3D Fun Games For Free Apps

Highway Sports Bike Rider 3D 1.0
Highway sports bike rider is a fast paced bike racing game.Do youhave guts to rush through city traffic and make close calls toother vehicles on road.Increase your speed as much as you can toearn extra points.This game gives you a chance to do something thatcan not be done in real life traffic.Choose your favorite sportsbike and get ready for unlimited fun on the road. This time thereis no traffic rule to following.Ride your bike like a free bird andfly on road like a jet plane. Collect as many coins as you can toupgrade your bikes and buy amazing upgrades.What are you waitingfor? Get the best motorcycle racing game on the store and get crazywith your bike on the open highways.How To Play?-Tilt to steer yourmotorcycle-Drive as close as you can to cars,trucks and othervehicles-Survive as long as you can
Race Of Times:Free Racing Game 1.03
Are you a racing guy?Race of Times the best racing and timetraveling game is now available on Play Store.Race of Times is anendless time traveling arcade racing game.Drive your car throughdifferent ages, collect different power ups to make driving morefun.Collect coins to unlock more than ten amazing cars.Start yourjourney from old ages and travel through time to reach in modernages. Each age has its own types of cars andchallenges.Features:-Easy to play hard to master-10 plus amazingcars-Multiple stages-Amazing graphics-Simple Controls-MultiplePower upsHow To Play:1.Tap and hold right side of screen to moveright2.Tap and hold left side of screen to move left
Kids Subway Run : 3D Runner 1.03
Kids subway run is an amazing 3d endless runner game for android.Run through beautiful city subway streets and collect as many coinsas you can. Swipe left or right to move left or right and swipe upor swipe down to jump or slide on ground. Avoid oncoming hurdles bymoving to sides ,jumping or sliding. Collect amazing power ups todouble the fun. You can upgrades different power ups from shops foreven more fun game play.Kids Subway Run is a completely free todownload and play.Download now and start running through beautifulcity.
Animal Farm Escape 3D 1.08
Help the poor animals escape from angry farmer.Dodge on cominghurdles by jumping and moving sideways.Escape from country farmbefore crazy farmer reaches near and grab you.Choose your favoritefarm animal and start this journey full of action and adventure.
An endless unicorn run game for unicorn lovers! Start your journeyin a fantasy world by running on a rainbow path.Choose yourfavorite unicorn and run in a fantasy magical land.Run ,jump ,collect hearts and collect amazing power ups in your way.Upgradedifferent powers ups to double the fun. Features -Endless fun in anendless unicorn run game. -Beautiful magical world at the horizonof rainbow. -ride the unicorn rainbow like a fairy tale. -virtualunicorn in 3D Do you love unicorns? Try this free game and startyour journey in a magical fantasy world like a fairy tale.
Impossible Tracks Scary Car Driving 1.02
Do you love impossible scary challenges?All racing & drivingfans do you want to make impossible stunts?This game put alldriving and racing fans into a scary impossible sky drivingchallenge.Goal is simple reach the finish point before timeelapse.Does it sound easy? Well , NoThe real challenge is dangeroustracks in sky with sharp turns , jumping pads, climbs, zigzags ,and spiral paths.Control your vehicle while maintaining speed toget through tricky impossible looking tracks.Up for real drivingstunts challenge on impossible tracks ?Then choose your favouritesports car and drive on these skyline driving tracks.
Chained Cars Stunt Racing 1.03
All racing fans get ready for an action packed car stunt racingchallenge in a different style. This time your racing car isattached to another AI car with a chain. Your objective in thisgame is to avoid breaking chain by following AI car and performstunts on a beautiful island highway road. At first it can be verytricky for some players but a little practice will help you tomaster the art of chained cars driving. Watch out for speed up andslow down areas as it will give AI car a boost or slow down and youhave to change speed suddenly to maintain your distance from AIcar. This time you can double the fun by performing crazy stuntsand sharing with your friends.
