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Super Ted Adventure (Jungle World & smash World) 1.2.30
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Super boy ted adventure in jungle world. Hehave to race through five worlds(Jungle world, Grassland world,Desert world, Ice world and Volcanic world), survive from countlesstraps and enemies, collects mega millions coins, uses powerball tobeat the boss: inferno dragon, greedy spider, phantom snake, lostmummy and diamond duke, then rescue his friends Kong and Dino. Thisgame tells his super jungle adventure, which is a fantastic 2dside-scrolling platform game with the best sense of control, 30+kinds of enemies, 5 big bosses, 50 well-designed levels, and a lotof classic characters, such as Pac Bear, Zombie Bunny, VampireHunter and so on.This game is easy to control but also very addictive. Very detailsof classic platform games been remade in Marco World. such as jumpenemy, brick breaker, power-up item, Marco picks up burger(becomesbigger), speed shoes(increasing move speed), sliding tortoise andso on. The super awesome and UNIQUE features of Super Marco is thehidden Dungeon world.Now, it's time to install the game and enjoy Fun Run and Jump,Crouch, Power-Up., You are a real hero...Supported Languages: English, Español, Português now, more willcome soon.Features
1) Rich animations and in-game graphics
2) Moving background music and sound effects
3) 9 challenging enemies: red snake, giant snail, yellow hornet,cloud pig and more secret enemies etc
4) Many power-up Items: powerball, burger, coke, speed shoes,battle shoes, (more are coming soon)5) Jump on the top of enemy to defeat them6) Break brick to release power-up item7) Pick up items to become bigger, invincible or obtain ability ofthrowing ball8) Hidden warp world
How to play1) Tap Left + Right to move around
2) Tap Jump button to break brick3) Hold Jump button for a while to jump higher4) Stand on the top of tunnel for while to enter into it.
5) Tap Left + Right to swing vine
6) Jump on the top of enemy to defeat them, or throw ball atthem.
7) Collect millions coins as many as you can to unlock new levelsand gather power-up items