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8-bit Keygen Music 1.0
A full collection of keygen music you can always keep in yourpocket. This jukebox actually includes more than 4000 8-bitsongs!Listen to all your favorite keygen music from many teams inonly one media player. This soundboard allows you to add yourfavorite songs in a playlist. You don't want to use the applicationas player? You can also download each song, play it in your defaultmusic player or save and set it as ringtone.This soundboard is themost complete ever: more than 4000 music, regularly updated withnew music and features.Thanks to keygenmusic.net and keygenmusic.tkfor the music.There is no illegal content. Just music fromkeygens.Please feel free to contact us for new features and ideas.
Video Games Jukebox 1.0
Listen to all your favorite video game musicfrom many video game consoles.This soundboard is the most complete ever: more than 50 gamesoundboards are available including in total around 1000 music andsounds. The library is also often updated and new albums and musicare frequently added making this application the biggest soundboardever.Many games from many platforms are available: NES, SNES, N64,GameCube, Wii, PlayStation 1 & 2, Saturn, GameBoy, DS...Here are some examples of available video gamessoundtracks:* Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super MarioLand, Super Mario RPG…* Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Advance, Mario KartDouble Dash, Mario Kart Wii…* All the series of The Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link, Link tothe Past, Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask,Twilight Princess…* Pokémon Red and Blue, Gold and Silver, Ruby and Sapphire, Diamondand Pearl, Black and White…* And so many others: Street Fighter, Perfect Dark, 007 Goldeneye,Banjo-Kazooie…In order to organize your albums, you can sort video game albumsby console, theme, year, or just by name.Additionally, this application includes an advanced player thatallows you to set a playlist and to play all music continually orrandomly. Very useful if you want to listen to your favorite musicby walking in the street.Moreover, this application is an excellent way to get new freeringtones, notifications or alarms! You can set any sound you wantas default ringtone, notification or alarm.
Gachimuchi Soundboard 1.0
Soundboard including 170 famous quotes and sounds from Gachimuchi(ガチムチ).All casts included:- Billy Herrington, nickname 兄貴 (Aniki,or big brother)- Danny Lee, nickname 木吉 カズヤ- Duncan Mills, nickname鎌田吾作- Mark Wolff, nickname いかりや ビオランテ...Popular Mishearings:Thereare many inside jokes within the gachimuchi meme that arise from'soramimi', or mishearings. Since these videos are originally inEnglish, the NicoNico Douga community matched the actors' dialogueto similar sounding words and phrases in Japanese. An example iswould be when Gosaku says "How do you like that, huh?", whichsounds like "蟹になりたい、” in Japanese. This translates to "I want tobecome a crab", and led to many videos with jokes about him andcrabs. Many actors get there nicknames through thesemishearings.歪めねえな, Yugami nee na - Comes from Billy saying "You'vegot me mad now". It means "You're not twisted/distorted". Can beseen being used as a phrase of approval.最近だらしねぇな, Saikin darashineena - Comes from Billy saying "Like embarassing me? Huh?". It means"You're pretty sloppy these days"新日暮里, Shinnippori (New-Nippori)-Comes from Kazuya saying "Two can play it!". Regarded as theimaginary capital of the gachimuchi community, Shinnippori being analteration on a real life Japanese interchange station calledNippori (日暮里)パチュリー、ウッ!, Patchouli, Uh! - From Billy yelling"Attention!" like a drill sergeant to his recruits. NaturallyTouhou crosses over with anything.最強♂とんがりコーン, Saikyou Tongari Corn- Comes from Kazuya and Billy's exchange "So how you feel?""Incredible". Saikyou means strongest, and Tongari Corns are buglesnacks in Japan.茂美、怖いでしょう・・・ , Shigemi kowai deshou - Nick Steelesaying "She gave me quite a show". Translates to "She's (the olderplump woman Shigemi) scary isn't she?"ゲイ♂パレス , Gay palace. FromBilly saying "Ladies First". Refers to the area where the infamousBilly vs Kazuya match occurs.マルチ☆ゲイ☆パンツ , Multi gay pants - Fromthe Tortoise saying "Why don'cha get fucked".オナハウス, Ona-House,means Masturbation House, and refers specifically to a bar Billysits down at for a smoke in one of his videos. - From the bartendersaying "On the house"最近どうなん?, Saikin dounan? - Comes from Billytelling the bartender mentioned above "You can go now." A reallyfunny mishearing if you know both Japanese and English andtranslates to "How's it going?" followed by the half-nakedbartender walking away. In English, Billy is chasing away the gaybartender hitting on him, but to the Japanese audience it appearsas if the bartender ignores Billy's friendly greeting and walksaway, completely reversing the context.イケメーン?www, Ikeme-n? -NickSteele saying "You mad?" while repeatedly smacking Billy in theface. Ikemen is a commonly used informal term meaninghandsome.細いチンチンね~ - Another popular Nick Steele one, but it'sunknown what he's originally saying. Hosoi means thin, and chichinmeans penis so the sentence translates to "What a thin penis youhave."平家ボーイ (Heike Boy) -From Van Darkholme saying "Take it boy!"while torturing Duncan Mills and Eric Michaels, aka Gay Makaay.Refers to Van's unit of bondage slaves in his dungeon.
JR East Departure Melodies 1.0
Soundboard of JR East (JR東日本) Departure melodies.All the departurejingles and melodies from the JR Japan East Railway, includingTokyo area in one application.Listen to all the melodies. By doinga long press on a melody, you can save, store or share thesound.This application includes the jingles, melodies you can hearwhen travelling in Japan. These jingles are used before thedeparture of any train. Each train station might also have its ownjingle.