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林漢邦.仁邦診所 1.12
林漢邦醫師在林口看診逾10年,並於民國98年3月5日設立林漢邦診所。本院設有家庭醫學科、內兒治療、外科、骨科及復健治療,從1歲至99歲都是我們照顧的範圍。我們堅持提供優質且完整的專業醫療服務,以期成為每個社區家庭的家庭醫師。 Linhan Bang Physician Visits in Linkouover 10 years, and the establishment of the Republic of China 98years Linhan Bang Clinic March 5. There the Court Family Medicine,within child therapy, surgery, orthopedics and rehabilitationtreatment, ranging from 1 year to 99 years old are our care. Weinsist on providing high-quality and complete professional medicalservices to families in each community to become family physicians.
神農中醫診所 1.01
神農中醫診所本診所自1996年8月開設以來在醫師領導下,全院同仁皆本熱忱、用心對待每一位來院所求診的人。我們以〝關懷、親切、有效〞自勉。醫師相信,每個人生而健康,健康是自然而然的事,身體之所以有痛苦,是我們生活的環節出了偏頗,醫師在瞭解後,用針或藥調整偏差的體質並鼓勵患者調整生活作息與飲食習慣,這樣身體會有自癒的智慧與能力,就一定恢復健康。醫師本身不時的精進看診的能力,不論傳統醫學、醫術的論述或現代醫學的新知,都不斷吸收並結合,期能對患者病情有助益。我們用的科學中藥粉是GMP大藥廠生產的,可以排除含重金屬的疑慮。輔助食品也都找最高品質,經檢驗合格,絕不含塑化劑。水煎藥材一定經檢驗合格,高溫煎煮。針灸針具都經過衛福部核可,用一次就拋棄銷毀。這些都是提供您安心的醫療服務。我們有明亮整潔的候診環境,每天下診一定清潔、消毒一次,以期來院的人都能看診安心而愉快。迅速恢復健康。Shenclinic since the clinic opened in August 1996 under the leadershipof the physician, the hospital colleagues all this enthusiasm,heart to treat every person attending institutes. We "caring,friendly, and effective" encourage each other. Physicians believethat every life and health, health is a natural thing, the reasonwhy there is suffering body, are part of our lives out of thebiased, physicians in the understanding of the drug with a needleor physical bias adjustment and encourage patients to adjustlifestyle and eating habits, so the body will have the wisdom andthe ability to heal, it must restore health.Physicians itself fromtime to time to see the doctor's sophisticated capabilities,regardless of traditional medicine, medical discourse or newknowledge of modern medicine are constantly absorbing and bindingstage of the patient's condition can be helpful. Science in thepowder we use is the production of GMP Pharmaceuticals, containingheavy metals can be excluded concerns. Supplementary food are alsolooking for the highest quality, passed the test, not containingplasticizers. Decoction of herbs must have passed the test, hightemperature boiling. Acupuncture needles have been approved by theMinistry of Health, Welfare, once abandoned destroyed. These areavailable for your peace of mind medical services.We have a bright,clean environment, waiting, day clinic under certain cleaning,disinfection time, people come to the hospital to see the doctorcan feel at ease and happy. Speedy recovery.
天韻中醫診所 1.10
天韻中醫診所診所簡介天韻中醫診所成立於101年12月,由張鈺院長、孫政醫師、林奕中醫師一同為大家服務。三位醫師皆師承張國養老師,處方用藥主要以傷寒論、金匱要略等經方為主。IanVan clinicClinic ProfileOfthe clinic was founded in 101 years inDecember, by the president Zhang Yu, Sun Zheng, MD, Edward Lampractitioners together for all services. Three physicians areraising teacher Cheng Zhangguo division, mainly in the Treatise onprescription drugs, such as the Golden Chamber dominated by theparties.
宏昌&吉安&裕安&永吉中醫診所 1.01
宏昌&吉安&裕安&永吉中醫診所診所宗旨診所團隊位秉持著「用心、關懷、服務」的理念,為鄉親、病友提供專業、優質、多元的中醫診療服務及不定期的舉辦義診及演講活動,把健康知識和愛傳遞下去。主治:內婦兒科、針灸、傷科,筋骨酸痛、轉骨長高、體重管理(控制)…,從體質根本改善,健康身體,歡迎來電預約。Panellists& Gian & Yuan & Kut clinicClinics purposeClinic teambit uphold "intentions, caring service" concept, to provideprofessional folks, patients, high-quality, diverse services andthe occasional Chinese medical clinic and lectures organizedactivities to health knowledge and love to pass along. Indications:In women and children, acupuncture, traumatology, aching muscles,bones turn tall, weight management (control) ..., fundamentallyimprove the physical fitness, good health, please call thereservation.