Police Car Parking 2017 1.02
Chasing down the most wanted in town does not sound easy. A cop cardriver needs to learn all driving skills in order to perform betterat his job. This game help you to become a better cop car driver byteaching you different driving and police car parking skills.Parkpolice cars in a realistic parking lots with very precise and realphysics controls.In each level you have limited time to park policecar at right parking point. Rush to your destination and follow theinstructions to park the cop car.Download now and start learningcop car driving and parking skills in this completely free game.
Car Racing Academy 1.04
Car racing academy is a racing academy simulator where you learn todrive sports cars and perform racing stunts.Starting with simpleracing tips you learn to perform drifts and many other racingstunts.Game is empowered by a beautiful city.Drive through the cityand perform racing stunts you learned.Game has two gameplaymodes.In campaign mode you learn the professional racing tips andtricks and in free mode you are free to discover city and driveyour favourite sports cars.Show your driving skills and become areal racing driver.
Car Parking Driver - Drive & Park 1.03
All time favorite parking simulator game now in beautiful realistic3D graphics and very challenging puzzles.Drive around and parkdifferent vehicles at different spots in a real parking lot.Eachlevel has a limited time to park cars.Rush towards empty parkingarea and park car accurately to complete level.This game has uniqueparking puzzles that you have to solve to progress in game.Testyour driving skills in various parking situations in this realisticsimulation game.Complete all challenges to become a real carparking drive and enjoy hours of fun and challenging game play.
Ambulance Recue Squad 1.05
3D Fun Games For Free brings you an other amazing game where youplay as a rescue ambulance driver and rush to injured peoples inthe city and drive them to hospital fast and safely.This game testyour driving skill in an emergency situation where you have to useyour reckless driving skills to provide aids on time to injuredpeoples.Turn on ambulance sirens to easily get through trafficrush. Look out for obstacles on road , sharp turns and on-comingvehicles on your way to patients.Inspect your patients and decidebased on your patient condition whether you have to provide onlyfirst aid or have to shift your patient to nearest hospital. Somepeople get themselves seriously injured in road accidents. In suchcase use your stretcher bed to shift to ambulance and then tohospital in emergency ward to save their lives.Being in ambulancerescue squad is a job of intense care and responsibility as youwill be saving peoples lives. Take this job seriously and respondto each emergency call on time to provide necessary aids.Downloadfree now and play the best emergency simulation game of this year.No job can be better than saving human lives.
Bottle Bash - Bottle Shooting Game 1.03
Do you enjoy watching bottles breaking and glass sound? Breakbottles with stone and get amazed by realistic physics and 3deffects.Bottle bash is about breaking as many bottles as you can ingiven time.Keep breaking the bottles without missing a shot to makea combo and score even more points.Try to shoot as many bottles asyou can without worrying about number of available stones. Enjoybonus level where you don’t have to worry about target score.If youlike fun and addictive games try this bottle bash game and I betyou gonna love it.Now you can also complete with your friends andglobal players on local and global leaderboards.How To Play?1.Aimand swipe the stone on screen to throw it.2.Break as many bottlesas you can with stone.
Sky Fall Extreme Car Stunts 1.01
Perform craziest car stunts on sky falling tracks. Drive down froma very high point and perform extreme car stunts. Try driving onmany different tricky sky falling impossible tracks and don’t letthe car fall down.Control your vehicle speed and steer in rightdirection.Reach check point before time runs out.Drive as far asyou can and compete with your friends on local and global leaderboards.Try now and become craziest car stunt driver in this brandnew game.
Highway Mad Racer 3D 1.02
Love driving amazing sports cars? Experience driving through islandhighway full of traffic with realistic car physics.Drive as fast asyou can and let the world see your driving madness. Drift throughtraffic lanes but be careful of vehicles coming from oppositedirection. Compete with your friends and rank higher on globalleader boards.Lets become a craziest car racer in this free game.
