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High School Bus Driving 3D 1.3.3
High School bus driving and parking - Let’s have some fun withcrazy High School Bus Driving simulator. If you are crazy aboutdriving the school buses and school coaches: Then High School buscoach driving simulator is a best simulation game for real andenergetic drivers like you who want to drive long automobiles inbusy roads of big city. It doesn’t not give only fun instead schoolbus driving game provokes you to help the kids and makes you acultured citizen. Mostly Children are very motivated for going toschools: so In School bus driving trainer game you have to go aboutthe big modern city for picking up the teens from different placesstanding on the bus stops. When you reach at spotted location onthe map then you have to park the school bus very accurately in thegiven parking area to pick the kids. You have to monitor the alltraffic rules; this good rehearsal will make a you good civilian inreal life too. You can notify the traffic by pressing horn buttonwhen you are driving fast. Must Use indicators while taking theturns so that buses, cars and other vehicles are warned and cancarefully drive on the busy roads of big city environment. The citytraffic vehicles might cause you to get late for school but bequick, drive fast but keep the protection of the kids in notice. Noneed to breakdown the traffic rules while driving your school bus.Bus driving and parking games are loved by kids but driving aschool bus is a very responsible task. Don’t go off road or youmight get held in an accident. School bus driving is perfectdriving simulation to play and have hours of fun. Discover the bigcity environment, take kids around the city but don’t be late forhome and school. Features of High School bus driving 3D simulator •HD Graphics and detailed 3D Environment • Most modern and advancedcity • Earth breaking school bus game physics • Amazing Gameplay •Amazing School Bus Driving Experience • Smooth controls and fungameplay • Digital speedometer • Pick n Drop School Kids • Drivedifferent types of school buses • Play as a Simulated Bus Driver •A Unique idea for School Going Kids • Realistic 3D City trafficvehicles High school bus driving will let you enjoy the excitementof going to school because winter is coming a head and you willhave long holidays duration and you will miss your school. Sodownload it now and enjoy the driving and parking adventure ofmassive school buses!!!
Moto Rider Racing 2017 - Highway bike racer 1.3
Get ready to enjoy the thrill of reliable moto rider highwaytraffic bike racing and action game!!! Play the most exciting,super-charged heavy bike rider game on the store. The highway isjam-packed with different vehicles like bus, cars, bikes etc. whichcan hit you badly and you may lose the game. Try to drive yourmotorbike as far as possible to earn cash and to be the besttraffic rider. Control your heavy bikes with an incredibly wild andfast turbo speed during the city traffic rush time in this heavybike moto racing game. In this game you need to dodge the trafficvehicles to earn more money and coins, this cash and coins willallow you to purchase new and advanced bike vehicles.Drive theSuperhero heavy motor bikes on never-ending highways to compete forthe traffic riders! Join the ultimate traffic rider to compete withevery kind of vehicle like cars, buses, trucks, bikes etc. You haveto be tremendously fast to race with other vehicles but you must becareful and precise in your riding for covering a long distance.One hit can get your life. Are you tired of all those old bikeracing games? Do you want to play something innovative withdifferent kind of vehicles of your own choice? If yes then downloadthis top moto racing game. In this top racing game of speed carsand super fast bikes, there are different racing cars and racingbikes of your own choice They are different heavy bikes named asthe skyline, desired racer, Snake racer, Black Death, and thedevil. These bikes can be purchased by the coins and cash which youwill during racing and competing with other vehicles. The closeryou bypass the traffic vehicles the more reward you will get. Soget your favorite bike and starting racing with other vehicles.Features of Bike Race Traffic Rider -Variety of heavy bikes-TiltControls-Turbo NOS to boost the speed up the heavy bikes!-Rideheavy bikes on endless HighWay-Outstanding realistic 3Denvironment.-Endless gameplay Ride the most powerful Bikes amongthe bike games 2017. Determine How far and fast you can ride inthis moto rider game??Accept the challenges of this addictive andrealistic physics-based bike racing game! Ride your bike along thebeach in extreme summer weather condition, in deserts and in icyenvironment for ultmate fun and enjoyment in this moto riderhighway traffic game.Use your extreme driving skills to drive yourheavy bikes over smooth and never-ending Highway offered by3coderbrainstudio. Download it now to enjoy the adventure of heavybike racing…..
Highway traffic racer 2017 - city car rider 3D 1.0
Highway traffic racer 2017 - city car rider 3DDo you ever try forracing cars and trucks while following no traffic rules and speedlimit? Now get yourself ready for racing with every kind ofvehicles. Overcome your fear of extreme driving and be a superdriver hero in this limitless traffic highway car racer game.Fasten your seatbelt, drift your super-fast sports car in thishighway traffic racer 2017 racing game. This endless car riderhighway racer will give you extreme thrill and ridiculous highwaytraffic rider experience. This traffic racing game takes theendless racing genre to extreme next generation challenge. Enjoythe adventure of racing fever in this race car simulatorgame.Traffic highway racer game is developed for those who areconfident in their car driving and racing abilities. This extremeracing simulator on the highway contains heavy traffic includingtrucks, cars, fire fighters etc., realistic controller, engine andamusing game sounds and detailed car interiors. Go and ride on theasphalt highway, blackened the streets with extreme car driftingand ride your luxury car in the wandering streets and on theasphalt track of city. Play this extreme sports rally racing intraffic highway racer game. Pass the highway traffic closely &swap among new tracks to gain high bonus scores and control yourracing car with incredible fastest speed during traffic rush timeon the busiest roads of the city! Play this adventurous highwaytraffic racing game. Now this is the time to play impossibledriving games with luxurious cars on impossible tracks. It requiresextreme driving skills to drive safely in this traffic rider carsimulator game.Get in your car and drive your racing car on highwaywith extreme maximum speed to earn maximum cash to unlock otherluxurious cars. Take your Head out of the car and drive as fast asyou can to be the best traffic rider of the car racing world. Let’sperform the challenging, thrilling and furious fantasy crazy stuntsby playing impossible driving games on dangerous tracks. It’s timeto race the traffic and complete all the challenging impossibletracks. Show your professional car driving skills in one of thebest real physics based arcade game on store. On highway there maybe other traffic racers competing with other traffic rider forbeating them. Get a Ride at crazy racing tracks in the mid of cityhighway traffic rush on impossible tracks due to heavy trafficrush. Hold the steering of your car and drive your rally carvehicle and dodge highway traffic riders to get bonuses and gainmore gold coins to unlock new environments and latest vehicles forchallenge and fun. This car traffic racer game is absolutely freeracing game for the entire car racing lovers on the store. You candrag your car on highway to perform real traffic stunts whiledriving and racing car among different traffic vehicles. It’s timeto get the real racing challenge and be a real highway legend heroby driving sports cruiser on highway with nitro booster n crazyspeedy stunts. Features of Highway traffic racer 2017 - city carrider 3D• Variety of luxurious cars• Tilt Controls• Turbo NOS toboost the speed of cars• Outstanding realistic 3D environment.•Select your desire environment.• multiple game modes• press brakebutton to slow down• switch between different camera views• EndlessgameplayUse your extreme driving skills to drive latest luxuriouscars over smooth and never ending Highway offered by3coderbrainstudio. Download it now to enjoy the adventure oftraffic racer car racing…..
Street Car parking - Driving School Sim 2017 1.0.3
Street Car parking 2017 is one of the best parking games availableon Google play store for challenging all the gamers who claim theirselves to be an expert and professional in parking and chained carsdriving games. Play store is full of traditional parking anddriving simulation games but the game play of such kinds of gamesseems to be boring and repetitive. After installing real carparking and car driving game you will be amused by interesting andlengthy game play. In Real Car Parking 2017 you will enjoy drivingand parking of numerous luxury cars. After playing smart CarParking 2017; you will experience that driving luxurious cars arevery smooth, easy and joyous but to be professional and expert inparking cars precisely is very complicated and real toughchallenging task. This real and smart car parking game will beserved as driving school game for the car parking and car drivinglovers. Street Car Parking 2017 is very entertaining game alongwith challenging tasks and trial of your driving and parkingexpertise. TRAINED YOURSELF AS A REAL PROFESSIONAL CAR DRIVER Realcar parking 3D 2017 provides you hours of challenging andinteresting car parking tasks. If you want to improve and masteryour driving and parking skills then this car parking game is madefor you and it will be served as driving school game. This gamecontains different dared and challenging tasks which will assessand test your driving and observing abilities. Amazing parkingstates and positions with hurdles is the key of entertainment inReal Car parking challenge 2017. Sea port environment along withcontainers, heavy machineries and vehicles make the surroundingsmore attractive and beautiful. ADVANTAGES OF REAL CAR PARKING GAMEIn practical real life you may have observed that no matter howproficiently you can drive cars and other vehicles but at the timeof parking, you get panicking and fed up from observing andmeasuring little distances because you are not used to it. So thisdriving school and parking game will let you to increase yourobserving and measuring abilities in real life too. The otheradvantage of Real Car Parking game is that it will test yourdriving skills as well as your critical thinking control. Apartfrom playing and enjoying you learn the moral values like patiencebecause you have to be very cool minded and cautious while parkingas your one mistake can lose the game. Attractive and HD seaportenvironment will make this parking game more interesting, becauseit contains day & night mode, graphics settings and interestingsounds. Features of Real Car Parking 2017 pro • Day and Night mode• 10+ luxurious cars • 100+ challenging levels • Real Physicscontrols on all cars • Different types of rims • Select best colorfor your favorite car • Graphics quality settings • Controlsettings i.e. steering, tilt and button controls • Differentluxurious car can be purchased. • Precise parking • Offline gameplay • Real 3D sea port environment • HD graphics • Amusing soundsIt is highly addictive game for everyone. Just download it now andenjoy the thrill of Driving and Parking game.
