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passcode lock screen 5.0
Lock screen and screen off passcode lock screen (keypad or PIN) Thebest lock screen application The best lock screen application, tohelp you protect your privacy, prevent others trying to access yourphone illegally. We support many types of lock screen: - Lockscreen pattern - passcode lock screen - passcode lock screenframework of - Support turn off screen by shortcut. - BeautifulRetina HD Wallpaper, cool looks with material design and nicegraphical interface. - You can change wallpaper - DisableHOME/MENU/BACK key in Pattern Lockscreen, so no one can access yourphone without right password. - Many different types of backgroundsto choose from, these wallpapers are exquisite design, beautiful. -Also you can select your favorite wallpaper, it could be someoneyou love, your love, your child ... - The application is reallysimple and easy to use, you just select function allows key, thenenter password so that your device is protected. This "keypad lockscreen" has been tested extensively on following devices: * GalaxyS3,Galaxy S4,Galaxy S5 * HTC One,HTC Explorer,HTC M8, HTC One, HTCM8. * LG2,LG3, LG Optimus G. * Xperia Z1,Xperia Z2,Xperia Z3. *Nexus 4,Nexus 5,Nexus 7. Please email us if your device is notsupported, we will try our best to support it. If you love thisphoto love locker application, please give 5 stars to encouragedevelopers.
MP3 cutter 5.0
Cut the best part of your audio song or MP4 video and save it asyour Ringtone/Alarm/Music File/Notification Tone. Make your own MP3ringtones/Notifications/Alarms fast and easy with this app.Supports MP3, WAV and most other music formats. This app is also amusic editor/alarm tone maker/ ringtone cutter and notificationtone creator. Mp3 cutter, ringtone maker, you can create and customnew ringtone for your self mp3 cutter - music cutter, ringtonemaker you can cut music, cut mp3 and other format files. Features:- List all the MP3/MP4 songs from the SD card . - Choose the MP3files from the list . - Cut the file using forward and backwardselector . - Integrated MP3 player help you to play before cutting. - Set the edited file as ring tone . - you can easily merge videoor audio very fast - Manually set the start & end time(inseconds) by typing the values in text boxes at bottom of app. -Option to Name the new cut clip while saving it. - Record audio byringtone maker - Set the new clip as default ringtone or assign tocontacts, using this editor. - Cut the music files stored on thephone, made a unique ringtone. - Scan music stored in your phoneand various audio files, music editing and clipping. - Have abuilt-in file browser, easy to find and open the music. - Powerfulaudio editing features, millisecond-level perfect cut. - Softwaresupports audio formats MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, 3GPP, 3GP, M4A. -Waveform display, and there are five scaling. - ringtone maker alsosupports trim, merge files - Touch to adjust the ringtone bystarting and ending location. - Delete the ringtone. - Powerfulmusic editor. - Music cutter, song cutter - provide mp3 trimmer,video editor Let's download, use ringtone maker, mp3 cutter andmusic cutter for free right now. please email us if your device isnot supported, we will try our best to support it.
voice changer 4.0
One of the best voice changer app Fast, convenient, easy to useOutstanding functions: $ Record audio and apply effect on it. $Open an audio and apply effect on it. $ View, edit the savedaudios. $ Share the saved audios to your friends via bluetooth, orsocial networks like Facebook. $ Record and change your voiceDirectly $ Smart microphone for karaoke, turn on it and you canhear your voice $ Lossless quality It provides the followingeffects: Normal robot(The best and authentic robotic effect amongall voice change apps) Church Fan Chipmunk Child Old man MartianChorus Telephone Underwater Twisted tongue Duck Creepy movie DevilBig robot Small robot Alien Giant Bee Foreigner Nervous DrunkValley Big Alien Hoarse You can also apply the listed effects formultiple times to generate tons of different effects for yourvoices.
