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NASCAR Manager 1.3.5
NASCAR® MANAGER is the all new official NASCAR game that puts youin control! Take the Crew Chief seat in the most popular motorsportin North America. Decide your strategy, run the best tactics andmake the calls that guide your driver to victory! Are you ready fora real challenge?Pick your pitstop strategy, tire use and drivingstyle as you attempt to guide your driver from the back of the packto the winner's circle. Improve your chances of success betweenraces by upgrading the car, training the team and negotiatingsponsorship deals in order to take your driver from rookie to Chasewinner. Featuring all the officially licensed tracks and drivers ofthe 2014 season, compete against (and beat) the stars of the sportlike Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick to seeyour driver crowned NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion!KEYFEATURES:• Features all the OFFICIAL drivers, race tracks, cars andsponsors from the 2014 Sprint Cup Series• Guide your driver fromSPEEDWEEKS rookie to championship contender in CAREER MODE• Makethe calls for your favorite driver from a line up of 43 officiallylicensed 2014 Sprint Cup Series competitors and champions in SEASONMODE• Upgrade your car to create the perfect setup for every trackon the NASCAR calendar• Unlock new sponsorship opportunities toboost your finances• Train your crew to shave valuable seconds offyour pitting time• Make the calls to give your driver the edge instunning gameplay sequences with GENRE-LEADINGGRAPHICS__________________________________In-app PurchasesThis gameis free to play but uses in-app purchases. You can add passwordprotection to this feature in the settings section of GooglePlay.App PermissionsRead phone status and identity - Allows game tobe paused during an incoming phone callModify or delete thecontents of your USB storage - Allows the app to be installed andupdatedRead the contents of your USB storage - Allows the app to beinstalled and updatedFull network access - Allows connection togame servers for in app purchases and in game rewardsNetworkcommunication - Allows connection to game servers for in apppurchases and in game rewardsPrevent phone from sleeping - Preventsinterruption of gameplay
NASCAR Heat Mobile 3.2.5
Race across NASCAR tracks and emerge Champion - from the onlyofficial NASCAR publisher! Have you ever wanted to experience thesame adrenaline rush as a professional NASCAR driver? Look nofurther! NASCAR Heat Mobile transforms your mobile phone into adrivers seat with the exact same sensations. Dash across the finishline as your favorite driver and car as you compete against thebest in stock car racing! START YOUR ENGINES Trust your vehicle andit will never betray you on the track. Bet everything on yourvehicle & steering abilities in the next competition and takethe season by storm! Race your way across all 23 Monster EnergyNASCAR Cup Series tracks in America and walk the road of a champ.BUILD YOUR OWN EMPIRE NASCAR isn’t just about winning a race;building a successful franchise is just as important. How you buildyour Fan Zone will directly affect your popularity, ability toupgrade cars, and competitiveness on the track. Think wisely beforerecklessly constructing your Fan Zone! UPGRADE, FINETUNE, AND DECKOUT You and your vehicle will need to adapt and upgrade as you raceacross America. Your garage will help you prepare for your nextbattle. Select the most suitable upgrades for your next race toensure a quick and easy victory! RACE AS A LEGEND Ever wanted torace as Chase Elliott, Kyle Busch, or Joey Logano? You’ve come tothe right place. Race as your favorite driver and build your ownracing team in NASCAR Heat Mobile. Relive the glorious moments anddash your way through the finish line as one of the greatestdrivers of all-time! DAILY BONUS REWARDS To show appreciation foryour dedication to racing, we want to give you a few rewards tohelp you on and off the track. Simply log-in everyday and claimyour next rewards! WORK WITH YOUR FRIENDS Every racer needs a crewand NASCAR Heat Mobile is no different. Tag team with your friendsto build a prosperous and successful NASCAR empire of your own!What’s New NEW FEATURE UPDATES: New 2019 Ford Mustang! New 2019Paint Schemes! New 2019 Drivers! Complete 2019 Monster EnergyNASCAR Cup Series schedule! --- Please Note: Must be 13+ to play.Included in the app are links to social networking sites and theinternet intended for audiences 13+. NASCAR Heat Mobile is free toplay, but offers in-app purchases. By playing this game, you adhereto the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of 704 GamesCompany. User Agreement:hhttps://nascarheat.com/end-user-license-agreement/ Privacy Policy:https://nascarheat.com/privacy-policy/ Support:https://nascarheat.com/support/ NASCAR ® is a registered trademarkof the National Association for Stock Car Racing, Inc. and usedunder license. All other car, team and driver images, track names,trademarks and other intellectual property are used under licensefrom their respective owner. © 2019 704 Games Company. 704Games isa trademark of 704 Games Company. All rights reserved.
NASCAR Rush 1.2
Strap in and experience the RUSH in the first officially licensedNASCAR endless racer! Choose from your favorite Monster EnergyNASCAR Cup Series drivers as you Pass, Draft, Pit and Avoid Wrecksacross 3 unique racing modes. How long can you stay out on thetrack?! INTUITIVE CONTROLS • Switch lanes with a single tap orswipe • Overtake opponents and avoid collisions • Draft to savefuel so you can reach the pits • Repair Damage, Refuel, or ChangeTires – what you do in the pits could make or break your race! REALWORLD DRIVERS AND TRACKS • Select from any of the best NASCARdrivers • Race across all 23 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup SeriesTracks INCREASE YOUR PERFORMANCE • Collect cards for your album toboost your performance • Use card fragments to enhance your car’sabilities • Complete your card collection to dominate thecompetition 3 WAYS TO RACE • Career – Complete missions to earncash and gold, unlock cards, and increase your fame • Challenge –Earn rewards based on how far you can drive • Live Event – Competewith other racers in weekly events that follow along with theactual Monster Energy NASCAR Cup season LEADERBOARDS • See who candrive the furthest and how you rank against your friends --- PleaseNote: Must be 13+ to play. Included in the app are links to socialnetworking sites and the internet intended for audiences 13+.NASCAR Rush is free to play, but offers in-app purchases. Byplaying this game, you adhere to the Privacy Policy and Terms andConditions of 704 Games Company. User Agreement:https://www.704games.com/end-user-license-agreement Privacy Policy:https://www.704games.com/privacy-policy Support:https://www.704games.com/support NASCAR ® is a registered trademarkof the National Association for Stock Car Racing, Inc. and usedunder license. All other car, team and driver images, track names,trademarks and other intellectual property are used under licensefrom their respective owner. © 2018 704 Games Company. 704Games isa trademark of 704 Games Company. All rights reserved.