Uphill offroad bus driving sim 1.0.9
Uphill offroad bus driving sim 2017 is an outstanding game thatlets you to be an extreme tourist bus driver. Wonderful 3D mountainenvironment, real bus engine physics, and movement of passengersand tourists will make you feel like an actual bus driver. Drivingtourist bus coach full of tourists is really a challenging task.Your duty is to pick up the tourists and drop them off safe andsound to their endpoints or destinations. Uphill offroad busdriving and Bus parking is a game for all those who are crazy forbus driving simulation games. Take on the life-threatening hilldriving adventure in this extreme off-road bus driving game andshow your precise driving and parking skills by transportingtourists to their destination by passing through beautifulmountains, rocks and water. There are no pet driving rules, sodrive as fast as you can but be cautious about the safety andsecurity of the tourists. Start the life taking offroad tour andfeel the excitement and adventure of driving heavy vehicletransportation bus in this mountain tourist bus driving game. Drivedifferent buses for hours and drop the passengers to theirdestinations. Tourists and other passengers want to reach theirdestinations on time so make use of your expert driving skills totake them but avoid roadside accidents as the traffic vehicles areflowing from both sides. You have to be very careful at some turnsbecause these turns are very sharp and curvy. Your one mistake canlead to dangerous situations, so be careful and drive & parkthe bus coach by using all your senses. You can test your drivingskills by playing free mode. Once you master the offroad drivingskills then you can go for carrier mode for different challengingmissions. Earn as much as you can by carrying tourists in thismarvelous uphill bus simulation game. You can unlock other buses byinvesting the cash which you would earn by transporting thepassengers and other tourists, these buses are differ in theirengine power, speed and look n feel. Features of Uphill offroad busdriving: • Adventurous & exciting multiple challenging levels.• Extreme off road stunts • Character Animations • Free and carriermode • Door open/close animations • HD and Amazing 3D Graphics •Day Mode gameplay • Realistic controls over the offroad environment• Easy and free to use • Offline Game Play • Amazing camera view todeliver you realistic bus driving experience • Explore thebeautiful open world hilly and mountainous environment So!! Whatare you waiting for? Download it now for extreme offroad drivingexperience, and master the skills of driving long vehicles over thecurvy roads of hilly areas.
Impossible Limo Driving stunt Simulator-Tracks 17 1.0.1
You might have played many Impossible Limo Driving simulator stuntgames but I bet, you have never played impossible limo drivingstunt simulator car on higher altitudes. It is very risky to drivelimo cars on such unlimited heights because when you are climbingat higher altitudes then life can get pretty miserable and you canfall at any point. So fasten your seat belts and try to take thedares on fast n furious life-threatening impossible limo drivingtracks for performing limo car stunts and competent enough tomaster it. You must try to check either you can survive whileperforming extreme limo stunts on impossible paths or you die infew seconds. The crazy, challenging and furious limo car fantasystunts on extreme impossible tracks will blow your mind. Extremestunt hurdles environment make this game highly addictive andchallenging. Take fast and furious high jumps on huge containerramps; accelerate through metallic containers. In this ImpossibleLimo Driving Simulator Tracks you can perform difficult crazystunts of 2017. Being a furious and expert driver put your seatbelt to perform deadly stunts in these luxurious limo cars. Acceptthe impossible challenge of dangerous driving. This Impossibletrack: stunning limo stunt game is jam-packed with, drift, extremestunts, mid-air jumps, container jumps, real time limo driving andmuch more. Show your stunt driving skills on impossible tracks andrace with yourself. Get yourself ready to perform amazing limo carstunts on metallic container ramps forming impossible tracks.Impossible tracks-stunt limo car: contains genuine physics enginebased limousines and challenging stunt missions that will make itmore adventurous and addictive game. The wonderful and luxuriouslimo car stunt simulator provides you tons of exciting levels withgreat interior feels and amusing. This modern limo car stunt anddrag racing game in impossible tracks filled with full action andfree style stunt driving on container ramps. You can use all threesteering controls including button controls, tilt controls andsteer wheel controls for handling your luxurious limousines cars. Alimo car stunt on impossible tracks is really a breath taking game.You have to be very cautious and careful while driving as your onemistake can end the game. Features of Impossible limo drivingsimulator Tracks stunts 3D • Multiple luxurious limousine cars •Multiple challenging levels • Day and Night mode • Real Physicscontrols on all limo cars • Control settings i.e. steering, tiltand button controls • Different luxurious limousines cars can bepurchased. • Precise Driving • Offline game play • Real 3Denvironment • HD graphics • Amusing sounds It is highly addictivegame for limo driving stunt gamers. Just download it now and enjoythis highly challenging and addictive game for free.
Robots War Fighting 2019 1.1.6
Robot war is all about robot fighting; war robot is going to beyour craze if you are love playing robot shooting games. In thisfuturistic robot game you are a bot with highly secret mission, forshooting steel robots you have to go in every part of futuristicsci fi environment for completing the challenging missions. Keep inmind that in secret buildings of sci-fi realistic environment,there are sniper robots on duty to stop you. Your duty is to stopthe robot battle by killing all robo and keep moving forward untiltransformers fight is end. Aim your enemy's bots and destroy themby hitting fire button. Throw bombs and keep shooting as fast asyou can. You can increase your strength and stability by upgradingyour Mech robot. Wipe out the future unfriendly robots and turnthem into dust! In this shooting robot game, there are differentchallenging levels in this street fight of steel robots. This scifi robotic street fight is worth playing, this robotic war is goingto be held between transformer steel robots and player robotshooter. These futuristic robots in this war robot game are alienrobots, they came from other world and they want to capture mostmodern scientific lab. Let me tell you that this robotic fight inthis shooting robot game is with other robot strike force. You mayhave played many other shooting games but this steel robot shootingin this robotic fight game is worth playing. In this robot war gamethe opponent are not humans but the alien robots from the otherworld. The robot force that will fight in robotic fight isconsisting on real robots who are savior of this planet. In thisfuturistic steel red robot transformation game you have to shootmaximum zombie robots to earn maximum scores that will help you topurchase more advanced guns for shooting the enemy robots. Featuresof War Robot Fighting 2019 • Challenging and highly addictivemissions • Multiple shooting guns • Futuristic and sci fi 3Denvirionment • Smooth shooting controls • Earn score for purchasinghigh range guns • Offline gameplay • Realistic physics controls •HD Graphics and 3D environment • Highly optimized 3D models andgraphics • Amusing sounds Don’t waste your time, just downloadRobots War Fighting 2019 from store offered by 3CoderBrain Studioand enjoy the adventure of shooting enemy robots and complete thechallenging missions. And don’t forget to leave your valuablecomments on store.
