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Trumpiñata: Trump Piñata 1.01
Step right up, and take a swing at a Trumpiñata! Whack it with abat, and crush this piñata until candy and money comes out. DonaldTrump, a rich, powerful person, spouts inflammatory rhetoric aboutmarginalized people. To stick it to him (the Mexican way), smackaround a Trump piñata! Let's get this fiesta started!!! ✭ FREE TOPLAY! ✭ Knock off parts of Trumpiñata to free the candy and coinsinside! ✭ Use free coins to unlock new costumes! (+in-app purchasesto buy costumes) ✭ Great way to relieve stress! ✭ Features mariachimusic recorded at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles ✭ NoDonald Trumps were harmed in the making of this game.**Any visualresemblance to the president, presidente, or president-elect iscoincidental**
Frozen Snowman Tetriz Crush 1.1
Are you snowed in? Try this addictive puzzle game where you muststack the falling snow into snowmen. As you complete them, theydisappear, Tetris-style. The game speeds up with the more that youclear. Your challenge is to see how many you can make before thesnow piles up too high!! Hopefully it wards off cabin fever duringthe snow storms and atmosphere rivers. Features: **Winter,Christmas, and holiday theme****Special encrypted emoji scoringsystem****Play the melody to Jingle Bells as you move thesnow****The snow falls faster after every 10 snowmencleared****Snowmen with a sense of fashion! Check out theirdifferent accessories!**Free to play. What's your high score? Manydifferent snowmen and accessories for you to create and clear. Goodluck!
Trump Trivia 1.0
The absolute best trivia game about Donald Trump. Answer questionsabout his life, corruption, Twitter habits, finances, and more. Howrich is Donald Trump? Is his biggest idol Vladimir Putin orhimself? What was his childhood nickname??? Find the answers to allof these questions and everything else you didn't want to know inthis political satire game (though who knows what's true in thispost-fact world we live in). From the creators of the originalTrump piñata game, Trumpiñata!Featuring the hit song "Air in Fmajor, BWV Anh. 131," written by Johann Sebastian Bach andperformed by MississippiCollegePianoPedagogy(https://musopen.org/music/3170/johann-sebastian-bach/air-in-f-major-bwv-anh-131/)SadTrombone sound by NotR(http://www.freesound.org/people/NotR/sounds/172950/)