the Bible. - 800,000 cross-references, listing verses thatillustrate how words and phrases are used elsewhere in the Bible. -Helps the reader interpret Scripture with Scripture. - Briefchapter summaries. - Dates and other notes.The original Treasury ofScripture Knowledge is one of the most valuable Bible referenceworks ever to be published. Unlike a typical commentary, the TSKconsists primarily of scripture references with very little"comment." Of course, there are "illustrative notes" (as sodescribed by the original publisher), which include book summaries,chapter outlines, short explanations, and alternate readings oftenfound in the margins of the Authorized Bible. However, the TSKremains unique in that its primary purpose is to present the readerwith copious cross-references so that the Bible student may allowScripture to be illuminated by the whitest of lights: Scriptureitself.
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الترجمة العربية الأكثر استخداماً عالمياًVan Dyck Arabic BibleMostwidely used Arabic translation in the worldينقسم الكتاب المقدس لدىالمسيحيين إلى قسمين متمايزين هما العهد القديم والعهد الجديد.أصل هذهالتسمية تعود أن اللاهوتيين المسيحيين الأوائل رؤوا ما ذهب إليه بولسفي الرسالة الثانية إلى كورنثس 14/3 بأن تلك النصوص تحوي أحكام عهدجديد، ما أدى في الوقت نفسه إلى إطلاق مصطلح العهد القديم علىالمجموعة التي كانت تسمى الشريعة والأنبياء وتشمل الكتاب المقدس لدىاليهود. ويتكون العهد القديم من من ستة وأربعين كتابًا يطلق عليها اسمأسفار، وقد قسّمت أسفار العهد القديم حسب التقليد المسيحي إلى أربعةأقسام وفروع أولها التوراة التي تؤلف أسفار موسى الخمسة، ثم الأسفارالتاريخية وأسفار الأنبياء و الحكمة؛ أما العهد الجديد فيحتوي علىسبعة وعشرين سفرًا وهي الأناجيل القانونية الأربعة بالإضافة إلى أعمالالرسل وأربعة عشر رسالة لبولس وسبع رسائل لرسل وتلاميذ آخرين وسفرالرؤيا. ومواضيع الأسفار مختلفة، فإن اعتبر سفر التكوين قصصيًابالأولى، فإن سفر اللاويين تشريعيًا بالأحرى، أما المزامير فسفرٌتسبيحي، ودانيال رؤيوي. تقبل الكنيسة الكاثوليكية والأرثوذكسيةالأسفار القانونية الثانية، في حين أن الكنائس البروتستانتية فهي تتفقمع اليهودية في عدم قبولها.إلى جانب ذلك، فإن الكتاب المقدس هو أقدمكتاب لم ينقطع تداوله في العالم، وأول كتاب تمت طباعته، وأكثر كتابيمتلك مخطوطات قديمة، والكتاب الأكثر قراءة وتوزيعًا في تاريخالبشرية، والوحيد الذي ترجم لأغلب اللغات البشرية إذ ترجم لسحابة ألفيلغة، وطبع منه آخر قرنين ستة مليارات نسخة، وأكثر كتاب صدر عنه دراساتوكتب وأبحاث جانبية، وأكثر كتاب أوحى برسم لوحات أو مقطوعات موسيقيةأو شعر أو أدب أو مسرحيات أو أفلام أو سواها من الآثار البشرية.ينقسمالكتاب المقدس لدى المسيحيين إلى قسمين متمايزين هما العهد القديموالعهد الجديد.أصل هذه التسمية تعود أن اللاهوتيين المسيحيين الأوائلرؤوا ما ذهب إليه بولس في الرسالة الثانية إلى كورنثس 14/3 بأن تلكالنصوص تحوي أحكام عهد جديد، ما أدى في الوقت نفسه إلى إطلاق مصطلحالعهد القديم على المجموعة التي كانت تسمى الشريعة والأنبياء وتشملالكتاب المقدس لدى اليهود. ويتكون العهد القديم من من ستة وأربعينكتابًا يطلق عليها اسم أسفار، وقد قسّمت أسفار العهد القديم حسبالتقليد المسيحي إلى أربعة أقسام وفروع أولها التوراة التي تؤلف أسفارموسى الخمسة، ثم الأسفار التاريخية وأسفار الأنبياء و الحكمة؛ أماالعهد الجديد فيحتوي على سبعة وعشرين سفرًا وهي الأناجيل القانونيةالأربعة بالإضافة إلى أعمال الرسل وأربعة عشر رسالة لبولس وسبع رسائللرسل وتلاميذ آخرين وسفر الرؤيا. ومواضيع الأسفار مختلفة، فإن اعتبرسفر التكوين قصصيًا بالأولى، فإن سفر اللاويين تشريعيًا بالأحرى، أماالمزامير فسفرٌ تسبيحي، ودانيال رؤيوي. تقبل الكنيسة الكاثوليكيةوالأرثوذكسية الأسفار القانونية الثانية، في حين أن الكنائسالبروتستانتية فهي تتفق مع اليهودية في عدم قبولها.The world's mostwidely used Arabic TranslationVan Dyck Arabic BibleMost widely usedArabic translation in the worldBible Christians divided into twodistinct segments are the Old Testament and the New Testament.Theoriginal of this label belonging to Christian theologians firstthey see the view of Paul's second letter to the Corinthians 14/3that those texts contain the provisions of a new era, leading atthe same time to launch the term Old Testament on the group thatwas called the Law and the Prophets include the Bible among Jews.It consists of the Old Testament of the forty-six books called thebooks of the name, it has divided the books of the Old Testament asa Christian tradition into four sections and branches of the firstof the Torah that make up the five books of Moses, and thehistorical books and the books of the prophets and wisdom; The NewTestament contains the twenty-seven books of a The four canonicalGospels addition to the acts of the Apostles and fourteen Paulineletters and seven letters of the apostles and other disciples ofthe Book of Revelation. The different themes of travel, wasconsidered the Genesis narratively former, the Leviticuslegislatively rather, the psalms phosphorate Zbhristi, Danielvisionary. The Catholic Church and the Orthodox accept theDeuterocanonical books, while the Protestant churches areconsistent with Judaism in non-acceptance.Besides that, the Bibleis the oldest book that was not cut off circulation in the world,and the first book printed, and more book has ancient manuscripts,the book most read and distributed in human history, and the onlyone who translated for the majority of human languages ​​astranslated to a cloud two thousand languages, and printed it lasttwo six billion copies, and more book published his studies andbooks and research side, the more the book inspired the drawingboards or pieces of music or poetry or literature or plays ormovies or other human impacts.Bible Christians divided into twodistinct segments are the Old Testament and the New Testament.Theoriginal of this label belonging to Christian theologians firstthey see the view of Paul's second letter to the Corinthians 14/3that those texts contain the provisions of a new era, leading atthe same time to launch the term Old Testament on the group thatwas called the Law and the Prophets include the Bible among Jews.It consists of the Old Testament of the forty-six books called thebooks of the name, it has divided the books of the Old Testament asa Christian tradition into four sections and branches of the firstof the Torah that make up the five books of Moses, and thehistorical books and the books of the prophets and wisdom; The NewTestament contains the twenty-seven books of a The four canonicalGospels addition to the acts of the Apostles and fourteen Paulineletters and seven letters of the apostles and other disciples ofthe Book of Revelation. The different themes of travel, wasconsidered the Genesis narratively former, the Leviticuslegislatively rather, the psalms phosphorate Zbhristi, Danielvisionary. The Catholic Church and the Orthodox accept theDeuterocanonical books, while the Protestant churches areconsistent with Judaism in non-acceptance.
Concordancia Bíblica 2.2
Bible Concordance in Spanish (Reina Valera) Concordancia Bíblica yBiblia - Lectura de Hoy, Versiculo Diario, Biblia en Audio!CONCORDANCIA BIBLICA En esta aplicación encontrarás índicealfabético de todas las palabras bíblicas ( de, y, a, que, la, el,los, en son excluidos - no las utilice) También puedes buscar porvarias palabras - utilizar el espacio entre ellos Hemos añadido lacapacidad de buscar con varias palabras. Ejemplo: "Jesus Maria"LECTURAS DE HOY Cronológico, Canónico e Histórico Planes por unAño, 180 y 90 Días. ¡La Notificación Diaria le ayuda a no olvidarsede la Lectura de Hoy! VERSICULO DIARIO Evangelio de hoy, Salmo dehoy - usted puede crear su propio verso diario de tu libros de labiblia preferidos! LA BIBLIA EN AUDIO Audio compatible con lafunción de texto a voz. Sólo toque el verso - verá icono de audio.REINA VALERA Biblia Reina Valera es la más popular de la BibliaEspañola! GRATIS y OFFLINE ¡Todas las funciones funcionan fuera delínea y absolutamente de forma gratuita! Espero que estaConcordancia Bíblica y Biblia será su compañero perfecto en elestudio de la Biblia! No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo siquieres mejorar o tiene algún problema con esta aplicación. BibleConcordance in Spanish (Reina Valera) Bible and Bible Concordance -Today's Reading, Daily Verse, Audio Bible! MATCHING BIBLICAL Inthis application you will find alphabetical index of all biblicalwords (, and, that, the, the, the, on are excluded - do not use)You can also search by several words - use the space between themWe have added the ability to search with multiple words . Example:"Jesus Maria" TODAY'S READINGS Chronological, Canon and HistoricalPlans for a Year, 180 and 90 days. The Daily Notification helps younot to forget the Reading Today! Daily Verse Gospel today, Salmotoday - you can create your own daily verse from your favoriteBible books! THE BIBLE IN AUDIO Audio function compatible text tospeech. Just touch the verse - you will see audio icon. REINAVALERA King James Bible is the most popular of the Spanish Bible!FREE and OFFLINE All the functions work offline and absolutelyfree! I hope this Bible and Bible Concordance will be your perfectcompanion in the study of the Bible! Do not hesitate to contact meif you want to improve or have any problems with this application.
Bibelkonkordanz und Bibel 1.1
BibelkonkordanzIn dieser Anwendung finden Sie ein alphabetischesVerzeichnis aller biblischen Worte. Die Trefferanzahl wird Ihnennach Büchern geordnet angezeigt. Sie haben dann die Möglichkeit,die Textstelle direkt aufzurufen.Sie können auch nach mehreren mitLeerzeichen getrennten Wörtern suchen. Tägliches Lesen BibelLesepläne für ein Jahr, 180 und 90 Tagen.TäglicheBenachrichtigungen hilft Ihnen, nicht zu vergessen, heute beimLesen!Lesen Lutherbibel Bibel in einem Jahr! Tages Verse Evangeliumheute, heute Salmo - Sie können Ihre eigenen täglichen Vers ausIhrem Lieblings-Bibel Bücher erstellen!Audio-BibelTippen Sieeinfach auf den Vers - Sie Audio-Symbol zu sehen.Audio funktioniertauch offline, und selbst wenn die Anwendung geschlossen ist!Hörensie Die Bibel wenn Sie es nicht lesen kann! Frei und OfflineAlleFunktionen (Konkordanz und Bibel) arbeiten offline und absolutkostenlos!Ich hoffe, dass diese Bibel Konkordanz Ihr perfekterBegleiter im gesegneten Studium der Bibel wird!Bitte kontaktierenSie mich gerne, wenn Sie einen Verbesserungsvorschlag oder Problememit dieser App haben sollten. Bible Concordance In this applicationyou will find an alphabetical index of all biblical words. Thenumber of results will be displayed sorted by books. You then havethe option to call the passage directly.You can also search severalseparate spaces with words. Daily Read Bible Reading Plans for oneyear, 180 and 90 days.Daily alerts helps you not to forget, nowreading!Read King James Bible in one year! day verses Gospel today,Salmo - You can create your own books daily verse from yourfavorite Bible! Audio Bible Simply tap the verse - to see audioicon.Audio also works offline, and even if the application isclosed!Listen to the Bible if you can not read it! free and offlineAll functions (concordance and Bible) working offline and free!Ihope that this Bible Concordance is your perfect companion in theblessed study of the Bible!Please contact like if you have asuggestion or problems with this App myself.