App lock - fingerprint password 5.1.2
App lock - fingerprint password is to Lock your app withfingerprintpassword App lock - fingerprint password is to keepyour privacy bylocking apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery,Banking app oranything you want. Lock your apps with a "secure"but "easy tounlock" pattern. App lock - fingerprint passwordsupport many typesof keypad like pattern lock, password lock,photo lock, etc... Youcan change your lock type, changebackground, settings anything ifyou want - Social apps: App lock -fingerprint password can lockFacebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Vine,Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,WeChat and so on. No one can peep atyour private chat any more. -System apps: App lock - fingerprintpassword can lock Contacts, SMS,Gallery, Videos, Email and so on.No one can mess up your settingsfor system apps. - Android payapps: App lock - fingerprint passwordcan lock Android Pay, SamsungPay, Paypal and so on. No one can useyour wallet to purchase anyitem. - Other apps: App lock -fingerprint password can lock anythird-party apps, including Gmail,Youtube, games and so on.Completely protect your privacy. ★★★ WithApp lock - fingerprintpassword, you will: - Never worry aboutparents check yourSnapchat, Musical.ly! - Never worry about friendsborrow your phoneto play games with mobile data again! - Neverworry about someonereads private data in your apps again! - Neverworry about kidsmess up Settings, send wrong messages, paying gamesagain! - Neverworry about a workmate gets your phone to look thegallery again!★★★ With App Lock, you can : - Lock any apps(message,Game, Photos,Videos ...) - Lock apps using Fake Forced Close pop-up- Lockincoming calls - Lock system settings to prevent a mess bykids -Lock message, Lock call ... - Lock apps using multiplepassword:pattern & passcode - Lock Google Play to prevent buygames,movies, books - Lock phone setting ★★★ Feature - PatternLock:simple and fresh interface, unlock faster! - PIN lock(keypadlock):Much safer for you to lock apps - Customize: changetype,change button, change wallpaper - Lock app very effective -Lowercapacity, less memory. - Power saving mode to save battery. -AppLock can lock your photos , gallery and messages from pryingeyesand nosy friends . To be your privacy guard ! - Applicationlock,best app lock & privacy guard , is the most smartApplicationlock ! - Full protection for your phone. - Supportmultiplelanguage - Lock your app accurately and smartly - Lock newapps -Lock app very high security - Easy to use and fast. - Goodatperformance and power-saving - Kinds of beautiful lock types Ifyoulove this App lock - fingerprint password, please give 5 starstoencourage developers.
hide photo, video 5.1
Best secure vault app to hide photo, video on Play store. This appkeep your photos/videos secure and private with photo & videoLocker. Hide photo, video app is the easiest and safest way tocreate a secure location on your device to store and protect yourpersonal/important photos and videos. photo & video Locker isyour personal gallery where you can keep your most memorable photosand videos and ensure that friends who use your phone don’t seeyour personal photos/videos if they browse through your gallery.Main features: $ Password protected app access with a PIN(passcode) $ Lock photos / videos directly from your defaultgallery $ Hide photo, video from SD card $ Album view to manageyour photos/videos faster. $ No storage limitations with unlimitedphotos/videos. $ Intuitive interface for a great experience. $Share locked photos/videos directly on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp,Etc. $ No storage limitation to hide photo and hide video $ lockedfiles are all encrypted $ Best lock app to lock your images andvideos $ You can hide your album thumbnail of photo/video How itworks: - Enter PIN (passcode) to log-in to the app. - Press addbutton in the app to add and manage photos/videos. - Import /export photos and videos from your phone / SD Card. - Select thephotos/videos you want to lock. (Multiple selection allowed) Let'sdownload, use Hide photo, video app for free right now. pleaseemail us if your device is not supported, we will try our best tosupport it.