Zombie Killer Sniper Shooter 1.0.2
Are you looking for zombie shooter game, then look no further. Youare on one of the rare developing studios that dedicate theirexpertise to create the outstanding and amazing games for you.Inthis zombie survival shooter game you have to show your skills,reaction and kill dozens of zombies in a realistic 3D graveyardenvironment with high quality HD graphics, horror surroundings andexciting gameplay.Virus is spread in the graveyard which is causingmany corpses and mummies turning into zombies. If this zombie squadspread into the city then this virus will prevail in the entireworld. This zombie squad will hit and bite all the citizens forspreading the deadly virus. This virus can transform a healthyperson into deadly zombie. Zombies are crumbling in graveyard.Evolved zombies walk out from dark places of grave yard, there is adanger for more people getting infected by zombie virus. Peoplewill not survive in fighting zombies war. You as the elite zombiekiller are the last hope. Save the humanity by infiltrating thezombie-infected city graveyard, stocking up on supplies, rescuingthe civilians and ushering them to safety while shooting thosemutants that gets in your way! Zombie kill shot virus War is thefirst person shooter (fps) experience for sniper shooting gameslover! It’s time to load out your weapons and get yourself fixed,go to the zombies war frontier i.e. ancient graveyard, pick yourweapon forces and attack the walking dead, make a dead target killshot and stop this zombie sensation of this zombie game.You have toface zombies from all sides, it is too dark to see clear, but theyare around us. There should be no hesitation, shoot and fight oryou will die and turn into zombies. Remember to shoot before theyshoot you, otherwise they are not that easy to kill. Features ofZombie Killer Sniper Shooter - Great control of visual angle-Bloody horror scenes- Multiple challenging missions- Variety ofdangerous Weapons- Horror environment and HD graphics.- Differenttypes of deadly zombies.- Amazing Sound and voice.- 3D HD graveyardenvironment with dark theme.- no#1 FPS (First Person shooter) gamefor sniper shooting lovers.- Target the zombies with your favouritesniper gunDon’t waste your time, just download Zombie shooting gameand enjoy the adventure of shooting enemy zombies and complete thechallenging missions. And don’t forget to leave your valuablecomments on store
zigZag Walls Run 1.0.1
zigZag Walls Runzigzag walls run is a unique and challenging gameof its own type on play store. This game helps you in improving youdecision making skills in various ways. Every new turn can resultin color switch and increased complexity level.How to Play In thiszigzag endless game one ball move to and fro between two boundarieson a thin wall and new zigzag wall is generated after every move.You have to move to the new zigzag wall in a very precise mannerbecause your one wrong decision will let you die. You have todecide intelligently and timely when to take turn for moving on theother zigzag wall otherwise you will be finished in no time. Onceyou take the wrong turn then you have to restart the game forbreaking your own record.Feature of Zigzag walls run:Real Timeaddictive game Multiple levelsComplexity increases on eachlevelColor switch on new levelShort time game playBeautifulgraphics.This is the game you have been waiting for. Install andenjoy the zigzag walls run.
Counter Terrorist Commando War - SWAT Army Strike 1.0.2
Counter Terrorist Commando War - SWAT Army Strike, is fully SWATaction packed game. Town is facing threats from terrorists andanarchist. Grand intelligence operation is being operated acrossthe town to find out terrorist hideouts. Anit-terrorist departmentsreport a suspected area in the city where suspects are hiding andplanning to execute their next attacks. You are one of the trainedSWAT Forces officer, your duty is to kill all the suspects by acounter terrorist strike on urgent basis. Play as a highly trainedcommando in this anti-terrorist operation. This is CounterTerrorist and counter terrorist strike FPS shooting game in whichyou will play as a commando fps to shoot terrorists. This wholegame is about counter terrorist attacks, deadly missions andcounter strike on terrorists. Play as a SWAT commando, counterterrorist shooter in this combat action game against terroristduring the anti-terrorist operations and strikes, you have toprotect the city as a SWAT officer, and shoot all the terrorist todeath cruelly. Terrorist has occupied some high strategic locationsand they are planning deadly terrorist attack there, you areassigned on a special anti-terrorist mission by army head quarterSWAT operation special forces. This is the time to put a counterattack on the terrorist and kill them all in as you see them. Ifyou miss to shoot any terrorist then you would be definitely deadin counter terrorist attackThese terrorists are highly experiencedin deadly shooting and know all commando action and war gamestactics. Aim precisely, move forward like a legend, be fast nfurious, you are an anti-terrorist commando. Counter attack likeaction movie hero. Shoot all the terrorists, its modern ware fare.Use latest weapons like machine gun, rifle, ak-47, Sniper etc. toshoot all the enemies.This game is very addictive and challenging,you will be definitely hooked up in this war game. Shoot all theTerrorist let them shout. Hit them hard with sniper gun bulletslike hitman. Make perfect sniper shots. These terrorists act likecontract killers, take strict action, kill shot bravo shooting man.Ranger bots ready to fight against you. Earn Cash and buy newweapons during war, fight against modern war bots, fight againstmodern army for next mission. Features of Counter Terrorist 2017 -Sniper Gun strike • Great controls• Multiple challenging missions•Variety of dangerous Weapons• Realistic desert environment and HDgraphics.• Amazing Sound and voice.• no#1 FPS (First Personshooter) game for sniper shooting lovers.• Target the robotcommandos with your favorite gun• Best shooting gameplay• Offlinegamplay• Auto shoot featureDon’t waste your time, just downloadCounter Terrorist 2017 - Sniper Gun strike game offered by3coderbrain studio and enjoy the adventure of shooting enemyterrorists and complete the challenging missions in minimum time.And don’t forget to leave your valuable comments on store.
Bike Parking 2017 - Motorcycle Racing Adventure 3D 1.1.2
Bike Parking 2017 - Motorcycle Racing Adventure 3D is the latestand one of the best parking simulator games available on store forchallenging all the gamers who claim their selves to be an expertand professional in parking and driving games. You had alwaysplayed traditional parking and driving simulation games but thegame play of such kinds of games seems to be boring and repetitive.Here we bring a new idea of bike parking in extreme situations. Inthis real bike parking and motor bike driving game you woulddefinitely enjoy the lengthy game play by riding and parkingdifferent motor bikes like quad bike, police bike, quad and highspeed motorcycle in different critical situations. In American BikeParking 2017 you will enjoy motor bike driving and bike parking ofnumerous high speed and heavy bike vehicles. In this bike parkingadventure game, you would experience that racing and speeding quadheavy bikes is easy and joyous but to be professional and expert inparking the heavy bikes is complicated and real tough challengingtask. Motorcycle parking game will be served as bike racing,driving and bike parking for motorbike lovers. Motorbike Parking2017 is very entertaining parking game along with challenging tasksand trial of your driving and speed parking expertise. If you weresearching an addictive motor bike game with highly challenging gameplay, then enjoy this bike parking mania 3d simulator game. Thisbike parking crazy game contains various parking motorcycles forlearning the parking in tough situations. If you are bike parkinglover then this bike parking mania game is developed for you. Inthis bike parking mania 3d game you would have numerous latestparking motorcycles for racing and parking. Start playing thisparking motorcycle and win all the game challenging levels to proveyourself a parking expert. Bike parking and motorcycle parking 2017is developed for parking bikes in modern and busy city. This gamewould be serve as bike parking school for you. Multi level bikeparking 3D 2017 provides you hours of challenging and interestingheavy bike parking tasks. If you want to improve and master yourdriving and parking skills then this quad bike parking game is madefor you and it will be served as driving school game for you. Thishigh speed heavy bike parking game contains different dared andchallenging tasks which will assess and test your bike driving,parking and observing abilities. Stunning parking states andpositions with hurdles is the key of challenge and excitement infree bike parking challenge 2017. Modern city environment alongwith skyscrapers, worth seeing scenes, beautiful light poles, wideand attractive roads with luxurious cars, buses, coaches etc. Youwill definitely enjoy quad bike parking in this attractive cityenvironment. The main advantage of heavy bike Parking game is thatit will test your driving skills as well as your critical thinkingcontrol. Apart from playing and enjoying you learn the moral valueslike tolerance and patience because you have to be very cool mindedand cautious while parking as your one mistake can lose the game.Attractive and HD modern city environment will make this parkinggame more interesting, because it contains day & night mode,graphics settings and interesting sounds. Features of Bike Parking2017 pro • Day and Night mode • Multiple luxurious and latest bikes• 100+ challenging levels • Real Physics controls on all bikes •Graphics quality settings • Different bikes can be purchased. •Precise parking • Offline game play • Real 3D modern cityenvironment • HD graphics • Bike meter • Bike Nozzle for extremejumping • Amusing sounds It is highly addictive game for speedparking and driving games lovers. Just download it now and enjoythe thrill of Driving and bike Parking game.