常榮&長榮中醫聯合診所 1.10
常榮&長榮中醫聯合診所本診所是由18位專業醫師團隊組成,由名中醫師林朝慶院長率領。林院長于中醫界身兼各種要職並有盛名。中醫減重乃是多年前由林醫師為了幫助許多過重的患者,改善因體重控制不良所造成許多身體的疾患,因此,結合中醫及埋線的技術開始成功的控制患者的體重,之後口耳相傳,患者接踵而至。林院長多年的看診經驗及研發讓中醫減重的重要性在各界受到重視。協助患者以預防醫學的中醫角度,來長期控制體重調理身體,且在健康的中醫調理下達到體重的控制。在中醫減重的名聲遠播,也讓許多國外人士也慕名前來診所徹夜排隊。診所的患者除了台灣北中南的患者之外,更有許多日本、美國、歐洲各地、香港、新加坡、大陸內地、韓國等各個國家慕林院長之名來的患者。林院長視病如親的個性,爽朗真誠也讓所有患者走進診所便覺得如沐春風。  患者和診所的醫師及工作人員像朋友家人一般,在這個診所,不是僅為了醫病更是醫心,這是非常不同於一般醫療院所的冰冷。這裡充滿人與人之間的關心。就連患者之間也在這裡找到許多朋友,他們都有共同目標就是讓身體更健康,更美麗。生病的人得到健康、沒信心的人重新建立信心、生活挫折的人也開始學著調適。在這個診所,有口碑都是一步一腳印而來的。  本診所在體重控制方面每年投注非常多的經費及人力研發,所用的藥品及產品都是品質相當好的,也不惜投注最好的藥材,在這個物價飛漲,醫療產業混亂的時代,堅守品質管控,絕不降低標準,也因此患者的反應及回饋都非常的好。過去協助培養許多中醫師在各種疾患的診治,甚至有國外的醫師要求來學習相關專業。這也是中醫界非常可喜之事,國人有逐漸開始重視中醫對於養身、調理的運用。也讓需要中醫治療的國人更了解如何配合中西醫的治療。這是中醫界很重要的一個突破。  專業的醫師群對整個治療照顧是非常重要的。要進入常榮中醫的醫師都經過相當多的考驗,須要具有專業知識背景,要有豐富的經驗,通常還需要過人的體力跟耐心,更要有愛心。因為院長本人每天親力親為,服務患者經常到凌晨半夜,甚至到天亮。醫師群們經常聚會研討患者的病況,也常相互學習。參與許多醫療研習,並經常受邀演講。尤其院長每每在中醫師研習會或是肥胖醫學會、老人醫學會等演講,都是人滿為患,許多各界的醫師都想要了解到底院長是如何將中醫的治療更加提升。這是非常好的,中醫界教學相長讓中醫更佳蓬勃發展。ChangRong & Evergreen Chinese Medicine Clinic The clinic is acombined 18 professional team composed of physicians, led byChinese medicine practitioners Lin Zhaoqing president. DirectorLin, who is also a variety of positions in the Chinese medicineprofession and have a good reputation. Chinese medicine to loseweight but many years ago by Dr. Lin to help many overweightpatients, improve weight control due to poor health caused by manydisorders, therefore, combined with traditional Chinese medicineand technology began burying the successful control of thepatient's body weight, followed by word of mouth Patients followed.Director Lin years of experience and see the doctor of traditionalChinese medicine research and development so that the importance ofweight loss in all sectors of attention. Assist patients with theChinese point of preventive medicine, to long-term weight control,physical conditioning, and achieve weight control in a healthyRecuperation. In Chinese medicine weight loss fame spread far andwide, but also to many foreign countries have also come to theclinic queuing through the night. Patient clinic patients exceptnorthern, central Taiwan, and there are many in Japan, the UnitedStates, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, mainland China, South Koreaand other countries to name 慕林 dean of patients. Director Lindepending on diseases such as pro personality, hearty and sincerebut also to all the patients into the clinic would feel like aspring breeze.Patients and physicians and clinic staff as friendsand family in general, in the clinic, not only for medicaltreatment is medical center, which is very different from thegeneral medical institutes cold. Here is full of concern amongpeople. Even among friends here, too many patients find that theyhave a common goal is to make the body more healthy, morebeautiful. Sick people get healthy and do not have confidence inthe people to re-establish the confidence of the people livingfrustration began to learn to adapt. In this clinic, there is wordof mouth is a step by step come.The weight control clinic inbetting a lot of research and development funding and manpowerannually, medicines and products used are very good quality, butalso the best bets