Unicorn Jungle Adventure 1.03
3D Fun Games For Free bring you an other unicorn adventure game.This time unicorn is stuck in a jungle full of wonders. Help thiscute little unicorn to reach his homeland in unicorn island. Onyour way to your homeland collect as many gems as you can andupgrade your unicorn completely to double the fun.Select yourfavorite unicorn from 5 amazing unicorns and start your journey ina deadly jungle. Watch out for oncoming hurdles andpitfalls.Collect different power ups to earn extra reward anddouble fun in this journey. Download now and help these cute littleunicorns to reach their homeland.
City Bus Driving 2017 1.03
City Bus driving 2017 is a public transportation real bus drivingsimulation game.Realistic city environment , amazing buses withreal like details will make you feel like driving realbuses.Hundreds of challenging levels to play.Multiple modern busesto unlock.Game features next-gen graphics with realistic cityenvironment,animated citizens,ai traffic vehicles,gardens,trafficsignals etc.Get started by picking up passengers from one bus stopand drop at another bus stop in the city.Help the passengers toreach on time on their destinations to earn extra bonus.Alwaysfollow traffic rules for safe journey.Download now this completelyfree game for hours of fun and challenge on your smart phone.
Real Bus Simulator 2017 1.02
Real bus simulator 2017 is a brand new simulation game that offeryou the chance to become a real bus driver. Drive incrediblevehicles with wonderful interior that will make you feel likedriving a real bus.Game features next-gen graphics including openworld realistic city environment , animated peoples , real trafficand many other interesting stuff.Get on board and drive the mostrealistic buses in this absolutely free game and become a real busdriver.
NY City School Bus Driving 2017 1.02
Summer holidays are over kids are very excited to get back toschool after a long vacation. Drive big school buses in beautifulcity of New York. Pick New York kiddies from bus stops and takethem to school in famous American school buses. Drop schoolchildren to their schools safe and timely fashion. Experience thisadventurous journey with school kids on beautiful New York cityroads. Always follow traffic rules and drive safe.Master the schoolbus driving skill in this realistic school bus driving simulatorwith realistic bus physics and controls.
Limousine Driving Sim 1.02
Ever wished to drive most luxurious limousine cars.This game makeyour wish come true by offering most realistic limousine cardriving gameplay on your smart phone.Be the best limousine driverand driver most luxurious limousine cars with realistic physics andcontrols.Enjoy driving limousine in a beautiful open world citypacked with traffic.Drive carefully through city and take yourpassengers wherever they want.Always drive safe and take yourpassengers to their destinations on time.Download now and enjoybest limousine driving simulator on your brand new smart phoneabsolutely free.
Unicorn Fantasy Run 3D 2 1.02
3D Fun Games For Free brings you another unicorn adventure gamewith completely new world with amazing graphics and better gameplay.This is a sequel of most anticipated endless unicorn runnergame for unicorn lovers! Start your journey in a fantasy world byrunning on a rainbow path.Choose your favorite unicorn and run in afantasy magical land.Run ,jump , collect gems and collect amazingpower ups in your way.Upgrade different powers ups to double thefun.Features-Endless fun in an endless unicorn run game.-Beautifulmagical world at the horizon of rainbow with completely newgraphics.-ride the unicorn rainbow like a fairy tale.-5 amazingvirtual unicorn in 3DDo you love unicorns? Try this sequel of ourmost anticipated Unicorn fantasy run 3D free game and start yourjourney in a brand new magical fantasy world like a fairy tale.
Unicorn Volcano Escape 1.01
A witch has cast her deadly spell on unicorn world and all unicornsare dying.One brave unicorn decided to save unicorn world and breakthis spell.It has to destroy a statue in a valley full ofvolcanoes. It managed to destroy the statue but real problemstarted now, volcanoes have burst out it has to run for its lifeand really need your help to safely reach its homeland.Help thisbrave unicorn to get out this volcano alive. Avoid upcoming trickyhurdles and collect gems to buy upgrades and double the fun. Run asfar as you can and reach higher on leader boards.Have a funadventure journey and ride your favorite unicorn in this completelyfree unicorn game.
