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Tamago Craft 1.24
Tamago Craft Tap TapTap touch simple tamago egg free gameYou must knock on the tamago characterLet’s together please collect tamago strange object!3 Type Tamago Mode : Digging ore , Shovel & Dig ,Pullslegendary swordStupid silly but cute doodle teddy bear tamago characterSimply tap touch game easy simple Free games for tamago nerd,tamagomaniaWhy do i have to do this?! nerd weirdo aimless best games!Tamago is a pink teddy bear continue hard working laborWalking around town or around the dungeon without having ,Simplytap touch and hold in one placeHow to Play Tamago Tap Tap :DTamago Tap = Touch Point -1Chicken Meat = Tamago stamina fullBomb = Random DamageYellow Box = Coins GetGreen Box = Transformed into the very fast hulkChicken Meat & Bomb items sometimes carried a sense, Showyoueating real quickTamago Tap Tap Stage Tutorial :DDigging Ore : Tap to insanely dig metal mineral stone oreShovel & Dig : Tap to insanely dig Various ItemsPulls Legendary Sward : Tap to insanely dig sword tool weaponAbout 10bird Games :DTap and Slice or Joystick using an Simple easy game. Bizarrehorrorzombie did not use, bright illustration cute doodlecharacterdesign for young boy girl and kids children. This game isso retrothat you can enjoy it all by yourself, or with friends nextto you.Don't you miss games from 90's? Because there are nosocialfeatures WiFi Internet when outside the fire go out even ifthebattery is charged cell phone you can play anytime,anywhere!-----Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/10birdGames