Die Bibel 2.3
Lutherbibel 1912 (Deutsch). Alte Testament und das NeueTestament.Vielen Dank an David Rößler, der mich mit Übersetzungenfür dieses app geholfen! Als Bibel (auch Buch der Bücher)bezeichnen das Judentum und das Christentum je eigene Sammlungenvon Schriften, die als Heilige Schriften Urkunden ihres Glaubenssind. Es handelt sich um zwei Zusammenstellungen von „Büchern“(griechisch: biblia) aus dem Kulturraum der Levante und demVorderen Orient, die im Verlauf von etwa 1200 Jahren entstandensind und zuerst von Juden, dann auch von Christen kanonisiertwurden.Die Schriften der Bibel haben sowohl im Judentum wie imChristentum für die Religionsausübung normativen Charakter. ImOrthodoxen Judentum gilt die Tora als von Gott Moses und demjüdischen Volk am Berg Sinai übergeben, im Christentum sind dasAlte und Neue Testament Offenbarungszeugnis Gottes. Auch der Islamerkennt die Bibel und mit ihr seine beiden Vorgängerreligionen alsgültiges, jedoch von Menschen teilweise verfälschtesOffenbarungszeugnis Allahs an.Luther Bible 1912 (German). OldTestament and the New Testament.Many thanks to David Roessler, whohelped me with translations available for this app!As Bible (alsoBook of Books) designate Judaism and Christianity each owncollections of fonts that are considered Scriptures certificates oftheir faith. There are two sets of "books" (Greek: biblia) from thecultural area of ​​the Levant and the Middle East, which havearisen in the course of about 1200 years and first of Jews, werecanonized by Christians.The writings of the Bible, both in Judaismand in Christianity for religious observances normative character.In Orthodox Judaism, the Torah applies passed as of God Moses andthe Jewish people at Mount Sinai, in Christianity the Old and NewTestament are revelation testimony of God. Islam also recognizesthe Bible and its two predecessor religions as valid, but peoplesometimes adulterated witness to revelation of Allah with her.
Baiboly (Malagasy Bible) 5.1.0
Baiboly (Malagasy Bible 1865) Ny teny hoe Baiboly (katolika naprotestanta) dia ilay boky izay inoan'ny Kristianina hotenin'Andriamanitra.
Catholic Bible Commentary 1.0.1
Catholic Bible Commentary on the Whole Bible & Catholic Bible(Public Domain Version)The Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary,following the Douay-Rheims Bible text, was originally compiled byCatholic priest and biblical scholar Reverend George LeoHaydock.Haydock’s catholic bible commentary is widely considered aCatholic classic which directly and accurately expresses theChurch’s traditional interpretation of biblical passages.
Elberfelder Bibel 5.5.2
Elberfelder Bibel Tägliches Lesen Bibel Lesepläne für ein Jahr, 180und 90 Tagen. Tägliche Benachrichtigungen hilft Ihnen, nicht zuvergessen, heute beim Lesen! Lesen Elbelfelder Bibel in einem Jahr!Tages Verse Evangelium heute, heute Salmo - Sie können Ihre eigenentäglichen Vers aus Ihrem Lieblings-Bibel Bücher erstellen! DieBibel in Audio Tippen Sie einfach auf den Vers - Sie Audio-Symbolzu sehen. Audio funktioniert auch offline, und selbst wenn dieAnwendung geschlossen ist! Hören sie Die Bibel wenn Sie es nichtlesen kann! FREE und OFFLINE Alle Funktionen arbeiten offline undabsolut kostenlos! Die Elberfelder Bibel ist eine bedeutendedeutsche Bibelübersetzung, die erstmals 1855 (Neues Testament) bzw.1871 (Altes Testament) erschien. Sie konnte zwar nie die gleicheVerbreitung wie die Lutherbibel finden, hat aber im Laufe der Zeitwegen ihrer begriffsnahen Übersetzungsweise und Texttreue vieleFreunde gewonnen. Die Wörtlichkeit der Übersetzung hat in ihrVorrang vor sprachlicher Schönheit. Damit wurde sie zum Vorbild fürviele weitere Übersetzungen. Elberfeld Bible Daily Reading Biblereading plans for one year, 180 and 90 days. Daily notificationshelp you not to forget reading today! Read Elbelfelder Bible in ayear! Daily verses Gospel today, today Salmo - You can create yourown daily verse from your favorite Bible books! The Bible in AudioJust tap the verse - you will see audio icon. Audio also worksoffline, and even when the application is closed! Listen to theBible if you can not read it! FREE and OFFLINE All functions workoffline and absolutely free! The Elberfeld Bible is a significantGerman translation of the Bible, which first appeared in 1855 (NewTestament) and 1871 (Old Testament). Although it could never findthe same distribution as the Luther Bible, but has gained over timebecause of their near-term translation and faithfulness to manyfriends. The literal meaning of the translation takes precedenceover linguistic beauty. This became the model for many moretranslations.
Красивые статусы о любви - Статусы и СМС 3.0
Любовь, я думаю, самое красивое чувство человека, и в этом сборникея постаралась собрать Красивые мысли, высказывания и статусы олюбви. Их тут ровно 6 000Статусы (мысли, высказывания) упорядоченыпо дате - вначале самые свежие.Приложение запоминает текущий статуси вам не придется начинать все сначала.Вы также можете добавитьпонравившийся статус (мысль, высказывание) в избранное, выложить наВконтакте, Одноклассники или другие социальные сети (важно, чтобыприложение было установлено на телефон), скопировать или отправитьсмс, все достаточно просто и удобно.Надеюсь несложный и приятныйинтерфейс позволит вам насладиться красивыми мыслями ивысказываниями.P.S. если есть замечания или предложения - пишитепостараюсь ответить всемLove, I think, the most beautiful feelingof man, and in this book I have tried to collect Beautiful sayingsabout love and status. They are here exactly 6000Statuses (sayings)are ordered by date - the most recent first.The application storesthe current status and you do not have to start all over again.Youcan also add liked status (sayings) in your favorites, put onFaceBook, YouTube or other social networks (it is important thatthe application was installed on the phone), copy or send sms,everything is easy and convenient.Hopefully simple and friendlyinterface will allow you to enjoy the beautiful thoughts andutterances.P.S. if you have comments or suggestions - pleasecontact us try to answer all
Tamil Bible 5.1.0
வேதாகமம் Free Tamil Holy Bible. The history of Bible translationsinto the Tamil language commences with the arrival of BartholomäusZiegenbalg at Tranquebar in 1706. Johann Philipp Fabricius, aGerman, revised Ziegenbalg's and others' work to produce thestandard Tamil version. Seventy years after Fabricius, at theinvitation of Peter Percival a Saiva scholar, Arumuka Navalar,produced a "tentative" translation, which came to be known as the"Navalar version," and was largely rejected by Tamil Protestants.Paravas converted to Christianity in the mid 16th century. Theirspiritual, cultural and literary excellency brought out the firstTamil book to modern print media. The Tamil Bible, 'Cardila', wasprinted in 1554 and made Tamil the first language into print forany Indian language. This was even before the first printingmachine arrived Goa, India in 1556. Cardila was printed at Lisbonby the command of the Portuguese government with the motivation bythe visits of three Paravars Vincent Nasareth, Joj Kavalko andThomas Cruz from Tuticorin, India to Portugal. The funding for thepress came from the Parvar community of Tuticorin. Planting of theRoman Catholic Faith in Pearl Fishery Coast (India) Christianity inancient India.
All Catholic Prayers, The Holy Rosary 2.5
All Catholic Prayers (The Holy Rosary) This application containsmore than 3000 catholic bible prayers and about 100 topics. You canuse day/night mode, search by title or content, the app has goodindex. Also you can bookmark your favorite prayers , copy toclipboard, share via sms, facebook or any other applicationHopefully simple and user friendly interface helps you to enjoy thecatholic prayers . Feel free to contact us with any comments orquestions. Here is a large list of the topics and count of catholicprayers: - about Acts of - (306) - Advent - (17) - Angel - (56) -Ash Wednesday - (19) - prayers about Babies - (5) - Baptism - (7) -Basic - (222) - Biblical prayers - (102) - Birthday - (2) - Career- (6) - prayers about Children - (40) - Christ - (13) - Christmas -(22) - Communion - (78) - Confession - (10) - Congregation of theBlessed Sacrament - (11) - Consolation - (4) - Crucifix - (2) -Danger - (4) - Devotion Prayers- (16) - Disasters - (1) - Divinity- (15) - Dying - (68) - Easter - (13) - Evening Catholic Prayers -(30) - Faith - (51) - Family - (102) - Fathers - (8) - ForgivenessPrayers - (7) - to God - (69) - Grace - (11) - Guidance - (7) -Haiku - (38) - Healing- (35) - Holiday - (10) - Holiness - (3) -Holy Spirit - (73) - Home - (5) - Hope - (55) - InspirationalPrayers - (1) - Intercession - (10) - Invocation - (21) - JesusChrist - (119) - Lent - (26) - Life - (23) - Litanies - (23) -prayers about Love - (14) - Marian - (Mary) - (277) - Marriage -(4) - Martyrs - (3) - Mass - (56) - Meals - (16) - Morning Prayers- (22) - Motherhood - (5) - Offering - (16) - Other - (90) - Peace- (47) - Perseverance - (9) - Pope - (46) - Pope Leo XIII - (7) -Pope Pius XII - (24) - Praise - (30) - Prayers as Blessings - (49)- Prayers by Pope John Paul II - (6) - Prayers by St. Francis deSales - (4) - Prayers for the Pope - (2) - Prayers in SPANISH - (5)- Prayers of the Church - (14) - Prayers of the Cross - (10) -Priests - (41) - Pro Life - (4) - Prosperity - (5) - Protection -(31) - Purgatory - (26) - Repentance - (11) - Requests - (4) -prayers about Saint - (132) - Salvation - (12) - Service - (4) -Sick - (38) - about Special Intentions - (3) - St. Anthony of PaduaPrayers - (23) - St. Gregory the Great - (1) - St. Joseph Prayers -(39) - St. Patrick - (13) - St. Valentine - (18) - Stewardship -(2) - Strength - (3) - Study - (5) - Thanks - (1) - The Rosary inCroation - (1) - The Rosary in Dutch - (1) - The Rosary in English- (5) - The Rosary in French - (1) - The Rosary in German - (1) -The Rosary in Irish-Gaelic - (1) - The Rosary in Italian - (1) -The Rosary in Latin - (1) - The Rosary in Polish - (1) - Travel -(9) - Trust - (4) - Virtue - (24) - Vocation - (19) - Wedding - (5)- Wisdom - (2)
Theological Dictionary 5.0.4
Theological Dictionary and Holy BibleDespite a stated reliance onthe plain meaning of the Bible and the dictates of common sense,Buck's Theological Dictionary, first published in London in 1802,seeks to provide a textual basis for the evangelical community. Bycombining brief essays on orthodox belief and practice withhistorical entries on various denominations, Buck provided aninterpretive lens that allowed antebellum Protestants to seeChristianity's almost two millennia as their own history.
