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Biblia Dios Habla Hoy DHH 5.5.2
Biblia Dios Habla Hoy - Biblia en Lenguaje Sencillo En estatraducción se ha buscado que el lector actual reciba efectivamenteel mensaje que querían comunicar los textos originales. Para ellose ha usado un lenguaje sencillo, que la generalidad de loslectores de Hispanoamérica pueda entender. Por eso, esta traducciónse llama «versión popular». Al revisar la traducción se haprocurado que esa finalidad se cumpla de manera aún más completa.Esta Biblia ha sido preparada por biblistas de diversas confesionescristianas y en amplia colaboración internacional, abrigando laesperanza de brindar al mayor número posible de personas una ayudaobjetiva y fácilmente asequible para comprender mejor la Palabra deDios. Bible God Speaks Today - Bible in Simple Language  Inthis translation it has been sought that the current readeractually receives the message that the original texts wanted tocommunicate. For this, a simple language has been used, which thegenerality of the readers of Spanish America can understand.Therefore, this translation is called «popular version». Inreviewing the translation, we have tried to ensure that thispurpose is fulfilled even more completely. This Bible has beenprepared by biblical scholars of various Christian denominationsand in wide international collaboration, hoping to offer as manypeople as possible an objective and easily accessible help tobetter understand the Word of God.
Ismlar Manosi 4.0.5
Ismlar Manosi. O‘zbek ismlarining ma'nosi. Jami 14 000+ ta ism!Значение имени на узбекском Ismlar Manosi. O'zbek ismlariningma'nosi. Jami 14 000+ ta ism! Meaning of the name in Uzbek
Kinyarwanda Bible (Biblia Yera) 5.6.1
Kinyarwanda Bible - Biblia Yera Kinyarwanda, also known as Rwanda(Ruanda) or Rwandan, or in Uganda as Fumbira, is the officiallanguage of Rwanda and a dialect of the Rwanda-Rundi languagespoken by people in Burundi and adjacent parts of southern Uganda.
Webster's Dictionary 4.0.5
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary More than 113 000 words and theirdefinitions! The content are from Project Gutenberg -http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/29765/pg29765.txt. You may copyit, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the ProjectGutenberg License The name Webster's Dictionary may refer to any ofthe line of dictionaries first developed by Noah Webster in theearly 19th century, and also to numerous unrelated dictionariesthat added Webster's name just to share his prestige. Thedictionary's 1913 edition of the 1900 International, renamedWebster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Significado dos Sonhos 4.0.1
Significado dos Sonhos. Mais de 2.400 interpretação de sonhosO quesignifica sonharAcredita-se que havia intérpretes de sonhos nascortes reais das primeiras civilizações. Mais tarde, o austríacoSigmund Freud e seu sucessor Carl Jung revolucionaram nossoentendimento sobre o mundo dos sonhos. Desde então, muito tem sidoestudado sobre esse campo.Freud também concluiu que durante o sonhotodos os nossos desejos frustrados, emoções, pensamentos que nãoforam liberados durante o dia são libertados por nossa menteinconsciente. Isso são os nossos sonhos segundo Freud.Já opsiquiatra suíço Carl Gustav Jung, baseado na observação dos seuspacientes e em experiências próprias, tornou mais abrangente opapel dos sonhos, que não seriam apenas reveladores de desejosocultos, mas sim, uma ferramenta da psique que busca o equilíbriopor meio da compensação. Ou seja, alguém masculinizado pode sonharcom figuras femininas que tentam demonstrar ao sonhador anecessidade de uma mudança de atitude.Ao contrário de Freud, assituações absurdas dos sonhos para Jung não seriam uma fachada, masa forma própria do inconsciente de se expressar. Para o mestresuíço, há os sonhos comuns e os arquetípicos, revestidos de grandepoder revelador para quem sonha. A interpretação de sonhos é umaferramenta crucial para a psicologia analítica, desenvolvida porJung.Meaning of Dreams. Over 2,400 dream interpretationWhat does itmean to dreamIt is believed that dreams had interpreters in theroyal courts of the first civilizations. Later, the AustrianSigmund Freud and Carl Jung his successor revolutionized ourunderstanding of the world of dreams. Since then, much has beenstudied about this field.Freud also found that during the dream allour frustrated desires, emotions, thoughts that were not releasedduring the day are released by our unconscious mind. So are ourdreams according to Freud.But the Swiss psychiatrist Carl GustavJung, based on observation of their patients and their ownexperiences, become more comprehensive the role of dreams, whichwould not only revealing of hidden desires, but rather a toolpsyche that seeks balance through compensation. That is, one candream of masculinized female figures who try to demonstrate to thedreamer the need for a change in attitude.Unlike Freud, Jung of theabsurd situations to dreams would not be a facade, but the veryunconscious way to express yourself. For the Swiss master, thereare common dreams and archetypal, coated with great powereye-opener for those who dream. Dream interpretation is a crucialtool for analytical psychology, developed by Jung.
