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12min - Books and Audiobooks 1.9.7
At 12', we extract the greatest ideas from bestselling nonfictionbooks to create an unique microbook that can be consumed in audioand text in just 12 minutes. Increase your knowledge and yourlearning capability, to improve yourself and become a betterprofessional! More than 50k people are already addicted to ourmicrobooks. You probably have a book sitting on your bookshelf fora long time, right? READ OR LISTEN TO IT IN 12 MINUTES! But, how dowe create microbooks? - We read the original book several times,highlighting the best ideas and insights. - We gather up to discussand summarize the main ideas from the book. - WE CREATE THEMICROBOOK! A summary that is small in size, but full of amazingideas and insights found in the original book. But, what is theadvantage of learning through microbooks? - Capture the best ideasfrom nonfiction books - Develop new skills for your personal orprofessional life - Discover new patterns and tendencies, with thebest authors - Become a coolhunter! Discover what's up with yourprofessional area, what's trending and what you need to learn tokeep up your skills - Listen everywhere! Subway, car or even duringyour morning run. Use this spare time to learn! HOW DOES IT WORK?Sign up for 3 free days of unlimited access. We'll find the bestmicrobooks according to your interests and you can start learninginstantaneously! After that, you can enroll on an annualsubscription to keep your unlimited access or keep using our freemicrobooks!