Modern Taxi Simulator 1.02
Drive through traffic packed street of New York city in this taxidriving simulator.Drive the most famous taxis and experience a realright hand taxi driving on beautiful roads of New York city. Pickup the passengers as early as possible and drop them on theirdestinations on time.Don’t try to be a crazy taxi driver. Take thepassenger to their destinations safely. Earn extra money by makingyour passengers happy. Buy new modern taxis to double the fun.Trythis absolutely free game to become a real taxi driver with drivingexperience in a beautiful city of New York.
Santa Xmas Runner 1.0
Hey! Christmas is here and its time to deliver some gifts.Thiswinter share happiness with your friends and family and enjoy thismost amazing and craziest Santa runner game.Rush through citystreets and pickup coins on your way.Dodge tricky hurdles on yourway and pickup power ups to double fun of this fun journey.Surviveas long as you can and go higher and higher on leaderboards.Compete with your friends and family on local and globalleader boards.Are you ready to be the Santa of this Christmas?
Pet Dream Run 1.02
Now meet your best little puppy dog pet and go for a fun run intown.Its dark and little puppy is up for an adventurous run throughlonely town streets.Select your favorite buddy and get readyfor anaction filled fun journey and run like you are running in yourdream with your pet.Run and jump over many different challengingobstacles and score as high as you can by surviving longer.Pickamazing power ups along your way to double the fun.Unlock fivedifferent puppies and start your adventure with your favorite puppyright now.Compete with your friends and global players on local andglobal leader boards.
Crazy BMX Bike Racing 1.03
Love your BMX ride?Rush through city streets on your amazing BMXbike and perform crazy stunts.Jump,slide and dodge obstacles onyour way.Be crazy and perform most amazing stunts with your brandnew BMX bike.Race as far as you can with your BMX bike andchallenge your friends and family.Go higher and higher on local andglobal leader boards and amaze your friends.Download now and startyour journey in a beautiful city with multiple brand new amazingBMX bikes.
Robo Rail Dash 1.01
What if robots have emotions like humans? This game is about a tinyrobot who suddenly got strange craze of going on adventures.Hewants you to go on a action packed adventure.Rush on rails andsurvive as long as you can.Dodge and jump to avoid deadly hurdleson your way.Be careful about cranes above your head.Compete withyour friends and global players on local and global leader boards.
Army training Simulator 1.01
It is not an easy job to be a national solider and defending yourcountry.Learn intensive assault techniques and test your physicalfitness in this army training game.Face life threatening situationsand train yourself for a real battle against real enemies. Completeall these courses to be an extraordinary military fighter and getready to save your nation from your enemies.
Archers Apple Shootout 2018 1.02
Be a world's best archer and get ready for a big archerychallenge.Archers from all over the world has gathered on an islandto take this challenge of shooting apples.Aim precisely and shootthose apples on man's head and hands.Shoot all apples withavailable arrows before time runs out.Multiple challenging levelswith tricky situation to play.Shoot all apples to clear eachlevel.Download now and be a true archer and show off your skills toyour friends.
Bottle Shootout Challenge 2018 1.01
Shooting gun is a real fun activity.But its not an easy job toshoot small objects precisely.If you love to shoot gun and want tochallenge your shooting skills try this latest bottle gun shootinggame.Aim targets precisely and shoot all those bottles in giventime and bullets.There are multiple levels with very trickysituations to test your gun shooting skills.Download now and blastit all with your gun and be a real gun shooter with amazing skills.
Sports Car Racing Mania 1.0
Best car racing game that put you on your favorite sports car seatto race through tracks in beautiful deserts across the world.Playmany different challenging levels with tricky tracks and toughopponents.Perform amazing tricks and get bonus points for driftsand stunts.Unlock multiple amazing sports cars with great upgradesand be at first place in every race.Complete levels to unlock newlocations and missions on map.