US OffRoad Army Truck driver 2017 1.0.6
Prepare yourself for playing most adventurous off-road army truckdriving game on deadly tracks of offroad. Let’s have driving ofarmy truck from us army military base camp. You are playing asmilitary truck driver of a army transporter truck and as a militaryofficer driver and you have to drive an army 4x4 truck acrossforests, uphill mountains etc. to drop army commando sniper, oiltanker, war field tanks and other military cargo to their checkposts safely. Extreme driving duty, deadly track, limited time andhilly areas are the most challenging tasks for a military officerdriver to drive on. Use your experienced off-road driving skillsand drive armed truck, transport soldiers, army cargo goods andarmy vehicles from one base camp to other base camp or check postfor army survival. Armed soldiers are ready for fighting inbattlefield and their cargo is ready to deliver at war battlefield. As a professional off-road army truck driver you have toshow your expert army driving skills and get ready for extremelydangerous offroad army drive with a variety of crazy vehiclesincluding armed trucks, military trailers, 6x6 trucker, army prado,military hammer, army 4x4 jeep, oil tanker, cargo transporter trucketc. to drive on deadly impossible tracks. Keep driving armyammunition truck to unlock your desired army 4x4 truck to transportmilitary officer from base camp to army check post located indeadly mountains. Army truck parking gives you a real experience ofan army off road driving. Drive through an army check for a realarmy simulation of a military off road drive in this army parkinggame. This drive army check post truck driving is a free gameavailable for a cargo loader transport truck game fans and for armyparking games players. Your duty is to drive army truck andtransport soldiers, war materials, tanks etc in this militaryparking game. Apart from of 4x4 army oil truck driving, you canhave adventure of realistic off road army truck driving experience,you have to drive 4x4 oil truck as a military officer driver withprofessional driving skills and experties. This us army trainingschool and driving game is free and best than the other new offroadarmy truck driving games available on the store. Features ofoff-road army truck driver • Adventurous & exciting multiplechallenging levels. • Multiple army vehicles like tanks,containers, army jeeps etc • Extreme off road stunts • CharacterAnimations • HD and Amazing 3D Graphics • Day Mode gameplay •Realistic controls over the offroad environment • Easy and free touse • Offline Game Play • Amazing camera view to deliver yourealistic bus driving experience • Explore the beautiful open worldhilly and mountainous environment This off-road army truck is themost realistic truck game on the store. Deliver cargo from one armycheckpost to another. And drive to explore off-road environment andtest your army driving skills and expertise. If you wanna be atruck driver and its imposibble for some reason for you, so youhave to try army driving game, so don’t waste your time justdownload this us army truck driving game now.
Racing in car 2018 - City traffic racer driving 1.0.5
Racing in car 2018 - City traffic racer driving is an extremelyadventurous highway racing game. Just enjoy the ultimate racingfever in extreme situations. The highway traffic gives you theamazing and most satisfying traffic escape experience which youwould never learn in any driving school. You have to be the king ofhighway drift racing on the asphalt roads of street racing game!This city racing game is starting on the endless busy roads and onthe rushy highway. You have to be very careful. Highways and roadsare ubiquitous with high-speed racing cars. Heavy traffic vehiclesmay hit you. Only experienced and professional racers can perfectlyavoid all the vehicles on the road. You have to be experiencedenough to face all exciting challenges in this racing fever ofdrifting car games. This is city racing of highway traffic riderson asphalt roads of endless tracks. Every mode would be a newexperience while playing racing in the car game. Each mode has itsown attraction, feeling and atmosphere. Drive racing cars amongcomplex heavy traffic vehicles on the roads be a real racer in thisreal racing and real driving game. Racing in car 2018 - Citytraffic racer is a free traffic rider game on the store. It’s timeto show your talent of action stunt drive and be ready to drag yourcar on heavy traffic highway and be a super hero of drifting andracing games. Many traffic racer are driving their heavy vehiclesfor racing in the car, you need to focus on driving and racing toavoid any accident and injury. Accelerate your car and dodge cityvehicles as you are taking part in death race just for winning.Traffic racers love to spend their time while playing free racinggames among traffic tour. So let’s drive the racing car on heavytraffic highway more n more in this racing car game. You have toearn maximum score to buy latest csr racing car for enjoying theracing fever. Surroundings, atmosphere, and environment of Racingin car 2018 - City traffic racer driving gives you a real feelingof simulation. You would love to drag new super speed racing car onthe rushy highway against traffic racers of different vehicles.Enjoy the adventurous track of the free endless racing game. Youwill forget all driving games after playing this traffic racergame. This is the new approach of driving with real super speed carreal car racing. Let’s enjoy the exciting road trip with yourlatest racing cars for satisfying your racing fever as extremetraffic rider. ***** Features of Racing in Car 2018 ***** •Multiple luxurious cars • Different gameplay modes e.g. sunny mode,rainy mode and night mode • Customize the color of car of yourchoice • Different tracks for car racing like one way, two way,time and bomb mode • Compete with yourself • Realistic physics ofall the vehicles • Adjust graphics according to your device •Smooth and realistic car controls including gyro and touch controls• Realistic HD environment and graphics • Customize the tires ofcars of your choice • Capable of playing on all devices duegraphics settings Racing in car 2018 - City traffic racer drivingis a free racing game for car racing and car drifting lovers. It’stime to get the real racing challenge for becoming a real highwaylegend among all traffic racers. So don’t waste your time, justdownload this racing in car game and enjoy the ultimate fun ofdrifting and racing.
Chained Cars 3D Racing 2017 - speed drift driving 1.0.2
Chained Cars 3D Racing 2017 and speed drift driving game is totallya new and unique stunt chain breaker car racing game on asphaltroads of endless impossible tracks. Chained cars 3D is a freeracing game full of adventurous simulation for the players who arecourageous enough to drive challenging drifting vehicles on asphaltroads of endless tracks. You need to be always ready for chainedramp cars challenge on endless tracks and compete against the enemyAI car with chained drift tracks car. Try this unbelievable andastonishing simulation of racing experience of driving chained carsand you need to avoid break chain in any case. HD graphics of thischallenging luxury chained car and different types of endlesstracks of desert and city will definitely entertain you and makeyour mind for playing this crazy muscle car chained driving inextreme conditions. You just have to control the acceleration andspeed of chained cars 3D and save the racing cars from smashingwith other and also avoid hitting the hurdles otherwise you willbreak chain of the luxurious racing car and will lose the game inno time. You need to take care of crazy classic cars to accomplishthe challenging missions successfully by accelerating chained carvery carefully otherwise you may break the chain in super carracing game. In this car stunt driving game you need to be aprofessional stunt driver of all types of muscle cars. Stay focusedon your missions and finishes all the exciting challenges with yourspeed drift driving experience and with your will power, thischained death racing car will capture your mind and you will playfor completing the challenging missions for hour. Get into yourluxurious car and show your talent by tricky race driving and stuntdriving in the endless tracks of chained cars impossible drivingsimulator game. There may be many generas of extreme cars likeextreme racing, car jumping, stunt driving, classic car rival etc.but this car game is totally different from all other cars games.During driving chained cars with extreme sports robot car you needto use your professional stunt driving techniques but this is notany traditional car parking, car racing or stunt driving game. Thisgame is a master piece for extreme challenging drivers who love todrive and perform stunts on any cost. So , show your experienceddriving skills on extreme tracks for controlling the acceleration,breaks, turns & speed before it break chains of cars extremelydangerous jumping tracks of city. Main purpose of this rope cardrift racer is to make the players crazy driver of variousluxurious cars. Exciting levels and challenging missions will makeyou busy in free time. Now its time to buckle up your seat beltsand grab the steering of the car professionally on deadly roads andtracks of desert and city. You might have played many stunt anddrag racing game but in this chain car vehicle game you will beaddicted of this unique game-play. Get yourself ready for endlessexcitement and enjoy the battle of cars. *** Features of ChainedCars 3D Racing 2017 - speed drift driving *** • Multiple modes •Adventurous & exciting multiple challenging levels. •Challenging routes • Realistic luxurious cars on impossible tracksof busy cities • Realistic and smooth controls • HD and Marvelous3D Graphics • Day Mode gameplay • Easy and free to play • OfflineGame Play • Explore the beautiful open world desert and city •Highly optimized- ready to use on all low end devices ***How ToPlay*** Accelerate your car and race against enemy AI car Avoidhitting all the hurdles Don’t let the chain break otherwise youwill lose the game. Don’t waste your precious time on searching carparking games, car stunts games or car driving games etc. Justdownload this and enjoy extreme fun of driving chained cars onextremely deadly tracks of deserts and cities.