Хадисы на Узбекском 4.10
Хадисы на Узбекском - Сахих аль БухариҲадис китоб - Ал-жомиъас-саҳиҳHadith in Uzbek - Sahih al-BukhariHadith on Uzbek - SahihAl BukhariҲadis Kitob - Al-zhomi al-saҳiҳHadith in Uzbek - Sahihal-Bukhari
Dictionnaire Français 4.0.6
Dictionnaire Français ou Dictionnaire de la langue Française. Plusde 82 000 mots et leurs définitions French Dictionary or Dictionaryof the French language. Over 82,000 words and their definitions
Hadith en Français 4.16
Hadith Sahih Muslim en Français Un hadith ou hadîth est unecommunication orale du prophète de l'islam Mahomet et par extensionun recueil qui comprend l'ensemble des traditions relatives auxactes et aux paroles de Mahomet et de ses compagnons, considéréscomme des principes de gouvernance personnelle et collective pourles musulmans, que l'on désigne généralement sous le nom de «tradition du Prophète ». Le Sahih Muslim est l'un des six plusgrands recueils de hadith de l'islam sunnite. Il est considéré dansle milieu sunnite comme la deuxième collection de hadith le plusauthentique (Sahih) après le Sahih al-Bukhari. Hadith Sahih Muslimin French A hadith or hadith is an oral Muhammad Prophet of Islamand by extension a collection which includes all of the traditionsrelating to the words and deeds of Muhammad and his companions,regarded as principles of personal and collective governanceMuslims, which is generally referred to as the "tradition of theProphet." Sahih Muslim is one of the six major hadith collectionsof Sunni Islam. It is considered in the Sunni middle as the secondmost authentic hadith collection (Sahih) after Sahih al-Bukhari.
Tafsir Coran en français 4.16
Extrait du Tafsir Coran de Ibn Kathir en francais. Tafsîr («interprétation») est le terme arabe pour désigner une exégèse duCoran. La science du tafsîr s'est révélée précieuse aux débuts del'islam, un temps où le texte sacré n'était pas encore vocalisé etpouvait prêter à ambiguïté. Tafsir Quran in French Excerpt fromTafsir Ibn Kathir Quran in French. Tafsir ("interpretation") is theArabic term for an exegesis of the Qur'an. The science of tafsirwas invaluable to the early days of Islam, a time when the sacredtext was not vocalized and could be ambiguous. Tafsir Quran inFrench
Исламский Сонник - Толкование снов по Корану 1.0.6
Исламский Сонник Ал-Бухари и Муслим приводят хадис от Абу Хурайрыпереданный от Пророка что он сказал: «Когда приблизится времяСудного дня, почти все сны мусульманина будут вещими». В Исламе современ Пророка уделялось особое внимание сну, его роли в воспитаниичеловека и избавлении от грехов. Толкование снов в этом приложенииосновано в основном на труде Имама Мухаммада Ибн Сирина. Толкованиеснов в Исламе - особая наука, каждая ситуация глубоко индивидуальнаи требует квалифицированного во всех отношениях подхода. Именноэтим и занимался Ибн Сирин The Islamic Dream InterpretationAl-Bukhari and Muslim cause hadith from Abu Hurayrah narrated fromthe Prophet that he said: "When the Day of Judgment will comenearer the time, almost all Muslim dreams are prophetic." In Islamsince the time of the Prophet paid special attention to sleep, hisrole in the education of man and deliverance from sin.Interpretation of Dreams in this application is based mainly on thework of Imam Muhammad Ibn Sirin. Interpretation of Dreams in Islam- a special science, every situation is deeply individual andrequires a skilled approach in all respects. This is what Ibn Sirinengaged
Tafsir Al-Quran 4.15
Tafsir Alquran Al-Quran al-Jalalain (Bahasa Indonesia) Tafsiral-Jalalain (bahasa Arab: تفسير الجلالين Tafsīr al-Jalālayn, artiharfiah: "tafsir dua Jalal") adalah sebuah kitab tafsir al-Qur'anterkenal, yang awalnya disusun oleh Jalaluddin al-Mahalli padatahun 1459, dan kemudian dilanjutkan oleh muridnya Jalaluddinas-Suyuthi pada tahun 1505. Kitab tafsir ini umumnya dianggapsebagai kitab tafsir klasik Sunni yang banyak dijadikan rujukan,sebab dianggap mudah dipahami dan terdiri dari hanya satu jilidsaja. Tafsir menurut bahasa adalah penjelasan atau keterangan,seperti yang bisa dipahami dari Quran S. Al-Furqan: 33. ucapan yangtelah ditafsirkan berarti ucapan yang tegas dan jelas. Menurutistilah, pengertian tafsir adalah ilmu yang mempelajari kandungankitab Allah yang diturunkan kepada nabi S.A.W, berikut penjelasanmaknanya serta hikmah-hikmahnya. Sebagian ahli tafsir mengemukakanbahwa tafsir adalah ilmu yang membahas tentang al-Quran al-Karimdari segi pengertiannya terhadap maksud Allah sesuai dengankemampuan manusia. Secara lebih sederhana, tafsir dinyatakansebagai penjelasan sesuatu yang diinginkan oleh kata. Qur'an TafsirAl-Quran al-Jalalayn (Indonesian) Tafsir al-Jalalayn (Arabic: تفسيرالجلالين Tafsir al-Jalalayn, literal meaning: "the interpretationof two Jalal") is a book of famous interpretation of the Koran,which was originally developed by Jalaluddin al-Mahalli in 1459,and then continued by his Jalaluddin as-Suyuti in 1505. Book thisinterpretation is generally regarded as a classic interpretation ofSunni books that much referenced, because it is considered easy tounderstand and consists of only one volume alone. Commentary bylanguage is an explanation or description, as can be understoodfrom the Quran S. Al-Furqan: 33 sayings that have been interpretedto mean that a firm and clear speech. According to the terms, thenotion of interpretation is the study of the content of the book ofGod which was revealed to the prophet Muhammad, the followingexplanation of its meaning and wisdom-lesson. The majority ofcommentators argued that the interpretation is the science whichdeals with al-Quran al-Karim in terms of understanding of thepurpose of God according to human capabilities. More simply, theinterpretation expressed as an explanation something desired by theword.
