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dida by 1mg -Medicine Reminder 1.0.1
Meet dida, a user friendly app that helps youremember your medicines, and reminds you at the most appropriatetime you should be taking them.Unlike conventional medicine reminder apps dida is intelligent andinteractive, it learns about your day-to-day routine and smartlyadapts itself to set reminders for your medicines. This is provento increase medicines adherence rate substantially, as dida makessure you are reminded at the most convenient time, tailored to yourneeds; after all it truly cares about you !Now, doctors usually don’t set a time for taking any medicines orexpect you to set reminders, they simply let you know how oftenshould you be taking them. dida understand that and smartly remindsyou to take your meds at the most relevant timings as dida alreadyknows about your personal events that you do daily.Best of all she has a cool and fun personality, one you possiblycan’t ignore !How does dida work ?Its simple, for the first time when you are setting up a medicinereminder you tell dida about your daily routine. dida will smartlyset your reminders around your routine events therefore helping youtake your doses on time, reducing the chances of missing yourdoses.What makes dida special ? (than any other medicine reminder)?When you are reminded about a certain task as crucial as taking amedicine at an appropriate time you are more likely to act on it,and finish the task. This improves your medicine adherencesubstantially. Adhering to the regime your doctor tells you withoutmissing any doses helps you get well faster and can reduce thechances of you having an extended prescription longer than youmight have ideally need.Features- set medicine reminders with a few simple taps, no hassle offilling forms- set up your routine as per your convenience; dida just getsit- get reminders when you actually need them, improve your adherencesubstantially- keep a track of your adherence history in your timelineGet well now, with dida !