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jp.co.vixen.StarBookGL 2.1
The time of beginning or ending penumbral eclipse is simultaneousaround the country but a place of beginning total eclipse differsfrom pace to place. The Moon Book will show you the phases of themoon eclipse at your place. You will be able to set up anyobserving place beforehand if the moon eclipse star chart isselected. When you move to a distant place for observing the mooneclipse, you will be able to know in advance a place where theEarth’s shadow starts hiding the moon. You will be able to check astart time of the moon eclipse overseas also. Tapping on the moonicon at the upper left corner of the star chart will show youthumbnail images of the phases of the moon eclipse at regularintervals. The interval of the thumbnail images can be changed. Alarge volume of calculation is required for the indication of themoon eclipse and it will be better to use a terminal device withperformance as high as possible. For Android, version 4.0 or lateris recommendable.
PF-L Assist 1.2.3
The PF-L Assist app helps you to align the equatorial mount of yourtelescope to the north celestial pole or south celestial pole inorder to make it turn parallel to earth’s rotational axes. The appis helpful to match orientation of the constellation pattern drawnon the reticle of the polar alignment scope’s field of view withthe constellation viewing in the real sky when you set up theequatorial mount with the polar alignment scope. With use of thePF-L Assist, you can easily find direction of the constellationdesignated for polar alignment when the said constellation ishidden by trees or building, or when the night sky is affected bycity lights, or when you set up your telescope at dusk. Theposition of guide stars on the scales changes year by year due toprecession of the Earth. The PF-L assist provides you the presentlocation information of the guide stars to set up on the scalescorrectly. You will achieve the polar alignment instantly withoutperforming a routine for setting of date and location. The appdisplays the current night sky which can be seen in your location.
Comet Book 2.4
The Comet Book app clearly shows when Comets can be viewed and inwhich direction. The direction and elevation of a Comet can changenoticeably in a day due to its fast apparent motion. The moon and abright planet may be convenient as a guide to find the comet thoughthey have large apparent motion, too. This app determines whereComet is in the sky when it becomes visible at your observing site.You can easily start your observation of a Comet by using CometBook as a guide to the direction and elevation of the comet. Inaddition, the new “3D Solar System seen from Space” mode allows youto view the motion of Comets and planets turning around the sun.Please take a look the comet’s movement around our solar system.
NightVision Light 1.2
Night Vision Light app turns the screen of your smart phone into ared-lit flashlight in your astronomical observation at night withthe full screen illumination in red color. In observing with atelescope at night, you need to adapt your eye to the darkenvironment so that you can perceive a faint celestial object inthe field of view of your telescope’s eyepiece. The eye will becomeadapted to night vision as the pupil is fully opened. However, youmay occasionally want to check with a celestial map in the dark oryou may need to illuminate around your hands to operate thetelescope, a camera and so on. In such a case a white-litflashlight contracts the pupil and you will have to wait a whileuntil the eye accommodate to the dark again. The Night Vision Lightapp helps to hold your night vision in the dark by simply turningthe screen of your smart phone into a red-lit flashlight. Theillumination of the red light can be adjusted to brighter or dimmerby swiping up or down on the screen. The setting of the brightnessis saved for next time use.
