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23andMe - DNA Testing : Health & Ancestry 5.17.1
Learn about where your DNA comes from out of 150+ regions. Gaininsights into your health, wellness, and more. Ancestry Serviceprovides 5 reports, including Ancestry Composition and Your DNAFamily Health + Ancestry Service* provides 85+ reports, includingSleep Movement, Muscle Composition, and more DNA Relative Finderallows you to opt-in to connect with other 23andMe customers whoshare your DNA and ancestors Both services require purchasing a kitand submitting a saliva sample using the saliva collection kitprovided. Registering your kit is easy. Use the 23andMe Mobile Appand scan the barcode of the tube to begin registration. Then sendyour sample back in the pre-paid package provided. You can log intoyour account to track the progress of your sample. Once you getyour results, open your app to see all your reports! In the app,you can also answer survey questions that can contribute toresearch findings. Our rigorous standards ensure quality service.Our team of scientists and medical experts uses a robust process todevelop reports to ensure validity. Ancestry percentages arederived from our powerful, well-tested system that provides youwith ancestry estimates down to the 0.1%. *Health + Ancestryservice is available in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland,Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden. Terms of service US(https://www.23andme.com/about/tos/) UK, IE, FI, DK, SE, NL(https://www.23andme.com/en-eu/about/tos/) Canada(https://www.23andme.com/en-ca/about/tos/) All other countries(https://www.23andme.com/en-int/about/tos/)