Robots War Fighting 2 - futuristic battle machines 1.0.1
Robot war game is all about robot fighting; war robot game is goingto be your love if you are mad about playing robot shooting games.In this futuristic robot game you are a bot with highly secretmission, for shooting war robots, you have to go in every part offuturistic sci fi environment for completing the challenging tasksas robot fighter. Always remember that in secret buildings ofsci-fi realistic environment, there are always some sniper robotson duty to stop you. Your duty is to stop the robot battle bykilling all robo and keep moving forward until transformer fight isend and you become among robot fighting champions of iron war.Shootyour enemy's bots and destroy them by hitting fire button and killall fighting robots. Fire though rocket launchers and keep shootingas fast as you can till ultimate robot fighting come to end. Youcan also increase your strength and stability by purchasing yourMech robot from robot selection when you have enough in-game cash.Eliminate the future unfriendly robots and turn them into dust andstop the bot fighting to make the world peaceful place to live!Thisshooting robot game is full of different challenging missions andenjoy clash of robots in this street fight of steel robots. Thisgrand sci fi robotic street fight is very addictive among robotfighting games and worth playing that may engaged you for hours.Great robotic war is going to be held between transformer steelrobots and player robot shooter which you would not find inordinary robot transformer games. Futuristic robots in this warrobot game are alien robots, these iron robots came from differentplanets and they want to capture most modern scientific lab in thisrobot battle game. You should know that this robotic fight in thisshooting robot game is with other robot strike forces that coverfire for destroying the human civilization. You may have triedother robot combat games but this mech robot shooting game is worthplaying of all robot games. In this robot war game the enemies arenot humans actually these alien transformer robots are from theother galaxy. You have to shoot maximum iron robots for earningmaximum cash which will help you to buy more powerful robots. Youneed to focus on cross fire for shooting the grand enemy robots inthis robot fighting games. Robots War Fighting 2 - World Battlemachines transformer simulation game will give you challengingcompetition among the villain robots in this robot fighting game.***Features of Robots War Fighting 2 battle machines ***•Challenging and highly addictive missions• Multiple shooter robotswith latest weapon system• Futuristic and sci fi 3D environment•Smooth shooting and moving controls• Earn score for purchasing moreequipped robots• Offline gameplay• Realistic physics controls• Killthe robot enemies coming your way• HD Graphics and 3D environment•Highly optimized 3D models and graphics• Amusing soundsDon’t wasteyour precious time on searching robot games fighting etc. justdownload Robots War Fighting 2017 from store offered by 3CoderBrainStudio and enjoy the adventure of shooting enemy robots of botgames and complete the challenging missions. And don’t forget toleave your valuable comments on store.
Dead Zombie Shooter - Graveyard fighting 1.0.3
Halloween zombie shooting-graveyard target killing is a free fpsshooting game that kills zombies with deadly weapons of player. Youhave to take aim very precisely, shoot Halloween zombies for yoursurvival in the dark graveyard of the deadly city. Just kill zombiewaves with combat killer deadly guns, and show the expertise ofshooting in this zombies shooting game. In Halloween zombieshooting game you have to fight at frontlines with the heroicweapons as a zombie hunter for the killing of zombies at the scarygraveyard. Halloween zombie pumpkins are wandering openly in thedeadly graveyard so you need to kill all zombies from distance withyour guns, rifle or shotgun etc. If they approach you then you canbe killed and all dead zombies trigger will spread in the city.That’s why you need to be professional killer and shooter by makingstrong stand frontlines and shooting the Halloween zombies forsaving the city from fatal attacks of zombies. Beware of your ammo,don’t waste bullets by firing blindly, you have limited stock ofguns, bullets, ammo etc for completing the mission. Play and enjoythe best sniper zombie shooting game. Use zombie ending weapons tofight against these fatal zombies to save the city on Halloweenevent in this Halloween zombie shooting-graveyard target fightinggame. Fire carefully in survival zombie war between deadly zombiesand highly equipped army man against the zombie attack and be bestzombie shooter. Zombie war has begun you have to fightstrategically in frontline till zombie apocalypse. Protect yourselfagainst zombie assaults as a military survivor in this Halloweenzombie horror game and against the attack of different dead bodies.You have to purchase the best gun for dead zombie target killing toavoid any dangerous outcome. Be a professional shooter for becomingzombie heroin zombie survival games. ***Features of Halloweenzombie shooting *** • Challenging and highly addictive missions •horror scenes • Different types of deadly zombies • latest weaponsystem for killing the zombies • Smooth shooting and movingcontrols • Earn score for purchasing more advanced guns • Offlinegameplay • Realistic physics controls • Kill the zombie's enemiescoming your way • HD Graphics and 3D environment • Highly optimized3D models and graphics • Amusing sounds • 3D HD graveyardenvironment with the dark theme. • no#1 FPS (First Person Shooter)game for sniper shooting lovers • Target the zombies with yourfavorite sniper gun Zombies killer 2017 is full of differentvariety of weapons, different strategies to kill Halloween zombies,unlike other Halloween zombie shooting games. It’s time to equipyou with your favorite and best gun for clearing the graveyard sothat Halloween zombies may not spread in the streets of the city.Just download it and enjoy the ultimate shooting fun for free…
World Tanks War Machines - US Army Battle Strike 1.2
Tanks war has begun, its time to make proper strategy on thebattlefield by tank driving on the perfect location and destroyenemies’ tanks. Aim precisely and blast enemies’ tank forces withyour latest tanks equipped with high range bombs. Save your landfrom the bomb attacks of enemies with your army tank and be a worldwar hero of tanks fighting games. Your land has been viciouslyattacked by brutal enemies, you have to move forward to destroy allwar machines scattered in the colony to win the revolutionary warfor saving your country. This is the time of your survival so shoottanks to end the tanks battle and be a legendary tank driver. Inthis game of tanks, all tankers are equipped with high rangeprojectile destructive bombs for destroying all robot tanks of theopponent army. Make deadly bomb attacks to stop enemies toanticipate in your holy land in this game of war and be amongheroes of war in this army tanks game by showing real courage andstrength. You can be attacked by all sides so you can’t surrenderand have only two choices either to wait to let them destroy you orstrike them back with all your strength and power to be the hero offree tank games. Enjoy this fighter tanks war machines as amilitary officer of us army for conquering your enemies and enjoyarmy tank games. This game of world war 2018 is about invading ofrobot tanks entering in your land for conquering you, so you haveto fight back like heroes of war for saving your country by makingdeadly attacks with your projectile missiles fixed in your tanks.Your government is waiting for you as you have army tank drivingexperience on the battlefield to save your offroad hills andgrounds from paranoid enemies. This army tank game is the perfectplatform to show your professional tank attack hills in thetoughest time of war when you are surrounded by deadly tanksattacking you. So hit them hard with your with your military tankand shoot tanks with power for invading your opponents. Now it’sthe time to counterblast the tanks war machines and to stop themilitary forces moving towards your borders and lands, unlike otherarmy fighting games. Wipe out their tank fleet by having a battleof tanks on your borders and hills to be a champ of tanker games.Accelerate your tank and start tank driving in the battlefields ofdeadly war and blow your enemies robot tanks with perfect strategyand planning. This is the time to get into your tank warriors, takeit to the battlefields and be a hero of the world of steel byblowing away opponents military in this revolutionary wargame.  This robot tanker is the super tank of tanks fightinggame that contains simple tank controls, planning to overcomeenemies’ strike, projectile cannons, HD graphics and realisticenvironment. How to play: Avoid aimless cannon firing like othertank games 3d. You have to measure your enemies' distance or nextmove for firing on enemy tank’s weakest part for destroying it onone cannonball if it is missed then wait for reloading of armor andcannons, so your calculations should be accurate for projectilecannon because you can be fired and dead by the enemy duringreloading. *** Features of world tanks war machines - us armybattle strike 2018 *** *Multiple challenging tank shooting missions*Different fighter tanks *Multiple modes *Observe carefully formaking projectile aim at enemy's tanks *Physics based tank gameexperience *Real clash of tanks mania *Real war environment forfighting with your enemies Don’t waste your time in searching tankswar game or war games just download it now and be a tank driver toenjoy extreme world war fighting fun and challenge your friends insurvival mode
Extreme Street Racing in Car: Driving Simulator 1.0.1
It's time to start street racing drift on asphalt roads for winningagainst endless racers. This extreme car racing game is fullyequipped with fast and luxurious sports cars for drifting onasphalt tracks. Extreme street racing in car is developed only forhigh speed drifting lovers who are crazy for playing drifting cargames. Enjoy fast speed driving like the king of street racing. Youcan enhance your driving skills in this impossible car stunt gameby driving wildly on deadly tracks of the city streets. Have acompetition with your friends and beat them by playing likeprofessional street racers and be a king of car racing games 3d.Different modes street racing make this game more interesting andchallenging. Tell your competitors that you are the best in realcar fighting games with extraordinary speed driving experience.Prove yourself that you are undefeatable in drifting games of carsimulator. Take sharp turns on curvy roads, drive on highestacceleration for defeating your rivals who are master of car battlegames. For gaining mature driving skills you need; you mustexercise driving on different tracks with multiple modes of racingand drive ahead for more glory. Hold the steering and start drivinglike pro city driver for earning cash for unlocking or purchasingthe other luxurious racing cars. Fasten your seat belt and getyourself ready for the most adventurous nitro nation race gamedeveloped for car racing games lovers who love to burn their tireson impossible asphalt tracks of the modern city. Let's start fromthe garage, select your favorite sports racing car, customize itaccording to your choice and interest. Then go the race track forcompeting with your rivals in this extreme driving game. If youwant to race with no limits, then get the most thrilling car ofyour choice from the garage and start racing on the tracks forchallenging your competitors and tell them you are impossible tobeat in city driving. Jus apply nitro notion and boost your speedin order to remain first on the racing tracks. Go behind thesteering wheel of your favorite car in this road racing car actiongame. There are multiple modes, in the time trial you have to atthe first position at the end of every time frame if your racing onthe last then you will be eliminated from the race with no warning.In knock out round one player has to be eliminated who is at endposition at the completion of each lap. In checkpoints mode, youhave to be the fastest among all endless racers for winning thisgame. In drift mode, you have be to drift master and drift king forwinning this crazy car speed game. Drive on the deadly tracks ofasphalt, overtake your rival cars, hit them hard and dodge them towin and finish the race. You can use nitro notion for boosting yourcar on the highway for taking the lead. It's time to test your carskills like in any driving school n road driving of race tracks. Bean extremely professional racing driver for winning the race onendless roads. Get cash by playing more and more for upgrades andfor purchasing new cars. Accelerate your engine for the limitlessrace and compete with ai cars and defeat them on deadly racetracks. *** Features of extreme street racing in car: drivingsimulator *** • Multiple Challenging tracks • Latest sports racingcars • Extreme drifting on deadly impossible tracks • Multipleadventurous modes • HD graphics • Extreme fun and challengeDownload this realistic car racing game from the store and enjoythis street racing game by competing with your friends and lovedones...