Eyepiece Book 2.0.1
Planet Book 3.0.1
Planet Bookは、金星、木星、土星などの惑星が、星空の中のどこにあるのかを表示する、惑星観察支援アプリです。惑星は「惑わす星」と書く通り、星空の中での位置はかわっていきます。そのため、一度位置を覚えても、しばらくすると別の位置で輝いているため、天体観測初心者には、なかなかどの惑星がどこで輝いているのかを把握するのは難しいことでした。Planet Bookは、日付・時間を指定することで、どの惑星がどの位置にあるのか、画面に表示される星図上で確認ができます。さらに、「デバイス追従モード」にすれば、リアルタイムで、スマ-トフォンを向けた先に今どんな惑星があるかの表示が可能です。また、地球と惑星の距離は常に変化しており、惑星が地球に近づく(=惑星が大きく見えるため観察好機となる)タイミングを調べることができます。PlanetBookには、ビクセンの天体望遠鏡と接眼レンズの製品名が登録されているので、その中から任意の天体望遠鏡と接眼レンズを選んで組み合わせることで、どのくらいの大きさで惑星が見えるのかをシミュレーションする機能もあります。郊外へ行かなければ観察が難しい天の川や星雲星団などの暗い天体とは違い、惑星は街明かりの多い都市部でもしっかりと見ることができる天体です。星空を見上げたとき、そこに明るく輝いている星がありませんか?もしかすると、それが惑星かもしれません。 PlanetBookを使って惑星を見つけましょう。 そして天体望遠鏡を使えば、さらに美しいその姿をお楽しみいただけます。 Planet Bookis, Venus, Jupiter, planets such as Saturn, to display the Where isin the stars, planet observation support app. Planet as written as"star misleading", position in the starry sky will continue onbehalf of. Therefore, even remember the one time position, becauseit is shining in a different position after a while, theastronomical observation beginner, was that it is difficult to knowwhether the shining where what planet easily. Planet Book,specifying the date and time, what planet is in any position, youcan check on the star map to be displayed on the screen. Inaddition, if the "device follow-up mode", in real time, Suma -Tofon is possible indication of whether there is any planet nowahead with its. The distance of the Earth and Planetary isconstantly changing, planet (the observation opportunity for =planets appear larger) approaches the Earth can be examined timing.The Planet Book, because product name astronomical telescope andeyepiece Vixen is registered, combining choose any astronomicaltelescope and the eyepiece from the simulation whether the visibleplanets How big There is also the ability to. Unlike dark celestialbodies such as the observation is difficult Milky Way and nebulaestar clusters have to go to the suburbs, the planet is a celestialbody that can be seen firmly in many urban areas of the citylights. When I looked up at the starry sky, or does not have a starthat is shining bright in there? Perhaps, it might be planet. Itwill help you find the planet using the Planet Book. And if you usea telescope, you can enjoy even more beautiful its appearance.
TimeLapse Book 2.0.2
ビクセンのタイムラプスアプリ(TimeLapse Book)は星空のタイムラプス撮影のムービーシュミレーターです。星空の情景を使用したタイムラプス撮影を行うときに、その場所、時刻に空に見えている星々を時間を追ってシミュレーションし、出来上がるタイムラプスムービーとして表示する、タイムラプス撮影の計画を支援するアプリです。特に弊社のAP赤道儀をカメラのパン(回転)に使用した場合に、恒星時の何倍の速度で回転させればよいかも計算しますので、複雑な計算を行わなくてもタイムラプスムービー撮影の計画をたてることができます基本的には、以下のようにして使用します。 1. 撮影日時及び撮影場所、撮影に使用するレンズの焦点距離等を指定します 2.タイムラプスムービーの終りの部分のクライマックスのカメラの方向と時刻を指定します 3.タイムラプスムービーの始まりの部分のカメラの方位と時刻を指定します 4.以上の設定で条件が揃いましたので、この条件でのタイムラプスムービーを再生してどのようなムービーを 撮影できるか確認します以上のようにして撮影計画を立てて、現地で画面上に撮影開始時刻とカメラの向き、終了時刻、AP赤道儀を使用した時の回転倍率を参考に撮影を行います。Vixen of time-lapse app (TimeLapse Book) is a movie simulator ofthe starry sky of the time-lapse photography. When performingtime-lapse photography using the starry sky of the scene, thelocation, time and simulation step by the stars and time that arevisible in the sky to be displayed as a time-lapse movie to beready, is an application to support the planning of time-lapsephotography. In particular, when used in our AP Tadashi Akamichithe camera pan (rotation), so to calculate be may be rotated atmany times the speed of the sidereal time, even without performinga complex calculation of time-lapse movie shooting you can make aplan Basically, it uses in the following manner. 1. shooting dateand time and the shooting location, and specify the focal length ofthe lens to be used in shooting 2. Specify the direction and timeof the climax of the end of the part of the time-lapse movie camera3. Specify the camera orientation and time of the part of thebeginning of a time-lapse movie 4. The condition was set in theabove setting, what movie to play the time-lapse movie in thiscondition    Make sure you can shoot Make a shootingplan in the manner described above, the shooting start time and thecamera direction on the screen at the local, end time, to take thepicture in reference to the rotation magnification when using theAP Tadashi Akamichi.