Мен ҳам намоз ўқийман 4.16
Мен ҳам намоз ўқийман. Книга о намазе на узбекском Men ҳam Namozovўқiyman. The book is about namaz in Uzbek
Хадисы Сахих Муслим 4.15
Сборник хадисов «Сахих» имама Муслима на русском Мухтасар «Сахих»имама Муслима является кратким изложением одного из наиболееавторитетных сводов хадисов, который заслуженно занимает в их рядувторое место после «Сахиха» имама аль-Бухари. Сборник составленимамом аль-Мунзири и включает в себя 2 202 хадиса Составитель: ИмамАбу аль-Хусейн Муслим ибн аль-Хаджжадж Перевод с арабского:Владимир (Абдулла) Михайлович Нирша Сахих Муслима - один из шестиосновных суннитских сборников хадисов (Кутуб ас-Ситта). СахихМуслима считается вторым по достоверности сборником хадисов пророкаМухаммеда после Сахиха аль-Бухари. Мусульмане-сунниты считают СахихМуслима вторым по достоверности после Сахиха аль-Бухари. Эти двасборника обычно называют «Сахихами» или «Сахихейн» («двадостоверных сборника»). Амин Ахсан Ислахи отметил некоторыеособенности Сахиха Муслима: 1. Муслим записал только такиерассказы, которые сообщили два надежных передатчика из числасахабов (сподвижников Мухаммада), который впоследствии пошли подвум независимым непрерывным цепочкам (иснадам). 2. Расположениетемы и разделы. Муслим приводит хадис, а рядом с ним, ставит всеего версии (риваят). 3. Риваяты хадисов так же как и другие хадисыприведены вместе с иснадом (цепочкой передатчиков). Collection ofHadith "Sahih" Imam Muslim in Russian Muhtasar "Sahih" Imam Muslimis a summary of one of the most authoritative ahadith collections,which deservedly occupies in their number of second place after the"Sahih" Imam al-Bukhari. The collection consists Imam al-Mundhiriand includes 2,202 hadith Compiled by Imam Abu al-Husayn Muslim ibnal-Hajjaj Translation from Arabic: Vladimir (Abdullah) M. NirshaSahih Muslim - one of the six major Sunni hadith collections (Qutubas-Sitta). Sahih Muslim is the second compilation of thereliability of hadith of the Prophet Muhammad after SahihAl-Bukhari. Sunni Muslims consider Sahih Muslim, the secondreliability after Sahih Al-Bukhari. These two collections areusually called "Sahih" or "al-Saheehayn" ("two reliablecollection"). Amin Ahsan said Islah some features of Sahih Muslim:1. Muslim recorded only those stories that are told two reliabletransmitter from the Sahabah (Companions of Muhammad), who laterwent on two independent continuous chain (isnad). 2. Location ofthemes and topics. Muslim Hadith leads, and next to it, puts allits versions (Riva). 3. Rivayaty hadith as well as other hadithsare given together with the isnad (chain of transmitters).