Comentario Bíblico 2.0
Estudios Bíblicos: Comentario Bíblico y La Bibia (Reina Valera)Nonecesita conexión a Internet para su funcionamientoTambién terecomiendo "Concordancia Bíblica" - se encuentran en misaplicaciones.Comentario Bíblico de Matthew Henry - buenaherramienta para el estudio de Biblia!!Uno de los ComentariosBíblicos más completos que se haya escrito en toda la historia dela literatura cristiana, es el de Matthew Henry, el célebrepuritano inglés del siglo XVI, se enfocó en la exposición de laPalabra de Dios.Su Comentario de toda la Biblia sigue siendo uno delos más usados por predicadores y estudiantes de las Escrituras,aunque hayan transcurrido casi tres siglos desde que se publicó laprimera edición. ¿La razón fundamental? Su profundidad y enfoque.Elmejor comentario bíblico devocional escrito hasta la fecha, sobreel que Spurgeon afirmó: «Todo ministro de Dios debería leer elMATTHEW HENRY con plena atención por lo menos una vez.» MatthewHenry (1662-1714) nacio en Broad Oak, en el condado gales deFlintshire. Su padre era clerigo. Fue ordenado en la IglesiaPresbiteriana Britanica donde sirvio en el pastorado de Chester1687 a 1712. En 1704 Henry comenzo a escribir su comentario enforma de Notas del Nuevo Testamento, completandose esta obramonumental poco despues de su muerte, ocurrida en 1714.Su teologiaes un fiel testimonio de la verdad evangelica, enfatizando ladepravacion total del hombre y la gracia soberana y salvadora deDios. Su obra ademas, no solo demuestra una profunda capacidad deprofundidad espiritual, sino la erudicion que proporciona un granconocimiento del griego y del hebreo. Henry es recordado comopastor afectuoso, amante apasionado de la Palabra de Dios y hombrede gran integridad personal que ha dejado su huella en loscorazones de innumerables cristianos que anhelan comprender masprofundamente las riquezas de las Escrituras.Espero que estaaplicación va a ser una gran herramienta de estudio de la Bibliapara ustedBible Study: Bible Commentary and The Bibia (KingJames)No internet connection needed for operationI also recommend"Bible Concordance" - are in my applications.Matthew Henry BibleCommentary - good tool for studying Bible !!One of the mostcomplete biblical commentaries ever written in the history ofChristian literature, is that of Matthew Henry, the English Puritanfamous sixteenth century, focused on the exposition of the Word ofGod.His remark whole Bible remains one of the most used bypreachers and students of the Scriptures, although nearly threecenturies have passed since the first edition was published. Is therationale? Its depth and focus.Best Devotional Bible commentarywritten to date, on which Spurgeon said: "Every minister of Godshould read MATTHEW HENRY mindfully at least once."Matthew Henry(1662-1714) was born in Broad Oak, in the county of FlintshireWales. His father was a clergyman. He was ordained in the BritishPresbyterian Church where I served in the pastorate of Chester 1687to 1712. In 1704 Henry began writing his commentary in the form ofletters of the New Testament, completing this monumental workshortly after his death in 1714.His theology is a faithful witnessto the gospel truth, emphasizing the total depravity of man and thesovereign and saving grace of God. His work also, not onlydemonstrates a profound capacity for spiritual depth, but theerudition that provides a great knowledge of Greek and Hebrew.Henry is remembered as a caring pastor, passionate lover of theWord of God and man of great personal integrity that has left itsmark in the hearts of countless Christians who long to understandmore deeply the riches of Scripture.I hope this app will be a greattool for Bible study for you
Biblia Católica en Español 5.1.0
La Santa Biblia Católica (Audio). En Español, gratis! ★ LECTURA DEHOY Plan de Lectura Bíblica por un año, 180 y 90 días.¡Notificación Diaria le ayuda a no olvidarse de la lectura de hoy!Leer la Biblia Católica en Español en un Año! ★ VERSICULO DIARIOEvangelio de hoy, Salmo de hoy - usted puede crear su propio versodiario de tu libros de la biblia preferidos! ★ LA BIBLIA EN AUDIOAudio compatible con la función de texto a voz. Sólo toque el verso- verá icono de audio. ¡Audio funciona OFFLINE e incluso cuando laaplicación está cerrada! ¡Escucha la Biblia Católica cuando nopuedes leerla! La biblia católica es la biblia usada por loscatólicos. Contiene los libros deuterocanónicos y notasexplicativas (comentarios, explicaciones e indicaciones), mientrasque la biblia empleada por los protestantes carece de losdeuterocanónicos y de las notas. Canon de la Biblia Católica Segúnel Catecismo de la Iglesia católica, la lista de los libros de labiblia católica está compuesta por 46 escritos para el AntiguoTestamento (incluyendo los deuterocanónicos) y por 27 escritos parael Nuevo Testamento. El canon definitivo fue establecido en elConcilio de Trento. Estamos firmemente necesitamos sus opinionessobre la función de la Biblia de Audio! The Holy Catholic Bible(Audio). In Spanish, for free! ★ READING TODAY Bible Reading Planfor one year, 180 and 90 days. Notification Everyday helps you notto forget reading today! Read the Catholic Bible in Spanish in aYear! ★ DAILY TEXT Gospel today, Salmo today - you can create yourown daily verse from your favorite Bible books! ★ THE BIBLE INAUDIO Audio function compatible text to speech. Just touch theverse - you will see audio icon. Audio works OFFLINE and even whenthe application is closed! Hear the Catholic Bible when you can notread it! The Catholic Bible is the Bible used by Catholics. Itcontains the deuterocanonical books and explanatory notes(comments, explanations and directions), while the Bible used byProtestants lacks the deuterocanonical and notes. Canon of theCatholic Bible According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church,the list of the books of the Catholic Bible consists of 46 booksfor the Old Testament (including the deuterocanonical) and 27 forthe New Testament writings. The definitive canon was established atthe Council of Trent. We strongly need your views on the role ofthe Audio Bible!
Best inspirational quotes 1.2
Collection of the best inspirational quotes according to internetusers rating.There are about 3000 inspirational quotes .Quotes arearranged according to users rating (most popular first).Applicationstores your current position, so you don’t need to start over eachtime you launch the application.Also you can bookmark your favoritequotes, copy to clipboard, share via sms, facebook or any otherapplicationHopefully user friendly interface helps you to enjoy thequotes.Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.
Smith's Bible Dictionary 4.0.1
Smith's Bible Dictionary with clickable KJV versesOriginallywritten in 1884, the Smith Bible Dictionary contained "the fruit ofthe ripest biblical scholarship of England." Published as afour-volume set, it set a standard for richness and clarity oftopics. Unfortunatley, the pictures and maps produced in theoriginal are not presented here.
Цитаты, высказывания, афоризмы 1.2
Этот сборник содержит более 6000 цитат, высказываний, афоризмов наразнообразные темы.Цитаты (высказывания, афоризмы) упорядочены пооценкам пользователей - от более популярных к менеепопулярным.Приложение запоминает текущую цитату и вам не придетсяначинать все сначала.Вы также можете добавить понравившуюся цитатув избранное, скопировать, отправить sms, на вконтакте или другиеприложения.Вы также можете выбирать категории цитат и высказываний:- юмор (987) - жизнь (642) - любовь (602) - ирония (797) -отношения (574) - мысли (330) - женщины (455) - анекдоты (460) -цитаты (301) - секс (335) - дети (187) - счастье (143) - мужчины(149) - приколы (118) - семья (62) - афоризмы (61)Надеюсь несложныйи приятный интерфейс позволит вам насладиться содержимым.Thiscollection contains more than 6000 quotations, sayings, aphorismson various topics.Citations (sayings, aphorisms) are ordered byusers - from more popular to less popular.The application storesthe current quote and you will not have to start over.You can alsoadd your favorite quote in your favorites, copy, send sms, onvkontakte or other applications.You can also select categories ofquotes and sayings:   - Humor(987)   - Life (642)   - Love(602)   - Irony (797)   - Therelationship (574)   - Thoughts(330)   - Women (455)   - Jokes(460)   - Quotes (301)   - Sex(335)   - Children (187)   -Happiness (143)   - Men (149)   - Fun(118)   - Family (62)   - Aphorisms(61)Hopefully simple and friendly interface allows you to enjoy thecontent.
Malayalam Holy Bible 5.1.0
സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം - Malayalam Holy Bible The Holy Bible in theMalayalan language
Красиво о Любви - Статусы, Мысли, Высказывания 2.0
«Если у тебя есть любовь, то тебе больше ничего не нужно. Если утебя нет любви, то не имеет значения, что у тебя еще есть.» (СэрДж. М. Бэрри) Это одна из 3 000 тысяч мыслей (высказываний,статусов) о любви из этого сборника. Любовь удивительно красивоечувство, и я хотела, под стать ему, собрать такие же красивыемысли, высказывания, цитаты о любви. Надеюсь они вам понравятся!Приложение запоминает текущий статус (мысль, высказывание) и вам непридется начинать все сначала. Вы также можете добавитьпонравившийся статус (мысль, высказывание) в избранное, выложить наВконтакте, Одноклассники или другие социальные сети (важно, чтобыприложение было установлено на телефон), скопировать или отправитьсмс, все достаточно просто и удобно.Любви Вам и Удачи!P.S. если Вампонравились эти статусы и цитаты или есть замечания или предложения- пишите постараюсь ответить всем"If you have love, you neednothing more. If you do not love, it does not matter that you stillhave. "(Sir JM Barrie)   This is one of 3 000 000thoughts (propositional status) about love from this collection.Love amazingly beautiful feeling and I wanted to match him tocollect the same beautiful thoughts, sayings, quotes about love. Ihope you enjoy them!   The application remembers thecurrent status (thought statement) and you do not have to start allover again.   You can also add favorite status(thought the statement) as a favorite, put on FaceBook, YouTube orother social networks (it is important that the application wasinstalled on the phone), copy or send sms, everything is quitesimple and convenient.Love to you and good luck!P.S. if you likedthese statuses and quotes or have any comments or suggestions -contact will try to answer all
Biblia - Proverbios 1.0
Libro de los ProverbiosProverbios (hebreo מִשְׁלֵי, Mishlei) es unlibro bíblico del Antiguo Testamento y del Tanaj hebreo, que seclasifica entre los Libros Sapienciales del cristianismo, y entrelos Ketuvim o "Escritos" del judaísmo. Está compuesto por extensascolecciones de máximas o sentencias de contenido religioso o moraly se ubica en la Biblia entre el libro de los Salmos y Eclesiastés,y en la Biblia judía entre los libros de Job y Rut.Estas sentenciasmorales son con frecuencia fruto de la revelación divina y otrasveces provienen de la experiencia humana y de su sabiduría (otrosaspectos de la influencia de Dios). Suelen expresarse, como otrosconceptos de la pedagogía bíblica, en forma de comparaciones,ritmos verbales, expresiones agudas o relatos enigmáticos. Estádestinado a lectores inteligentes, porque la mayor parte de lasveces el esfuerzo de desentrañar sus contenidos exige una ciertapreparación. La palabra "proverbio" se entiende también como refránconciso, alegoría o adagio, siempre encerrando una enseñanza simplede la experiencia humana que puede contener o no una afirmaciónteológica.Book of ProverbsProverbs (Hebrew מִשְׁלֵי, Mishlei) is abiblical book of the Old Testament and the Hebrew Tanakh, whichranks among the Wisdom Books of Christianity, and among theKetuvim, or "Writings" of Judaism. It consists of extensivecollections of maxims or moral or religious judgments contained andis located in the Bible from the book of Psalms and Ecclesiastes,and in the Jewish Bible among books of Job and Ruth.These moraljudgments are often the result of divine revelation and sometimescome from human experience and wisdom (other aspects of theinfluence of God). Usually expressed as other concepts of biblicalteaching in the form of comparisons, verbal rhythms, sharpexpressions or enigmatic stories. It is intended for intelligentreaders, because most of the time the effort to unravel itscontents requires some preparation. The word "proverb" is alsounderstood as saying concise, allegory or adage, always enclosing asimple teaching of human experience that can not hold or atheological statement.
La Sainte Bible 5.1.0
La Sainte Bible en Français. Ancien Testament et du NouveauTestament. La Sainte Bible avec des Lettres Rouges, Versetsquotidiens (evangile au quotidien, psaume quotidien, evangile dujour), Audio, Plans de Lecture (lecture du jour) 1 An, 180 Jours et90 Jours et bien d'autres fonctionnalités! La Bible est un ensemblede textes considérés comme sacrés par le judaïsme et lechristianisme. Différents groupes religieux incluent différentslivres dans leurs canons, dans un ordre différent, et parfoiscombinent ou divisent certains livres, ou incorporent du matérieladditionnel dans les livres canoniques. Les Bibles chrétiennescomprennent entre 66 livres - pour le canon protestant - et 81livres - pour le canon orthodoxe éthiopien. Le canon protestantréunit l'Ancien Testament, constitué de la Bible hébraïque, et leNouveau Testament. La Bible en Français de Jérusalem a d'abord étépubliée de 1948 à 1955 sous la forme de 43 fascicules comprenantchacun la traduction, une introduction et des notes. The Holy Biblein French. Old Testament and New Testament. The Holy Bible with RedLetters, Daily Verses (Gospel daily, daily psalm, Gospel of theday), Audio, Reading Plans (reading of the day) 1 Year, 180 Daysand 90 Days and many other features!    The Bible isa collection of texts considered sacred by Judaism andChristianity. Different religious groups include different books intheir guns in a different order, and sometimes combine or dividesome books, or incorporate additional material in the canonicalbooks. Christian Bibles include 66 pounds - for the Protestantcanon - and 81 pounds - for the Ethiopian Orthodox canon. TheProtestant canon meets the Old Testament consists of the HebrewBible and the New Testament.    The Bible in FrenchJerusalem was first published from 1948 to 1955 in the form of 43booklets each comprising translation, introduction and notes.
