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Beat Shooter wars 1.3
Beat Shooter is a vertical scrolling oldschool bullet hell shooter (shmup or STG) driven by your own music.Pilot your starcraft over 64 levels with procedural generatedenemies so every mission is a unique challenge.Collect the green credits that the space invaders drop toupgrade your starfighter.The background visuals pulsate to your own music to createexciting battle fields that are always different.Compete with your friends and the world with a swarm leaderboardof highscores.The fun retro shooter challenge that is Beat Shooter is free toplay with minimal ads.For fans of old school shoot em ups such as galaga, spaceinvaders, r type, gold runner, space invaders infinity, xenon
Swimmy Swim 1.3
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Watch out for deadly obstacles as you swim through a dangerousriver collecting the coins. Compete with your friends for thehighest score. How many coins can you collect? Features: - FastAction One Touch Game play. - Challenge your friends for the highscore - Fun and Addicting! - Unlock fun characters How to play: 1.Tap and hold to dive under water. 2. Release to jump 3. Tap when inthe air to Double Jump.
Dont Get Bit By Suarez 1.1
Luis Suarez is at it again at the brazilworldcup 2014! Biting opposition to prevent them from scoring. In"Don'tGet Bit By Suarez" you play a footballer that must avoidLuis'deadly chompers. Don't be like Italian Giorgio Chiellini andgetcaught out by Suarez's hunger for football players (soccerplayers)Using the same addictive game play as "Don't step on thewhitetile" and "Piano Tiles". Don't get bit by Suarez is a worldcupfootball game that will entertain the whole family whethertheyenjoy football (soccer) or not.
SpellCaster 1.10
Destroy the orbs by using 'swipe' actionstocast magic spells.Tip: move your finger over the empty stars to color themyellow.Then 'swipe' in any direction to fire the spell towardstheorbs.
Dark Path (memory maze) 1.2
Dark Path is memory maze game where you must find the exit in acertain amount of time. However, only one room of the maze is shownat anyone time. A map of the maze is shown. Memorise it. Reach theexit before the time runs out. Use 'Fling' gesture in any directionto move. (Fling is a swiping action but you remove your finger offthe screen once the swipe movement is complete.)
Super Cube Destroyer 1.1
Shoot and bounce your way through the evil blocks endless colorfulworld. Can you reach the top while destroying the blocks? All cubesmust be Destroyed in Super block Destroyer! Features - Each levelis procedurally generated so is a different colorful challengeevery time - Compete against your friends and the world with googleplay Leader boards - Brag to your friends how awesome you are bysharing your best scores - google play Achievements
Super Goalie Defense 1.5
Super Goalie Defense Defend your goal. Save as many shots as youcan in this free euro 2016 football tiny goalie game. features -global leader boards - appearances by famous soccer stars:TinyNeymar, TinyMessi, TinyRobben and TinyOzil - in game soundtrackcreated by your music
Chaser X 1.1
Chaser X is an addicting game of speed and accuracy. Simply tap thecolored tiles to see how far you can get. Features Swarm leaderboards for global high score comparison. Brought to you by thedeveloper of hexel, spellcaster, flying banana monkey, santassleigh ride and 7 numbers - the countdown numbers game. Warning -can cause rsi and mild addiction
Tapology 1.11
Tapology is a minamalist tapping game where you must tap to survivethe distance. Tapology is a simple game of speed and accuracy thatis fun and frustrating at the same time. "Funstration!" - FeaturesSWARM Global Leaderboards
Happy Memories 1.2
Train your brain using this simple memorization game. Simply Studythe moving smileys and when they stop try to remember which colorthe highlighted one was. Studies show that people that play videogames will have a higher ability to do this. Which level can youget to? Use daily for best results. Features - Swarm global leaderboards. How good is your memory compared to the world? - Simplegame play that anyone of any age can play. Try to compete with yourparents and grandparents. Are you better than they are?
Aero Rush (No Ads) 1.1
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Aero Rush is a fast paced infinite runner game where you control anairplane through colorful trenches. Activate the Boost forexhilarating speed and an exciting challenge. Features - Googleplay leader boards - Achievements - Addictive "one more try" gameplay - Procedural generated tunnels for varied game play - MadColorful levels How to Play - Touch on left side of the screen tosteer left - Touch on right side of the screen to steer right -Hold Left and Right side of the screen together to activate boost.- Release Land and Right to slow down
Ultra (music shooter) 1.1
Pilot the icarus one star destroyer and destroy waves ofprocedurally generated attacking space invaders. Every level isdifferent every time you play. Intense bullet hell shooter whereyour music controls insane visual effects. Shoot aliens, collecttheir souls, power up your ultra. Features: ● A retro verticalscrolling shooter ● Weave through endless waves of enemies. ●Viuals pulsate to your own music ● Play as an ultra starshipfighter ● Power up your fire power by collecting orbs drops fromdestroyed alien fighters. ● Enhance your space crafts abilities byupgrading and levelling up your craft.
Aliens VR FPS Demo 1.1
This is a one level VR demo of the paid app Killer Abducted VR.Full Paid Game available on the play store: Killer Abducted A brandnew sci-fi FPS franchise exclusively for Android! You are a JackDanger, a contract killer that has been abducted by aliens. Toescape the aliens clutches and impending doom you must retrieve thelost skulls and destroy all aliens on their spaceships and homeplanets in this action VR FPS game. - Travel across 8* amazinglevels, from inside spaceships, lost hallways and distant planets.- Multiple Weapons and hidden rooms - 3 difficulty levels - Bloodsoaked deaths and Rag Doll physics result in exciting action. -mouth watering particle and lighten effects Requires a VR headsetsuch as Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, Gear VR, Stooksy, androidvrand a blue tooth controller. Note that a blue tooth controller isrequired to move and shoot in VR mode. To test whether yourcontroller will work download the free VR game "zombie alien hunterVR".
