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Beach Rescue Lifeguard Duty 1.0.2
It's time to show your survival swimmingskill. Save people and drowning citizens from beach accident andbeach attack.Party on beach is under attack of heavy rains and seismic waves,people drowned into the deep sea, there is an immediate need ofbeech emergency rescue.Are you ready to accept critical challenges of saving people?Start your lifeguard duty!Beach Rescue Lifeguard Duty is a beach lifeguard rescue duty gameoffered by 4 Wheel Games packed with rescue mission for all thoseindividuals who are looking for rescue games.Beach is full of tourists and many casualties are happening there.There is an immediate need of rescue ambulance driver, beachlifeguard boat rescue driver and helicopter pilot for transferringinjured persons from coast to coast. Get ready to face thislifeguard beach attack and transfer needy people into a safe zonein limited time. Perform the role of an on-duty ambulance driver,collect people to one place with the help of ambulance sirens andrescue them from fire and shark attack. Provide services of rescuethrough helicopter and take off chopper to a dry safe location. Getready for anticipated emergency, arrange doctors and paramedicsrescue in this hustle and bustle of emergency and perform yourhonesty duty. You must be good at swimming as you may have toperform the role of a lone swimmer for the safety of your people.Remove dust from your bathing suit, rescue swimmers and boaters byplaying this killer rescue game.Beach Rescue Lifeguard Duty is a helicopter rescue game and youwill perform the role of a lifeguard rescue operator. Face waterstream of flooded area, stay stress resistance and prove yourselfliable of your people. You are a beach finder, drive this endlessboat to every corner of beach, enjoy thrill of steering and tagyourself as emergency rescue saviour.So what are you looking for? Download this rescuer aided game anddon't waste your precious time on irrelevant games. Join beachlifeguard rescue team, start your beach rescue duty and be a rescuehero.Features of Beach Rescue Lifeguard Duty:Join Super Rescue Team & Save Injured Patients.Play As Rescue Ambulance Driver, Boat Rescue Driver &Helicopter Pilot.Highly Challenging Rescue Missions.Realistic Beach Environment.Realistic People for Rescue Operations.
Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops 1.0
Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops is an actionpacked Fps Shooting game of Special Forces who have joined hands toeliminate the terrorism in US. This war is as destructive as anyWorld War. Call of commando has been made to carry out thismaritime special operations.Army Frontline Mission Special ForcesCommando Ops brings to u a Special Forces team, which includes theUS Army Team, Us Military, Army Special force, Us Army PrimarySpecial Operation force, US navy and CIA agents against Afghanwarlord, Iran warlord and ISIS Terrorist. The mission is to counterthe Taliban and overcome the brutal crime of terrorist on US.Become the war hero. It would be advisable to get behind the enemylines and kill the brutal criminals. There are no Rules of warhere, only Attack Death should occur for your enemies.The ISISterrorists have attacked the countries Iran and Afghanistan. USArmy Special Force Commando has sent their best teams to these bothcountries for war against terrorist. They have been assignedspecial mission to fight against evil and eliminate ISIS terroristgroup. A secret agent collect information and has informed that theISIS group has been joined by some mastermind behind 911 operationand he has been leading these terrorists. So the frontline commandmission is to locate these terrorists and kill them. Army FrontlineMission Special Forces Commando Ops enables you to lead the USsniper assassin team into the battle war. Let them see yourfrontline fury attacks. The Army Frontline Mission Special ForcesCommando Ops features intense action against the terrorist mafia.It gives you experience of traffic sniper You have been givenproper training by the Us Army Training School, the shooting andtraining included cover shoot, sniper shooting, rescue hostages,counter terrorism attack, strike force training and mountainshooting. Now you have to show your skills in the battle field. Acall of sniper has been made. Sniper hunter team has also beenappointed to carry out sniper shot 3d operations and to train themin sniper king shoot operations. Being the sniper stick shootkiller you have to lead the team. You are the best sniper shooteronboard.Army Frontline Mission Special Forces Commando Ops is afree, Top Shooting game. This counter attack mission is deadly andthere is no chance to lose it. This Special critical ops mission isvery critical, so the navy seal has also been included in