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Asteroids 3D 1.4.1
115 Room
Are you tired of simple Space shooters? Then you came to the rightplace.In this game there are different levels with differentasteroids and comets.Each level has a unique behavior. Crashing allaround and collect crystals to pump their weapons!And remember, Youhave a cool spaceship but it is not immortal and it may will break!So collect red crystals for healing and avoid collisions!Good luck,friend!
Tetro Virus 1.1.3
115 Room
Tetro Virus is an interesting puzzle game for all ages.The mainobjective:Kill all the viruses in the bank and cure theinfection.Rules:The player manipulates each capsule when it falls,moving it to the left or to the right and turning it so that it islocated next to the viruses and any existing capsules. When four ormore half capsules or viruses of coinciding color are aligned invertical or horizontal configurations, they are removed from thegame.The game ends if the capsules fill the playing field in such away as to prevent the narrow neck of the bottle.The level ofcomplexity in the game depends on the level at which the playerplays. Each next level will be more difficult with a lot ofviruses.Bonuses:Additional points the player receives whilesimultaneously removing several horizontal or vertical chains ofviruses and tablets. And also if the player managed to launch achain reaction, in which the removal of one combination causes theremoval of another combination.Control:The game has four buttons tomove left, right and down, as well as to turn the pill.The game iscompletely free!Play and have fun!