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Garden Craze - Fruit Legend Match 3 Game 1.9.1
Garden Craze - Fruit Legend Match 3 Game: Welcome to the world ofdelicious fruits world and vegetables. For the lovers of new 2017match 3 games, 1gamez comes with fun-filled unmatched match 3puzzles. Be a superhero in garden farming and collect fruits gardenmania and vegetables by match 3,4 or match 5 of the sameproperties. Splash and plunge the carrots, tomatoes, beetroots, andmore. Plant and harvest carrots, vegetables like a mast and standup among the super fruit heroes in this paradise. In this gardenmania, harvest in your own way and challenge other fruit heroes tocompete in the farming by completing the levels very quickly.Download now, to experience the fantastic harvest journey in thelarge acres mania of garden paradise and be one of the hero farms.GAME FEATURES: ✔ FREE TO PLAY ✔ 500+ sophisticated strategic levelswith a unique concept to challenge you. ✔ In-app purchases toacquire extra moves and lives to complete the difficult levels ✔Connects as many as carrots, veggies in a single touch and getpower boosters and power-ups. ✔ Connect with Facebook to share youradventurous garden harvesting journey with your friends andSuperheroes farm. ✔ Eye-catching farm graphics and simulations thatinspire your fruit journey. ✔ High-quality graphics and sounddesign 💁 Need some help? Contact our support team :support@1gamez.com ❤ Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/GardenCraze
Witchdom - Candy Witch Match 3 Puzzle 2019 1.8.5
🎃 Halloween Games 2019 🎃 Witchdom – Candy Witch Match 3 PuzzleGame, 1Gamez comes with another enticing Halloween puzzle gameWitchdom. Join and Play this fun-filled witch games and experiencethe magical candy world. Explore all the fun candy levels and runthrough your adventurous journey by completing witch puzzles withyour strategic moves. Match 3, 4 or more similar properties andcomplete the levels in this mysterious world. Create specialproperties by making combinations of more than 3. These specialitems help you to finish the candy witch puzzles very quickly.Match and play with unique properties like pumpkins, hats,half-moons, pots, wizard candies and more. Collect various magicalpowers like the magic skull, power broom, monster hand, and gaspots by playing strategically for combining more than threeproperties at the same time. Wheel spinning helps you get luckypower-ups to use in the gameplay and complete the challenginglevels. Play like a wizard and stand-up among the fun Halloweenwitch games match 3 lovers. GAME FEATURES : ★ Completely FREE TOPLAY and in-app purchases to get extra powers and moves. ★ 1500+spectacular unique levels – with and full of fun and amazing tasks.★ Fantastic unmatched graphics that you have unique Halloween match3 puzzle game experience. ★ Attention-grabbing simulations whichwill bring you into the mysterious magical witchdom world. ★Amazing magical boosters, well-designed power-ups help with thechallenging strategic levels. ★ Move and burst as many as matchingitems to drive to the next level. ★ Connect with your Facebookaccount to challenge the adventure journey with your friends. ★Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master: all withstrategic matching and connecting! No more waiting! – 🎃 Install nowand experience Halloween games for girls & candy games likematching 3, 4, 5 games. 🎃
Jelly Beast Blast 1.9.4
Play with colorful beasts in a match 3 game and take part in thebest connecting puzzle game now. A free online puzzle game, itpromises to take you to an exciting world. It is a new connectingjelly mania puzzle line match 3 game. Start your colorful candybeast journey in this jelly mania kingdom and relax with thefun-filled entertainment. With sweet surprises at each level, a newmystery unveils in every territory of the Jellicious world. Splashand blast the jellies by connecting three or more matching items.Connect as many similar props as you can in a single touch and makethe longest line to unfold sweet surprises. This will help youfinish the game levels quickly and earn more Candy stars. The morejellies you blast in a single line, the more you enjoy!!! Spin thecandy magic wheel and get a chance to collect various power bombs,extra moves, boosters and power candies. These power boosterssupport you in the gameplay to complete the challenging levels.Earn three stars at every level of Match 3 puzzles and be a king inthis monster jam world. These addictive puzzle games are full ofadventures. If you are looking for a free online puzzle game withcute colors, Jelly Beast Blast is here! Download now and playrelaxing games for fun. You will love the match 3 games. Tips toovercome the game obstacles in Jelly Blast: Chain blocks: Breakstrategically and move to the next levels. Wooden Blocks:Tactically remove them when they come in your gameplay and earn thehigh score. Water Jellies: Crush and pop them with your magicalconnecting skills. Black Jellies: Destroy them quickly, before theygenerate more. GAME FEATURES: * FREE TO PLAY * 500+ strategicallyplanned levels of exciting Jelly Blast Mania World. * Splendideye-catching graphics. * FREE to play and in-app purchases to getextra power-ups. * Facebook connectivity to share and challengeyour journey with friends. * Integrated with Google PlayAchievements and Leaderboards. * Compatible with most smartphonesand tablets. * Power-ups and magical booster to help you finish thechallenging levels. * Enjoy playing relaxing games offline. You cannow enjoy Jelly Beast Blast without Wi-Fi/internet. Enjoy offlineconnecting games anytime and anywhere. Need some help? Contact oursupport team: support@1gamez.com
Witchdom 2 - Halloween Games & Witch Games 1.1.7
