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SmartFit: Adaptive Gym Workout Routines
SmartFit creates adaptive weight training gym workout routinesbased on principles used in powerlifting and weight lifting and itis more complicated than methods 5x5, Madcow, Smolov programs areusing. We’ve tried to make very simple interface, so just set yourtraining goal and experience in the gym, enter working weights(ordetermine it in the training process) and get really-working gymworkout routines. It is not a fitness log or a fitness tracker, soyou don’t need to enter a lot of data during the training workout,just point out the level of difficulty - you can even do it afterthe training! All parameters you must enter in other apps – set,reps, weights – it will have already determined by personal trainerSmartFit for your maximum progress! You only need to do specifiedgym workout plan and see your progress in the mirror or if yourgoal is strength training – just track your power increasing inpowerlifting exercises: bench press, deadlift and squat. Ourpersonal trainer app makes well-balanced weight training programsare including all muscle groups with no ineffective splits so thatyou will do chest, legs workout or shoulders, back workout in onetraining. Biceps, triceps workout, for example, in muscle buildingprogram for male is on separate day. In every training day we havespecified special section for hitch where you can find abs workoutfor all users and wrist, calf and shrugs workout for male. Formaximum progress in your weight training goals you should keep tothe appropriate diet plan. SmartFit is a fully qualified fitnesstrainer for men and women in the following directions: - Fitness -Bodybuilding - Powerlifting- Weightlifting - Stretching - Glutetrainings for women Next programs are available for the users: -Muscle building program - Weightloss program - Strength trainingprogramThe app will help girls to reach the goals as: pump up thebutt, abs, lose weight, etc. Taking into account individualcharacteristics, the fitness gym workouts will be with theworkload, which will effectively help to reach the result. At theend of an each workout, you will be offered the stretchingexercises and abs workout. The training programs for men containthe workload level, which allows effectively pump up the biceps,chest, etc. and lose weight or gain muscles. Strength trainingworkouts are not limited to the 5x5, Smolov or Madcow programs.Bench press, deadlift and barbell squats are trained in the mode,which will contribute the successful performance at thepowerlifting competition. Right decision for those, who want tolose weight, gain muscle or increase the strength!Personal trainerSmartFit will save your money on a personal trainer.