at the herbs in the soaring prices, the chaoticera of the medical industry, which insists on quality control neverlower the standard, and therefore the patient's response andfeedback are very good. Many practitioners in the past to assist inbuilding the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders, and evenabroad to learn the requirements of the relevant professionalphysician. It is also very gratifying things Chinese medicinepractitioners, people have gradually begun to pay attention to thecultivation of traditional Chinese medicine, conditioning use.Chinese medicine treatment need also to understand how to fit morepeople in Western medicine treatment. It is very important to theChinese medicine profession a breakthrough.Specialty physiciangroup for the entire treatment care is very important. Doctor oftraditional Chinese medicine to enter the wing often have beenquite a lot of tests, need to have a professional background, havea wealth of experience, usually requires extraordinary physicalstrength and patience, and more importantly love. Because my handsevery president, serving patients often until midnight the morning,even until dawn. Physician group gatherings often discuss thepatient's condition, often learn from each other. Involved in manymedical studies, and often invited to lecture. In particular,whenever the president or obesity Medical practitioners workshops,lectures and other elderly Medical Association, are overcrowded,many sectors of the physician wants to know in the end is how totreat the President of TCM is more improved. This is a very goodteaching and learning to make traditional Chinese medicinepractitioners of Chinese medicine better flourish.
仁心 泉安堂 卓家老舖 1.08
泉安堂為本宗十八世祖國納公於清、嘉慶年間始創於福建泉州南安縣石井鎮(延平郡王鄭成功故里)虔修膏丹,濟世活人,後世均承祖業,傳至廿一世祖德義公,精嫻內外各科,尤擅針灸,懸壺於泉漳金廈之間,濟困扶危,不慕榮利,得地方耆宿推許,譽為「鯉城神針」。先父廿二世傳銘公幼承庭訓,德義公親授歧黃,及長沙要訣,至十三歲時繼承祖業為泉安堂第五代傳人,並於抗戰勝利後遷館至金門沙美,其後因戰火日熾,先父於民國四十四年遷臺,初始于南昌街應聘行醫,復於民國四十七年在永和路舊址開創「卓家老舖」藥號並設「泉安堂中醫診所」,民國五十至六十年代,並任教於台中中國醫藥學院,教授「黃帝內經」、「國藥專修選讀」作育英才、桃李滿門。民國六十七年擔任台北縣中醫師公會第十一屆理事長,健全會務,嘉惠同道。後因永和路拓寬故遷館於復興街十號繼續服務桑梓,聖手佛心,譽滿杏林。先父於民國七十七年退休,將「卓家泉安堂老舖」永和本店傳于六子播儒,克紹其裘,並於民國八十九年中秋興辦板橋市北門街「仁心中醫診所」,廣召各科高手,擴大服務,細心診治,健全管理,規模初具。先父得享遐齡,以一○一歲高壽辭世,臨終猶諄諄祖訓「醫學無止境,望能術德並重,切記為醫者應本有人無我之精神,始稱為醫」。父子兩代於永和落地生根,當以維護永和市民之健康為懸念,是故特於民國九十七年仲秋「泉安堂中醫診所」於永和市復館,子承父志,一本初衷。泉安堂中醫診所為「卓家泉安堂老舖」六子卓播儒於民國九十七年興辦,廣召各科高手,擴大服務,細心診治,健全管理,為永和在地民眾服務。卓家老舖中醫診所為「卓家泉安堂老舖」六子卓播儒於民國一百零五年興辦的卓家老舖中醫旗艦館,位在金門縣金沙鎮后浦頭的縣定古蹟「黃宣顯六路大厝」,為金門首創古蹟裡的中醫診所,在古色古香的環境中,為金門的在地民眾提供最優質的醫療服務。AnTang Quan-oriented cases XVIII motherland Carolina public in clear,Jiaqing was founded in Quanzhou, Fujian Nanan County town of Ishii(Koxinga Koxinga's hometown) Qianxiu and paste Dan, save the worldof the living, were later Chengzu industry, spread to twenty WorldZude Yi Gong, Jing Xian subjects inside and outside, especiallygood at acupuncture, hanging pot between Kinmen and Xiamen ZhangQuan, the poor and needy of distress, not Murong Li, in the placeNestor acclaimed, hailed as "Licheng Magic."My father Nianer MingShi Chuan male child for the motto, Deyi public Qinshou Huang Qi,tips and Changsha, to 13 years of age to inherit ancestral propertyQuan An Tang fifth generation descendant, and moved to the museumafter the war to the Golden Gate