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Make My Dodge (Game Maker) 1.10
10Ton Games
If you can dodge a wrench, you can make your own game. Make yourown dodge game complete within your own phone (or tablet). No needfor outside tools, everything you need is contained within. It'ssimple, easy and fast!
Make My Shooter (Game Maker) 1.151
10Ton Games
Want to make your own shooter? Draw your owngraphics, choose your own enemies. Make my shooter!*Sorry it has been so long since I updated. (New job and baby!)I had the Facebook integration done a long time ago, but did notpush it out due to the fact that it was buggy (still is) and I haveto pay for the bandwidth. With optimizations done, hopefully itwon't be too bad. Such an important feature that I felt bad forholding it back so long. I hope you like it!*Note about lost save data. Before I was trying to save everytime you exit the app, but I think what was happening was the appshut down before the save could complete, leaving it in a corrupt.Now I am saving every time you go to the main menu (the one has thebutton to play your game) Hopefully that fixes the issue. Now youcan also upload your game if you log in with Facebook to back itup. Sorry for all your lost work.
Ski Ski Ski 1.50
10Ton Games
Ski down the slopes, but watch out for trees!and deers! and ice! and other skiers! Tilt you phone to controlyour skier, touch it to speed up.