Candy Charming - 2019 Match 3 Puzzle Free Games
Start playing Candy Charming today – over 5,000,000 candy charmersare playing this🔥 top match 3 puzzle games! With more than 2,000levels, enjoy hours and hours of crushing fun! Candy Charming is anaddictive match puzzle game full of free big 🎁 rewards every day!Exploring magical candy kingdoms, helping lovely candy fairy tomatch & crush the candies and sugars to unlock differentgameplays! 👏 Want to kill time without WIFI? Want to claim freerewards every day? Want to challenge friends to see who can get thehighest score? Start playing Candy Charming now! 🎉 📍Candy CharmingFeatures: 🍭2,000+ Addictive match-3 levels Candy Charming has morethan 2,000 levels and will add new levels monthly 🍭 Top variousgameplays Daily Reward, Spin the wheel, Happy Hour, Sweet Mission,Sweet Treats and so on 🍭FREE to play There are daily free rewardsand don’t forget to spin the wheel to get awesome bonus 🍭 Sync gamedata whenever/anytime Sync your game data between different devicesand play anywhere, anytime 🍭Offline games No Wi-Fi or internetconnection is required 🍭Cute graphics Different wonderful game mapsand delicious jelly & sugar & soda & candy with newdesigns 🍭Powerful boosters There are 7 powerful boosters which canhelp you solve the quests HOW TO PLAY: ●Match 3 or more similarcandies in a line to crush them. ●Match 4 puzzle pieces to createthe direction special candy bombs. ●Match 5 in T or L to createmagical candy. ●Use less moves and more combos of special candiesto get more stars in the level Candy Charming is completely free toplay but some of the in-game items require payment. Enjoying it?Learn more about this top free puzzle game! Follow Candy Charmingon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playcandycharming/ FollowCandy Charming on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/candycharmingfun/ Follow Candy Charmingwebsite for tips: www.candycharming.com 👏 Are you ready to joinCandy Charming? Try the best matching candies games in 2019! Havefun playing Candy Charming!
Marble Dash 1.1.159
Marble Dash is a top puzzle game on Google Play, the newest puzzlegame of 2019 is coming! Marble Dash has a magical island with morethan 200 challenging levels, it contains rich game contents! Comeand explore the mysteries of stone miracles with the classicpinball game! The gameplay is very simple, more than 3 balls of thesame color can be eliminated, you need to eliminate them all beforethey are absorbed by mysterious cave! Easy to control and easy toplay! Gameplay: -Tap screen to launch marble -Match 3 or moremarble to eliminate -Tap ejector to swap marbles -Make combos tocreate chain reactions and earn higher score Features: -More than200 levels! Brand new scenes: Jungle, Green Space, Ruin, Desert andso on. -Cool game special effect and realistic sound! -Easy tolearn but difficult to master, more challenging levels can beexplored! -Lightning penetration, rainbow balls, explosions, timepauses and many other game items are waiting for you to discover!-Play for free, time killer! -Add new levels and contents everymonth, you can’t stop playing! Marble Dash is a brain puzzle bubbleshooter game, if you are looking for a game to decompress or killtime, or you want to play with friends, Marble Dash is the bestchoice! With a relaxed game atmosphere and excellent gameperformance combined with simple gameplay, you will be addicted! Asa marble game with bubble shooter, it retains the originally retrogameplay, combining match 3 and pinball elements with miraculousthemes, it is an excellent bubble shooter game to pass the time. Avariety of different items help achieve elimination effects! Gameis about to start! Are you ready to enjoy the extraordinary game?Eliminate, explode and destroy stones, come to unlock more gamemodes! More interesting features will be updated! Do not hesitate,you are the Marble Dash master! Welcome to follow our Facebook andshare your precious suggestions with us! FB:https://www.facebook.com/MarbleDashGame/
Cookie Yummy 1.1.5