Samet, because later Chi-warJapan, the Republic of China moved to Taiwan late father 44 yearsinitial candidates to practice Nam Cheong Street, the complex inthe Republic of forty years to create "Zhuo old shop" drug numberin Yonghe Road site and set "Quan An Tang Chinese medicine clinics"Republican 1950s and 1960s, and taught at the China Medical Collegein Taichung, "Professor Huang Di Nei Jing", "Chinese medicinespecializing Readings" for education excellence, peaches and plumsover the door. Republic of China 67 years served as Taipei County,the eleventh president of Chinese Physicians' Association, a soundbusiness, AirPlus fellow. After it is moved due to road wideningYonghe Hall in the 10th Street revival to continue to serve theirhomeland, Kathrine Buddha's heart, famous Xinglin.Fathers in theRepublic of 77-year retirement, will "Zhuojia Quan An Tang oldshop" Yonghe shop pass to broadcast six children Confucianism,Keshao their fur, and in the Republic of China 89 years to set upthe Mid-Autumn Panchiao City North Gate Street, "benevolence clinic"Guang Zhao master subjects, expand services, careful diagnosis andtreatment, sound management, its scale. Fathers have to enjoy oldage, with a one year old longevity ○ death, dying still earnestlyteachings of our forefathers "Medical endless, both hope to surgeryGermany, the doctor should keep in mind as this was not my spirit,came to be called doctors." Father and son landed in YongheRoot,when in order to protect public health Yonghe of suspense,especially in the autumn of the actual occurrence of the Republicof ninety seven "Quan An Tang Chinese medicine clinics" in YongheCity Hall complex, inherited his father's ambition, one mind.QuanAn Tang Chinese medicine clinics to six children "Zhuojia Quan Anold church shop" Zhuo broadcast Confucianism in the Republic ofninety seven years to set up, called wide master subjects, expandservices, careful diagnosis and treatment, sound management, Yonghein the public service.Zhuo old shop clinic as "Zhuojia Quan An Tangold shop" Six children Zhuo broadcast Confucianism in the Republicof one hundred and five years to set up Zhuo old shop traditionalChinese flagship museum, located in the pump head after Jinsha TownKinmen County historic site, "Huang Xuan remarkable six-way bighouse ", the first monument to the Golden Gate in the clinic, inthe quaint environment, provide the best quality medical servicesto the people in Kinmen.
六福堂中醫體系 1.26
六福堂中醫體系 關於我們 六福堂在地故事身體健康是福、平安順心是福、笑口常開是福、家庭和樂是福、子孫滿堂是福、知足常樂是福。這是人生中的六大福氣,而唯有「身體健康」才能擁有「六福」。「六福堂」從民國80年開始,秉持著關懷三重埔在地人身體健康的理念,在三重最繁華的大街-正義北路為民服務。幾十年來,「六福堂」最為三重人所津津樂道的就是那視病猶親的醫病精神,也因此成了三重一帶 家喻戶曉的中醫診所。「六福堂」視病猶親的精神讓診所洋溢著如同家的溫馨,診所小姐親切的問候、推拿師賣力的協助復健 、護理師無微不至的照護、醫師的仁心仁術,在在都讓患者們感到備受呵護。「把患者當作家人一樣照顧、當作朋友一般關懷」就是「六福堂」的大長老-吳晉宗先生一直秉持的精神。數十年如一日,為了帶給患者們最專業的服務以及貼心的關懷,吳先生默默的堅持著六福堂的經營。平日經常可見他親切的身影穿梭在診所內,那爽朗的笑聲、真誠的問候為診所帶來輕鬆愉快的氣氛 。這些年來,六福堂有許多被傳為佳話的故事,最為人所稱許的就是:除夕夜前一晚,月已低垂,星光黯淡之時,寂靜的大街上,唯一燈火通明的正是「六福堂中醫診所」。為了病患可以在年假期間照常服藥,醫師盡心的看病到凌晨、診所小姐用心的替病患煎、熬、燒、煮,送上滿懷關心的藥。這樣的付出,只為了能夠成 為患者們最可靠的肩膀,遞送最溫暖的關懷。 「望、聞、問、切」是中醫看診的基本步驟,殷切地為您觀氣色、仔細地聽聞您氣息、懇切地詢問您病情、準確地為您把脈象。六福堂的醫病精神全都融入在這四個步驟之中了,我們期許能夠成為您健康的守護者, 讓您擁有人生中的「六福」。 