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Ice Cream Match 3 - Puzzle Game Paradise ⭐❤️🍬🍧⭐ 1.6
Candy, cookies, ice cream, and puzzles! When there's trouble in aworld made out of desserts, there's only one cure: swapping throughtons of free match-3 puzzles! Ice Cream Match 3 is a bright andcolorful puzzle game that's an absolute blast to play. Matchdesserts of all types to spread happiness through the land. Crushcookies, blast candy and ice cream, and pop tasty frozen treats oneat a time, but work fast so you can solve all of the puzzles! TheIce Cream MAtch 3 puzzle world gets even more exciting when youcreate power-ups. Make a 3 match with extra desserts to createspecial candy items that can clear huge portions of the screen. Gota few cookies in the way? Need to blitz those frozen treats intooblivion? Time to make a power-up and blast them to pieces.Delicious, delicious pieces! The fun and free Ice Cream Match 3free game is loaded with amazing features: - Colorful graphics withtons of fun characters to meet. - Solve match-3 puzzles to removecookies, ice cream, and candy from the screen. - Create and unleashamazing power-ups that blast and pop all over! - Hundreds ofexciting levels to complete in paradise! Ice Cream Match 3 willkeep you swapping for months with its exciting gameplay. Crushcookies, blast candy, pop frozen ice cream treats, and solve tonsof free match-3 puzzles in this exciting and colorful game!
Crush The Burger ! Deluxe Match 3 Game 1.7
We hope you enjoy this puzzle and arcade game. Match fastfooddirect from our truck to your sofa. Stop playing with gummyjelliesand candies, or boring jewels and diamonds ! Swap and matchmanycute burgers to gain points. Collect as many stars aspossiblebefore you run out of moves! You also need to find those3-Matcheswith the most AWESOME chain reactions. Be lost in hours ofFUN asyou try to travel through the hundreds of levels anddifferentthemes that await you. HOW TO PLAY: - Match 3 or more ofthe samekind eliminate them. - Drag and move adjacent tiles to swaptheirpositions and to achieve Match 3. - Swap adjacent burgerscarefullysuch that more than one match3 can happen. - Your scoredepends onthe number of items you eliminate in one swap. - Achievetargetscore to complete a level. FEATURES: - Hundreds of excitinglevels- Fantastic Arcade Gameplay - Tons of boosters - Hour ofdiversionfor free - HD Graphics
Baseball Bubble Shooter 2.0
Baseball Bubble Shooter is a classic bubble match 3 game. Pop,tapand tilt your way through over 300 addictive bubble puzzleswithexcitement and packed with adventure! Features: - More than300magic levels to complete! And more puzzles are coming soon. -Easyand fun to play, challenging to master - 4 Special Boostershelpyou get high score. - Cute dragon pups boost your points. -Popbubble with extension line. - Bubble pop with lightning bubble.Howto Play bubble game: 1.Tap where you want to pop bubble 2.Togroup3 or more bubbles to make them burst 3.Clear all the bubbleson thescreen to level up,and try to get 3 stars on each level.4.Popbubbles to save dragon pups as target in some levels. 5.Bubblepopwhen hitting a fireball bubble. Tips: Breaking thebubblescontinuously can get points as bonus! This free bubble gameis freeto download and also good for family and kids. BaseballBubbleShooter game is completely free to play but some in-gameitems suchas extra moves or lives will require payment.
Big Sweet Bomb - Candy match 3 game 1.4
♥ Start the happy and mystery journey with various candies insweetwonderland! ♥ Play the most relaxing and splended match-3puzzlegame, along with coloful candies and lollipop, no time limit,freeand powerful boosters and CUTE TOYS magic will help you toenjoyand feel relaxed! Smart move or clever combination willberewarded! Apply your talent to solve all the puzzles to get 3starfor prize! Big Sweet Bomb Booster Feature 🍭- Lollipop:Sweetlollipop help you to smash the any candy you want to crush. 🍭-Bustrocket: Help you to crush a vertical column of sweet candy.🍭-Magic wand: Magic wand allows you to re-arrange thecandyinterface. 🍭- Magic gloves: This glove from the hands ofmagician,you can let you exchange any two candy. 🍭- Spacecraft:Thisultimate skill can help you collect all the same candies atonce.Big Sweet Bomb Gameplay 😊- Move and match 3 candies of thesametype to burst and win points, 4 and more crushes genaratesapowerful booster!. 😊- Get four or more of the same candytogetherand make a magic bomb. 😊- Special Levels need crushnumerouscandies, use booster to activate the magic bottles. 😊- Tryto reachhigh scores and get 3 stars on every level, get specialprize!Notes: * WIFI FREE! TIME FREE! * Hundreds of excitingpuzzlelevels, more on the way * Facebook sync, you can loginyourFacebook account and play with your friends!