Witchdom 2 is a super addictive wizard of magic witch match 3gamesthat were made especially for the All Hallows’ Eve. Thiswizardgame is just perfect for witch puzzle lovers to let them makesomeamazing candy blasts and serve their customers without mistakestocomplete each level and go to the following one. ThisAllhallowe’enpuzzle game offers tons of missions. Each level has adifferentmission to complete and the difficulty will increase ateach level.The main mission here is match 3 candies of the sametaste anddeliver them to your customers. Your customers aredifferent andthey will be wearing some amazing Halloween Costumes.Say happyHalloween to them and deliver their order without mistakesto wineach level and go forward in this addictive Halloween witchgames.Keep in mind that the gameplay will start out simple, butthingswill get more and more complicated and challenging. Why willyouhave to download and install Witchdom 2 on your Androidsmartphoneor tablet instead of other magic Match 3 games? ✔FantasticAllhallowe’en graphics and theme. ✔ Over 500 ofwell-designed freelevels! ✔ 100% Free! No need to spend much moneyto enjoy the bestWitch games ever! ✔ Many different power-ups tohelp you in yourmission. Don’t forget to use them at the righttime. ✔ Witchdom 2is compatible with all Android devices and youcan run it on yourAndroid smartphone or even tablet. ✔ HappyHalloween games andenjoy playing our game even if you don’t have aWi-Fi, 3G or 4Ginternet connection. What are you waiting for?Download Witchdom 2– Halloween Games and enjoy playing the mostaddictive All Hallows’Eve and magic witch match 3 games ever! Youwill love it.
Ultra Fidget Spinner 1.4.6
A Fidget Spinner is a type of stress relieving toy game.Try to earna high score in this crazy addictive fidget spinner games! Spin thetoy as many times as you can, earn coins and buy upgrades! Use yourfinger to play with this ultra Fidget Spinner App Simulator andspin as much as you want in Fidget Spinner games! Don’t miss thebest interesting Fidget Spinner game APP! DOWNLOAD NOW !
Word Champion - Word Games & Puzzles 1.3.4
Word Champion - Free Word Games & Puzzles, from the makers ofCookie Burst & Witchdom! If you are looking for one of the bestrelax and refresh connect word games that test your spelling brain,download Words Champion now. It is a spelling puzzle that will makeyou an expert in crossy Word Scramble Games. Become a master of theWord search in this crossword searches letter game and challengeyour friends with high scores. To excel in this scrambled wordshunter, all you have to do is to identify the words that are hiddenand learn new ones as you go. People of all ages can enjoyconnecting letters in this wordpuzzle game. With hundreds of levelsin this puzzle wordgame, you will not be able to put your devicedown for a long time to come. Scrambled words Game that offers youa chance to enjoy while you learn can be very interesting. This isa hidden word search that appeals to people of all ages. Everyonewho loves crossy word search game will find this crossword puzzleenticing. Connecting words to test your spelling skills is anexciting activity. Are you ready for a free connect wordpuzzle gamethat tests your ability? Download this crossy Word Puzzle Game nowand tease your brain! Features: ★ One of a kind wordgames search. ★Learn how to spell and find as many words as possible. ★ Connectletters to create a game. ★ Get the highest score to win. ★ Dailychallenge offers an extra bonus and more fun. ★ A powerful brainteaser for all ages. Install this mind-boggling game and become aWord Games Champ! DOWNLOAD NOW the latest word Champion puzzle gamefor FREE!
Balloon Burst Paradise: Free Match 3 Games 1.5.2
Balloon Burst Paradise: Free March 3 game, from the makers ofWitchdom, Ultra Fidget Spinner & Jelly Beast Blast! You andyour sister love collecting balloons. One day, you sit and wonderhow many balloons it would take to make you fly. How many do youthink! Join in the fun and find out! In Balloon Burst Paradise, theaim is to collect as many balloons as possible by popping 3 or moreof the same color. Each level has its own special requirements,adding strategy and technique to the game. For example, you mayneed to collect 20 yellow balloons or 5 special balloons. For theBalloon Popping pros, you can match even more than 3 balloons ofthe same color to create incredible special balloons. Theseballoons hold even more power and will help you reach those hugescores and top the leaderboard. BALLOON BURST PARADISE – HIGHLIGHTS* Colorful gameplay and high-quality graphics suitable for all ages* A classic match 3 puzzles with a balloon Paradise party twist! *Over 500 levels with unique challenging objectives * Free dailyrewards for playing each day * Spin the wheel of fortune for freeboosters and power-ups * Match 3 or more balloons to create specialballoons with cool effects * Match 2 special balloons for theultimate Balloon Burster! DISCOVER SPECIAL BALLOONS! * FireworkBalloons – Destroy all the balloons on the same row * ExplosiveBalloons – Burst the balloons around the bomb * X Balloons – Popall balloons in an X shape around the X balloons * Party Balloons –Burst all the balloons of one color Wait, there are even morespecial balloons! For the most experienced Balloon Burst players,you can match two special balloons to create the ultimate scorecrushing combo. We’ll let you discover them for yourself. When doyou, you’ll be amazed! If you’re tired of the classic match 3puzzle games and need something with a little more color andexcitement, Balloon Burst Paradise is the game for you. Withhigh-quality graphics and animations, lots of challenging levelsand a whole host of secrets to discover, you’ll have hours of funplaying this crazy fun match 3 puzzle game.