Dictionnaire de la Bible 5.0.6
Dictionnaire Bibliqu et La Bible Louis Segond 1910 Cette appcontient environ 5000 mots. Vous ne pas besoin de connexionInternet! Vous pouvez ajouter aux favoris bibliques termes les plusintéressés. Vous pouvez également copier le texte, partagez viaFacebook, SMS et ainsi de suite. Je espère que ce Dictionnaire dela Bible vous aider à savoir Sainte Bible mieux! Vous pouveztrouver ce dictionnaire sans annonces dans mes applications -"Dictionnaire de la Bible Pro" Bible Dictionary in French and HolyBible Bibliqu Dictionary and The King James Bible 1910 This appcontains about 5000 words. You do not need internet connection! Youcan add to favorites most interested biblical terms. You can alsocopy text, share via Facebook, SMS and so on. I hope that thisDictionary of the Bible help you know Holy Bible better! You canfind this dictionary without ads in my applications - "Dictionaryof the Bible Pro" Bible Dictionary in French and Holy Bible
Стихи, смс Любимому и Любимой 5.2
Пожелание любимым всегда кстати, всегда приятны. Надеюсь приложениепоможет Вашей любви стать крепче. Этот сборник содержит более 1100стихов, пожеланий для Любимого и Любимой..Приложение запоминаеттекущее стихотворение (пожелание) и вам не придется начинать всесначала.Вы также можете добавить понравившуюся стих (пожелание) визбранное, скопировать, отправить смс Любимому или Любимой, навконтакте или другие приложения.Вы также можете выбирать категории:- Прикольные - (53) - Любимой - (279) - Любимому - (227) -Спокойной ночи Любимая - (60) - Спокойной ночи Любимый - (60) -Доброе утро Любимая - (72) - Доброе утро Любимый - (38) -Выздоравливай - (79) - Любимой «скучаю» - (43) - Любимому «скучаю»- (58) - Расставание с Любимой - (30) - Расставание с Любимым -(40) - Извинение Любимой - (35) - Извинения Любимому - (30) - Месяцотношений - (14) - 2 месяца отношений - (10) - Полгода отношений -(11) - Год отношений - (15) - 2 года отношений - (10)Надеюсьнесложный и приятный интерфейс позволит вам насладитьсясодержимым.Любви Вам и счастья!)Контент взят с сайта Поздравь ОК -http://pozdravok.ru/Wish always loved the way, always pleasant.Hopefully the application will help your love be stronger.Thiscollection contains over 1,100 poems, wishes for loved ones andfavorite ..The application stores the current poem (wishes) and youdo not have to start all over again.You can also add your favoriteverse (wishes) to your favorites, copy, or send a text belovedfavorite on vkontakte or other applications.You can also select thecategory:   - Funny - (53)   -Favorite - (279)   - Favorite -(227)   - Good night favorite -(60)   - Good night favorite -(60)   - Good morning favorite -(72)   - Good morning favorite -(38)   - Get well - (79)   - Favorite"miss" - (43)   - Favorite "miss" -(58)   - Parting with a favorite -(30)   - Parting with a favorite -(40)   - Apology favorite - (35)   -Apologies Beloved - (30)   - Month of relations -(14)   - 2 month relationship -(10)   - Six months of relations -(11)   - Year of relations - (15)   -2 year relationship - (10)Hopefully simple and friendly interfaceallows you to enjoy the content.Love and happiness to you!)Contentis taken from the website Greetings OK - http://pozdravok.ru/
Scofield Reference Bible Notes 1.0.7
This is the original 1917 edition of C. I. Scofield's classiccommentary and notes with KJV Bible. Easy and smart navigation,clean design, notes/bookmarks/highlights, offline and more! TheScofield Reference Bible contains very brief commentary, oftenconsisting of no more than a few sentences and severalcross-references. The brevity of the notes allowed Scofield'scommentary to be included in the margins and footnotes in studyBibles, which countless Christians use as their primary studyBible. In the King James Bible you will find Audio, Reading Plans,Daily verses and many others features!
Любовные статусы 1.0
Этот сборник состоит из 1600 статусов. Статусы, в данном случае,это шутки, истории или высказывания, все что их объединяет, этократкость и отношение к чувствам, любви, отношениям. Статусыупорядочены по оценкам пользователей - от более популярных к менеепопулярным.Приложение запоминает текущий статус и вам не придетсяначинать все сначала.Вы также можете добавить понравившийся статусв избранное, выложить на Вконтакте, Одноклассники или другиесоциальные сети (важно, чтобы приложение было установлено нателефон), скопировать или отправить смс.Надеюсь несложный иприятный интерфейс позволит вам насладиться содержимым.P.S. если уВас есть замечания иди предложения, пожалуйста, сообщите нам.Спасибо.This collection consists of 1,600 statuses. Status, in thiscase, it's jokes, stories or statements that unites them all isshort and for the feelings, love and relationships.Status in orderof estimated users - from the more popular to less popular.Theapplication stores the current status and you do not have to startall over again.You can also add liked status as favorite to put onFaceBook, YouTube or other social networks (it is important thatthe application was installed on the phone), copy or send anSMS.Hopefully simple and friendly interface will allow you to enjoythe content.P.S. If you have comments or a sentence, please let usknow. Thank you.
Biblia Takatifu ya Kiswahili 5.5.2
Biblia Takatifu ya Kiswahili - Swahili Bible Biblia ya Kikristo nimkusanyo wa maandiko matakatifu ya Ukristo. Maandiko hayombalimbali yanaitwa tangu zamani sana "vitabu" tu, inavyomaanishwana neno "biblia" ambalo ni uwingi wa neno la Kigiriki "biblos"yaani "kitabu". Hutofautishwa na Tanakh ambayo ndiyo maandikomatakatifu ya dini ya Uyahudi na ambayo pengine inatajwa kwa jinalilelile la "Biblia", hasa katika matoleo ya Biblia ya Kiebrania .Vitabu vyake vimo katika sehemu ya kwanza ya Biblia ya Kikristo kwajina la "Agano la Kale". Biblia ya Kikristo hugawiwa sehemu mbiliambayo ni Agano la Kale na Agano Jipya. Agano la Kale lina maandikoyaliyoandikwa kabla ya Yesu Kristo na vitabu vya Agano Jipyaviliandikwa baada yake. The Holy Bible in Swahili - Swahili BibleThe Christian Bible is a collection of sacred texts ofChristianity. These texts range from the very old are called"books" just inavyomaanishwa word "bible" which is the plural ofthe Greek word "biblos" a "book". Hutofautishwa and Tanakh, whichis the sacred texts of Judaism and which probably refers to thesame name of the "Bible", especially in the versions of the HebrewBible. His books listed in the first part of the Christian Bible inthe name of the "Old Testament". Christian Bibles are distributedto two parts which are the Old Testament and the New Testament. TheOld Testament contains texts written before Christ and the NewTestament books were written after him.
Стихи классиков о любви 2.0
Любовь - удивительное чувство! Сколько в нем разных и поройпротиворечивых чувств: радость и боль, восторженность и печаль... Ия думаю стихи один из лучших и красивейших способов для передачивсех этих чувств. Кто знает, может этот сборник стихотворенийвдохновит Вас на маленькие подвиги? Я на это очень надеюсь! Этотсборник содержит более 550 стихотворений о любви, написанныхклассиками как русской там и мировой литературы. Стихисгруппированы по авторам, коих в этом сборнике 94. Приложениезапоминает текущее стихотворение и вам не придется начинать всесначала. Также Вы можете выбирать стихотворения по любимым авторамили автору. Вы также можете добавить понравившееся стихотворение визбранное, скопировать, отправить смс, на вконтакте или другиеприложения установленное на Вашем телефоне.Надеюсь несложный иприятный интерфейс позволит вам насладиться содержимым. Нижеприведен большой список авторов стихотворений: - Алигер Маргарита(2) - Анненский Иннокентий (7) - Апухтин Алексей (10) - АсадовЭдуард (10) - Асеев Николай (4) - Ахмадулина Белла (2) - АхматоваАнна (10) - Багрицкий Эдуард (2) - Байрон Джордж (3) - БальмонтКонстантин (10) - Бараташвили Николоз (6) - Баратынский Евгений(10) - Белый Андрей (5) - Берггольц Ольга (2) - Бернс Роберт (10) -Блок Александр (10) - Бродский Иосиф (8) - Брюсов Валерий (10) -Бунин Иван Алексеевич (8) - Волошин Максимилиан (10) - ВысоцкийВладимир (9) - Гамзатов Расул (10) - Гете Иоганн (3) - ГорбовскаяЕкатерина (10) - Григорьев Апполон (4) - Губер Эдуард (2) - ГумилевНиколай (9) - Давыдов Денис (6) - Дельвиг Антон (10) - ДементьевАндрей (3) - Дрожжин Спиридон (2) - Друнина Юлия (10) - ЕвтушенкоЕвгений (5) - Есенин Сергей (10) - Жадовская Юлия (5) - ЗаболоцкийНиколай (5) - Зенкевич Михаил (2) - Исаковский Михаил (4) -Казакова Римма (3) - Клюев Николай Алексеевич (2) - Клюшников Иван(3) - Кольцов Алексей (4) - Костенко Лина (5) - Красов Василий (2)- Курочкин Василий (2) - Лермонтов Михаил (10) - Лорка ФедерикоГарсиа (6) - Лохвицкая Мирра (10) - Мандельштам Осип (2) -Маяковский Владимир (6) - Мей Лев (3) - Мережковский Дмитрий (4) -Мицкевич Адам (3) - Мориц Юнна (2) - Морозов Николай (3) - НабоковВладимир (10) - Надсон Семен (6) - Некрасов Николай (8) - НикитинИван (2) - Ознобишин Дмитрий (2) - Окуджава Булат (4) - ОрбелианиГригол (3) - Пастернак Борис (8) - Плещеев Алексей (6) - ПолонскийЯков (9) - Пушкин Александр (9) - Рождественский Всеволод (3) -Рождественский Роберт (10) - Ростопчина Евдокия (3) - СеверянинИгорь (10) - Сельвинский Илья (4) - Симонов Константин (4) -Случевский Константин (2) - Соловьев Владимир (3) - Сологуб Федор(10) - Суриков Иван (2) - Толстой Алексей (9) - Тургенев Иван (4) -Тушнова Вероника (10) - Тэффи Надежда (7) - Тютчев Фёдор (10) -Уткин Иосиф (4) - Федоров Василий (9) - Фет Афанасий (10) - ФофановКонстантин (6) - Ходасевич Владислав (4) - Цветаева Марина (10) -Чавчавадзе Александр (3) - Черный Саша (2) - Шекспир Уильям (10) -Шефнер Вадим (5) - Щипачев Степан (6) - Эренбург Илья (3) - ЯзыковНиколай (8) Любите и будьте любимыми!Love - an amazing feeling!There is so much different and sometimes conflicting emotions: joyand pain, sadness and enthusiasm ... And I think poetry is one ofthe best and most beautiful ways to send all of these feelings. Whoknows, maybe this collection of poems will inspire you to smallfeats? I really hope!  This collection contains more than550 poems about love written classics like Russian and worldliterature there. Poems are grouped according to the authors, towhom this volume 94.  The application stores the currentpoem and you do not have to start all over again. You can alsochoose your favorite poem by the author or authors.  Youcan also add liked the poem to your favorites, copy, send sms onvkontakte or other applications installed on your phone.Hopefullysimple and friendly interface will allow you to enjoy thecontent.  Below is a long list of authors ofpoems:   - Aliger Margarita (2)   -Ann Innocent (7)   - Apukhtin Alex(10)   - Edward Assad (10)   - AseyevNicholas (4)   - Ahmadulina Bell(2)   - Anna Akhmatova (10)   -Bagritsky Edward (2)   - George Byron(3)   - Konstantin Balmont (10)   -Nikoloz Baratashvili (6)   - Baratynsky Eugene(10)   - Andrew White (5)   - OlgaBergholz (2)   - Robert Burns(10)   - Alexander Blok (10)   -Joseph Brodsky (8)   - Valery Bryusov(10)   - Ivan Bunin (8)   -Maximilian Voloshin (10)   - Vladimir Vysotsky(9)   - Gamzatov Rasool (10)   -Johann Goethe (3)   - Gorbovskii Catherine(10)   - Apollon Grigoriev (4)   -Edward Huber (2)   - Nikolai Gumilev(9)   - Denis Davydov (6)   - DelvigAnton (10)   - Andrey Dementyev(3)   - Drozhzhin Spyridon (2)   -Drunina Julia (10)   - Yevgeny Yevtushenko(5)   - Sergei Yesenin (10)   -Zhadovskaya Julia (5)   - Z Nicholas(5)   - Zenkevich Michael (2)   -Isakovsky Michael (4)   - Rimma Kazakova(3)   - Nikolai Klyuev (2)   -Klyushnikov Ivan (3)   - Ring of Alex(4)   - Lina Kostenko (5)   - PaintBasil (2)   - Kurochkin Basil (2)   -Mikhail Lermontov (10)   - Federico Garcia Lorca(6)   - Lokhvitskaya Mirra (10)   -Osip Mandelstam (2)   - Vladimir Mayakovsky(6)   - Lev Mey (3)   - MerezhkovskiiDmitry (4)   - Adam Mickiewicz(3)   - Yunna Moritz (2)   - NikolaiMorozov (3)   - Vladimir Nabokov(10)   - Simon Knudson (6)   -Nikolai Nekrasov (8)   - Ivan Nikitin(2)   - Oznobishin Dmitry (2)   -Bulat Okudzhava (4)   - Orbeliani Grigol(3)   - Boris Pasternak (8)   -Plescheev Alex (6)   - Yakov Polonsky(9)   - Alexander Pushkin (9)   -Christmas Vsevolod (3)   - Robert Christmas(10)   - Rostopchina Evdokia (3)   -Northerner Igor (10)   - Selvinsky Ilya(4)   - Konstantin Simonov (4)   -Sluchevsky Constantine (2)   - Vladimir Soloviev(3)   - Fyodor Sologub (10)   - IvanSurikov (2)   - Alexei Tolstoy(9)   - Ivan Turgenev (4)   -Tushnova Veronica (10)   - Taffy Hope(7)   - Fyodor Tyutchev (10)   -Joseph Utkin (4)   - Vasily Fedorov(9)   - Athanasius Fet (10)   -Fofanov Constantine (6)   - Hodasevich Vladislav(4)   - Marina Tsvetaeva (10)   -Alexander Chavchavadze (3)   - Black Sasha(2)   - William Shakespeare (10)   -Shefner Vadim (5)   - Shchipachev Stepan(6)   - Ilya Ehrenburg (3)   -Languages ​​Nicholas (8)  Love and be loved!