Crush your delicious cookies in mama chef’s bakery! Take thechallenging match puzzles and explore the wonderful adventure!Hopin new innovative bakery quests! Create your splendid cookierecipes! Collect and earn rewards in special cookie store! Satisfyyourself with fun gameplay! Don’t wait and start now playing CookieYummy!Game Features:- Hundreds of innovative and challenging puzzlelevels- Find the cookie store for special events- Super deliciousand addictive matching gameplay- Delicious and powerful spells tocrush cookies- Leaderboard to watch your friends and competitorglobally - Connect with Facebook to sync your game progress- Sharewith your friends about your achievements - Regular new levels withgame versions for your entertainment- No Wi-Fi or internetconnection required to playCookie Yummy is completely free to playbut some of the in-game items require payment.Follow us to get newsand updates:https://www.facebook.com/cookieyummyfun/
Archery Elite™
🏅One of the most popular archery games in 2019!! 🏅Players from morethan 143 countries compete with each other! 🏅The most realistic 3Dmobile archery game recommended by Google Play! 🎯🎯Are you ready tobecome Archery Elite™? Play one of the most popular modern sportgames in the Olympics. It's FREE! Best archery games ever, becomethe world bow & arrow master! 🎯🎯 🏷️VARIOUS GAME MODES YOU CANEXPERIENCE * Do you want to compete with players all over theworld? Do you want to play against your friends? Do you want toimprove your archery skills? Do not worry, PVP mode, FriendCompetition mode and Single Game mode are absolutely satisfying!There are also online and offline modes in the game, you can playanywhere, whether you have a network or not! 🏷️INVITE YOUR FRIENDS,COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER * When you feel bored by playing alone, donot hesitate to invite your friends to compete! 🏷️GET COOLEQUIPMENT FROM CHESTS * You can get rare, legendary and epicequipment from various chests! Collect and create your own powerfulequipment collocation! 🏷️EXPERIENCE THE CHARM OF ARCHERY INDIFFERENT SCENES * Lawn, Archery Field, Coast, Iceland, many sceneswe have as long as you want to experience! You can feel the mostrealistic 3D archery experience in these scenes in Archery Elite™!📍Game Features: 🏹Real-time 1 vs 1 game mode, compete with otherarchers around the world. 🏹Invite friends and engage in archerycompetitions with friends 🏹Unlock hundreds of shooting archerylevels to be the best. 🏹Multiple archery shooting locations: Lawn,Archery Field, Coast, Iceland etc. 🏹Real 3D and diverse equipment,customize your exclusive equipment. 🏹Improve your archery skills insingle game mode. Archery Elite is a 3D mobile game which hasamazing 3D shooting graphics, animations and it’s so realisticwhich makes you feel like you are actual in the archery game. Comeand improve your skills to be the best archer! The aim of the gameis shooting your arrows at the targets. There are a variety oflevels with different features and archery challenges. Start now!Aim and shoot! You are the Archery Elite! Start shooting today byplaying Archery Elite! Welcome to play and start your own shooting!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can get rewards from our fan page events: 🎁🎁 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ArcheryElite3D Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/archery_elite/ Twitter:https://mobile.twitter.com/ArcheryElite We hope you enjoy the game.Have fun!!!
Sudoku 1.0.4
Sudoku is a smart-brain puzzle game with numbers. Play to relax orkeep your mind active! Pass time in a pleasant way or clear yourhead with Sudoku. The more you play, the more you will enjoySudoku!Choose any level you like. Play easy levels to exercise yourbrain, or try medium or hard levels to give your mind a realworkout. Playing Sudoku on mobile is as good as with a pencil andpaper.Top features:- Choose easy, medium or hard level to trainyour brain- Highlight duplicates to avoid repeating numbers in arow, column and block- Hints can guide you through the numbers whenyou are stuck- Challenge yourself figuring out your mistakes, orenable Auto-Check to see your mistakes as you go- Relax yourselfwith beautiful piano background music- Enjoyable game for EVERYONE:Kid, Adult, Girl, Boy, etc.Train your brain with Sudoku anywhere,anytime!We hope you enjoy the game.Have fun!!!