Santa's Sleigh Ride 1.10
Santa's sleigh ride is a Christmas themed platform game where theplayer takes the role of Santa. Santa must avoid the variousChristmas obstacles to complete each level and deliver the gifts tothe children of the world. Control Santa down the floors on eachlevel using old school daredevil dennis game play mechnics
Ghost 1.1
The objective of the game is to find the "Ghost". Each playerisgiven a word by clicking "Reveal word" and then passing thephoneon to the next player until all players have seen a word..Allwords are the same, except one. One word will always be"Ghost".The player that sees this word is the "Ghost". No-one knowsanyoneelse's word, so no-one (except the ghost) knows who the ghostis.Each player in turn says a word associated with the word theysaw.Except the ghost, they must try to not get caught so will sayaword associated to any previous word they heard. Once allplayershave said a word, each player must then say who they thinktheghost is. Once the ghost is identified the game is over and anewround can start. If a ghost isn't identified each player mustsayanother word and the round goes on. This game is also calledCatchthe chameleon
Killer Abducted VR 1.4
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A brand new sci-fi FPS franchise exclusively for Android! You areaJack Danger, a contract killer that has been abducted by aliens.Toescape the aliens clutches and impending doom you must retrievethelost skulls and destroy all aliens on their spaceships andhomeplanets in this action FPS VR game. - Travel across 8*amazinglevels, from inside spaceships, lost hallways and distantplanets.- Multiple Weapons and hidden rooms - 3 difficulty levels -Bloodsoaked deaths and Rag Doll physics result in exciting action.-mouth watering particle and lighten effects Requires a VRheadsetsuch as Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, Gear VR, Stooksy.and ablue tooth controller. Note that a blue tooth controllerisrequired to move and shoot in VR mode. To test whetheryourcontroller will work download the free VR game "zombie alienhunterVR". Killer abducted - best Alien FPS VR game. Play withacontroller and vr headset * more levels are coming soon.
Hexel 1.18
Hexel is a colourful fast reaction twitch tunnel game. Avoidthebarriers as they progressively get faster and faster. Yourotatethe maze. Compete with the world using global leader boards!freeto play, minimal ads, inspired by classic falldown andsuperhexagon.
Zombie Alien Hunter VR 1.1
Zombie Alien Hunter VR is a virtual reality zombie shooter.Requiresa VR headset such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear,Durovis Diveand a GamePad to control movement and shooting.
Seven! 1.10
7 numbers is a minimalist maths game where the goal is tocombinenumbers to reach the target. 7 numbers is an addictiveMathspuzzler that will give you a real maths workout. Drag numbersontoothers to create the total sum. Use the mathematical operators+,-, * and / to create the total sum. A maths game likecountdownsnumber game. If you like other number game you will enjoythis.Brought to you by the developer of hexel, spellcaster,flyingbanana monkey, chaser x and santas sleigh ride.
Flying Banana Monkey 1.12
Evil Dr.Palubol has sent his deadly robots to earth to steal allthebananas. Only monkey can retrieve the bananas to bring peaceandstability to the world. Help monkey travel the globe in thisfunplatform adventure to find all the bananas. Collect them intheircorrect order to obtain the highest score possible and toactivatethe special bonus. For fans of retro arcade games likemighty bombjack.
Killer Abducted FPS 1.4
A brand new sci-fi FPS franchise exclusively for Android! You areaJack Danger, a contract killer that has been abducted by aliens.Toescape the aliens clutches and impending doom you must retrievethelost skulls and destroy all aliens on their spaceships andhomeplanets in this action FPS game. - Travel across 4 amazinglevelsin this free version, from inside spaceships, lost hallwaysanddistant planets. - Multiple Weapons and hidden rooms - 3difficultylevels - Blood soaked deaths and Rag Doll physics resultinexciting action. - mouth watering particle and lighteneffectsDownload Killer Abducted FPS for Free and enter this creepysci-fiworld. For the exciting VR mode download the full paidversionwhich features more levels and the future of gaming,VirtualReality!
Taxi Taxi Driving 1.1
Control a runaway nuclear taxi while picking up and droppingoffcustomers in this twitch reaction action game. Drive andCollectthe customers. You have no brakes! Just Go and Steer! Don'thitanything because the bomb will detonate! How many customers canyoudrop off in a top down driving / runner crossover game?
UFO Defense! 1.1
Shoot the UFOs to defend Earth! Don't Miss or Earth willbedestroyed! How long can you protect the planet for fromtheMartian's! Simply tap the screen to shoot at the attackingflyingsaucers. Easy to play, hard to master the UFO shooting!Willincrease your reaction time and alien brain skills! Simplysoaddicting you won't want to stop shooting the invaders! HowmanyUFOs can you destroy? How far can you go? You won't want tostop?Download now for free. - Features Global Leader Boards so youcancompete against the world. - Simple one tap game play
The Rabbit Hole 1.0
Navigate hop the rabbit towards the goal while eating carrotsinthis fast twitch reaction tunnel game. Collect carrotswhileavoiding obstacles as they progressively get faster andfaster.Pickup power ups as you dash through the twisting tunnelsavoidingenemies. Avoid foxes, crabs and other creatures as youprogressthrough the beautiful environments. Key features -Lightening fasttwisting tunnel running game - multiple environmentsunlocked bycollecting carrots - power ups to help you reach thegoal. - 3difficulties for each level with a bonus if you reach thegoal -free game with minimal ads