this fpsaction game. You have been assigned the frontline mission by theelite commando. Be aware of your surroundings as well as a spy onsecret duty is constantly on your watch and sharing youractivities. Show the criminal mafia that you are the braveassassin. In this Special Forces Mission make Gun Strike at firstopportunity, don’t let the enemy attack you. This operation againstterrorist can lead to lots of loss of lives and injuries. On everyenemy attack make Counter terrorism attack.Army Frontline MissionSpecial Forces Commando Ops offers a modern warfare, with the mostamazing team of advanced sniper Shoot Killer, commando, frontlineshooter and deadly army combat gunner. The force of war and theWorld War II survival stories had no strategic impact on this war.Already many terrorists are convicted and no way is possible forthe escape the deadly prisoner. This is the battle of freedom andthis is going to be the final battle. The terrorists cannot escapeyour final commando strike, so there would be no chance of theirsurvival battleground. You have to destroy all their secretweapons, hidden in the secret basement storage of their base. Thesesteps are necessary for the security of your country and thewelfare of your fellow countrymen.Game FeaturesSpecial Real SoundEffectsChallenging levels and exciting missionsHD quality audio andvideoRealistic graphicsEasy and smooth gameplayInteractive userinterface
Panther Superhero Battleground: City Survival Game 1.0
Panther Superhero Battleground: CitySurvivalGame is the most exciting and stimulating Hero AdventureFight2018. It’s time for Super hero Vs super villains battle.Yourbeloved city is under act of violence by the Super villain andhisclan. The gangster mafia has spread everywhere causing upheavalinthe city so the people are praying for a Kung Fu fighter,armoreddark hero or a legendary Panther Super Hero for theirrescue. Mafiasyndicate has converted the city of peace into a crimecitybattle.Panther Superhero Battleground: City Survival Game is a sagaofFighting simulation games where your city is on the vice TownCrimelist. The Grand Immortal Gods have destroyed the peace ofyourcity, they have committed every crime you can think of, andeitherit be Plane hijack, bank heist, kidnappings, murders orspreadingevilness around the city in order to smash the city. Aprofessionalstreet fighter is required to set the rules of fight.The criminalmafia is using its powers to destroy the city, it’s nolonger asafe place for the people. This survival battleground wasonce ahome to these people but now only dreadfulness and fear isleft.Normal street crime fighter are alert and are trying theirbest tofight off these criminals but in vain. Only a panther herowithsuper natural powers can come to the aid of city now.Panther Superhero Battleground: City Survival Game hasthrillingmission and deadly levels in store to keep you motivated.You beinga legendary fighter having brave heart can win thissurvivalmission effortlessly. Flying superhero city rescueoperation awaitsyour expertise and experience of fighting off thesebeasts in thisfurious battle. As a Kill bar hero it is your duty totrainsuperhero for battle so that you are a team of New YorkCitySuperhero to eliminate the city night crime in this shadowbattle.The Terrorist team has created an amazing web of evil whichisspreading day by day and is getting out of control. Peoplearegetting trapped in the web, it’s your responsibility tosavehostages life from the web shadow. This Superhero Arena RingBattleis better than any Kungfu fighting games.A True Super hero is not always in spotlight, at times his roleisof a Cipher hero, who is constantly spying at enemy hideoutlocations and evil activities. He has to carry outdangerousmissions under the enemy’s furious wings. It’s going to beSuperHero Time in vice city. You as the fearless fighter and thestreetfighter have to keep on fighting off the dark forces till thelastday battleground with your fighting skills & tactics. Thisisnot going to be some comic rival’s battle but serious super herovssuper villain’s city crime battle. Panther SuperheroBattleground:City Survival Game brings a deep combat mission forthe superherofighting squad led by the flying super hero.This is going to be a kungfu saga of smasher games withsomeextraordinary Kung Fu Rivals Street Fighting moves. It’syourmission to kill terrorist, help people escape crime, ensureeverylanding plane safety and apply all fighting techniquesagainststreet gangster in survival battle ground. PantherSuperheroBattleground: City Survival Game is a hero simulator,where you asa Crime Fighter will put up a superhero fight toconquer thegangster city battle.Game FeaturesSuper natural powersExciting Missions and LevelsModern Gadgets and EquipmentHD quality video and audioSmooth ControlsRealistic 3D environments