Wanted Cowboy Run 1.03
Howdy cowboy! Run for your life in wildest western ruins. Mostwanted cowboy is running away from police and western gangs. Runacross beautiful western mountains jump over hurdles and slidebelow wild rocks.Collect coins and power ups to double the fun. Trymultiple cowboy outfits and run in your western cowboy style.
Crazy City Skating 3D 1.01
Crazy City Skating is the best skating game for your smart phone.Jump on your skateboard and dash your way through citytraffic.Dodge , duck and jump over hurdles and go as far as youcan.Collect coins on your way to buy different upgrades and doublethe fun.Perform amazing stunts to earn extra score.Compete withyour family and friends and global players.Choose your favoriteskateboard and hop on it to start your skating career right now.
Taxi Game 2018 0.1
Taxi game 2018 is the best taxi game in the store withrealisticvehicle physics and smooth controls.Enjoy the career modeanddevelop your taxi driving skills to build your own taxiempire.Take as many passenger as you can to their destinations andtakefare. Buy new amazing cars and make double the fun with amazingnewfeatures. Drive around the world and enjoy beautiful cities fulloftraffic and living peoples.Get Taxi Game 2018 free now and enjoyafull 3d open world map , engaging career mode with freedomofpicking passengers and taking a route from many routes acrossthecity.
Urban Train Simulator 3D 1.01
Experience the thrill of driving a train with accuratetraindynamics and intuitive controls. This train simulator givesyoucomplete control of a realistic train.Drive train on trickytracksaround the world to experience different tricky situationsandadjust your speed or change tracks accordingly.Try now andbecome areal train driving expert in this unique train simulatorgame.
Skiing Rush 3D 1.02
Winter is here and its your chance to perform tricks on yourskiingboard. Grab your skiing board and hit the snowy mountainswithstyle and perform daring poses.Move to sides or jump tododgeoncoming hurdles. Start your skiing career right now and learnmostadvance skiing skills to reach higher on global and localleaderboards.
Seaport Cargo Truck Simulator 1.02
Become a real trucker in this truck driving simulator.Transportcargo containers and other goods from seaport to otherlocations inthe city. Start cargo transport business from bottomand reach attop position by transporting all sort of cargo to theirdestinationpoints in the city. Choose a heavy truck or light truckandcustomize however you want. Transport as many goods as you canandhave fun playing many unique and interesting levels.Downloadnowand experience the real challenge of driving a heavy dutycargotruck in a beautiful seaport city.
Jail Criminals Transport Duty 0.1
Its time to perform a really tough duty and this time you aregoingto transport very dangerous jail criminals.Pick you jailcriminalsfrom different points in the city and transport to othercells inthe city. Drive prisoner van carefully and don’t let theprisonerperform any trick and escape. Transport all the prisonersto theirdestination jail cells before specified time otherwise yourvehiclecan be attacked by gangs and all the prisoners willescape.Get nowand perform this tricky duty and enhance your skillsin each levelto face tougher challenges in higher levels.
Big Monster Hunter - FPS Horror Game 1.01
People are getting disappeared in forest.Some peoples aresayingthere are big monsters in this forest. Be a hero and play asabrave monster hunter and go for monster hunt in this deadlyforest.Get your gears and get into forest in a creepy night andfind bigmonsters and kill them before they attack on you and huntyoudown.If you are a fan of hunting games and huntingsimulatorsyou’re gonna love this one.Good luck and be a goodhunter!
Multi-Storey Car Parking Driver 2017 1.01
Never seen before realistic multi-storey parking simulator gamenowavailable for android. Learn to park cars in multi storeyparkinglots with very precise controls. Drive from one level tootherbefore time runs out.But beware of barriers & hurdlesplaced inyour way. Park your car at right spot in reverse orstraightdirection as directed in game.Download now to startlearning carsin realistic multi-storey car parking lots.