Tafsir Mimpi Menurut Islam 1.1.0
Tafsir Mimpi Menurut IslamTafsir Mimpi Menurut Al-Quran danAs-SunnahInterpretation of Dreams According to IslamInterpretationof Dreams According to the Quran and Sunnah
Dicionário de Português 4.0.5
Dicionário de Português - mais de 120 000 palavras e definições!Novo Dicionário da língua Portuguesa (Cândido de Figueiredo)Dicionário de Português - simples e rápido, com grande número depalavras O Novo Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa de Cândido deFigueiredo de 1913 está no Domínio Público. A sua versão transcritapor voluntários no Distributed Proofreaders com a supervisão daRita Farinha está igualmente no Domínio Público. Este documentopode ser livremente descarregado e utilizado, a partir do sítio doProjecto Gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org/. Portuguese Dictionary- over 120,000 words and definitions! New Dictionary of thePortuguese language (Cândido de Figueiredo) Portuguese Dictionary -simple and fast, with large numbers of words The New Dictionary of1913 Figueiredo de Candido Portuguese Language is in the PublicDomain. Your version transcribed by volunteers at DistributedProofreaders with the supervision of Rita Flour is also the PublicDomain. This document can be freely downloaded and used, from theProject Gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org/ site.
Намаз Кiтабы 4.10
Намаз КiтабыКнига о Намазе на КазахскомNamaz KitabyThe book isabout namaz in the Kazakh
Hadith Deutsch 1.1.0
Hadiths DeutschDeutsche (Teil-)Übersetzung von SahihBukhariÜbersetzer: Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn RassoulSahih Bukhari isteine Sammlung der Aussagen und Taten unseres lieben ProphetenMuhammad (sws), auch bekannt als seine Sunnah. Die Überlieferungendieser Sunnah nennt man Ahadith (sg. Hadith). Jede einzelneÜbersetzung dieser Sammlung wurde von ihm bis ins kleinste Detailauf Korrektheit der Überlieferer überprüft. Die Sammlung vonBukhari wird von der gesamten Ummah als die authentischste Sammlungder Überlieferungen über die Sunnah des Propheten (sws)anerkannt.Hadiths GermanGerman (partial) translation of SahihBukhariTranslators: Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn RassoulSahih Bukhari isa collection of the sayings and actions of our beloved ProphetMuhammad (pbuh), also known as his Sunnah. The traditions of theSunnah called hadiths (sg. Hadith). Each translation of thiscollection was reviewed by him to the smallest detail forcorrectness of the narrators. The collection of Bukhari isrecognized by the entire Ummah as the most authentic collection oftraditions about the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH).
40 məclis - 1000 hədis 4.10
Hedis Azerbaycanın kitab. 40 məclis - 1000 hədis (ƏhmədDehqan)İslаm mааrif vә mәdәniyyәtini yаymаq işindә tәbliğçilәrinlаzımı qәdәr sаvаdlаnmаlаrı zәruridir. Bunun dа ruhi vә mәnәvicәhәtlәri vаrdır ki, özünü islаh vә tәhzib kimi fаktоrlаrı tәlәbеdir. Burа hәmçinin, Qurаn, hәdis, fiqh vә sаir еlmlәrdәn аgаhlıqdа dахildir. Çünki tәlim-tәrbiyәdә әmәli tәbliğin vә nәfsintәzkiyәsinin rоlu mühümdür.Хадисы на АзербаджанскомHedisAzerbaycanın kitab. 40 məclis - 1000 hədis (Əhməd Dehqan)İslammaarif vә mәdәniyyәtini yaymaq işindә tәbliğçilәrin lazımı qәdәrsavadlanmaları zәruridir. Bunun da ruhi vә mәnәvi cәhәtlәri vardırki, özünü islah vә tәhzib kimi faktorları tәlәb edir. Burahәmçinin, Quran, hәdis, fiqh vә sair da elmlәrdәn agahlıq dahildir.Çünki tәlim-tәrbiyәdә әmәli tәbliğin vә nәfsin tәzkiyәsinin rolumühümdür.Hadith on Azerbadzhanskom
Teologia Perguntas e Respostas 4.10
Perguntas e respostas sobre a Bíblia Sagrada (Teologia)A Teologiabíblica estuda a Bíblia e organiza as conclusões obtidas pelaTeologia exegética (que usa técnicas como a exegese parainterpretar a Bíblia) em várias divisões e áreas de estudo, com afinalidade de estudar e conhecer a evolução ou a históriaprogressiva da Revelação de Deus à humanidade, desde da sua queda epassando pelo Antigo Testamento e Novo Testamento.A TeologiaBíblica, ao contrário da Teologia Sistemática, é indutiva, isto é,a partir da pesquisa exegética faz afirmações, ou seja, parte doespecífico para o geral. De um modo geral, a Teologia Bíblica parteda exegese de textos bíblicos como afirmação primeira, daíelaborando afirmações decorrentes.A Teologia Bíblica aindadivide-se em:Teologia Bíblica do Antigo Testamento. Nesta parte, osteólogos bíblicos dão especial ênfase às profecias e indíciosrevelados no Antigo Testamento relativos à vinda e missão de JesusCristo, o Messias;Teologia Bíblica do Novo Testamento.Não há umaTeologia Bíblica unificada, o que há são diversas teologias dastradições biblicas. Mesmo no Antigo Testamento, encontram-se asteologias dos livros históricos, e estas ainda se subdividem emoutras teologias de acordo com o método de pesquisa empregado,também encontram-se a teologia dos escritos proféticos e dosescritos sapienciais. No Novo Testamento há a teologia de Mateus,de João (Jo, 1Jo, 2Jo, 3Jo, Ap), de Paulo (Cartas Paulinas), deLucas (Lc e At). O teológo alemão Hans-Joachim Kraus aborda nolivro Die Biblische Theologie esta problemática da múltiplastradições e teologias bíblicas.Questions and answers about the HolyBible (Theology)Biblical Theology studies the Bible and organizesthe conclusions reached by the