Candy Blast 2019: Pop Match 3 Puzzle Free Game 1.0
THE BEST MATCH 3 GAME Swap & match 3 yummy candies tocompleteevery relaxing level. Conquer every land and harvestfruits,vegetables, chocolate, sugar, gems, popsicle, bonbon,bubblegum,barley, soda pop, jellybeans and candy corn. FREE LEVELSPlay indifferent sugar levels and collect as many candy as you can!Matchfruits, gems and sugar and get the highest score in everylevel!Marshmallows, lollypop, caramel, cheesecake, confectionery,pastry,candy cane, sugarless, chocs and sugarcoat for all thefamily. GAMEFOR ALL THE FAMILY Candy pop is the best match 3, is aneasy toplay sweet match 3 puzzle game! No matter your age orexperience,you will enjoy those wonderful candy games & levels!Eat itall! Confectionary, confection, lollies, confections,christmascake, sweetness, sweets, chewing gum... CREATE Vegetables,fruits,chocolate, gems, diamonds… Produce different blocks andcandies andwin different sweet lollies, caramel apple, jawbreakers,candiedapple, gummies, rock candy, sweetener, licorice,brownies,marzipan! SWEET Solve every puzzle using boosters! Theywill helpyou to match every block, chocolate or jelly. Blast everypiece inthis sweet candy game! RELAXING MATCH 3 PUZZLE GAME Craft -Fruitcandy island is a stress relief game! No time limits, greatpowerups and relaxing levels. Are you ready to join the candymania?PLAY And collect all the sweets, lollipops, chocolatecandy,caramels, mints, candy pop, candy pop Are you ready to jointhiscandy fever? Try the best matching candy games! Download Candypopfor FREE and blast fruit, smash sugar, crush chocolate andmakepowerful combos! Yummy candies are waiting for you. Youdon'tbelieve we have all the sweeties on the world? Check it!
Sweet Sugar Match 3 - Free Candy Smash Game 1.1
Sweet Sugar Match 3 is a free match three puzzle game full of loveand joy! You will adventure with many of sweet cute friends, Candy,CRUSH, & MATCH three or more candy jewels and blast your waythrough hundreds of FUN levels in this FREE puzzle game. CRUSHcombos of candy jewels or challenge your friends to see who can getthe highest score! Matching jewels is so exciting you won’t want tostop playing this addictive free match three puzzle game. HOW TOPLAY * You will have a specific goal in every free level, justfinish the goals and you will get big rewards * Match 3 or moresame color gem jewels in order to crush them. * Pass level to getenough stars and unlock the new maps. * Collect coins and buypowerful boosters to crush candys easily. * Pass levels to unlocksweet cute friends to help you win the match game. * Hundreds ofchallenging levels and sweet maps need you to match. * New matchgame with piggy bank can give you free coins. FEATURES * THE BESTPUZZLE GAME * Super fun and addictive gameplay. Hundreds ofchallenging and unique match-3 levels! * MATCH-3 GAME FOR ALL THEFAMILY * No Wi-Fi or internet connection required to play. This isan easy to play match 3 puzzle game! No matter your age orexperience, you will enjoy those wonderful jewel games &levels! * GREAT GRAPHICS AND DESIGN * Different wonderfulgame-worlds with new designs! Solve puzzles and unlock new maps. *BLAST BOOSTERS TO HELP YOU * Powerful boosters helping you solvethe quests and they will help you to match every blocks and solveevery puzzle. * MATCH TO UNLOCK NEW EVENTS * Play timed events forboosters & other rewards. Sweet holiday events to be addedregularly for your entertainment. *Addicting puzzle game for allgender and age is awaiting for you. Enjoy a game of puzzle in themagical world full of fabulous Jewels.