SixFutang Chinese medicine system about us In the six Futang storyGood health is a blessing, peace seemed to be a blessing, ablessing smiling, family and music is a blessing, many children area blessing, contentment is a blessing. This is the life of the sixblessing, but only "in good health" in order to have "Luk Fook.""June Futang" Republic of China 80 years from the beginning, upholdthe triple Po care of people's health in the concept of the busieststreets in the triple - Justice Road to serve the people. Fordecades, "June Futang" Triple most people talked about is thespiritual healing that, as the disease still pro, and thus became ahousehold name along the triple clinic. "June Futang" depending onthe disease still pro spirit that clinic was filled with as a warmhome, Miss clinic cordial greetings, chiropractor hard to assistrehabilitation, nurse meticulous care, physician ER, in the boththe patient they feel cared for. "The patient as a family to takecare, general care as a friend," is the great elders "June Futang"of - Mr. Wu Jinzong always uphold the spirit. For decades, in orderto bring the patients are the most professional service andintimate care, Mr. Wu quietly persisted six Futang business.Weekdays often seen his cordial figure shuttle in the clinic,hearty laughter and sincere greetings to the clinic to bring arelaxed atmosphere. Over the years, the six Futang there are manystories passed for the elephants, the most praiseworthy promise isthis: New Year's Eve the night before, the month of falls, when thedim stars, the silence on the streets, it is the only brightly lit" six Futang clinic. " For patients with medication as usual duringannual leave, a physician with all your heart into the early hoursof the doctor, Miss clinic patients carefully for frying, boil,roast, cook, brought full of medicine concerned. Such pay, just tobe able to have the most reliable for the patient's shoulder,delivered the warmest care. "Look, smell, questioning" are thebasic steps to see the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine,eager for you to view color, listened carefully to smell yourbreath, sincerely ask for your illness, exactly put your pulse.Medical mental illness all six Futang integration among these foursteps, we expect to be the guardian of your health, so you have inlife, "Luk Fook."
遠興婦產科診所 1.03
遠興婦產科診所Yuan Xing Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic
遠華婦產科診所 1.03
遠華婦產科診所Yuanhua Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic
御生婦幼診所 1.04
御生婦幼診所以提供完整先進的產前檢查診斷, 提高婦幼衛生保健水準為主旨, 醫師團隊皆來自訓練嚴謹國家級醫學中心, 更開診所醫療先例,引進醫學中心級之精密產檢及生產設備。除此之外, 本院秉持服務為本的精神, 打破舊有醫院傳統觀念,提供舒適寬敞的就診空間、六星級的病房設施, 期許媽媽們在整個孕程裡都能享受孕育生命的美好。To provide a completeadvanced prenatal diagnosis Yushengtang maternal and childclinics, Improve maternal and child health care standards forthe subject, Team physicians are from the National MedicalCenter, rigorous training, More open medical clinicsprecedent The introduction of sophisticated medical centerstage production inspection and production equipment.Inaddition, Court uphold the service-orientedspirit, Breaking the old hospital of traditionalconcepts, Offers comfortable and spacious treatment roomsix-star ward facilities, Expectations throughout the pregnantmoms can enjoy the breeding process in the goodness of life.