exegetical theology (usingtechniques such as exegesis to interpret the Bible) in variousdivisions and areas of study, in order to study and understand theevolution or progressive history of Revelation God to humanity,since his fall and through the Old Testament and New Testament.TheBible Theology, unlike Systematic Theology is inductive, that is,from search exegética makes assertions, that is, part of thespecific to the general. In general, the Biblical Theology of theexegesis of biblical texts as first statement, hence resultingelaborating statements.The Biblical Theology still is dividedinto:Biblical Theology of the Old Testament. In this part, biblicaltheologians give special emphasis to the revealed prophecies andsigns in the Old Testament concerning the coming and mission ofJesus Christ, the Messiah;Biblical theology of the NewTestament.There is no Biblical Theology unified, what are diversetheologies of Biblical traditions. Even in the Old Testament, arethe theology of the historical books, and they still are subdividedinto other theologies according to the research method employedalso are the theology of the prophetic writings and wisdomwritings. In the New Testament there is the theology of Matthew,John (John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Ap), Paul (Pauline Letters),Luke (Luke and Acts). The German theologian Hans-Joachim Krausdiscusses in the book Die Theologie Biblische this problem ofmultiple traditions and biblical theologies.
Kitab At-Tauhid 1.0
Kitab At-Tauhid is one of the best books on the subject of Tawheed(Tauheed, Tawhid - Monotheism) and ranks high in authenticity. Inthis book all the relevant verses of the Qur'an have been discussedreasonably, rationally, and sincerely. The essence of the Qur'anand Sunnah is placed in a very simple manner in this book.
Histoires - Les Prophètes 1.1.0
Histoires Islamiques. Les Prophètes en FrançaisStories of theProphets in French.Il n’est pas nécessaire de relater les récits detous les prophètes. Comme le dit le Coran, il en est dont nousfaisons le récit alors que d’autres ne sont pas racontés.L’essentiel est de s’en tenir aux enseignements de ces prophètesqui suffisent. Ils sont les véritables guides de l’humanité, lesautres hommes élevés par la propagande ne sont que des imposteurs.Seul Dieu connaît la véritable valeur des prophètes. Ils sont aimésde Lui et eux L’aiment aussi.Table des matières: - La créationd’Adam - Histoire de Seth - Histoire d’Edris - Histoire de Noé -Histoire de Houd - Histoire de Salih - Histoire d’Abraham -Histoire d’Esaü et de Jacob - Histoire de Joseph - Histoire de Joble patient - Histoire de Scho‘aïb - Histoire de Moïse - Histoire deJosué : Balaam fils de Béor - Histoire du prophète Ezéchiel -Histoire du prophète Elie - Histoire du prophète Elisée - Les roisdes fils d’Israël - Le prophète Samuel - Le retour de l’arche - Leroi Talout veut tuer David - Histoire du prophète David - Histoiredu prophète Salomon - Histoire de Zacharie - Le prophète Jésus : sanaissance - Histoire des gens de la caverne - Histoire du prophèteJonas, fils de Mataï - Histoire des 2 apôtres secourus par untroisième - Histoire de Samson - Histoire de Georges - Histoire dela conversion des gens de Najran au christianisme - Histoire desgens du fossé - Histoire du grand Prophète MuhammadIslamic stories.Prophets in FrenchStories of the Prophets in French.It is notnecessary to recount the stories of the prophets. As the Qur'ansays, there are some whose story we do, while others are not told.The key is to stick to the teachings of the prophets which aresufficient. They are the true leaders of humanity, the other menraised by propaganda are just impostors. Only God knows the truevalue of the prophets. They are loved by him and they also lovethe.Table of Contents: - The creation of Adam - Historyof Seth - History of Edris - Story of Noah - Historyof Hud - History of Salih - History of Abraham -History of Esau and Jacob - Story of Joseph - History ofthe patient Job - History of Scho'aïb - Story ofMoses - History of Joshua, Balaam son of Beor - Historyof the Prophet Ezekiel - History of the Prophet Elijah -History of the prophet Elisha - The kings of Israel son -The prophet Samuel - The return of the Ark - The kingwants to kill David Talout - History of the ProphetDavid - History of Prophet Solomon - History ofZechariah - The Prophet Jesus birth - History of thePeople of the cave - History of the prophet Jonah, son ofMatai - History of the Apostles 2 rescued by a third -History of Samson - History of Georges - History of theconversion of the people of Najran to Christianity - Historyof the people of the ditch - History of the Great ProphetMuhammad
Тус Жору 1.6
Тус Жору. 500+ арман. (Түс жору)Сонник на казахском.Dreams Meaningsin KazakhTus Zhora. 500+ Arman. (Tүs Zhora)Dream interpretation inKazakh.Dreams Meanings in Kazakh
Signification Prénom 4.0.2
Plus de 14 000 prénoms avec leur signification en français Danscette application, vous trouverez le mâle et la femelle prénoms etleurs significations. Aussi, vous trouverez l'origine du prénomsNames Meaning in French. More than 14,000 names with their meaningin French In this application, you will find the male and femalenames and their meanings. Also you will find the origin of surnamesNames Meaning in English.