Bubble Dragon Pop: Classic Balloon Shooter Game 1.5
Dragon bubble shooter is fun, super addictive and a great waytospend free time on an airport, on the bus or train and whatnot.Even though this game is similar to the bubble games, this onehasa unique edge. Dragon bubble shooter is similar in boththefeatures and controls to the traditional classic bubbleshootergames. The objective is, as usual, to adjust your gun’sangles andposition it correctly. Then tap your finger to blast awayatsimilar colored bubbles. The more bubbles you pop together,thehigher the score. The addiction lies in the fact that ithashundreds of levels. Dragon bubble shooter is without a doubt afreegame which can help lift any dull moods. The interface is niceandclean and clutter free. The game mechanics are superb andflawless.The entire thing runs so smooth that you’ll immediatelynotice it.This game can be so addictive that it can cause a mania!A mania ofbubbles popping here and there and everywhere! You cancontinueyour game to make sure that you don’t lose any progress.This is aneat little feature although since the game super smoothandflawless, it will almost never have any glitches. So just sitback,relax and blast away your stress alongside those colorfulbubbles.If you like games like bubble shoots then you have to trythis one!
Конфетки Три в ряд: Бесплатно 3.1
Пройдите +100 квестов с новой увлекательной игрой три в рядипохрустите вкусными конфетками. Конфетки 3 в ряд - этобесплатнаяувлекательная игра пазл на русском языке в которую можноиграть безинтернета. Собери конфеты три в ряд с красочнымиспецэффектами,набери как можно больше очков и играй, соревнуйся сосвоимидрузьями через Фейсбук. Игра конфетки имеет более+100увлекательных квестов с максимальным набором конфет на времяилибез времени, логические игры 4-х сладких миров со своими тайнамиизагадками ждут вас в интересном приключении. В игре можнонайтимножество логических тактик, которые помогут набрать ещебольшеочков и превзойти всех в удовольствии похрустеть конфетками!*Тренирует внимание и быстроту реакции * Красочный изахватывающийгеймплей * Радующие глаз спецэффекты * Еще большеочков за самыебольшие цепочки конфет * Увлекательная головоломкапазл Скачай игруконфетки три в ряд онлайн бесплатно на русском дляAndroid прямосейчас и почувствуй себя искателем приключений.
Candy Pop Charm - 2020 Match 3 Puzzle 2.1
Candy Pop Charm is a match 3 puzzle game that you can't stop,youwill love it too, you can play without wifi, whenever andwherever.Journey with lovely girl Anne to adventure in the world ofCandyPop Charm. Swap and match 3 or more identical colorful fruittoblast. Create as many amazing boosters as you can to clean uptheplate. Show off your skills in Candy Pop Charm! Candy features:-Several game modes, from classical to innovative - Adventurestorywith 100 compelling levels in different sceneries. -Completelyfree to play - Explore the island of Candy Pop! - SweetUI &cool animation effects - Easy and fun to start but achallenge tofully master - Suitable for all countries and all agesHow to play:- Swap and gather 3 or more of the same fruit blast toscore points- Match 4 or more fruits to create boosters andpower-ups - Achievethe target points to level up thru the islandsHave fun and enjoyCandy Pop Charm!!!
Zumba 2021 1.4
Are you a super fan of zumba and Montezuma games? If the answer isyes, zumba games free is the game that you must have. Zumba 2021 isa type of Marble shooter games, where you have to marble shoot rowsof colorful marble lines to eliminate them. The balls or marbleswill come in the Marble and you have to aim your marble shootercarefully to create match three marbles of the same colors.Features of Zumba 2021: * Beautiful design graphics * Challengelevels to revenge Moctezuma talent * Adventure lots of mysteriousMontezuma scenes to unleash your magic * Use your powerfulMoctezuma boosters to unlock them all. * Use special skills toarrow marbles ball shooter to eliminate maze chain line * Marble isa free, action puzzle game play * 100% downloaded play free and noWi-Fi connection required. How to play zumba 2021: 1. Shooting tomatch three or more colored balls. 2. Tap on the transmitter canswapping the current ball and the next ball. 3. Montezuma Combo andChain increase score. 4. More balls, higher score; Let's begin thefantastic Moctezuma adventure on the zumba games free !