Geneva Study Bible 1.0.1
Geneva Study Bible & KJV BibleOriginally printed in 1560,believers can read the Scripture along with study assistanceunashamedly rooted in the theology of Calvin, Luther, Zwingli, andother Reformation leaders. The first Geneva Bible opened the pagesof Scripture to readers in the vernacular of the day and providedhelpful notes to assist the laity in understanding its message.
Bibliya sa Tagalog 1.3
Bíbliya sa Tagalog. Lumang Tipan at Bagong TipanNaglalaman angBíbliya ng mga salaysay na nauukol sa bansáng Israel mula noongunang milenyo BCE hanggang sa panahon ni Hesukristo at ng mgaApostól noong unang siglo CE.Tanakh o Lumang TipánAng Tanakh(Lumang Tipán) ay naglalaman ng salaysay ng pagkakahirang ng diyósna si YHWH sa bansáng Israel at ang kaniyang tipán sa Israel nasiya'y magiging matapat na diyós kung susundin ng Israel nang tapatang kaniyang mga utos na ipinadala niya sa pamamagitan ni Moises.Kabilang sa tipáng ito ang pagmamana ng Israel ng Canaan o "LupangPangako" at ang proteksyón at pagpapalà ni YHWH kapalít ng pagsunódng Israel sa kaniyang mga utos (Exodo 6:4).Bagong TipánAng BagongTipán ay naglalaman ng mga salaysay tungkol sa karakter na si Hesúsat ang kanyang mensahe ng kaligtasan sa kanyang mga alagád. SiHesús ay nagpakakilala na tagapágligtás sa pagwawakás ng mundó namagaganáp noong unang siglo CE. Ayon kay Hesús, siya ay maghaharìmulâ sa kaniyang trono ng kaluwalhatian kasama ang kaniyang mgaApostól upang humatol sa 12 lipì ng Israel (Mateo 19:28). Bukóddito, si Hesús ay nag-angkín rin na isang diyós, at Mesiyas nanaging sanhi ng pagkakahatol sa kanya ng sanhedrin ng parusangkamatayan(Lukas 22:66-71, Juan 10:33).Bible in Tagalog. OldTestament and New TestamentThe Bible contains statements concerningthe nation of Israel from the first millennium BC to the time ofChrist and the apostles in the first century CE.Tanakh or OldTestamentThe Tanakh (Old Testament) contains an account of theappointment of the god YHWH the nation of Israel and his covenantwith Israel that he will be a faithful God if Israel sincerely hiscommands sent through Moses. The covenant of the inheritance ofIsrael or Canaan "Promised Land" The protection and blessing ofYHWH and a replacement of Israel obey his commandments (Exodus 6:4).new TestamentThe New Testament contains the account of thecharacter of Jesus and his message of salvation to His disciples.Jesus is the savior nagpakakilala end of the world take place inthe first century CE. According to Jesus, he will reign from histhrone of glory with his apostles to judge the 12 castes of Israel(Matthew 19:28). Aside this, Jesus also claimed to be a god, andthe Messiah who caused the conviction of her council of the deathpenalty (Luke 22: 66-71, John 10:33).
Biblia - Apocalipsis 1.0
El libro del ApocalipsisEl libro de las Revelaciones o Apocalipsisde san Juan es el último libro del Nuevo Testamento. También esconocido como Revelaciones de Jesucristo por el título que alprincipio se da a este libro y, en algunos círculos protestantes,simplemente como Revelación o Libro de las revelaciones. Por sugénero literario, es considerado por la mayoría de los eruditos elúnico libro del Nuevo Testamento de carácter exclusivamenteprofético.El Apocalipsis quizás sea el escrito más rico en símbolosde toda la Biblia. La cantidad de símbolos, eventos y procesoscomplica la tarea de interpretar la totalidad del texto y, comotal, ha sido objeto de numerosas investigaciones, interpretacionesy debate a lo largo de la historia.The Book of RevelationThe bookof Revelation or Apocalypse of John is the last book of the NewTestament. It is also known as Revelation of Jesus Christ for thetitle which was originally given to this book, and in someProtestant circles, or simply as Revelation Book of Revelations.For its genre, is considered by most scholars the only book of theNew Testament prophetic character exclusively.Revelation is perhapsthe richest symbols written in the Bible. The amount of symbols,events and processes complicates the task of interpreting theentire text and, as such, has been the subject of numerousinvestigations, interpretations and debate throughout history.
Recueil de Prières 2.4
Recueil en Français & La Bible Louis Segond Les prières sontregroupés par catégorie Catégories et prières sont comme suit:Prières traditionnelles - Signe de la Croix - Doxologie (Gloire auPère) - Notre Père - Je vous salue, Marie - Je crois en Dieu(Symbole des Apôtres) - Confiteor - Prière à notre Ange Gardien -Benedictus - Te Deum - Âme du Christ (Après la communion) - Acte defoi - Acte d'espérance - Acte de charité - Acte de contrition -Benedicite (Prières avant le repas) - Grâces (Prières après lerepas) - Veni Creator Spiritus - Veni, Sancte Spiritus - Angelus(le matin, à midi et le soir) - Regina Coeli (Temps Pascal) - SalveRegina - Magnificat - Sub Tuum - Souvenez-vous, Vierge Marie -Prière à la fin du Rosaire Prières à Jésus - Apprends-nous à aimercomme toi - À sec et à pieds nus - À tout âge! - Au Christ Roi,Prince de la Paix - Au coeur de nos déserts - Au jour le jour -Avec toi, Jésus - Chemin de passion - Christ, aie pitié desagonisants - Consécration au C-Sacré de Jésus - Dieu avec nous -Dieu Eucharistie - Dieu incarné, tu viens sans cesse - Donne-moi lesens de l'humour - Emmanuel - Jésus Christ au coeur de ma vie -Jésus du monde entier - Jésus est vivant - Jésus, remets-ns enmouvement - Je t'adore dans ton Eucharistie - Je te dois un Merci -Je t'offre ma souffrance - Marana Tha! Viens Seigneur - Mon seuldésir - Montre-moi ton visage - O Jésus vivant en Marie - Pèlerinsd'Emmaüs - Pour ceux qui te donnent un coeur - Pour vivre de taprésence - Prière au Sacré-Coeur de Jésus - Prière de guérison auSacré-Coeur - Prière pour la Paix - Prière pour un nouveau Pape -Prier avec les Rois Mages - Quel regard... - Que nos vies soient lereflet... - Reste avec moi - Seigneur, apprends-moi - Seigneurdonne-moi de ne pas fuir - Seigneur, fais de nous des pèlerins -Seigneur Jésus, je veux te suivre - Seigneur, parle-moi de ma Mère- Seigneur, tu es - Seigneur,viens visiter nos Samarie - Sois leroc de ma vie - Sur le chemin d'Emmaüs - Te sourire simplement - Tesuivre, Seigneur - Toi qui as été élevé de terre - Tu as osé tetenir debout... - Tu es le Vivant! - Viens naître en notre monde...Prières au Père - Acte d'abandon à la Miséricorde - À Toi Père,sans fin notre louange! - Apprends-nous à attendre - Apprivoise-moi- C'est beau d'être ton enfant - Dieu, écoute ma voix - En Toi soitnotre espérance - J'ai tout remis entre tes mains - Jamais jeperdrai mon espérance - Je dépose devant Toi - Je dirai NOTRE PÈREsi... - Je sais que Tu m'aimes... - Je viendrai vers Toi - Justepour aujourd'hui - La grâce de Te rencontrer - Le Pater del'internaute - Le Seigneur est mon guide - Les merveilles de chaquejour - Ma vie comme une danse - Mon merci du 31 décembre - Mon seuldésir - Notre Dieu, nous disons paix... - Notre Père - Notre Pèredu croyant - Notre Père et Père de tous... - Notre Père très saint- Nous te rendons grâce, Seigneur - Nous voici devant Toi - O Père,à toi la louange - Père, aide-moi à me rappeler... - Père, fais denous des témoins - Père, ...la grâce du premier pas - Père très bon- Père, ravive en nous la flamme - Pour l'année nouvelle - Pourl'an neuf d'un internaute - Pour les victimes de mépris - Pourquoi,Père, la mort de tant... - Pour une vie achevée ou inachevée -Pouvoir partager - Prière de bénédiction - Que ta miséricordedemeure... - Que ta volonté se fasse en moi - Que ton rêve seréalise... - Seigneur très aimant - Seigneur, je t'aime - Seigneur,Tu es toujours là! - Seigneur, viens à notre secours - Sois béni,Seigneur, pour le oui - Toi qui es Amour et Vie - Toi qui m'aimestel que je suis - Ton chemin, Seigneur... - Tu nous donnes det'appeler Père - Un Amour m'attend ... et ainsi de suite Series inFrench & The King James Bible The prayers are grouped bycategory Categories and prayers are as follows: traditional prayers  - Sign of the Cross   - Doxology (Glory)  - Our father   - I salute you marie  - I believe in God (Apostles' Creed)   -Confiteor   - Prayer to our Guardian Angel   -Benedictus   - Te Deum   - Soul of Christ(After Communion)   - Act of Faith   - Act ofhope   - Charity action   - Act of Contrition  - Benedicite (Prayer before meals)   - Grace(Prayer after meals)   - Veni Creator Spiritus  - Veni, Sancte Spiritus   - Angelus (morning,noon and evening)   - Regina Coeli (Eastertide)  - Salve Regina   - Magnificat   -Sub Tuum   - Remember, Virgin Mary   - Prayerat the end of the Rosary Prayers to Jesus   - Teach us tolove like you   - To dry and bare feet   - Atany age!   - At Christ the King, the Prince of Peace  - At the heart of our deserts   - Day by day  - With you, Jesus   - Passion Path  - Christ, have mercy for the dying   -Consecration to the Sacred of Jesus C   - God with us  - God Eucharist   - God incarnate, you justconstantly   - Give me the sense of humor   -Emmanuel   - Jesus Christ the center of my life  - Jesus worldwide   - Jesus is alive  - Jesus, forgive ns moving   - I adore you inyour Eucharist   - I owe you a thank you   - Ioffer my suffering   - Marana Tha! come Lord  - My only desire   - Show me your face  - O Jesus living in Mary   - Supper at Emmaus  - For those who give you a heart   - To liveyour presence   - Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus  - Prayer of Mending the Sacred Heart   -Prayer for Peace   - Prayer for a new Pope   -Praying with the Magi   - What a look...   -That our lives are a reflection ...   - Stay with me  - Lord, teach me   - Lord, give me not toflee   - Lord, make us pilgrims   - Lord Jesus,I want to follow you   - Lord, speak to me of my Mother  - Lord, you are   - Lord, come visit ourSamaria   - Be a rock of my life   - On theroad to Emmaus   - You just smile   - FollowYou, Lord   - You who have been lifted up   -You dared hold you up ...   - You're the Live!  - Come born into our world ... Prayers to the Father  - Act of abandonment to Mercy   - To youFather, our unending praise!   - Teach us to wait  - Tame Me   - It's nice to be your child  - God, hear my voice   - In you is our hope  - I put everything back in your hands   -Never will I lose my hope   - I place before You  - I say OUR FATHER so ...   - I know that youlove me...   - I will come to You   - Just fortoday   - The grace of Te meet   - The Pater ofthe Internet   - The Lord is my guide   - Thewonders of each day   - My Life as a dance   -My thank you December 31   - My only desire   -Our God, we say peace ...   - Our father   -Our Father believer   - Our Father and Father of all ...  - Our Father most holy   - We thank you, Lord  - Here we are before You   - O Father, to youpraise   - Father, help me to remember ...   -Father, make us witnesses   - Father ... Grace of thefirst step   - Great Father   - Father,rekindle in us the flame   - For the New Year  - For the new year of a surfer   - Forvictims of contempt   - Why, Father, the death of so ...  - For a completed or unfinished life   - Theability to share   - Blessing of Prayer   - Letyour mercy remains ...   - Thy will be done in me  - Let your dreams come true ...   - Veryloving Lord   - Lord, I love you   - Lord, Youare always there!   - Lord, come to our aid   -Blessed are you, Lord, for yes   - You who are Love andLife   - You love me as I am   - Your way, OLord ...   - You give us to call you Father   -A Love awaits me ... And so on
tepteev.ihar.expositors_bible_commentary.AOUTEDLRANAAMDSEA 1.0.7
Free KJV Study Bible with The Expositor's Bible Commentary If youmiss old style of this app - you can find it in my apps -"Expositor's Study Bible" The Expositor's Bible is one of themost-recognized standards of expository commentaries. It waswritten by twenty-nine eminent scholars of the day who were alsofull-time preachers. These writers also represent every importantbranch of Protestantism. The Expositor's Bible may thus be regardedas an inter-denominational exposition. It conclusively demonstratesthe hearty agreement of all thoughtful persons on the profoundrealities and essentials of the Christian Faith. It shows how thisFaith is to be preached with the conviction and persuasivenesswhich its opulent gospel justly merits. The Gold MedallionAward-winning Expositor’s Bible Commentary is a major contributionto the study and understanding of the Scriptures. Providing pastorsand Bible students with a comprehensive and scholarly tool for theexposition of the Scriptures and the teaching and proclamation oftheir message, this work has become a staple of seminary andcollege libraries and pastors’ studies worldwide.