Danske Bibel (Danish Bible) 1.0
Danske Bibel 1871 (Danish Bible)Danish Bible 1871 (English Bible)
Interpretazione dei Sogni 4.0.1
Interpretazione dei SogniLe origini dell'interpretazione dei sogniin "maniera più scientifica" risalgono al 200 d.C. dove Artemidoro,vissuto in Grecia, ha scritto cinque libri dove raccolse leinterpretazioni di tutti i sogni premonitori effettivamenteavveratisi.Egli stesso, pero, riconosceva che non tutti i sognisono profetici. Molto spesso nei sogni affiora parte del nostropassato "non digerito" o dei nostri "problemi attuali". Eimportantissimo quindi saperne distinguere l'origine (se il sogno ecausato da un rumore o da un dolore fisico non ci vuoleevidentemente rivelare nulla sul presente o sul futuro).Integrandoteorie moderne ad antiche ma provatissime interpretazioni si èottenuta una guida facile da seguire per chi voglia interpretare unsogno, qualunque esso sia, e decifrarne il messaggio.Interpretationof DreamsThe origins of dream in "more scientific" date back to 200AD where Artemidorus lived in Greece, has written five books wherehe collected the interpretations of all the premonitory dreamsactually proved true.He himself, however, recognized that not alldreams are prophetic. Very often in dreams emerges part of our past"undigested" or our "current problems". And then learn important todistinguish the source (if the dream and caused by a noise or aphysical pain does not take evidently reveal anything on thepresent or future).By integrating modern theories to ancient butprovatissime interpretations has obtained an easy to follow guidefor those who want to interpret a dream, whatever it is, anddecipher the message.
Traumdeutung 4.0.1
Traumdeutung enthält über 9800 Träume In seinem ursprünglichemSprachbegriff bedeutet Traum Trugbild. doch dies lässt sich nichtverallgemeinern. Träume sind ein seelischer Vorgang desHalbschlafs. Schon die alten Naturvölker erkannten daß Träume einenengen Bezug zu unserem Denken und Handeln haben. Bereits sehr frühentwickelte sich die Bemühung der Traumdeutung sowie die Deutungder Traumsymbole. Neben individuellen Deutungen der Völker, gibt eseine Traumssprache die generell in allen Kulturen gleich ist. DreamInterpretation contains over 9800 dreams In its original languageterm dream means mirage. but this can not be generalized. Dreamsare a mental process of semi-sleep. Even the ancient indigenouspeoples recognized that dreams have a close connection to ourthoughts and actions. Very early on, developed the effort of dreaminterpretation and the interpretation of dream symbols. In additionto individual interpretations of the people, it is a dream languagein all cultures is generally the same.
Islamic Dream Interpretation 4.0.5
3400+ Islamic Dream Interpretations by Muhammad Ibn Sirin MuhammadIbn Sirin (born in Basra) was a Muslim interpreter of dreams wholived in the 8th century According to Yehia Gouda's mostauthoritative encyclopedic reference book on Muslim oneiromancy Hewas particularly renowned for his extraordinary skill ininterpreting dreams as attested by the Arabs' greatestintellectuals, such as Al-Gaheth, Ibn Qutaybah and Ibn Khaldoun,who considered his work as crucial in this field. The most notableof the books attributed to him is Dreams and Interpretations. IbnAl-Nadim says that he was the author of Taabirul Ro'oya (WhatDreams Express), which is different from or an abridged version ofMuntakhabul Kalam Fi Tafsir El Ahlam (A Concise Guide for theInterpretation of Dreams) first printed in Bulaq, Egypt, in 1284AH, in Lucknow in AD 1874 and in Bombay in 1296 AH. Muhammad IbnSirin he was known for correctly interpreting dreams
Namensbedeutung 1.6
Bedeutung von Namen. Mehr als 5400-Namen und ihreBedeutungenMeaning of names. More than 5400 names and theirmeanings
Namaz Təlimi 1.1.0
Namaz Təlimi Azərbaycanca. Книга о Намазе на АзербайджанскомNamazTəlimi Azərbaycanca. The book is about Namaz in Azerbaijan
Sermones Cristianos 1.0
Sermones Cristianos en Español C.H. Spurgeon (Sermons in Spanish)Sedenomina sermón u homilía al género de la oratoria que consiste enun discurso de tema religioso, por lo general pronunciado duranteel culto cristiano. El sermón se pronunciaba, en la primeraliturgia cristiana, en latín, pero después, en vista de que elpueblo ya no entendía el latín culto, empezó a pronunciarse enlengua vernácula, mientras que el resto de la liturgia continuabapronunciándose en latín. Algunos autores piensan que ese fue elorigen de cierto transvase de voces, proverbios y cuentecilloscultos a la lengua vulgar, dando origen a buena parte de laliteratura folclórica.Christian Sermons in Spanish Hydropower PlantSpurgeon (Sermons in Spanish)It is called a sermon or homily thegenre of oratory in a speech consisting of religious subject,generally pronounced during Christian worship. The sermon waspronounced, in the early Christian liturgy in Latin, but thenseeing that the people no longer understood Latin cult, began torule in the vernacular, while the rest of the Latin liturgycontinued acting. Some authors think that was the origin of certaindecanting of voices, proverbs and Cuentecillos cults vernacular,giving rise to much of the folk literature.