Train Simulator 2018 - Euro Subway Driving 3D 1.0.1
Train simulator 2017 is one of the best train games play availablein store that would let you to become a crazy train driver in notime. Detailed 3D environment with multiple modes like city, desertand snow mode environment make this train driving game moreattractive and amazing. Latest bullet train and other metro trainsgive you realistic feeling as you are driving a real steam andelectric engine with ultra high speed in meadows of green hills.You have to be a transporter train driver by showing yourprofessional skills on the railway tracks covered with snow andsand in some areas. In your childhood, you might be curious abouttrain driving like how it moves and how the driver controls such amonster vehicle loaded with hundreds of passengers. Now its time tovanish your all childhood curiosities by playing our train drivinggame, freely available at the store for all people and check thetrain running status on the dashboard for controlling it with care.You have to control the engine power, go through all subwaystations and drop the tourists and passengers safely to theirdesired railway stations. This real train simulator has fun forboth kids and adults who loved bullet train online games on theirhandset and who are fond of making adventurous trips to deserts andsnowy mountains. Load the passengers from different stations alongwith their carriage and transport them to their destination railwaystation in this subway train simulator.This train driving game is agolden opportunity to prove yourself as professional andexperienced train driver by riding a train on deserts, snow andcity area with little hills. You will experience a real trainstunts and amazing driving in winter slow fall with amusing andrealistic sounds. There are multiple challenging missions forextreme fun and excitement. Tourists and passengers are waiting,you have to pick them up along with their cargo and drive to otherdestination as cargo train driver so take them safely by avoidingany train crash. You must follow train timings because allpassengers and tourists are dependent on you for reaching theirdestinations. There are many trains available on the train storeyou can purchase it with the coins earned while playing the game.So play game train maximum to earn more coins for purchasing thelatest trains.Let's start a ride on a super train in this eurotrain simulator game. Enjoy orange train along with others forultimate fun and enjoyment. You can enjoy a variety of services atone app like Indian train simulator, Pakistan express train, USAtrain etc. Being a train driver; passengers and tourists’ safetymust be your first priority and moral duty. You have to be anefficient and active driver in this train simulation game.HOW TOPLAYTrain driving simulator has very realistic controls on yourfingertips and very easy to understand. Swipe the slider to drivethe train, move the slider up and down to control the speed of thetrain. Use left and right arrow keys to turn the train onjunctions. Press the red rounded button for an emergency stop toavoid any train accident or any train attack from opposite sidewhile crossing desolated area. Reduce the train speed whilereaching near a railway station and be precise while train parkingin the green shadow area on each station and avoid train racingwith other vehicles. **** Features of train simulator 2018 ****•Multiple modes i.e snow mode, desert mode, city mode• Adventurous& exciting multiple challenging levels.• Challenging routes•Realistic and smooth controls• HD and Amazing 3D Graphics• Easy andfree to use• Offline Game Play• Amazing camera views to deliver yourealistic train driving experienceIf you have the dream to becomeprofessional and experienced train engine driver then just downloadthis train simulation game for ultimate fun and unlimitedexcitement and avoid other train driving games for more challenge.
US Army Training Camp: Commando Force Courses 2018 1.0.7
US army training camp: commando force courses 2018 is a fullyaction packed game with special training to army officers andcommanders for facing any extremely challenging conditions. In usaarmy training game, each mission is fully loaded with challenginghurdles and combat training tools to survive in any circumstanceduring wars. As for us army military officer you should be capableof survive actively during any crisis or critical strike etc. andit would be possible if you would complete all the pieces oftraining mandatory for becoming for becoming a part of specialoperations forces. Its the time be a loyal officer of us andRussian army training schools by becoming the member of armytraining boot camps and military force. This is not an ordinary usarmy commando mission game, you have to play with your life tobecome the strongest army commando to defeat the world. This usarmy game is not just about to train with push ups, sit ups, rollover, running or jogging exercises: in fact, this commandoadventure game is to train with incredible obstacles which you havenever seen before this us army school game. There are a variety offatal metallic bob pendulums are oscillating if they hit you thenyou be would die and your army training session will be terminated,you have to restart the game for resuming your free army trainingcourse. You have to prepare yourself for worst scenario of armywar, you may have to fight in the hot dangerous deserts or in denseforests, you must always be ready for surviving in any situation.You must learn to follow us army unit rules to avoid any mistakebecause your one mistake can lead to defeat mission us in the warfield. During military training, you would see death very closelywhile crossing life-threatening obstacles and hurdles which can hityou badly that will make you out of the sense for a while. You haveto make yourself hardest us commando of the army by climbing highwalls of the net, by jumping from walls and high ropes. You have tojump from rings of fire command war hero of free army games andcommando games. You have to cross pips holes very carefully bycrouching in them to become the hero in training of army game. Inthis free army training game, you may also have to save yourselffrom iron blades and dangerous fences. During army training thereis one rule which has to hard work all the time, you can not relaxfor a second otherwise your trainer will punish you hard. Combattraining is not an ordinary task, only army commandos are capableof completing their training tasks. Army games free 3d real missionis actually developed for counter-terrorist training for savingyour people from terrorists. If you face these difficulties of usarmy training mania then you would be able to maintain the peace ofyour country against the wrong intentions of militants. If you haveany interest in army joining then it would be your best us armysoldier training because you would love its adventure and varietyof deadly obstacles which make you a real army officer. You willbecome best frontline antiterrorist army officer by playing thiscommando adventure game. Enemies can be found anywhere so you haveto prepare yourself for the gorilla war by extreme tough trainingof wall and rope climbing, passing through sewerage pipes, jumpingon metallic drums etc. This army training course would make enoughstrong and brave that will be absolutely fearless and can fightwith any on in any dangerous situation. *** Features of us armytrainings camp 2018 *** Multiple challenging missions • Deadlyobstacles • Realistic 3D environment • Multiple foji characters •Breathtaking training courses • Highly addictive gameplay • Trainedyourself as a real cadet • HD graphics Don’t waste your time insearching other us army commando training center games, justdownload this and enjoy extreme fun cross obstacles by performingdangerous stunts.
