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3DC.io — 3D Modeling 1.27.1
3DC.io (3D Creationist) is the easiest app for creating 3D models,delivering the best performance on mobile devices. Anyone can useit! Build, share and even 3D print your designs. To see what otherpeople are building, check out https://3dc.io/gallery/ CAD toolshave a high learning curve, that make them inaccessible tohobbyists, so we decided to make a modeling tool, that is simple touse. 3DC uses basic shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder, cone etc.) tocreate any 3D models. From the simplest design to the most complexobjects – you can build anything by simply moving, rotating andscaling primitive objects. Be sure to check out the gallery insidethe app and download some cool models! Getting started: Add somebasic shapes to the stage, for example a cube and a cone. Tap onshapes to make them active/inactive. Select a proper tool for whatyou want to achieve: Move,Rotate,Scale. Use the arrows around theshape to manipulate the object in the desired direction. Camera: -Rotate the camera by dragging your finger around the stage. - Zoomthe camera by pinching with "two" fingers. - Move the camera bydragging with "three" fingers. Build something fun, here are a fewideas: - Plane - Car - Fort - Snowman - Cartoon characters - Coffeecup Future updates: - More shapes and ready to print models -Generate 3D text with your desired font - Undo and Redo operations- Share video playbacks of your creative process - Bending objects- Animating your 3D models - Draw an outline and we generate a 3Dmodel of it (extrusion) Here are some examples of how people useour application for: - Virtual Reality (VR) content - Home design -Building toys - Logos - Models for games - Prototypes - Education -Sketch - Stop motion animation - Cartoon characters You can exportmodels to various different formats to use in: Other 3D modellingsoftware (Blender, 3ds Max) Game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine)Modding (Minecraft, Tiber, Roblox) Find us on : Instagram:instagram.com/3dc.io/ Facebook : facebook.com/3DC.io/ Twitter:@3DC_io Download and get creative :)
3DC.io – Education 1.27.0
3D Creationist
3DC.io is the leading App for 3D design on mobile devicesandtablets. This special edition is now available for schools!Itcontains all PRO features of 3DC.io and is a safe environmentforstudents to learn (COPPA and GDPR compliant). Build, share and3Dprint your designs. CAD tools have a high learning curve, thatmakethem inaccessible to students, so we decided to make amodelingtool, that is simple to use. 3DC.io uses basic shapes(cube,sphere, cylinder, cone etc.) to create any 3D models. Fromthesimplest design to the most complex objects – you canbuildanything by simply moving, rotating and scaling primitiveobjects.Getting started: Add some basic shapes to the stage, forexample acube and a cone. Tap on shapes to make themactive/inactive. Selecta proper tool for what you want to achieve:Move, Rotate, Scale.Use the arrows around the shape to manipulatethe object in thedesired direction. Camera: - Rotate the camera bydragging yourfinger around the stage. - Zoom and Pan the camerabypinching/dragging with "two" fingers. Build something fun, herearea few ideas: - Plane - Car - Fort - Snowman - Cartoon characters-Coffee cup Here are some examples of how people use ourapplicationfor: - Virtual Reality (VR) content - 3D printing - Homedesign -Building toys - Logos - Models for games - Prototypes -Education -Sketch - Stop motion animation - Cartoon charactersPrivacy Policy& Terms of Usehttps://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/22948590You can exportmodels to various different formats to use in: Other3D modellingsoftware (Blender, 3ds Max) Game engines (Unity,Unreal Engine)Modding (Minecraft, Tiber, Roblox)