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2Date Lite Is a popular dating App, we have the highest number oflocal members, and we will provide you with the highest qualitymatching service. 2Date Lite is a platform dedicated to single menand women. It is the key to your fate, and will find you theperfect match. You can meet Nearby members based On where You workor live. 2Date Lite has no ads, sign up for free and you can enjoythe fun of making friends! Download now and say goodbye to singlelife! ********************************* Why choose 2Date Lite********************************* * 2Date Lite is a dating Appdedicated to single men and women in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singaporeand Malaysia with the highest number of single members. * Reliableand user friendly * Created by a local team, understand your needs* 24-hour staff review ********************************* 2Date Litefunction introduction: ********************************* Search forlove: We have the largest number of local members. We willdefinitely find you the perfect one! Fate: We will help you findthe most perfect match, and bring her/him to you! Message: When youhave found your soul mate, you can send a message to him / heranytime, anywhere. Mood Sharing: Whether you are happy or sad, feelfree to express your feelings, and hopefully someone who feels thesame will message you! There are numerous features to help you findyour love, download 2DATE Lite and say goodbye to single life!
2Date - 交友戀愛 單身拍拖約會 2 Date 國際版 2.947
2 Date
2 Date 交友 是屬於香港人及台灣人的交友拍拖app!專為單身男女提供戀愛約會平台。2016 年最人氣戀愛交友app! 多達20萬 單身男女等你認識約會。加入 2Date,跟據你的居住/工作地區,為你尋找已經與你近在咫尺的愛情緣份。2 Date 無論由構思,設計以至開發皆由華人團隊負責,完全了解您的需要,絕對是最適合您的約會交友APP。2Date 國際版絕無廣告,免費註冊成為會員,讓你隨時隨地談情說愛,拍拖約會,享受交友的樂趣!*********************************為甚麼選擇 2 Date********************************** 有別於其他同類apps(如 陌陌, 遇見, 微信),2Date是專屬於香港人/台灣人的單身男女的戀愛交友平台,擁有最龐大的單身會員數量* 設計完善可靠,簡單易用,務必為你提供最高質素的配對服務* 本地創作,完全了解您的需要,絕對是您的拍拖 Dating app 首選* 24小時專人審核資料*********************************2 Date 功能推介********************************** 搜尋愛情 : 我們擁有最龐大的本地會員數量,您只需透過搜尋及觀看他/她們的檔案,定能找到您心儀的另一半* 一見鍾情 : 相信緣份的您,我們會為您衆裡尋他/她,把與您最有緣的, 帶到您的眼前* 即時聊天 : 尋找到心儀的對像後, 您可隨時隨地向他/她發出訊息, 互相溝通, 加深了解, 您們的愛情便可藉此慢慢萌芽* 分享心情 : 無論是喜與憂,您都可以將您的心情抒發出來,待懂您的能聽見您的心聲,讓他/她可以與你一同分享2 DATE 還有多不勝數的功能助你尋覓真愛,立即下載 2 DATE,告別單身吧!