2D Level Apps

Battleship 1.4.0
2D Level
Battleship (also Battleships or Sea Battle) isa classic board game for two players.Before play begins, each player arranges their ships on theirgrid. Each ship occupies a number of consecutive squares on thegrid, arranged either horizontally or vertically. The number ofsquares for each ship is determined by the type of the ship.After positioning each player have one shot per round. The gameends when all ships of one player are destroyed.MULITPLAYER COMING SOON!Main Features:- PLAYER VS. ANDROIDWhen nobody is around and you want to play, you can play versusyour android- FREE GAME- MULTI-LANGUAGEPlay the game in your language, excellent for kids that don'tunderstand English. We will keep adding new languages all thetime...
Tic Tac Toe 1.0
2D Level
Tic-tac-toe (or Noughts and crosses, Xs and Os) is apaper-and-pencil game for two players, X and O, who take turnsmarking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds inplacing three respective marks in a horizontal, vertical, ordiagonal row wins the game. Features: - Three Singleplayerdifficulties - Two Players - Free
Air Hockey 1.0
2D Level
Air hockey is a game for two competing players trying to scorepoints in the opposing player's goal using a table having a speciallow-friction playing surface. Features: - Play against Android - 3difficulties - Collision effects - Shake the device to apply randomforce to puck - Free