佳禾中醫診所 1.13
佳禾中醫診所 本診所懷著濟世救人的精神,擁有醫術超群的醫生駐診,提供良好衛生的醫療環境,給予您最好的醫療品質。我們的服務包括針灸治療、中藥調理、推拿、穴道按摩、營養診斷和諮詢等,並同時擁有傳統中藥材及現代科學中藥濃縮藥粉,方便不同適應症的患者服用。  我們所使用的中藥材,皆經過嚴格把關,大量減低重金屬、農藥的殘留。現代科學中藥濃縮藥粉亦是使用符合國家GMP標準的藥廠之產品,請您安心的使用。  本診所進門時即聽到輕快響亮的問候聲,隨即有小姐送上茶飲,坐在寬敞明亮的候診室內,喝著診所特別現煮的中藥養生茶,在輕鬆的背景音樂中,面對醫師和藹親切的態度,您可以卸除心房與醫師討論病情,在醫師詳細的望、聞、問、切解說下,可以更容易了解自己的身體狀況。我們誠摰的希望能夠帶給您一個賓至如歸的感覺。 Jiahe clinic With this clinic Saving theworld of spirit, with superior medicine doctor for consultation, toprovide good health care settings, giving you the best quality ofcare. Our services include acupuncture, traditional Chinesemedicine, massage, acupressure, nutritional diagnosis andcounseling, and also has a traditional Chinese medicine and modernscience and medicine concentrated powder, easily taking patientswith different indications. Medicines we use, are subject tostringent checks, to significantly reduce the heavy metals,pesticide residues. Modern science and medicine concentrated powderis also in line with the national GMP standard use ofpharmaceutical products, please feel at ease of use. The clinicthat is heard loud greetings brisk door, then have to send the tealady, sitting in the bright and spacious waiting room, sippingfreshly brewed herbal clinic special health tea, background musicin a relaxed, amiable face, MD friendly attitude, you can removethe condition of atrial discuss with the physician, the physiciandetailed look, smell, and asked, cutting commentary below, you canmore easily understand their physical condition. We sincerely hopeto be able to bring you Che one feel at home.
仁邦醫美診所 1.12
仁邦醫美擁有最完善的醫療設備、衛生署核可的專業儀器、醫療團隊療程規劃及醫美保養品嚴格把關、以客為尊的服務人員,提供最完整、最安全的醫療品質服務,讓效果與服務更好。我們用心地規劃服務內容,希望能夠更加貼近您的心(包括合理的價格、溫和親切的溝通並堅決不強迫推銷),並且兼顧您整體過程的舒適感受。室內環境佈滿溫馨、輕鬆的氛圍。更重要的是,提供專業又不失輕鬆的門診,不僅如此,我們也提供快速有效的專業醫學美容來滿足您不同的需求。JenUS state has the most comprehensive medical medical equipment, theDepartment of Health approved the professional equipment, medicalteam and medical beauty treatments planning care products strictly,customer service personnel, to provide the most complete and securemedical quality service, Let effects and better service. Wecarefully planning services, hoping to be closer to your heart(including reasonable price, gentle and friendly communicationdetermined not forced to sell), and taking into account the comfortof your overall process. Indoor environment filled with warm,relaxing atmosphere. More importantly, providing professional yetrelaxed clinic, not only that, we also provide fast and effectiveprofessional medical beauty to meet your different needs.
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華晟中醫診所 本院簡介 特聘臨床經驗豐富之長庚中西醫雙職照醫師駐診 採用濃縮中藥及現代化科學儀器煎煮真空包裝設備擁有全新舒適看診環境,讓您享受高級的醫療服務品質 Hua Sheng clinic Court Introduction Chairof the rich Chinese and Western Medicine, Chang Gung clinicalexperience according to the dual role of the physician in clinicUsing concentrated decoction of Chinese medicine and modernscientific instruments vacuum packaging equipment See the doctorhas a new comfortable environment for you to enjoy superior qualitymedical services
采新婦幼診所 1.03
采新婦幼診所Adopt new maternal and child clinics
春暉中醫診所 1.02
春暉中醫診所Chunhui clinic
劉遠祺婦產科診所 1.02
劉遠祺婦產科診所Liu Yuanqi Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic
遠東中醫診所 1.15
遠東中醫診所 關於我們 遠東中醫診所成立於民國88年10月,有優秀且 專業的醫療團隊、舒適整潔的醫療環境,提供中醫醫療服務的最佳選擇。院長、經理及醫療團隊 為服務社會大眾,希望關懷、溫暖更多群眾,給 您優質的品質及環境。遠東中醫的同仁不斷提升自我、進修,照顧更多 的患者,一步一腳印、老實經營事業、永續研發 新技術。 Far clinic AboutUs Far clinic was established in the Republic of China on October88, there are outstanding and professional medical staff, clean andcomfortable medical environment, offers the best choice of TCMmedical services. Dean, the manager and the medical team to servethe community, hoping caring, warm more people to give you goodquality and the environment. Far colleagues TCM self-rising,education, care for more patients, step by step, honest running abusiness, and sustainable development of new technologies.