El Libro de Enoch 2.0
El Libro de Enoc y Biblia Reina ValeraEl Libro de Enoc (o Libro deHenoc, abreviado 1 Enoc) es un libro intertestamentario, que formaparte del canon de la Biblia de la Iglesia ortodoxa etíope pero noes aceptado como canónico por las demás iglesias cristianas, apesar de haber sido encontrado en algunos de los códices de laSeptuaginta (Códice Vaticano y Papiros Chester Beatty). Los BetaIsrael (judíos etíopes) lo incluyen en la Tanaj, a diferencia delos demás judíos actuales, que lo excluyen.The Book of Enoch andAmplified BibleThe Book of Enoch (or Book of Enoch, abbreviated 1Enoch) is a intertestamental book, which is part of the canon ofthe Bible of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church but is not accepted ascanonical by other Christian churches, despite having been found insome of the codices of the Septuagint (Codex Vatican and ChesterBeatty Papyri). The Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) include it in theTanakh, unlike other Jews today, it excluded.
De Bijbel 1.3
De BijbelDe Bijbel is het heilige boek van de christenen. Het woord'Bijbel' stamt van het Griekse woord βιβλία biblia (boeken), dateen meervoud is van βιβλίον biblion (boek; oorspronkelijk hetverkleinwoord van βίβλος dat papyrus(plant) of boek betekent). Dezebetekenis gaat weer terug op de Fenicische stad Byblos, die eenomslagplaats was voor bast, de grondstof voor papyrus.Het woordbijbel heeft twee betekenissen die vaak door elkaar gebruiktworden. Het is in de eerste plaats de verzameling geschriften diede Bijbel vormen (bijvoorbeeld in "het staat in de Bijbel", metbepaald lidwoord en officieel met hoofdletter), en in de tweedeplaats een gedrukt exemplaar daarvan ("ik heb mijn bijbel niet bijme", officieel zonder hoofdletter). In het christendom beschouwtmen een gedrukt exemplaar meestal niet als bijzonder heilig.DeBijbel bevat twee verschillende verzamelingen van teksten: - HetOude Testament, ook wel de Hebreeuwse Bijbel of Tenach genoemd.Deze werd geschreven over een periode van vele eeuwen, voor hetgrootste deel in het Hebreeuws met een paar passages in hetAramees. - Het Nieuwe Testament, geschreven gedurende de eerste (envolgens sommigen gedeeltelijk in de tweede) eeuw na Christus, intoen alledaags Grieks (koinè-Grieks). - Voor veel christenen hebbenook de deuterocanonieke boeken betekenis; zieverderop.Samenstelling van de BijbelDe Bijbel is niet in één keertot stand gekomen, maar is in de loop van duizenden jarensamengesteld. Het Oude Testament is in feite de Hebreeuwse JoodseTenach. Deze omvat 39 boeken. Daarnaast is rond 150 v.Chr. eenGriekse vertaling van de Tenach, de zogenaamde Septuagint,gepubliceerd, die veel meer boeken omvatte, en van sommige boekeneen uitgebreidere versie van wat in de Hebreeuwse Tenach stond. De39 boeken van de Tenach worden door alle christelijke kerken alscanoniek geaccepteerd. De teksten die wel in de Septuagint, maarniet in de Tenach stonden, worden door de meeste protestantsekerken als apocrief beschouwd, terwijl de Rooms-katholieke Kerk 13ervan als deuterocanoniek (‘later aan de canon toegevoegd’) in deBijbel heeft opgenomen. In het artikel Canon van de Bijbel staatzowel voor het Oude als voor het Nieuwe Testament een overzicht vanwelke kerken welke boeken als canoniek beschouwen.Ook het NieuweTestament is een verzameling boeken. Hiervan is door Athanasius vanAlexandrië in 367 n.Chr. een lijst van 27 boeken opgesteld, diedoor vrijwel alle christelijke kerken als canoniek wordenbeschouwd. Zie Canonvorming van het Nieuwe Testament voor meerhierover.Vaak wordt gezegd dat de Bijbel door God geïnspireerd is.Wat die "inspiratie" precies inhoudt, daarover verschillen demeningen. Sommigen menen dat de Bijbel niet woordelijk door God„gedicteerd” is: mensen schreven, in hun eigen bewoordingen en inhun eigen stijl, en soms zelfs in hun eigen dialect, wat ze van Godhadden begrepen, en soms ook letterlijk gehoord, of in dromenhadden gezien. Anderen houden vast aan "inspiratie" als eenletterlijke weergave van de door God aan mensen ingegeven woorden,waarbij de mens, zijnde louter 'instrument' van God, niet meer daneen doorgeefluik is en zelf op geen enkele manier heeft ingegrepenin die van God (door)gegeven woorden. De mate waarin dezenuancering wordt geaccepteerd, verschilt van kerk tot kerk. In hetalgemeen zullen reformatorische en bevindelijk-gereformeerde kerkenstrakker aan een letterlijke openbaring vasthouden.The BibleTheBible is the sacred book of the Christians. The word "Bible" comesfrom the Greek word βιβλία biblia (books), which is a multiple ofβιβλίον biblion (book, originally a diminutive of βίβλος thatpapyrus (plant) or book means). This meaning goes back to thePhoenician city of Byblos, which was a reversal of bark, the sourceof papyrus.The word Bible has two meanings that are often usedinterchangeably. It is primarily the collection of writings thatconstitute the Bible (for example, "it says in the Bible", with thedefinite article and officially capitalized), and secondly, aprinted copy thereof ("I do not have my Bible with me ", withoutofficial capital). In Christianity, one printed copy not usuallyconsider as particularly sacred.The Bible contains two differentsets of texts:  - The Old Testament, also known as theHebrew Bible or Tanakh called. This was written over a period ofmany centuries, mostly in Hebrew, with a few passages inAramaic.  - The New Testament, written in the first (andaccording to some part in the second) century AD, when in everydayGreek (Koine Greek).  - For many Christians also have theDeuterocanonical books meaning, see below.Composition of theBibleThe Bible has not come about all at once, but is made in thecourse of thousands of years. The Old Testament is in fact theHebrew Jewish Tanakh. This includes 39 books. In addition, around150 BC. a Greek translation of the Tanakh, called the Septuagint,published, which included many more books, and some books was anexpanded version of what the Hebrew Tanakh. The 39 books of theTanakh are accepted as canonical by all Christian churches. Thetexts which appear in the Septuagint, but were not in the Tanakh,are regarded by most Protestant churches as apocryphal, and (lateradded to the canon "), the Roman Catholic Church as 13 of themdeuterocanoniek recorded in the Bible. In the article Canon of theBible, both the Old and the New Testament is a list of whatchurches consider the books as canonical.Also, the New Testament isa collection of books. This is by Athanasius of Alexandria in 367AD. a list of 27 books compiled considered. canonical by virtuallyall Christian churches See Canon of the New Testament for more onthis.It is often said that the Bible is inspired by God. Whatexactly that "inspiration" means, as opinions differ. Some believethat the Bible is not literally God "dictated" is: people wrote intheir own words and in their own style, and sometimes even in theirown dialect, which they understood God and sometimes literallyheard, or had seen dreams. Others cling to "inspiration" as aliteral representation of the God-people words which man, beingmere "instrument" of God, no more than a conduit and has intervenedin that of God himself in any way (by) data words. The extent towhich this distinction is accepted varies from church to church. Ingeneral and experimentally-Reformation Reformed churches willbetter focus on a literal revelation.
La Bibbia 1.1
La Bibbia (dal greco antico βιβλίον, plur. βιβλία, lett. libri) èil libro sacro della religione ebraica e di quella cristiana.Èformata da libri differenti per origine, genere, composizionelingua e datazione, scritti in un lasso di tempo abbastanza ampio,preceduti da una tradizione orale più o meno lunga e comunquedifficile da identificare, racchiusi in un canone stabilito apartire dai primi secoli della nostra eraThe Bible (from theancient greek βιβλίον, plur. Βιβλία, letter. Books) is the holybook of Judaism and Christianity.It consists of different books byorigin, gender, language composition and dating, written in aperiod of ample time, preceded by an oral tradition more or lesslong, however, difficult to identify, enclosed in a fixed canonsince the early centuries of our era
La Biblia Reina Valera 5.1.0
La Santa Biblia Reina-Valera en Español (Reina-Valera 1909 inSpanish) Antiguo Testamento Y Nuevo Testamento Por 248 años laversión Reina-Valera no fue revisada en su totalidad. En 1708 y1831 el Nuevo Testamento fue revisado, pero no fue sino hasta 1850que se hizo una revisión completa. Este trabajo fue realizado porla Sociedad Bíblica Americana. Durante la última mitad del sigloXIX la Reina-Valera pasó por varias revisiones. La revisión de 1909fue realizada por la Sociedad Bíblica Británica y Extranjera y esla que predominó en las iglesias evangélicas por 51 años. Hoy díatodavía hay muchas personas y denominaciones que disfrutan lalectura de la versión 1909. Una Biblia hermosa en la versión deReina Valera 1909. Es la edición más antigua que circula en elmedio eclesiástico evangélico de la reconocida y altamenteapreciada versión Reina-Valera. Reina-Valera La Biblia, que es, lossacros libros del Viejo y Nuevo Testamento. Trasladada en español.La Palabra del Dios nuestro permanece para siempre. 1569, tambiénconocida como la Biblia del Oso, es la primera traducción completade la Biblia al castellano, publicada el 28 de septiembre de 1569.Su traductor fue Casiodoro de Reina. La Biblia del Oso esusualmente referida como Reina-Valera (RV) por haber hecho Ciprianode Valera la primera revisión de ella en 1602 Revisión de laSociedad Bíblica Trinitaria La Sociedad Bíblica Trinitaria estátrabajando en un proyecto de revisión de la Reina-Valera versión1909 (RV1909). El objetivo es aplicar, hasta donde sea posible, lasestructuras de las oraciones y el vocabulario original empleadospor Reina y Valera, pero aceptando las normas ortográficas actualesde la Real Academia Española y desechando aquellas palabras que hancambiado de significado. También se evita vincular a laReina-Valera versión 1909 con las características particulares ylenguajes de otras traducciones. Se espera que el Nuevo Testamentorevisado esté en circulación para 2014 en varios países. Bible KingJames Version in Spanish (Reina-Valera 1909 in Spanish) OldTestament and New Testament For 248 years the King James versionwas not revised in its entirety. In 1708 and 1831 the New Testamentwas examined, but it was not until 1850 that it became a completeoverhaul. This work was conducted by the American Bible Society.During the latter half of the nineteenth century the King Jameswent through several revisions. The 1909 review was conducted bythe British and Foreign Bible Society and is predominant inevangelical churches for 51 years. Today there are still manypeople and denominations who enjoy reading the 1909 version. Abeautiful Bible in the King James version of 1909. It is the oldestedition that circulates in the evangelical church through therecognized and highly appreciated King James Version. Queen valeraThe Bible, that is, the sacred books of the Old and New Testaments.Translated in Spanish. The word of our God stands forever. 1569,also known as the Bible of the Bear, is the first completetranslation of the Bible into Castilian, published on September 28,1569. His translator was Cassiodorus Queen. The Bear Bible isusually referred to as King James (KJV) for making Cipriano deValera's first review of it in 1602 Review of the Trinitarian BibleSociety The Trinitarian Bible Society is working on a draftrevision of the King James Version 1909 (RV1909). The goal is toapply, as far as possible, sentence structure and originalvocabulary employed by Reina and Valera, but accepting the currentspelling rules of the Royal Spanish Academy and discarding thosewords have changed their meaning. also it avoids linking to theKing James Version 1909 with the particular characteristics andother languages ​​translations. It is expected that the revised NewTestament is in circulation in 2014 in several countries.
Systematic Theology 2.0
Systematic Theology by Charles Hodge and The Bible (KJV) One of thegreat defenders of Calvinism, Charles Hodge is a well-known andimportant theologian. He had a significant impact upon theintellectual climate of the 19th century. His Systematic Theologyis his greatest work. Composed of three separate volumes, itaddresses some of the most important theological questions of boththat time and our current time. The first volume contains anintroduction and then addresses Theology Proper--the study of God.The second volume examines Anthropology--the study of humanbeings--and Soteriology--the study of salvation. The third, andfinal volume, discusses Eschatology--the study of end times.Hodge's Systematic Theology is clearly a work of reformed thought,but is profitable for study even outside the reformed community.Further, this unabridged version of his work retains the mastery ofHodge's work. Since the first publication of these volumes,countless theologians and pastors have found them helpful. Use themas a study aid or for personal edification.
