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Poster 2.3.0
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Poster... simple photo editing done right.Features:• Animal Faces -Your chance to show you inner beast to the outside world• Masks -Create beauty or release fury• Beards - Because growing oneyourself is too hard• Hats - Cowboy? Astronaut? Soldier? Youdecide!• Glasses - See life through a different lens• Text - Saywhat can't be pictured• Paint Brush - Who is the greatest fingerartist of them all?More coming soon!
Acty 1.5.0
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Приложение для поиска мест для активного отдыха и спорта.- Наданный момент доступен поиск только по Москве.- Список мест будетактивно пополняться, и в ближайшем будущем мы появимся в другихгородах России.Application to find places for recreation andsports.- At the moment, search for available only in Moscow.- Listof places will be actively replenished in the near future we willappear in other Russian cities.
Tattoo — photo editor for ink 1.0.0
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Hundreds of tattoos in different styles, convenient editing tools(from changing colors to removing unnecessary elements), a largeselection of fonts and regularly updated catalogue of tattoos.* Tryon hundreds of different tattoos* Create your own combinations*Remove all the unnecessary* Use a regularly updated collection oftattoos* Customize tattoos as you like