采醫形象醫學股份有限公司 1.18
公司簡介 成立時間: 西元2002年 經營據點: 總部設於高雄 國內門市:高雄、屏東 、台南 、台中、台北采醫形象成立於2002年,由蔡志成醫師領導一群專業醫療團隊,以自然、信心、完美為服務宗旨,期許讓許多愛美的群眾得到經濟、快速、有效的核心價值。有鑒於皮膚是人體最大以及重要的社交器官,采醫集團致力於讓顧客獲得健康、年輕的肌膚,讓愛美的大家都能重拾自信,走出漂亮的人生! 專業醫師團隊經歷:榮總主治醫師、美容醫學專科醫師、高醫整形外科主治醫師、燒傷中心主任、養髮專科醫師、馬階紀念醫院總醫師等,以及經營團隊共同組成!采醫全省共有8間直營門市為愛美的您服務: 台北 馨麗診所 新北市三重區重新路4段2號 (02)2973-8699 台北 漾麗診所台北市林森北路556號1-2樓 (02)2585-5580 台中 馥麗診所 台中市向上路一段19號 (04)2305-9598 台中沛麗診所 台中市文心路四段880號 (04)2234-1167 台南 臻麗診所 台南市東豐路363號 (06)238-1946 台南絢麗診所 台南市永華二街200號 (06)299-1997 高雄 蔡志成整形外科 高雄市民族一路509號 (07)341-0901高雄 翎麗診所 高雄市文橫二路125號 (07)221-0618 經營理念:目前采醫旗下共有8間診所,10餘家加盟診所或沙龍。診所服務的五大項目分別為:整形手術、醫學美容、SPA、抗老化療程、減重療程、養髮療程。采醫秉持著以服務為主旨,強調「自然、信心、完美」、「經濟、快速、有效」,期望顧客能用平價的消費,享受到六星級的優質服務,讓顧客享受到平價奢華,擁有美麗不再是有錢人的專利。采醫保證,每一瓶采醫產品中所含成分都經嚴格品管,全系列產品均採用天然成分,給皮膚最無負擔的保養。Company Profile Founded: 2002 AD Operating positions: Headquarteredin Kaohsiung Domestic Retail: Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Tainan,Taichung, Taipei Medical image mining was established in 2002, agroup led by Cai Zhicheng physician professional medical team tothe natural, confident, perfect to serve the purpose, Expect somany people to get the beauty of the economy, fast, and effectivecore values. In view of the skin is the largest and importantsocial Organ, mining Medical Group is committed to let customersget healthy, younger-looking skin, so that the beauty of everyoneto regain their confidence, out of a beautiful life! Team physicianexperience: Veterans General Hospital physician, aesthetic medicinespecialist, high medical orthopedic surgeon, director of the burncenter, hair care specialist, MA, MD, of the total order MemorialHospital, as well as the composition of the management teamtogether! A total of eight doctors mining province Direct store forthe beauty of your service: No. Taipei Xin Lai Clinic reroutedTaipei triple District 4 section 2 (02) 2973-8699 1-2 F Yang LiLinsen North Road, Taipei City, Taipei Clinic No. 556 (02)2585-5580 Taichung Taichung Fu Lai clinic to hit the road for some19 (04) 2305-9598 Taichung Taichung Wen Pei Li Mind Clinic, Sec 880(04) 2234-1167 No. 363 Tainan Li Zhen Dong Feng Road, Tainan Cityclinic (06) 238-1946 Tainan City, Tainan gorgeous clinic YonghuaSecond Street (06) 299-1997 200 Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, Cai Zhichengorthopedic nation all the way 509 (07) 341-0901 Kaohsiung,Kaohsiung Wen Ling Lai clinic cross Road No. 125 (07) 221-0618Business philosophy: There's a total of eight mining medicalclinics, joining more than 10 clinics or salon. Five projects wereclinics: plastic surgery, cosmetic medicine, SPA, anti-agingtreatments, weight loss treatments, hair care treatment. Taken touphold the medical services for the subject, emphasizing the"natural, confident, perfect," "economic, fast and effective,"customers can expect affordable consumer, enjoy the six-starservice, so customers can enjoy affordable luxury, With beautifulis no longer the exclusive province. Mining medicine that eachbottle contained ingredients mining medical products are subject tostringent quality control, the full range of products using naturalingredients to the skin without the burden of most maintenance.