pattern lock screen 8.8
Lock screen pattern with photo in button Easy to use, fast,simple,and very beautiful Provide turn off screen feature for powerbuttonderanged, hard to press or if you want protect powerbuttonfeatures of lockscreen: - support 2 types of lock screen:photopattern lock screen, pattern lock screen - change image forbutton- you can set lock screen for Samsung galaxy S8 style - SupercoolOS 11 lock screen for android. - simply slide to unlock OS 11styledevice. - it's a perfect lock screen on Play store. -support"Slide to unlock" on your lock screen - Set lock patternwith yourfavourite photos, images from gallery - Create a separateimage foreach lock button, set your photos into buttons - Setcustombackground, theme, wallpaper for your lockscreen - Setpatternphoto/avatar with your own photo (your lover, your baby,friends,etc…) - you can custom shape button by heart, star,diamond, apple,circle, etc... - Crop or re-size the photo youchoose to haveincluded. - Personalize your lock screen - createwidget homescreen for easy settings - create live wallpaper HD -set patternlock screen to enhance the security lock of your phone.- showbattery health on screen lock - consume less battery - canchangecolor and fonts of time, date - multiple HD Wallpaperbeautiful -dynamic wallpaper from our repository - many beautifulgirls to setwallpaper - display real time clock and date. - changebackgroundwith wallpapers - support over 50 languages - custombackgroundfrom gallery. - optimized battery usage and battery saver- workwell on phone, tablet device - style to Slide to unlock -Lockscreen slider how to use: 1. open the app, and tick the"EnableLockscreen" check box to enable it. 2. click the DisableSystemLock in case you use the system lock. 3. click theLockscreenWallpaper to switch to different beautiful backgrounds.4. Forscreen off option: you must activate system admin to enablescreenoff feature. 5. you can change button pictures. You can placeyourphoto (baby, friends, parents, lover, etc...) ★ For screenoffoption: you must activate system admin to enable screenofffeature. please email us if your device is not supported, wewilltry our best to support it. if you love this photo lovelockerapplication, please give 5 stars to encourage developers.
Video Downloader - for Instagram 1.1.0
Video downloader for Instagram is the app to download Instagramphotos, download videos on Instagram to your device easily andquickly. Save instagram video is the most popular app fordownloading photos and videos on Instagram. It is very easy to use.100% FREE. Use: 1. Open the "Video Downloader for Instagram"application 2. Open the Instagram app on your device 3. Select theimage or video you want to download 4. Copy the link of the post(URL) 5. Paste the link in the "URL" box in the application (Ifauto download is turned off) and press "Check URL" button 6. Clickthe "Download" button to download the image or video That's it -You succeeded With some good features below: - Open Instagram fromthe app with one click. - Download Instagram videos and photos toview OFFLINE very quickly and easily than ever before. - Savedownloaded videos and Instagram photos. - Automatically downloadInstagram photos and videos with one click. - Share and deletestored photos & videos - Allows you to save videos to view themlater. - View Instagram photos and videos Offline at the bestquality Disclaimer: * We are not responsible for any intellectualproperty violations arising from unauthorized re-posting of videosor photos. * Please receive PERMISSION from the owner before yourepost a video or photo. * We respect the rights of Instagram. *This app is not affiliated with Instagram and does not read youruser data. Download and experience Need help? Please send us at:klsoft92@gmail.com
glitch video - video effects 1.0.5
Glitch Video Effect is a professional video editor app withmanydifferent editing tools. You can use amazing effects tomakeimpressive videos and share them instantly on social networks.WithGlitch Video Effect, you can artfully distort the videoeasily.Record a video or take a video from your Android device andchooseone of the many glitch effects to apply it to the video.Createyour own Glitch video effects, share it on Instgram, Tiktokorfacebook right now Main feature Glitch Video Effect: - Recordvideowith many effect glitch, filter effect - Special Effects forGlitchVideos: Glitch, Beauty, Vintage, Fantasy, Film, Negative,Mirroreffect, ... - Edit video, Cut video - Video music: Addfavoritemusic to your video - Change video speed to make video sloworfaster - Flip video and rotate video - Export video withhighquality: HD and Full HD 1080p supported Download, use theGlitchVideo Effect application for free now. Please email us ifyourdevice is not supported, we will try our best to support it.