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Crazy Skimobile 1.04
4D Gaming
Go for a wild ride on your snowmobile as you take a drive in thewinter snow, while dodging trees and completing the nextcheckpoint. Collect the flags to extend your game play. Tap screento start and swipe finger across screen to steer your snowmobile.Includes leaderboards and achievements.
Block Puzzle Kings 1.0
4D Gaming
Block Puzzle Kings is a classic block puzzle game. It is easy andfun to play with three game modes, for a total of 572 games. Thelevels starts out easy and then gradually increases in difficulty,many levels to keep you playing for hours. No time limit to worryabout. A wonderful brain block teaser game. Block Puzzle Kingsbegins with 3 hints and you are awarded additional hints as youcomplete the puzzles. If you have 0 hints left, you can watch abrief video advertisement to get a free hint. Player can quit gameand return to play later.HOW TO PLAY Complete the puzzle bydragging the blocks and positioning in the space provided. Blockscan't be rotated. Tap light bulb for a hintFeatures Easy to playblock puzzle game Beautiful colored blocks No time limits Hintsawarded Puzzles can be restarted 3 game modes
Guitar Pro 1.0.1
4D Gaming
Do you think you have the passion needed to learn how to play aguitar? Are you looking to enhance your skills by playing a virtualsix-string guitar? We introduce to you, a one-in-all remedy to allyour guitar learning fantasies - Guitar Pro! Get Guitar Pro todayand learn to play a six-string guitar the easy way!AppDescription:Guitar Pro is a paid guitar simulator app, which allowsusers to learn a six-string guitar, with the help of realisticsounds, motions and graphics. Get a hang of different ones in amatter of a few days, and master each note with this exceptionallypassion-driven app - called the Guitar Pro!App Features: Pay anextremely affordable price and get your hands on this awesomeguitar simulator app today. Choose a chord of your own choice andplay the guitar just the way you like it. Enjoy exceptionally sharpand engaging graphics and get a realistic feel while playing yourfavorite tone. Avoid the hassle of going through ads every minute,and enjoy each lesson without any distraction. Get a hang of thisexceptional way to play the guitar, without disturbing anyone inyour surroundings. You do not have to see a tutorial before you getstarted, making it the perfect app for people with basic knowledgeabout a six string guitar. Realistic sounds make you feel like youare sitting in a live guitar lesson.So, do you have what it takesto learn how to play a guitar? Then what are you waiting for? Buythe official app today and get started with your daily guitarlessons with Guitar Pro!
Square Dash 2.0
4D Gaming
Do you have what it takes to make your way through these obstaclesand reach your goal? Can you jump your way past all the spikes andcomplete every level to be on the top? Embark on this thrillingsaga and prove your worth by reaching the top! Get Square Dashnow!Game Description:Square Dash is a challenging and thrilling tapgame, which is based on a journey of a box named ‘Square’, makingits way through different obstacles in the game. Take control of‘Square’, play 9 different levels, make high scores, share your topscore and beat your friends!Game Features:Play an arcade style gameand make your way through different obstacles to reach theend.Challenge yourself by clearing all levels with increasingdifficulty.High-sensitivity helps you to tap on the screen to helpyour character jump its way past the spikes. Play with a singlehand while doing your regular chores to pass your time. Play 9levels to have a different experience each time you step into thegame.Get a hold of the addictive game play and play it anywhere.Share your scores with your friends and become the Master of SquareDash!So, are you ready to become the master of square dash, andbeat your friends at their own game? What are you waiting for then?Download Square Dash today and make your way through anaction-packed and fun-filled ride!