4lex Apps

Balloon Nights 1.03
Balloon Nights are Wonderful!Fast action arcade style game whereyou have to pop balloons as they pass over the screen. You scoreextra points for making consecutive color balloon pops. Don't allowa ghost balloon to escape your screen!Tap the balloons on thescreen to Pop them and score points!If even one ghost balloonescapes the screen, the game will end! Fun for Young Audiences,Made for Everyone!Come Play for Free!Have Fun!
Set Sails and Load Your Cannons!PIRATES! are Everywhere!We need youto clear the ocean of these wild pirates!And prove yourself to bethe #1 Pirate!Build your ship! Battle evil pirate clans! ConquerThe Ocean!A Great action battle game, with Ship Builder and a lotmore!Come Play for Free!Have Fun!A trajectory, aim based combatgame. Perfect for young audiences. The ship builder allows you tochange your ship as you progress. Watch out because the ocean hasbeen invaded by angry pirates. Battle them in intense combat thatwill keep you coming back for more!All content is suitable forplayers of all ages.
Apple Tree 1.01
Help Save Grannie Smith's Flower Garden!We have a problem, there isan apple tree right above where Grannie Smith planted her flowers.Quickly catch as many as you can and save the garden!If the Gardenfalls below 3 flowers, it will be ruined!Great game for youngaudiences and adults!