Street Gangs Kung Fu Fighter 1.01
Mafia gangs have taken over all the streets. Fight your waythroughthese street gangs.Show your real kung fu fighting skillsand beatall your enemies. Use punch ,kicks and combos to knock downyourenemies.Break different items to find new weapons and power upsinyour way in the streets.Download now to beat em up and showthereal kung fu fighter in you.
Real Wrestling Champions 2K18 1.0
Real wrestling season has started and its your chance to beawrestling champion of 2018.Choose from ever growing rosterofwrestling champions and jump into wrestling ring to show offyourwrestling skills.Beat hard your opponent to knock him down.Performdifferent wrestling tricks and learn new skills to reach ontop ofwrestling champions list of 2018.Clear each level bydefeating youropponent and go higher and higher in top wrestlingchampionsrankings.Challenge multiple wrestler and defeat them toearnspecial medals.Download now and start your career as awrestlingchampion and become world’s most famous wrestling championof 2018.
Cargo Truck Offroad Driving Simulator-Hill Station 1.03
Cargo Truck Offroad Driving Simulator lets you become a realcargotrucker! Drive amazing cargo trucks with realistic physicsandprecise controls.Travel across beautiful hill stationswithdangerous and tricky tracks. Pick up goods from one pointanddeliver to destination on time. Drive carefully and don’tdestroygoods. Develop your cargo truck driving skill in thischallengingand fun games with unlimited tricky levels and becomebest cargodriver in the world.
Heavy Machine Gunner FPS Battlefield 2018 1.01
Take control of heavy machine gun mounted on base tower. Showoffyour heavy machine gun shooting skills and protect your basefromenemy attacks.Aim for incoming enemy soldiers and try to takeheadshoots to quickly kill them. Kill all the enemy soldiersbeforethey destroy your base. Select your favorite machine gun andjumpright into realistic intense battle to defend your armybase.Download now and become world’s best machine gun shooter inthisbest free fps game of 2018.
Weed Growing Simulator 3D 1.01
It's farming season and we brought to you a uniquefarmingexperience.This time you can grow all types of weeds andenjoy thegreen fields.This is your chance to be a weed farmer inthis uniqueexperience.Use all farming tools like plows , tractors ,rakes etcto grow weeds. Plant weeds like sativa , indica andreduralis todiversify your crop.Take care of your fields everydayby sprayingpesticides and insecticides , trimming and wateringcrops. Downloadnow to become a real weed farmer and plant yourcrops in this freegame!
Secret Army Facility Operation : FPS Shooter 1.03
A secret mission is going on in hill stations and enemiesareplanning to attack your homeland. Get ready for a bigoperationagainst these secret facilities and clear all your enemyareas tosave your country.Select your favourite weapons and faceyourenemies. Download now and show your country that you are arealsoldier and defender of your country.
com.threedfungamesforfree.halloween.ride 1.01
Halloween night is here why not have a ride on your killingmachineon a spooky highway full of deadly zombies and wrecks. Whodoesn'tlove to crush those deadly zombies? Double the fun ofthisHalloween by crushing these deadly zombies in this fungame.Thistime zombies have learn to climb on vehicles andattack.Killzombies attached to your vehicle with your vehiclemountedguns.Kill all zombies before they destroy your vehicle.Watchoutfor destroyed vehicles and containers on road. This gamebalancethe fun between killing zombies and fun driving on aspookyhighway. Grab this absolutely free game now and rush throughdeadlyzombies on spooky highway.
com.threedfungamesforfree.zombies.shooter 1.02
The whole city has turned into a zombies hell and you are theonlyone who survived from virus.Dead walkers are everywhere in cityandlooking for human flesh.Reload your guns and get ready forashooting challenge in a creepy night.Watch out all your sidesandaim for the zombies head before they get to you.Survive as longasyou can and score higher points with head shots.Zombies arecomingin waves and each wave has more deadly and faster zombies.Downloadnow and start shooting heads of these deadly zombies withpreciseweapon physics and amazing graphics.