Yuxu Yozmaları 1.6
Yuxu Yozmaları 1800-dən çox arzularını və mənalarıСонник наАзербайджанском. Более 1800 снов и их значенийYuxu Yozmaları1800-dən çox arzularını və mənalarıDream book in Azerbaijan. Morethan 1,800 dreams and their meanings
Sorularla Islamiyet 1.0
Sorularla IslamiyetQuestions on Islam
Tafsir Mimpi 1.6
Tafsir MimpiLebih dari 800 mimpi dan tafsirThe Interpretation ofDreamsMore than 800 dreams and interpretation
Adların Mənası 1.6
Adların Mənası. Kişi və Qadın Adları700-dən çox adları və onlarınmənalarıЗначение имен на Азербайджанском языкеAdların Mənası. Kişivə Qadın Adları700-dən çox adları və onların mənalarıMeaning ofnames in Azerbaijani language
Teologia Sistemática 1.1.0
A teologia sistemática, que engloba ramos como a teologiadoutrinal, a teologia dogmática e a teologia filosófica, é adisciplina da teologia cristã que formula uma descrição ordenada,racional e coerente da fé e crenças cristãs. Ela reúne asinformações extraídas da pesquisa teológica, organiza-as em áreasafins, explica as aparentes contradições e, com isso, fornece umgrande sistema explicativo (diferentemente da teologia histórica ouda teologia bíblica).A teologia sistemática está também associadapor vezes à apologética cristã, que serve para, no confrontoteológico entre diferentes religiões e heresias, defender adoutrina da confissão cristã em causa.Systematic theology, whichincludes branches as doctrinal theology, dogmatic theology andphilosophical theology is the discipline of Christian theologywhich formulates an orderly, rational and coherent description offaith and Christian beliefs. It gathers the information taken fromtheological research, organizes them in related fields, explainsthe apparent contradictions and, therefore, provides a greatexplanatory system (unlike historical theology or biblicaltheology).Systematic theology is also often linked to Christianapologetics, which serves to, in the theological confrontationbetween different religions and heresies, defend the doctrine ofChristian confession in question.
Сөздік 1.6
Түсіндірме Сөздік. Астам 35 000 сөздер мен олардыңанықтамаларыТолковый словарь на Казахском языкеKazakhDictionaryTүsіndіrme Sөzdіk. Astam 35,000 sөzder changed olardyңanyқtamalaryExplanatory Dictionary of the Kazakh languageKazakhDictionary
Teología Bíblica Sistemática 4.4
Teología Bíblica SistemáticaSystematic Biblical Theology
Biblia Tysiąclecia 4.10
Pismo Święte Starego i Nowego Testamentu, Biblia TysiącleciaTheScriptures of the Old and New Testament, NIV
Reina Valera Contemporánea - La Santa Biblia 5.5.1
La Santa Biblia, Reina Valera Contemporánea The Holy Bible, KingJames Contemporary
New Jerusalem Catholic Bible 5.6.1
Catholic Bible The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) is approved for use byRoman Catholics. The New Jerusalem Catholic Bible is an update tothe Jerusalem Bible, an English version of the French Bible deJérusalem. When the French version was updated in 1973, the changeswere used to revise the Jerusalem Bible, creating the New JerusalemBible. The revisions were substantial. The revised version is saidto be less literary but, for the most part, more literal. Theintroductions and footnotes, translated almost entirely from theFrench, have also been thoroughly revised and expanded, making itone of the most scholarly editions of the Bible.