Bubble Shooter - Pooch Pop 1.2.9
Our Bubble Shooter game Pooch Pop is the most vibrant addictivegameever! This game will let you think ahead before you launchanybubble to any side while you are playing in this freebubbleshooting game. This bubble game is similar to many Bubbleshootinggames, but this one comes with a new awesome environmentthat wasdesigned especially for this pop shooter game. Thisamazingenvironment will give you a great experience while playingit. Theobjective of this bubble blaster game is to launch thecolorfulball and let it hit a group of 2 bubbles or more with thesamecolor to pop the bubbles and score some points. Once you popallballs, the current level will be completed and you will be abletogo to the following one. Sounds easy, but can you really do itandpop all bubbles in this awesome kids game? A simple yet coolgame,Pooch Pop: Bubble Shooter game provides you a great way torelievefrom all the stress with its hours of fun andbrain-ticklingeffect. Your only motive is to clear all bubbles. Whydo you needto download and install Pooch Pop - bubble games on yourAndroidsmartphone or tablet for Free instead of other bubbleshooting andshoot bubble games? ★ Nice ★ ✓ We made some Cool andsmoothhigh-quality graphics to give you the best experience whileplayingthe greatest bubble shooting game ever! You will enjoy it! ✓Thegame becomes harder as your progress on. But, don't give up andtryto complete all levels ✓ Beautiful and very high-qualitygraphics.✓ Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection isrequired. ★ Easy★ ✓ We care about you and that's why we made ourgameplay very easyto play and you don’t have to watch any tutorialto know how toplay because it’s very easy. ★ Brain Challenging ★ ✓Perfect fortime killing, brain challenging, bonding with family andfriends.Good for kids too. Have fun with friends and others anddon'tforget to compete with them. What are you waiting for?DownloadPooch Pop: Bubble Shooter game and Enjoy playing the bestshootbubbles game ever!
Cookie Burst Mania - Match 3 Games Free 1.3.6
Cookie Burst Mania- Match 3 Puzzle Game, 1Gamez’s Cookie BurstManiais all about cookies, pastries and cakes. It has theultimatecombination of Match-3 and sweet cookies that has made thisgameunique. Cookie Burst Mania is a cool match three game whereyouneed to create a candy bomb. The way you do that is by matching3or more similar items. Cake Burst mania is bringing you a wholelotof exciting gaming opportunities in here. There is a plethoraoflevels to go through in here. During the course of around1000levels, you will have to create a fruit candy blast that givesyouthe best possible score. The game also has a dedicated setofachievements and leaderboards. The gameplay is full of fun andyoucan enjoy all the great features presented here. The coolthingabout Sweet Cookie blast is that there is a spin wheel optiontoo.There are a multitude of boosters and coins. As a result,thegaming experience is more interesting. There are 3pre-gamepowerups in the form of a grenade, magic lamp, and moremoves. Spinthe wheel and acquire power-ups like the torpedo, hap,skywardpower, expanse power or hammer and play more. All of theseadd upto make the matching puzzle game experience more excitingandinteresting each time you play. Cookie blast fun Match 3 gameisbringing you the ultimate candy star experience, and it offersyoutons of game time free of charge. At the same time, you haveasweet candy paradise that you can explore as you see fit here.Thematch-3 game is fully optimized for mobile phones andtabletsalike, so you get to have a native gaming experience eitherway,regardless of where you choose to play the match three game!Wehave included multiple bonus coins for a high score. And ifyouplay each day, you will also acquire new powerups and coins too.Soyes, if you play the match three game often, you will find it abiteasier to complete some of the challenging levels. Share youhighscore with friends on Facebook friends. Or invite them toplayalong! Sugar Match 3 Game offers complete Facebookconnectivity,and it brings in front of a great new way for you toexpand yourmatch-3 game experience as you see fit. Also, Cookieclick Smashoffers you a plethora of puzzle game worlds. You don’thave onlycookies levels, you also have cakes, gifts, chocolates,cakes, andwaffles too. This Match 3 game allows you to immerseyourself inthe best fruit candy blast experience, just download ourSweet CakeBurst right now. You will enjoy the experience quite abit! ★Cookie match 3 Game Features ★ ● Multiple level types likecookies,chocolates, waffles or gifts ● Complete Facebookconnectivity andachievements ● Leaderboards where you can showcaseyour highestscores ● Tablet and smartphone optimization ● Spin thewheel to getnew powerups ● 1000 levels to play through Have funplaying CookieBurst Mania - Match 3 games. Need some help? Contactour supportteam: support@1gamez.com