Gunship helicopter robot fighter - army air strike 1.0.3
Gunship helicopter robot fighter - us army air strike isrevolutionary war game in which you have to fight against alienrobots who have captured several islands and cities. Robots fighterwants to take the control of our world but we have to strike backwith our gunship helicopters and wipe them out with our strikefighters for ending the robot fighting. You have the most dangerouscombat helicopters equipped with deadly weapons that can destroythe robots colony in no time. You have to be very careful whileflying helicopter because enemy robot fighters are well trained dueto many robots war. These robot iron are fully loaded with latestshooting weapons and missile system. You have to be the best robothelicopter fighter for saving your people because if you miss youraim then air shooter robots can attack your futuristic helicopterand you may lose the robots fighting game. Make a proper warstrategy for saving the world because combat robots fighter haveset their headquarters in the deep see islands and they areplanning to capture the whole world in this gunship simulator. Someof their headquarters are hidden in city areas for invading thehuman beings. You have to start war rescue helicopter mission forstopping the evil alien creature otherwise they will spread on theearth and gunship robot war will begin which would causedestruction on very large scale. It's time to make the high flightin gunship robot helicopter specially designed for robot fightinggames so that helicopter robot can save precious lives of respectedcitizens. Play as superhero helicopter robot to save the peoplefrom gunship robots attacking the strike fighters of fightinghelicopters. Unlike other helicopter fighting games, this istotally different game because you have to attack deadly robots foryour gunship survival. Your helicopter is not inferior from anyrobot fighter you can treat as flying robot to defeat your cleverenemies. It's time to show your professional robot fighting andhelicopter flying skills by fighting against by fighting againstcombat robots and be a super hero of gunship helicopter simulator2018. These alien creepy robots are ubiquitous on deep-sea islandsand city areas and are affecting people by spreading fear of warshooting disaster. You have to be paranoid among robot strikefighters for fighting against these robot warriors and aliens forsaving your cities and world in such robot shooting games. Afterplaying this, you would realize that you have never played such agunship shooting game before. This is fully action packed armyhelicopter game developed for helicopter shooting lovers. Nowgunship helicopter war has begun and it would be at its peak soonthen you would have to survive in any worst situation for helpingyour gunship army commandos. In gunship helicopter war game youwould get chance to show your professional helicopter shootingskills and you would become more expert air shooter of us army.Gunship battle game environment is very attractive, you have totake flight over the deep sea and beautiful islands for fightingwith the alien robot iron. This game is different from otherhelicopter games because you don't have to fly only, along withflying you have to find your robot target and shoot them at spotunlike other robot games fighting. You to be an elite shooter forshooting the fighting robots. ***Features of Gunship helicopterrobot fighter - army air strike*** -Multiple challenging missions-variety of realistic physics based helicopters -natural andbeatutiful deep sea islands -moder city -latest and highly equippedrobots -challenging gameplay just download this helicoptersimulator for extreme robot fighting with gunship helicopters.
City gangster mafia 2018 - Real theft driver 1.0.3
City gangster mafia 2018 - Real theft is a mafia game of citygangsters and Miami criminals who are scaring the city. In thisgangster simulator game, you have to be a clever thug for fightingagainst other mafia criminals. You have to fight for grandgangsters team to rule the crime city in this super gangster crimegame. Steal luxurious cars from impeccable persons for increasingthe crime rate and power of gangster mafia in the city. Citygangster mafia 2018 will let you experience Vegas gangsters mafiacrimes in the city by torching the poor city guys who are busy intheir normal life. Snatch the nearby cars from passing by drivers,this criminal activity will boost your professional driving skillsthat will help in completing your crime missions of teasing thecitizens. You have to be the best real gangster warrior of Miamicrime simulator games for ruling the entire country. Be a superherocar driver for wandering in the city, boost your car exploring theopen world cities for increasing your crime areas. You need to bevery careful while car driving because police cars may chase youand arrest you in case of city crime. If they are close to you,shoot them with the pistol or fight with them for your gangstersurvival in this vegas crime game. This gangster city action gameis full of challenging missions, the police are chasing andarresting all the criminals and each Miami gangster kill onencounters in such mafia games gangster free mania. You to makeprofessional gangster escape survival, otherwise, you might be shotat any time during street crimes and gangster city crime. Be awareof secret agents they can be in a civilian dress for inspecting thesuspicious activities occurring in sin city of Miami and vegas.Security operation can be started at any time, so always be alertand hide your street crimes from all the security officersotherwise they may take your life in any encounter. Clash is alwaysthere between thugs and cops, so always ready for any attack fromyour rivals and police cops. Such a Miami shooting games are alwaysloved by people who love to shoot through pistols. Snatch cars andmotorbike for becoming theft 3d auto driver in this grand mafiagame. Go out and discover the auto 3d theft and city of sin bysnatching the latest cars and motorbikes from the rival gangsterslike in other crime games. Surviving in the city, where extremegangsters and police cops are fighting all the time is not an easytask. You always have to strive for your survival. Don’t restrictyourself, as a real gangster you are not bound by any law and rule,go and get your goal, find your enemies,Being a real gangster don’tfollow any law. There is much disturbance in the city due to streetcrimes. A Great War between crime families has started which aredestructing the whole city. *** Features of city gangster mafia2018 - Real grand driver *** -Extremely challenging multiplemissions -Realistic controls -Real 3D environment -Fight with thegangsters -Offline gameplay Download city gangster mafia 2018 andenjoy extreme fun and excitement of fighting with the gangsters.
Bottle Shooting 2018 - Real Shooter Game 1.0.4
Bottle Shooting 2018 - Real Shooter Game is one of the best bottleshooting game available in the store. Chose your favorite gun fromthe store and start shooting glass bottles with the variety of gunsfor becoming the professional shooter. Enjoy this bottle crush gameand keep on shooting with your shotgun for enhancing your shootingskills. This real bottle shooter 2018 will let you enjoy theadventure bottle blast in a unique way in every mission. You haveto aim precisely. Hold your breath and keep the focus on the bottlefree you want to break, once it is focused then fire firmly withoutmoving your gun. If you move your shot gun while shooting then youwill definitely miss the target shootout which may result inmission failure. You have to be a crazy shooter for enjoying thebottle shooter simulator game because you have to shoot for hoursfor clearing all the missions. If you are not excited or mad aboutbottle shooting then this game is definitely not developed for you.It only needs paranoid shooters for ending bottle shooter game 3d.Treat yourself as a professional sharpshooter for the becoming thehero of fps shooting games. Learn different tricks for aiming yourmoving targets. You will enjoy shooting colorful bottles, everybottle is made up of real glass and with different beautiful andattractive colors. Each shooted bottle cut will blast withrealistic physics and particles. There are multiple modes in thisbottle shooter game 2018. In easy mode, you have very relaxed timeand bullets, it is designed for beginners and new shooters. Inbullet attack mode there are limited bullets, you have to be verycareful because if you miss any shot then it may result in gamefailure. There is only one bullet for each bottle. And time attackmode time is very limited, you got only a few seconds for eachbottle, if you take more time then time would be over and you haveto play shooting game again for completing the challenging mission.Bottle shooter 2018 will improve your accuracy and focus skills ina variety of ways. You have to shoot from multiple angles to themoving glass bottles, unlike other bottle games. Aim and takeperfect shots with your pistol. It would be too much challengingfor you because targeting bottles are moving randomly in everydirection, so you have to aim precisely and quickly and shoot thebottles timely otherwise you would miss the target and may lose thegame. Bullets are limited, so wasting any bullet may result in yourfailure or if you waste time by looking here and there then also itwill result in your game failure. Breaking glass can be a funbecause broken glass after shooting gives you very satisfyingfeeling. So keep on shooting and glass breaking of free shootinggames. This bottle blast shooting is specially designed forimproving your shooting skills in extreme situations. Crash maximumbottles to earn cash which would help in purchasing more deadlyguns for shooting bottles from the safe distance. Be a real bottlehunter shooting the moving bottle cutting very precisely placed indifferent positions for increasing the difficulty level. ***Features of Bottle Shooting 2018 - Real Shooter Game *** * Multiplechallenging missions * Variety of guns * Realistic 3d environment *Different types of animated bottles * Realistic bottles blast *Free shooting game for forever * Highly optimized graphics * Realphysics based controls Don’t think too much, just download thisfree bottle shooting game 2018 and avoid searching free shootinggames or bottle shoot 3d etc. You would definitely enjoy thishighly addictive bottle shooting game on your device.