Dino Pop! Bubble Shooter Arcade & Puzzle Adventure 1.4
Pop and blast bubbles, match, connect, swap and crush lines inthesecolorful dino adventure match 3 games! Combine them for evengreatereffect in this jurassic fantasy puzzle quest and remember:In thisclassic bubble dino pop challenge you will need to thinkfast! DINOPOP: A free classic brain teaser bubbles arcade 🦖 BubbleBreakerPuzzle Match 3 Pop Game: Blast bubbles through lots oflevels withfun obstacles and solve every challenge 🦖 Rescue BabyDinos: Thedinosaours need help! Blast bubble shooter puzzles tosave our pets!🦖 Combos & Power Ups: Blast bubble shooterpowers to make smartmoves using your best shot tactics 🦖 BubblePopper & Pop withPower: Match and connect bubbles and balls ofthe same color in thismatching puzzle 🦖 Online Fantasy Pets:Rescue cartoon dinosaurs inour jurassic theme bubble shooter maniaCrush, blast and burst eachDino Pop ball in this arcade classiconline bubble shooter arcadequest! Improve your mood with a casualmatch 3 blast bubbles gameand rescue the pandas in danger! Readyto enjoy our Dino bubbleshooter?
Burger Match 3 - ⭐❤️🍬🍧⭐ 1.1.1
Enjoy the great experience of playing a great puzzle game withadelicious look. Match 3 or more burgers and win. Lots ofboostersto help you. What are you waiting for? It's free !!!
Jewel Match 3 2021 2.0
This jewel game has well designed puzzles for you to play inanytimeand anywhere! Be the Jewel Star and unlock all castles inthis jewelsaga game. FEATURES: ★ Easy and fun to play, challengingto master.★ Infinite addictive jewel quest levels! ★ 2 completelydifferentbest match 3 games types. ★ Helpful magical boosters towin jewelstars. ★ Daily free games bonus in best jewel games. ★Auto hintwhen you jewel quest but could not find one match.
Match 3D Master 2021 1.2
Match 3D Master is easy to play for everyone ! HOW TO PLAY · Justtap to place the 3D objects into the box. Three same objects willbe collected. · When all objects are collected, you win! · Whenthere are 7 objects on the boxes, you fail! · Beware with thetimer, you should tap to match objects quickly. · When you clear alevel, you will find new objects to pair. In this game, Match 3DMaster need you to match 3 objects of the same element, you willpass the level until all the objects are matched. One connectsworth 1 star, the more triple connects you can match, the morestars you will win, and the more rewards you will collect! Come on,let's try and become a puzzle-solving master of matching games!
Match 3D 1.0
Find the identical 3D objects, match 3 to make them pop, removeallthe objects on the ground before the time is over. Withuniquedesign and an ever-changing array of 3D objects, Match Masterputsa colorfully creative spin on classic match-three gameplay !Match3D is easy to play for everyone ! Features: -Thousands ofcuteitems. -Comfortable background music. -Cute animals, sweetyummyfoods, cool toys, exciting emoji's and dazzling variety ofitems.-Well-designed brain trainer levels. -Pause it whenever youwant.-Is a completely free game! Come and download this game now!Let'sraise the level together!
Hero Rescue 2021 1.0
The hero began his journey for treasure and to save theprincess,but the puzzles in front of the hunter trapped him. Whatyou needto do is to pull the pins in the right order, so that thehero cantake the hidden treasure and save the princess away fromthedragons, wolves and monsters safely. Solve puzzles and rescuethehero. Learn how to loot all the treasures, kill monsters andsavethe princess. Pull the pin in order to destroy your enemiesbypulling lava and poisonous gas into their puzzle units. Cuttheropes in order to rescue the princess from the scarymonsters.FEATURES: + Great graphics and music + Friendly interface,simplecontrol + Hundreds of challenging puzzles + Train your braintosolve problems + Loot gold coins and build a great castle +Thereis no time limit + It's totally free + Offline play Completethefirst level and you will fall in love with this best of pullpinrescue games. New challenges regularly update. Only 10% ofpeoplewill be able to complete the game to the end. Do you have ahighIQ? Let's check! I bet you Hero Rescue is the most uniquerescuegame right now. Many players were amazed at the amazingfeatures ofthese novels and our removal of the pin puzzle game.Pick up thedevice and play our remove the pin puzzle game to rescuetheprincess by solving all the pin puzzles right now. Pin braingamefor smart people like you.