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24me: Calendar, To Do List, Notes & Reminders 6.3770
"Best App To Get Organized" by CNN, USA Today, Forbes,Cosmopolitan, Mashable and more. 24me is a Smart Personal Assistant- The award-winning app that helps millions of people all over theworld to boost their productivity. It’s an easy-to-use and yetsuper powerful app that puts everything related to your schedule inone place: your CALENDAR, TO-DO LIST, NOTES and Personal Accounts.24me saves you time for the things that matter most in your life.  🚀The way 24me works for you: ■ ONE PLACE FOR ALL YOURCALENDARS, TASKS, NOTES AND PERSONAL ACCOUNTS  Your events,tasks, notes and real life accounts all fully synced and appear onyour calendar.   ■ SYNCS WITH ALL YOUR CALENDARS 📅Connect to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange,Yahoo! Calendar, Apple iCal and many more.   ■ ASSISTANT ONTHE GO  -- Use your voice to add tasks, notes and meetings. --Get 24me assistant on your wrist - 24me is available for AppleWatch! -- Join conference calls without having to remember thedial-in number. -- Turn your emails into tasks.   ■ CUSTOMIZEIT THE WAY YOU WANT Customize Label Colors, font size and weight,add your own photos to the calendar, choose reminder sounds, andmore!   ■ SMART ALERTS  -- Be there on Time: Alerting youabout the right time to leave for your meetings based on trafficconditions. Provides you with street view of the targetdestination, and opens your default navigation app with the rightaddress. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background candramatically decrease battery life. 24me optimizes use of GPS toavoid unnecessary battery drain. -- Heads up for tomorrow: Agendaof meetings and to-do’s planned for the next day. -- Weatheralerts: Don’t forget to take your umbrella. -- Upcoming Birthdays:Notifies you about birthdays of your dear friends, giving you thetime to greet or send a gift.   ■ SHARE TOGETHER Increase yourproductivity by working together with shared lists. Organize thingsat home by sharing the grocery lists or shopping lists with yourfamily. At work: boost your team’s productivity by sharing theteam’s tasks and action items. You can also share events, remindersand notes with your family and friends with real time sync betweenall participants.   Users of 24me use it as their GTD app,go-to calendar, daily planner, day scheduler, reminders, task list,checklist, a notepad, a board for sticky notes for capture eventsand lists, like grocery lists, shopping lists or any other list ofitems.
GroupCal - Shared Calendar 1.3457
GroupCal is a revolutionary calendar app that allows you to createseparate shared calendars, and share them with your contacts. Eachshared calendar can hold events around a specific topic - Family,Work, Sports team, etc. When adding events to a shared calendar,they sync automatically to all participants in real-time. GroupCalallows you to: - Create 1:1 or group shared calendars with whoeveryou want - Sync events in real time with the members of thoseshared calendars - Use your contact list to create sharedcalendars. No need for email addresses - See in real time whoreceived events you add and who confirmed - All while still seeingyour regular events side by side (events from your Gmail, Yahoo,Exchange and etc.)