US Robot Car Transform - Police Robot Fighting 1.0.4
US Robot Car Transform - Police Robot Fighting is one of the bestrobot fighting games available on the store. This police robottransformation game is extremely challenging and adventurous gamedeveloped for robot games lover. You have to defend yourself andcity from the attack of terrorist robots. They want to destroy thepeace of city but you have to stop them by fighting against them.Recently many aliens robots landed on your city for destroying thebuildings and the whole city. You being a US robot car transformofficer, has to stop them with your latest weapons. You have tofind them and destroy them on the spot by driving your muscle carrobot like in police games. Find and kill all the maverick gangsterrobots wandering in the city for teasing the citizens. You have tofollow muscle robots by transforming into the luxury robot car,once you find gangster robo then transform yourself back into robothero and start the robotic battle for killing all the robots tomaintain the peace of the city. Fasten your seatbelt after beingtransformed into robot car games, start accelerating your car robotcop and find all the wandering aliens for fighting with them. Thisgame is very unique you have to play with the dancing robot byselecting from the robot selection scene. There are multiple policerobots dancing in selection scene, so buy your favorite us policerobot for fighting against fighter robots. This US car robot gameis different from other robots war game and always one step forwardfrom other war robot games. Once you start playing this superherorobot game, then it will be difficult for you to leave us cop gamebecause you would be stuck in a situation of fighting, unlike otherrobot police car games that require your presence all the time. Allmissions are drastically designed that will keep you engaged forhours opposite to other robots games. And you would not be realisedthat you have spent many hours in this us robot fighting game 2018.Being a moto robot driver find all the underworld robots making aplan to kill the civilians and converting peace city into crimecity. You are fully trained from robot training school, you have toprove yourself as a trained us army robot by fighting againstcriminal robots. Be a best army robot officer and kill all thedirty robots. Use your weapons for shooting robots from a safedistance. Robot shooting is not an easy task because enemy robot isalso equipped with deadly weapons which can destroy in seconds. Soyou have to be very careful while robot car driving or walking onthe crime city roads. Convert the sin city into peace city byeliminating all criminals robots. The entire city is under theattack of thugs and mafia robots who are using latest deadlyequipment and have started the futuristic robot battle 2018. Youare their savior and its the best time to prove yourself as asuperhero robot by saving the precious lives of people. You are amonster robot and can also be transformed into robot car, so useyour all powers for ending the robot and robot shooting which isdestroying the whole city. Crush the mech robots and keep on robottransforming like a police robot and keep destroying them. This isnot a robot for kids, it’s only for mature gamers. Earn game cashcurrency by playing this robot battle game for hours. Then by moredeadly and latest robots from the robot store, which would help youto crush mafia robots more easily. You can enjoy robot dance inrobot selection screen while making any purchase. *** Features ofUS Robot Car Transform - Police Robot Fighting 2018 *** * Varietyof robot fighters * Various challenging robot fighting missions *Real physics based robot controls * Free robot game for lifetime *Realistic 3d city environment *Best robot simulator * Amusingsounds * HD graphics Just download this robot shooting and robottransport game for extra challenge and fun.
US Truck Simulator - Offroad Cargo Transporter 1.0
US Truck Simulator - Offroad Cargo Transporter is a realisticandone of the best truck driving game developed for paranoidgamerswho drive trucks and other extra large vehicles viciouslyonoffroad deadly tracks. You would enjoy driving experienceofmultiple extra large vehicles like the oil tanker, loadedtruckwith cars, food containers etc. in this game.You have to drivethe22 wheeler truck in the godown filled with a variety ofcontainers.In every mission of truck simulator driving game, youhave toattach your offroad truck with the cargo trailer for takingthem tohilly areas from the city and vice versa. In this euro truckgame,you have to prove yourself the best truck driver of cargogamesbecause driving of cargo transporter truck is not a childishtask,you have to show your professional offroad driving skillsfortaking the precious cargo trucks to other stations. In thiscargotruck simulation game, you have to take the oil tanker totheoffroad areas for delivering oil to the village people who areawayfrom the cities. Oil tanker driving is a very tough task inallother truck games. You have to maintain the balance on each turnofimpossible tracks because one mistake or mishandling may takeyouin the abyssus of vast mountains and valleys, and you may losethetrailer truck simulator game.Truck driving games 2018 normallyhaveone or two trucks for offroad driving, but in this grandtruckgame, you have multiple cargo trucks for transporting cargoitemsto other areas. In one mission you have to take the woodenloggertruck to the modern city for the construction of housesandgarages. Be the best cargo truck driver of transport gamesbydriving hard on the busy highway of the main city.New eurotruckdriving experience would help you to become a professionaltruckerfor transporting real goods across the country. Thisoffroadsimulator game contains a variety of European trucks andamericantrucks for giving you the real experience like driving realtruckson the rushy highway of the city and on offroad tracks.Drivethrough different countries for exploring the real beauty ofnatureand high skyscrapers of the modern cities. This best truckgamewould give you an amazing experience of long driving on thebusyhighway to countryside beautiful roads for reachingyourdestination, unlike other best offroad games.For becoming thekingof road you have to drive extra large vehicles for hours andwandercity to city for facing every extreme and challengingsituation.Drive customizable euro truck driver for cargo transportand be asuper truck driver of all cargo truck driver transportgames. Youhave to deliver food containers to the countryside areawherepeople have no access to the big cities, so enjoy this bestcargotruck simulation game among all new free games 2018. You alsohaveto deliver trailer truck loaded with an excavator to theoffroadareas for clearing road .Play maximum for earning morein-gamecash, the more you would play the more you would earn. Thisin-gamecash earning let you buy more power trucks from the storefordriving fast and for competing for other traffic vehicles. Onceyoubuy the truck then you can attach it with any cargo trailerfordelivering goods to other stations within minimum time withmoresafety.*** Features of US Truck Simulator 2018 - OffroadCargoTransporter ***- powerful trucks- realistic physics-basedtruckcontrols- multiple challenging truck driving missions-genuineoffroad environment with natural crop- one of best truckdrivinggames- various driving controls (buttons, steering wheel,tilt)-number of camera angles for better control trailertrucksJustdownload this heavy truck simulator 2018 game forenjoying longdriving on the beautiful countryside roads.
Mega ramp car driving - impossible car flip 1.0.4
Get yourself ready for mega ramp car driving on the impossibletrack where your racing car may flip any time. Sit in your favoritecar and start car racing game on impossible tracks where mega rampsshow no mercy, either you win or lose your life in this demolitioncar game. If you are bored from traditional sports cars racinggames and want to try something new and unique then try us megaramp car crash driving game for performing plain ramp stunts ondeadly hurdles set high in the sky. Try new sports cars driving onthe metallic containers guarded by the variety of hurdles, if youcross those hurdles then you would be the great winner and can bean expert driver in real life also because this mega-ramp gamewould give you a true sense of driving in extreme situations. Youcan enjoy great stunt driving on a vertical ramp with high speedjumping into the air. Iron obstacles and sharp blades are waitingto crush your car, so be careful and avoid demolishing your car onthe auto ramps. Test your impossible stunt driving skills onimpossible tracks and mega jump from heightening vertical ramp andland safely on lower ramps for your survival. If you fail to landon any ramp then you would definitely fall freely from the sky andhave zero chance of your survival. This car crash racing game isvery tough and challenging, it is only developed for furious racinglovers because tracks are breathtaking and you can fall if you makea little mistake. Children should not try this racing stunts gameas it is playable only professional gamers and stuntman not bynovice gamers. Don't jeopardize your self by messy driving becausesuch a creepy driving is lethal for you and you can be killedviciously. This game is tougher than other demolition car gamesbecause death is ubiquitous and your single mistake can end thegame. You have to be an extraordinary driver for playing this gamebecause if you take a little turn in the wrong direction or hit byany deadly iron hurdle then you would be definitely dead and youhave to restart this car impossible racing game. This flying cargame is totally different from rooftop jumping games because inrooftop jump there is a possibility of your survival but in thistoughest mega ramp car game there is no chance of your survival,your little mistake will lead to your death. There is no place fordrifting cars as impossible ramp is very narrow and you can onlydrive softly otherwise you would lose the game. There are steepslopes so avoid any car drift otherwise you would fall in hell andnever come back again. Car drifting games are much easy to controlon the roads but mega ramp simulator is totally different from carcrash games because extreme car driving is very tough on verticalrunner ramp. In this mega ramp car simulator game, there aredifferent types of paths starting from a straight path to extremelycomplex paths. You have to clear all those paths without fallingfrom the impossible track. As you keep on clearing the car drivingmissions then you would like to pass more hurdles and obstacles forclearing the advanced levels. So maintain your speed and balancefor successfully completing this impossible mega ramp game. ***Main Features of mega ramp car driving - impossible car flip *** *Extremely challenging impossible mega ramp tracks * Very smooth andrealistic car controls * Latest racing cars for mega ramp jumps *multiple challenging car stunts missions * highly optimizedgameplay * game size is less than 25 mb * compatible with all lowand high-end devices * car driving on the extremely steep slopesJust download this endless mega ramp jumping game for competingwith your friends and family members. Only expert gamers can playthis game due to its next level of extreme driving on toughest megaramps.