Adam Clarke Bible Commentary 1.0.1
Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Whole BibleContained in 6 volumes,consisting of nearly 1,000 pages each, it was considered the mostcomprehensive commentary on the Bible ever prepared by one man.AdamClarke's monumental commentary on the Bible has been a standardreference work for over a century and has been widely used by menof all evangelical denominations. Its thorough and authoritativescholarship has been recognized by Arminians and Calvinists alike,and has won for the author the accolade, "Prince ofCommentators."The eminent British scholar began his work on thecommentary with the New Testament on May 1, 1798. This section wasfirst published in 1810. Though hampered by failing eyesight,Clarke continued with his work on the Old Testament, which hecompleted March 28, 1825. The entire commentary in eight volumeswas published the following year.Clarke spent the rest of his lifein revising his original work. At the close of Revelation heinscribed these words: "Finished correcting for a new edition, Jan.9, 1832." Only a few months later he passed away.Adam Clarke (1760or 1762 - 1832) was a British Methodist theologian and Biblicalscholar. He is chiefly remembered for writing a commentary on theBible which took him 40 years to complete and which was a primaryMethodist theological resource for two centuries.
La Bible Darby 5.5.3
Bible Darby en Français Gratuit (FRDBY) La Sainte Bible de JohnNelson Darby (à l'origine de la doctrine du dispensationalisme) : àpartir du grec et de l'hébreu. J.N. Darby a également traduit laBible en anglais et en allemand. Elle fait partie des Bibles enfrançais dont le texte est actuellement dans le domaine public.Ancien Testament et du Nouveau Testament Ancien Testament Dans lechristianisme, on appelle Ancien Testament ou Ancienne Alliance1,l'ensemble des écrits de la Bible hébraïque, textes hébreuxantérieurs à la vie de Jésus, laquelle est relatée dans le NouveauTestament (en grec : Ἡ Παλαιὰ Διαθήκη / Hê Palaià Diathếkê).L'Ancien Testament rassemble des écrits religieux juifs. Pour leschrétiens, la Bible se compose de l'Ancien Testament et du NouveauTestament. L'Ancien Testament comprend les parties suivantes : lePentateuque, les livres historiques, les Hagiographes et lesProphètes2. Le mot testament vient du mot grec διαθήκη / diathếkê :testament, contrat, convention) traduit en latin par testamentum(testament ; témoignage). Le mot grec a un sens plus large que lemot latin : celui de contrat ou « alliance ». l est difficile desituer le moment à partir duquel l'Ancien Testament est constituéen Canon par les chrétiens. Au IIe siècle, l'Église de Rome décidede rejeter l'hérésie de Marcion, qui prétend supprimer touteréférence aux écrits vétéro-testamentaires. Ce n'est que plus tardque le Canon de la Bible chrétienne est constitué. NouveauTestament Le Nouveau Testament (en grec : Ἡ Καινὴ Διαθήκη / HêKainề Diathếkê), est l’ensemble des écrits relatifs à la vie deJésus et à l'enseignement de ses premiers disciples qui ont étéreconnus comme « canoniques » par les autorités chrétiennes auterme d'un processus de plusieurs siècles. Le mot « testament »vient du mot grec διαθήκη (diathếkê : « testament, contrat,convention ») traduit en latin par testamentum (testament,témoignage). Le mot grec a un sens plus large (celui de contrat)que le mot latin. Aussi certains préfèrent-ils le traduire parAlliance. Les chrétiens considèrent que la Bible se compose del’Ancien Testament (écrits antérieurs à Jésus) et du NouveauTestament. Liste des livres inclus dans le Nouveau Testament LeNouveau Testament comprend, selon l'ordre du canon occidental : -les quatre évangiles canoniques (Évangiles selon Matthieu, Marc,Luc, Jean) ; - les Actes des Apôtres ; - 14 épîtres, dont laplupart attribuées à Paul de Tarse ; - d'autres épîtres catholiquesattribuées à d'autres disciples Simon-Pierre, Jacques le Juste,Jean de Zébédée, Judas de Jacques; - l’Apocalypse selon Jean deZébédée. Le canon se clôt à 27 livres par autorité d'Église. De cefait, il se ferme plus tôt qu'en Orient aux synodes régionaux deCarthage de 397 et de 419. Jusqu'aux dernières années du IVesiècle, il exclut l'épître aux Hébreux. Cette question n'est jamaistraitée dans les conciles œcuméniques de la fin du siècle. Cettelacune assigne donc ces conciles au rôle de tribunal et au lieud'espace où traiter des affaires des Églises dans un projetd'unification. En dépit des décrets de Gélase, les littératuresapocalyptiques autres que celle de Jean seront recopiées et tenuespour partie prenante du Nouveau Testament jusqu'au milieu du MoyenÂge (XIIIe siècle). Darby Bible French Free (FRDBY) The Holy BibleJohn Nelson Darby (originally the doctrine of dispensationalism):from Greek and Hebrew. J. N. Darby also translated the Bible intoEnglish and German. It is one of Bibles in French, the text is nowin the public domain. Old Testament and New Testament Old TestamentIn Christianity, called Old Testament or Old Alliance1, all thewritings of the Hebrew Bible, Hebrew texts earlier in the life ofJesus, which is recounted in the New Testament (in Greek: Ἡ ΠαλαιὰΔιαθήκη / Hê diathéke Palaia) . The Old Testament brings togetherJewish religious writings. For Christians, the Bible consists ofthe Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament includes thefollowing parts: Pentateuch, Historical Books, Writings andProphètes2. The will comes from the Greek word διαθήκη / diathéke:will, contract, agreement) translated into Latin by testamentum(testament, testimony). The Greek word has a broader meaning thanthe Latin word: the contract or "covenant". t is difficult tolocate the point at which the Old Testament Canon is established byChristians. In the second century, the Church of Rome decided toreject the heresy of Marcion, which claims to remove any referenceto the Old Testament writings. It was only later that the Canon ofthe Christian Bible is made. New Testament The New Testament (inGreek: Ἡ Καινὴ Διαθήκη / Hê Kaine diathéke) is the set of writingsrelating to the life of Jesus and the teaching of his firstdisciples who were recognized as "canonical" by the Christianauthorities after a process of several centuries. The word"testament" comes from the Greek word διαθήκη (diathéke "will,contract, agreement") translated into Latin by testamentum(testament, testimony). The Greek word has a broader meaning (theagreement) than the Latin. As some prefer they lead the Alliance.Christians believe that the Bible consists of the Old Testament(written prior to Jesus) and the New Testament. List of booksincluded in the New Testament The New Testament includes, in orderof Western canon:     - The four canonicalGospels (the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John);    - Acts of the Apostles;    - 14 letters, mostly attributed to Paul ofTarsus;     - Other Catholic epistlesattributed to other disciples Simon-Pierre, Jacques the Just, JohnZebedee, Judas Jacques;     - The Apocalypse ofJohn Zebedee. The gun closes at 27 pounds a Church authority.Therefore, it closes earlier than the East Carthage regional synodsof 397 and 419. Until the last years of the fourth century, itexcludes Hebrews. This question is never addressed in theecumenical councils of the end of the century. This gap thereforeassigns these councils to court role and instead of space to dealwith affairs of churches in a project of unification. Despite thedecree of Gelasius, apocalyptic literature other than John's willbe copied and held a stakeholder in the New Testament to the middleof the Middle Ages (thirteenth century).
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Этот сборник содержит 149 стихотворений Цветаевой МариныИвановны.Приложение запоминает текущее стихотворение и вам непридется начинать все сначала.Вы также можете добавитьпонравившееся стихотворение в избранное, скопировать, отправитьsms, на вконтакте или другие приложения.Надеюсь несложный иприятный интерфейс позволит вам насладиться творчествомЦветаевой.This collection contains 149 poems Tsvetaeva MarinaIvanovna.The application stores the current poem and you will nothave to start over.You can also add liked the poem to yourfavorites, copy, send sms, on vkontakte or otherapplications.Hopefully simple and friendly interface will allow youto enjoy the creativity of Tsvetaeva.
wiktoria.goroch.bible_nt.AOUGPFGFPHJCXEFX 5.1.1
The Holy Bible. Old and New Testament The New Testament is ananthology, a collection of Christian works written in the commonGreek language of the first century, at different times by variouswriters, who were early Jewish disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. Inalmost all Christian traditions today, the New Testament consistsof 27 books. The original texts were written in the first andperhaps the second centuries of the Christian Era, generallybelieved to be in Koine Greek, which was the common language of theEastern Mediterranean from the Conquests of Alexander the Great(335–323 BC) until the evolution of Byzantine Greek (c. 600). Allof the works which would eventually be incorporated into the NewTestament would seem to have been written no later than around AD150. The New Testament consists of: - four narratives of the life,teaching, and death of Jesus, called "gospels" (or "good news"accounts); - a narrative of the Apostles' ministries in the earlychurch, called the "Acts of the Apostles", and probably written bythe same writer as the Gospel of Luke, which it continues; -twenty-one letters, often called "epistles" in the biblicalcontext, written by various authors, and consisting of Christiandoctrine, counsel, instruction, and conflict resolution; and - anApocalypse, the Book of Revelation, which is a book of prophecy,containing some instructions to the seven local congregations ofAsia Minor, but mostly containing prophetical symbology, about theend times.
Bibeln. Svenska 1917 1.0
1917 års kyrkobibel (Bible in Swedish)1917 års kyrkobibel, ellerGustaf V:s bibel, kallas den översättning av Bibeln till svenskasom utgavs 1917, och stadfästes av kungen den 2 oktober sammaår.Arbetet med denna översättning tog - med långa avbrott - 144 årfrån det att Gustav III 1773 tillsatte en bibelkommission meduppgift att göra en tidsenlig nyöversättning. Fleraprovöversättningar utgavs, som till exempel 1883 års normalupplaga.Översättningen av Gamla testamentet bygger på den masoretiskabibeltexten, medan Nya testamentets text bygger på den dåmodernaste tillgängliga textkritiska utgåvan av Nya testamentetsgrekiska text. Esaias Tegnér d.y. var en av de ledande männen iarbetet med den slutliga översättningen, särskilt GT, och hanbrukar anses ha påverkat dess arkaiserande stil. Paradoxalt nog haröversättningen även en talspråklig karaktär.Språket i denna bibelblev snart omodernt, och 1963 tillsatte Kungl. Maj:t en nybibelkommitté som utgav Nya Testamentet 1981. En fullständigt nybibelöversättning utgavs 2000 av den bibelkommission som tillsattes1972.Även Stiftelsen Biblicums översättning Svenska Folkbibeln somutkom 1998 är i dag spridd, speciellt bland så kallade bibeltrognalutheraner, frikyrkor och väckelserörelser. Dessgammaltestamentliga text är delvis en revidering av 1917 årskyrkobibel och delvis en nyöversättning, medan Nya testamentet ären självständig nyöversättning.Bibeln, även Den Heliga Skrift, ären samling skrifter, böcker, som utgör judendomens ochkristendomens heliga skrift. Namnet kommer från grekiskans ταβιβλία vilket ungefär betyder böckerna via latiniseringen Bíblia.Antalet skrifter varierar något mellan olika inriktningars val avskrifter och deras uppdelning, så kallad bibelkanon. Bibelnsskrifter har tillkommit från cirka 900 f.Kr. och framåt och denbetraktas allmänt som den mest sålda boken genom tiderna. Modernaöversättningar har uppemot 1200 kapitel.Kristendomen delar upp sinBibel i Gamla och Nya Testamentet bestående av omkring 39respektive 27 böcker beroende på bibelkanon. Gamla Testamentets 39böcker är ungefär samma som judendomens 24 böcker men med en annanordning och uppdelning.Nya Testamentet behandlar skeenden inför ochefter Jesus födelse vilket blev skiljelinjen mellan judendomen ochkristendomen.1917 Church Bible (Bible in English)1917 church bible,or Gustaf V's bible, called the translation of the Bible intoSwedish, released in 1917, and was ratified by the King on October2 of that year.Work on this translation took - with long breaks -144 years from the time of Gustav III in 1773 to put a Biblecommission to make a contemporary new translation. Several testtranslations were issued, such as in 1883 years of normalcirculation. The translation of the Old Testament is based on theMasoretic text of the Bible, while the New Testament text is basedon the then most modern available text-critical edition of the NewTestament Greek text. Esaias Tegner D. Y. was one of the leadingmen in the work of the final translation, especially GT, and he isusually considered to have affected the archaic style.Paradoxically translation also a colloquial character.The languageof this Bible soon became unfashionable, and in 1963 appointedKungl. Majesty a new Bible Committee published the New Testament in1981. A completely new translation of the Bible was published in2000 by the Bible Commission which was appointed in 1972.EvenFoundation Biblicums translation Swedish International Version,published in 1998 is today widespread, especially among theso-called Bible-believing Lutherans, free churches and revivals.Its Old Testament text is partly a revision of the 1917 churchbible and partly a new translation, while the New Testament is anindependent new translation.The Bible, even the Holy Scriptures, isa collection of writings, books, constituting Judaism andChristianity's Holy Scriptures. The name comes from the Greek ταβιβλία which roughly translates books via latiniseringen Biblia.The number of publications varies slightly between inriktningarsselection of writings and their division, known as the Bible canon.Biblical writings have come from about 900 BC onwards and it iswidely regarded as the best-selling book of all time. Moderntranslations have upwards of 1,200 chapters.Christianity divideshis Bible in the Old and New Testament, consisting of about 39 or27 books depending on the biblical canon. Old Testament's 39 booksare about the same as Judaism 24 books but with a different orderand division.The New Testament deals with events before and afterJesus' birth, which became the dividing line between Judaism andChristianity.