A Buddhist Bible 1.1.0
Buddhist Holy BookBuddhist Bible has had a huge influence on thegrowth of Buddhism in the English-speaking world in the 20thcentury and beyondThe first edition, which was tightly focused onsource documents of Zen Buddhism, was self-published in Vermont byGoddard and had 316 pages. Goddard, particularly in this firstedition, took the best available translation of key documents andedited them heavily to eliminate repetitious passages andextraneous material. So this is a readers edition, not a criticaledition, of these texts. However, he did nothing to water down orsimplify the message of the sutras; quite the contrary. One canread this book repeatedly and still come back with new insights oneach reading.I hope this app help you to get more information aboutBuddha teachings. Here you will find: The Lankavatara Sutra, TheDiamond Sutra, Sutra of Transcendental Wisdom and Sutra of theSixth PatriarchThis book slipped into the public domain due to alack of timely copyright renewal.
Interpretation des Reves 4.0.5
Dictionnaire des Rêves - 3700+ interpretations des rêves Les rêvessont bien sur les nôtres, et en tant que tels, leur interprétationbénéficie d’une approche personnalisée en fonction de notrehistoire, des événements qui animent notre vie, ainsi que de nosémotions et nos traits de personnalité. Le dictionnaire des rêvesque a pour but de vous aider à interpréter la signification dessymboles oniriques que vous rencontrez. Chaque définition est uneopportunité d’approfondir votre interprétation en combinant lessignifications les plus communes avec une approche personnellegrâce à des questions et des conseils d’analyse pertinents pourchaque symbole. Dictionary of Dreams - interpretations of dreams3700+ Dreams are well on our own, and as such, their interpretationhas a personalized approach based on our history, events that driveour lives as well as our emotions and personality traits.Dictionary of Dreams that aims to help you interpret the meaning ofthe dream symbols you encounter. Each definition is an opportunityto deepen your performance by combining the most common meaningswith a personal approach through the issues and relevant analyticaladvice for each symbol.
Interpretacion de Sueños, Significado Diccionario 4.0.5
Interpretacion de Sueños. Más de 2.000 de los sueños. Lainterpretación de los sueños es el arte y la técnica de asignarsignificado a los diversos componentes, elementos e imágenes queaparecen en los sueños. Se trata de una práctica humana milenaria,de la que se conservan registros escritos de más de 3.800 años deantigüedad. Mientras el desciframiento de los símbolos sueñosbuscaba en la antigüedad revelar un mensaje divino, a comienzos delsiglo XX y a partir de los desarrollos teóricos del psicoanálisisla interpretación de los sueños se orienta a revelar contenidosinconscientes y pasa a ser una técnica clínica, utilizada hasta laépoca actual no solo por el psicoanálisis, sino por diversasvertientes de la psicología clínica. Interpretation of Dreams. Over2,000 dream. The Interpretation of Dreams is the art and techniqueof assigning meaning to the various components, elements and imagesthat appear in dreams. It is an ancient human practice, whichwritten records of more than 3,800 years old are preserved. Whiledeciphering dreams symbols sought in antiquity reveal a divinemessage, in the early twentieth century and from theoreticaldevelopments psychoanalytic interpretation of dreams is aimed toreveal unconscious contents and becomes a clinical technique, usedto the present time not only by psychoanalysis, but for variousaspects of clinical psychology.
Women in Islam 1.1.0
This book deals with the following questions and issues:· The stateof women through the ages: women in the pre-Islamic Arab society;Indian society; Chinese society; Greek society; Roman society;traditional Jewish society; traditional Christian society; andmodern secular society.· Matters in which Men and Women are equalin Islam: in basic humanity; in application of obligations; inrewards and punishments in this worldly life and the hereafter; inownership and the freedom of financial transaction; in preservingthe honor and nobility; in mandatory education; and in bearingresponsibility towards reforming the society.· Women’s status andrights in various stages of life in the Muslim society: as a baby,child and young girl; as a sister; as a wife; as a mother; askinsfolk and neighbor, and as a woman in general.· Misconceptionsabout women’s rights and obligations in Islam and their refutation:on polygyny; on leadership and responsibility; on the marriageContract and guardianship; on wife discipline; on honor killing; ondivorce; on testimony; on inheritance; on blood money; onemployment; and on Hijab (covering head and face).
Երազահան 4.0.5
Երազահան. Сонник на Армянском. Dreams meanings in ArmenianԵրազահան. Dream book in Armenian. Dreams meanings in Armenian
Stories of the Quran 1.0
Stories of the Quran. Islamic stories of the Holy Quran based onthe work by Ibn KathirTranslated by Ali As-Sayed Al- Halawani
Droomwoordenboek 1.6
DroomwoordenboekMeer dan 1.300 van dromen en huninterpretatiesDream DictionaryMore than 1,300 of dreams and theirinterpretations
Ý Nghĩa Những Giấc Mơ 1.6
Ý Nghĩa Những Giấc MơInterpretation of Dreams in VietnameseMeaningof DreamsInterpretation of Dreams in English