Interval Book 2.1.2
Interval Bookは月のインターバルイメージ(多重露光)撮影のシミュレータです。月の出や月の入り等でタワーなどのランドマークに月が掛かる時のインターバルイメージを再現いたします。撮影日時、撮影場所、撮影地の標高、カメラレンズの焦点距離、多重露光間隔、露光回数を設定し、星図をスクロールして目的の方向に方位高度を合わせます。次に画面下部のスライダーで撮影開始時刻を指定し、最後にインターバルイメージボタンをタップすると、指定した時刻から指定回数多重露光した時のイメージを表示することが出来ます。以上のようにして予め撮影計画を立てて、現地で画面上に表示されるカメラの向きを參考に、多重露光撮影を行います。現在のところ、ランドマークには東京にある有名なタワーが2つ収録されています。また、アプリ内で、ランドマークを追加することができます。Interval Book the interval image (multiple exposure) of the monthis a shooting simulator. Month to landmarks such as Tower atmoonrise and moonset, etc. will reproduce the interval image whenit takes. Shooting date, shooting location, elevation Location, thefocal length of the camera lens, multiple exposure interval, setthe number of exposures and align the high orientation in thedesired direction to scroll the star map. Then specify the shootingstart time at the bottom of the screen slider, and finally tap theinterval image button, you can display the image at the time of thespecified number of times multiple exposure from the specifiedtime. Make a pre-shooting plan in the manner described above, theorientation of the camera to be displayed on the screen at thelocal to 參考, do the multiple-exposure shooting. At present, thelandmark has been recorded two famous tower in Tokyo. In addition,within the app, you can add the landmark.
Solar Book 2.0
The Solar Book is an app for smart-phones and tablets for a solareclipse. The Solar Book shows at what time each portion of the Sunis covered by the Moon during a solar eclipse. The beginning timeof a solar eclipse, time of the maximum phase of the solar eclipseand the ending time of the solar eclipse will change depending onthe location of your observing area. The Solar Book will show youthe eclipse phases at your location. Your location for observingthe solar eclipse can be designated with use of the location setupdialog box. This allows you to plan in advance the progression ofthe eclipse. Sequential images of the solar eclipse will bedisplayed in the appropriate order when you tap on the eclipsethumbnail images icon on the lower right of the screen. Solareclipses can be displayed by designating the date of a solareclipse in the past or the future if you cannot find it in a listof the selection. The Solar Book will show you a star chart of thesky at your place of observation if the solar eclipse is notselected.