Katekismus Gereja Katolik 4.10
Katekismus Gereja Katolik. KompendiumKatekismus Gereja Katolik(bahasa Inggris: Catechism of the Catholic Church), atau biasadisingkat KGK, adalah suatu katekismus yang dipergunakan dalamGereja Katolik; penggunaannya diresmikan oleh Paus Yohanes PaulusII pada tahun 1992. Penerbitan KGK merupakan salah satu praktekdari kewenangan mengajar Magisterium dalam Gereja Katolik, danberlaku bagi semua umat Katolik di seluruh dunia. Khazanah iman(depositum fidei), yaitu Tradisi Suci dan Kitab Suci, ditafsirkansecara terperinci oleh Magisterium Gereja dalam KGK.Paus YohanesPaulus II, dalam Konstitusi Apostolik Fidei depositum, menyatakanbahwa KGK adalah sarana yang sah dan valid demi persekutuangerejani, merupakan suatu norma yang pasti dalam pengajaran iman.Ia juga menekankan bahwa Katekismus ini tidak dimaksudkan untukmenggantikan katekismus lokal yang telah disahkan sebelumnya olehotoritas gerejawi, yaitu para Uskup diosesan dan KonferensiUskup.The Catechism of the Catholic Church. CompendiumThe Catechismof the Catholic Church (English: Catechism of the Catholic Church),or commonly abbreviated as CCC, is a catechism that is used in theCatholic Church; its use was inaugurated by Pope John Paul II in1992. The issuance of CCC is one of the practices of the teachingauthority of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and applies toall Catholics around the world. Khazanah faith (depositum fidei),which Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture, interpreted in detailby the Magisterium of the Church in the CCC.Pope John Paul II, inthe Apostolic Constitution Fidei depositum, stating that KGK is alegitimate and valid means for the sake of the ecclesial community,is a sure norm in the teaching of the faith. He also stressed thatthe Catechism is not intended to replace the local catechisms whichhas been previously approved by the ecclesiastical authority,namely the diocesan Bishop and the Bishops Conference.
King James Bible 1.0.3
Bible. King James Version 1769 The King James Version Bible (KJV)was authorized by King James I and is sometimes referred to as the“Authorized Version”. It was translated by the Church of Englandand was first published in 1611.The KJV New Testament wastranslated from the Textus Receptus. However, the majority of thebook of Revelation seems to have been translated from the LatinVulgate. The KJV Old Testament was translated from the MasoreticHebrew text.Several versions of the King James Bible (KJV) wereproduced in 1611,1629, 1638, 1762, and 1769. The 1769 edition ismost commonly cited as the King James Version (KJV).In 1769 theOxford University Press published an edition of the King Jamesversion in which many small changes were made. These changes wereof five kinds: 1. Greater and more regular use of italics; 2. minorchanges in the text; 3. the adoption of modern spelling; 4. changesin the marginal notes and references; and, 5. correction ofprinters' errors. This edition soon came to be known as "The OxfordStandard" edition, because it was widely accepted as a standardtext by commentators and other publishers.
Biblia Cornilescu Romana 5.5.3
Biblia Română (Romanian Holy Bible) Biblia Cornilescu (1921)Planuri Citirea Bibliei Cronologic, Canonical și planuri de lecturăistorice pentru un An, 180 și 90 de zile. Puteți seta notificări,urmăriți istoricul dvs. de lectură, și a vedea planul în fiecarezi. Citește Biblia Cornilescu într-un an cu ușurință! ZilnicVersete biblice Aplicația are deja versete de zi cu zi (toatecărțile din Biblia), Psalmii și Evanghelii. Și vă puteți creapropriul vers - doar alege cărțile preferate ale Bibliei!Notificarezilnică, copia / partaja versurile! Gratuit & Offline Toateaceste caracteristici sunt gratuite și de lucru offline! Descarcăaceastă aplicație Biblia Cornilescu și de a folosi toate acestecaracteristici în studiul de zi cu zi! Dumitru Cornilescu (n. 4aprilie 1891, comuna Slașoma, județul Mehedinți - d. 1975, Elveția)a fost ierodiacon și autor al unei traduceri în limba română aBibliei, publicată în 1921, traducere care este în prezent cea mairăspândită traducere în rândul confesiunilor protestante (inclusivcele neoprotestante). Biblia (din lb. greacă βιβλίον, pl. βιβλία-cărți) se referă la scripturile sacre din iudaism și creștinism.Aceste scripturi sunt compilații ale unor documente separate(numite „cărți”) scrise într-un interval de timp de circa 1000 deani. Numai Vechiul Testament are circa 100-150 scriitori diferiți,provenind din intelectualitatea aflată în serviciul conducătorilorpolitici. Cărțile sale au fost publicate separat și adunate însecolele I-II e.n. pentru a forma prima Biblie ebraică, Tanach, iarmai târziu, cu adăugiri, Biblia creștină, numită de creștini șiSfânta Scriptură. Prima parte a Bibliei creștine este numităVechiul Testament (din grecescul "palaia diathékè"). VechiulTestament reprezintă în mare traducerea grecească (sau din aceastaîn alte limbi) a textului sacru ebraic așa cum era el prin secol IIî.e.n. O împărțire cu origine evreiască pe criterii funcționale aVechiului Testament îl împarte pe acesta în Legea ("Legea luiMoise", "Pentateucul", adică primele "cinci cărți" ale Bibliei),Profeții și Scrierile Sfinte. A doua parte a Bibliei creștine estenumită Noul Testament. The Bible (Romanian Holy Bible) TheCornilescu Bible (1921) Bible Reading Plans Chronological,Canonical and Historical Reading Plans for a Year, 180 and 90 Days.You can set notifications, track your reading history, and see theplan every day. Read Cornilescu Bible Easily in One Year! DailyBible Verses The application already has daily verses (all thebooks in the Bible), the Psalms and the Gospels. And you can createyour own verse - just choose your favorite Bible books! DailyNotification, copy / share the lyrics! Free & Offline All ofthese features are free and offline! Download this Cornilescu Bibleapplication and use all of these features in your daily study!Dumitru Cornilescu (born April 4, 1891, Slaşoma commune, MehedinţiCounty - d. 1975, Switzerland) was a hierodeacon and author of atranslation into Romanian of the Bible, published in 1921, thetranslation that is currently the most widespread translation ofProtestant denominations (including nonprotected ones). The Bible(from Greek books, books, books) refers to the sacred scriptures ofJudaism and Christianity. These scripts are compilations ofseparate documents (called "books") written over a period of about1,000 years. Only the Old Testament has about 100-150 differentwriters, coming from the intelligentsia in the service of politicalleaders. His books were published separately and gathered in thefirst and second centuries BC. to form the first Hebrew Bible,Tanach, and later, with additions, the Christian Bible, called byChristians and Holy Scripture. The first part of the ChristianBible is called the Old Testament (from the Greek "palaiadiathékè"). The Old Testament largely represents the Greektranslation (or of it in other languages) of the Hebrew sacred textas it was through the 2nd century BC. A division of Jewish originbased on functional Old Testament terms divides it into the law("the law of Moses," "the Pentateuch," the first "five books" ofthe Bible), the Prophets and the Holy Writings. The second part ofthe Christian Bible is called the New Testament.
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Irish Names with meaning. Irish boy and girl names
Book of Job 1.0
Book of JobThe Book of Job (/ˈdʒoʊb/; Hebrew: אִיוֹב Iyob) is oneof the Writings (Ketuvim) of the Hebrew Bible, and the firstpoetical book in the Christian Old Testament. Addressing the themeof God's justice in the face of human suffering - or more simply,"Why do the righteous suffer?" - it is a rich theological work,setting out a variety of perspectives. It has been widely and oftenextravagantly praised for its literary qualities - "The greatestpoem of ancient and modern times," according toTennyson.ContentsPrologue on earth and in heavenThe prologue onearth shows the righteous Job blessed with wealth and sons anddaughters. The scene shifts to heaven, where God asks the satan(ha-satan, literally "the accuser") for his opinion of Job's piety.The satan answers that Job is pious only because God has blessedhim; if God were to take away everything that Job had, then hewould surely curse God. God gives the satan permission to takeJob's wealth and children, but Job praises God: "Naked I came outof my mother's womb, and naked shall I return: the Lord has given,and Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." Godallows the satan to afflict his body with boils. Job sits in ashes;his wife prompts him to "curse God, and die," but Job answers:"Shall we receive good from God and shall not receive evil?"Job'sopening monologue; dialogues between Job and his three friendsJoblaments the day of his birth; he would like to die, but even thatis denied him. His three friends Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad theShuhite and Zophar the Naamathite, console him. The friends do notwaver in their belief that Job's suffering is a punishment for sin,for God causes no one to suffer innocently, and advise him torepent and seek God's mercy. Job responds with scorn: a just Godwould not treat him so harshly, patience in suffering isimpossible, and the Creator should not take his creatures solightly, to come against them with such force.Three monologues:Poem to Wisdom, Job's closing monologue, and Elihu's speechesThedialogues of Job and his friends are followed by a poem (the "hymnto wisdom") on the inaccessibility of wisdom: Where is wisdom to befound? it asks, and concludes that it has been hidden from man(chapter 28). Job contrasts his previous fortune with his presentplight, an outcast, mocked and in pain; he protests his innocence,lists the principles he has lived by, and demands that God answerhim. Elihu (a character not previously mentioned) intervenes tostate that wisdom comes from God, who reveals it through dreams andvisions to those who will then declare their knowledge.Two speechesby GodGod speaks from a whirlwind. His speeches neither explainJob's suffering, nor defend divine justice, nor enter into thecourtroom confrontation that Job has demanded, nor respond to hisoath of innocence. Instead they contrast Job's weakness with divinewisdom and omnipotence: "Where were you when I laid the foundationsof the earth?" Job makes a brief response, but God's monologueresumes, never addressing Job directly. In 42:1-6 Job makes hisfinal response, confessing God's power and his own lack ofknowledge "of things beyond me which I did not know;" previously hehas only heard, but now his eyes have seen God, and "therefore Iretract/And repent of dust and ashes."EpilogueGod tells Eliphazthat he and his two friends "have not spoken of me what is right asmy servant Job has done." The three (Elihu is not mentioned) aretold to make a burnt offering with Job as their intercessor, "foronly to him will I show favour." Job is restored to health, richesand family, and lives to see his children to the fourth generation
Bible. Old Testament. ASV 1.1
Bible. Old Testament. American Standard Version The RevisedVersion, Standard American Edition of the Bible, more commonlyknown as the American Standard Version (ASV), is a version of theBible that was released in 1901. It was originally best known byits full name, but soon came to have other names, such as theAmerican Revised Version, the American Standard Revision, theAmerican Standard Revised Bible, and the American Standard Edition.By the time its copyright was renewed in 1929, it had come to beknown by its present name, the American Standard Version. Becauseof its prominence in seminaries, it was in America sometimes simplycalled the "Standard Bible". The American Standard Version isrooted in the work that was done with the Revised Version (RV). In1870, an invitation was extended to American religious leaders forscholars to work on the RV project. A year later, 30 scholars werechosen by Philip Schaff. The denominations represented were theBaptist, Congregationalist, Dutch Reformed, Friends, Methodist,Episcopal, Presbyterian, Protestant Episcopal, and Unitarian. Thesescholars began work in 1872. Any suggestion the American team hadwould be accepted by the British team only if two-thirds of theBritish team agreed. This principle was backed up by an agreementthat if their suggestions were put into the appendix of the RV, theAmerican team would not publish their version for 14 years. Theappendix had about 300 suggestions in it. Features The divine nameof the Almighty (the Tetragrammaton) is consistently renderedJehovah in the ASV Old Testament, rather than LORD as it appears inthe King James Bible. The reason for this change, as the Committeeexplained in the preface, was that "...the American Revisers...were brought to the unanimous conviction that a Jewishsuperstition, which regarded the Divine Name as too sacred to beuttered, ought no longer to dominate in the English or any otherversion of the Old Testament..." Other changes from the RV to theASV included (but were not limited to) substituting "who" and"that" for "which" when referring to people, and Holy Ghost wasdropped in favor of Holy Spirit. Page headings were added andfootnotes were improved. The Old Testament is a Christian term fora collection of religious writings of ancient Israel that form thefirst section of Christian Bibles, in contrast to the Christian NewTestament. The books included in the Old Testament (the OldTestament canon) varies markedly between Christian denominations;Protestants accept only the Hebrew Bible's canon but divide it into39 books, while Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox, Coptic andEthiopian churches recognise a considerably larger collection.