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com.generamobile.soccerheroes 2.2
Welcome to the best RPG fantasy soccer cards game! Become one ofthe greatest football heroes playing with your dreamteam over theworld! Play as a soccer captain and manage your players to winevery match! Soccer Heroes is the best fantasy soccer game ever!Pass, dribble, shoot and goal! Experience real soccer as you createyour own football dreamteam signing new players as a captain.Choose your soccer cards, level up and evolve your soccer heroesand score amazing goals in this manga soccer game! Download SoccerHeroes, the ultimate football manager, and start scoring goals andmanaging your dreamteam to victory! Soccer Heroes emulates theclassic soccer spirits in a new and original way. It’s based on cutscenes in which you see the player crossing the field, and youdecide if you want to pass, dribble, or take a shot on goal. Yourmoves impact the results of the match on the field and the numberof goals you score. Play as a striker, captain, midfielder, ordefender in the most complete RPG soccer game ever! Train hard toimprove your skills and abilities! Recruit new football heroes anduse your dreamteam special powers to score. Evolve & improveskills to win and reach the top of the international soccer scene!Who will be the best defender, striker, or goal scorer? Become thegreatest captain in this anime soccer game! Launch yourprofessional soccer career and become a star with the best footballgame ever! Manga & anime style fantasy soccer - Amazing cartoongraphics for manga and anime fans! - Special powers from yourfavorite anime series! Train & improve your skills - Train andevolve your dreamteam throughout the game to be the best squadever! - Unlock unique powers, skills, and abilities for footballheroes! - Gain experience to level up your players and improvetheir magic skills. Soccer manager with soccer cards - Form yourstarting lineup with charismatic characters, each with specialabilities and skills. - Goalies, defenders, midfielders andstrikers… All they need is a great team leader to become scoreheroes! Offline & online - Play soccer offline in the StoryMode: from humble beginnings to a world soccer star! - Challengeplayers from around the world in the Online Mode. - Specialtournaments, championships, and cups with awesome rewards! Mix ofanime, strategy & fantasy soccer - Choose wisely your nextmoves: Pass, dribble, shoot, score goals, hold your position,tackle and block or trap shots on goal! - Defend, steal the ball,dribble the opponent, pass to a mate and score fantasy goals! - Anever before seen combo of anime, strategy and soccer cards!Download now & start playing this awesome RPG soccer game!
DOT - Space Hero 1.0
In a far away galaxy lives DOT, a space traveller whom loves toplayvideogames and eat super delicious stardust. But one day,while heis asleep, somebody steals his beloved and shiny delight.When Dotrealizes that he was robbed, he decides to go out and findthethief! Join DOT in this exciting adventure across the galaxyanddiscover beautiful and amazing worlds where you willencounterterrible enemies and challenges. You will be able to fightthem allwith your jetpack and special weapons. Challenge yourreflexes andskills to face and defeat a bunch of aliens,sandstorms, livingplants, deadly insects, guardian robots and giantenemies! Travelin the spaceship and dare discover this and more inDOT Space Hero!FEATURES: - Gameplay inspired by arcade classics. -A whole galaxyto explore. - Variety of enemies and obstacles. -Giant bosses. -Unlockable content. - Game Center integration.