Nebula Book 2.1
Nebula Book(ネビュラ ブック)は、星雲・星団・銀河等の天体撮影を支援するアプリです。「天体の位置や、撮影するための適正な焦点距離がわからない」というユーザーの声から生まれました。星雲・星団・銀河等の天体には、50mmから300mm程度のカメラ用標準レンズや中望遠レンズで撮影できるものが数多く存在します。Nebulabookは、ビクセンの天体ナビゲーションシステム「STARBOOK-TEN」に内蔵されている膨大な天体情報の中から、比較的撮影しやすい天体をリストアップしました。天体写真の撮影入門に大変役立つアプリです。 NebulaBookアプリは、スマートフォン等のデバイスのセンサーにより、選択した天体が星空のどこにあるかを知らせます。カメラの向きとスマートフォン等のデバイスの向きを合わせて固定すれば、狙った天体の写真が撮影しやすくなります。星雲・星団の撮影にはビクセンポラリエ、APシリーズ、SXシリーズなどの赤道儀で追尾撮影をすることをおすすめいたします。 NebulaBook (Nebula book) is an application to support the astronomicalphotography such as nebulae, star clusters, galaxies. Was born fromthe user's voice called "position and of celestial bodies, theappropriate focal length is not known for shooting." The celestialbody such as nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, there will be manythings that can be taken with 300mm about the camera for thestandard lens and medium telephoto lens from 50mm. Nebula book fromamong the huge astronomical information that has been built intothe Vixen celestial navigation system of "STARBOOK-TEN", we list arelatively shooting easy celestial body. It is very useful app toshoot introduction to astrophotography. Nebula Book app, the deviceof the sensor such as a smart phone, it notifies the selectedcelestial body is in anywhere in the starry sky. Be fixed inaccordance with the device orientation, such as camera directionand the smart phone, photos of eyeing the celestial body is makingit easier to shoot. Nebula, star clusters Vixen polaritons Rie isto shoot, AP series, we recommend that the tracking shot inequatorial such as SX series.
水上高原の星空~星座早見盤~ 2.0
Mars Book 1.1.1
Mars will be unusually close to earth during the months of July andAugust 2018. Why does this happen? Our planet Earth goes around thesun and Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn orbit the sun aswell. Earth’s orbit around the sun is smaller than Mars and goesaround the sun faster than Mars. For that reason, Earth goes insideMars’ orbit and that is when they are closest to each other. Earthpasses Mars every 26 months. Because the orbit of Mars iselliptical, as compare to that of Earth, the closest distance fromEarth to Mars varies due to Mars’ orbit. In August, Mars will beclosest to the sun in its orbit. When Earth comes close to Mars inAugust, Mars appears larger in size in the scope’s field of view.When Earth comes close Mars in February, Mars does not appear to belarge as seen in August. The closest approach of Mars will takeplace on January 31, 2018. The last time this occurred was August27, 2004 and it occurs again after an interval of 15 years. Afterthis close approach in 2018, there is no big Mars approach untilSeptember 11, 2035. Enjoy observing bright red Mars in the sky thissummer! Proceed to guidance of the screen by tapping [?] icon inthe bottom right corner.
Polarie Uアプリは、ビクセン製の星空雲台ポラリエ U専用のアプリです。 ポラリエU本体のみでも使用可能ですが、本アプリを使うとタイムラプス動画などの高度な撮影にも対応します。 主な機能 ●任意の回転速度(最大で恒星時回転×10まで)の設定●カスタムモードの回転速度の設定 ●カメラのレリーズを制御可能(別売のシャッターケーブル併用)●ポラリエUの回転とカメラレリーズを連動することが可能(SMS機能) ●ポラリエU本体照明の明るさ設定及び消灯●ポラリエUのSSID及びパスワードの変更 ●ポラリエU本体ファームウェアのアップデート その他●赤色&電球色ライト「NightVision Light」搭載  (暗闇での作業に最適なライトアプリ)●夜間用と昼間用を選択可能 The Polarie U app is a Vixen-made starry sky headPolarie U app. It can be used only with Polarie U, but with thisapp It also supports advanced shooting such as time-lapse movies.Main functions ● Arbitrary rotation speed (up to star rotation x10) ● Custom mode rotation speed setting ● Camera release can becontrolled (with optional shutter cable) ● Rotation of Polarie Uand camera release can be linked (SMS function) ● Polarie U bodylighting brightness setting and extinguishing ● Change of Polarie USSID and password ● Polarie U firmware update Other -Red &light bulb color light "NightVision Light" installed (Light appideal for work in the dark) ● Selectable for nighttime and daytime