Solo Soccer 1.20
⚽⚽Most popular table soccer game in 142 countries, you can competewith other soccer fans from all over the world! Original tablesoccer game with real-time 1V1 competition online, only perfectcombination of speed and skill can get victory! Your champion dreamwill come true here! ⚽⚽Solo Soccer is a real-time onlinecompetition game. Also called table soccer, tabletop soccer,fingersoccer,table football,this is a game that play on the table,twoplayers need to kick the football into each other's goal, theplayer who gets 7 scores first will win the game. The gameplay isunique and simple to operate. With the perfect combination of speedand skill, you can compete with players from all over the world,and can also play against your friends in the same device andfield. Come on, you are the champion! 📌Game Features: - Real-timeand competitive 1 vs 1 match - Play soccer against your friends inthe same device - Well-designed challenge levels,powerful Ai iswaiting for you - Practice mode with different levels to improveyour skill - Great graphic makes you immersive - Choose thenational team and win FIFA World Cup - Smooth game experiencewithout losing any key balls Show your speed and skill, defend thevictory on the field, and join us! Follow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Solo-Soccer-1975133132542925/ We hope youenjoy the game. Have fun!!!
Word Search 1.0.3
Do you enjoy the word puzzle game? Do you like challenges? Howlarge is your vocabulary? How many words do you know? Just playthis world’s best word puzzle game - Word Search!Word Search is afree, fun and addicting word puzzle game which combines the best ofword connect and crosswords for brain challenging fun. This game isdesigned to exercise your brain, learn new words and share the funwith your family & friends. There are 12 words hiddenhorizontally, vertically or diagonally on a 10X10 puzzle. It startsout very easy but gets challenging very quickly. Your aim is tofind these words as quickly as possible.Top features:- Three levelsof difficulty: Easy, Medium or Hard level - Support language:English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese,Korean, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi- Nice and Simplegraphics with intelligent tough sensitivity- No WIFI needed. Notime limits.- Enjoyable game for EVERYONE: Kid, Adult, Girl, Boy,etc.Brain it on! Play Word Search to boost your intelligenceanywhere, anytime!We hope you enjoy the game.Have fun!!!
Block Puzzle 1.2.1
☘️This is exactly the puzzle game you've been looking for!☘️ BlockPuzzle - Wood & Clover is a simple but fun puzzle game withunique art style. The minute you start, you'll be attracted by itand won't stop playing. Yes, it is THAT enjoyable! HOW TO PLAY: 💡Drag and place the blocks from the bottom 💡 Fill them in a row orcolumn 💡 You'll score if the line is fully filled 💡 Block can't berotated KEY FEATURES: ☘️ Refreshing and bright woody art style ☘️Delicate sound effect & music ☘️ Multiple map choices ☘️Collect Clovers and buy new skins ☘️ Leaderboards available, get onthe top! ☘️ Unique item makes your gaming experience better ☘️ Freeto play, easy to enjoy! Block Puzzle - Wood & Clover is aclassic and free jigsaw puzzle game, you can enjoy it anywhere,anytime without internet connection. The gameplay is simple butaddictive: you can drag the blocks from the bottom and put theminto the board. Once the blocks filled a row or column, it willdisappear, and then you can put more blocks in, and you'll getsocre! Leaderboards are added in the game so you can compete withyour friends and players all over the world! In Block Puzzle, aspecial item called Clover can be collected. It is an item used tobuy new skins of the blocks in Store. Another useful tool is calledHammer, it will be used when you can't put in any more blocks. Itis like a life saver and can be collected free before or during thegame play! Without further ado, let's sink into the world of blocksand enjoy all the fun!
Bowling Club™
🏅 The world's most popular 3D bowling game is officially online!Real-person real-time battles around the world as well as a varietyof creative games! 🏅Official launch on 143 countries around theworld, dare you to come and challenge top players in the world?🏅《Bowling Club》 is a free 3D mobile game that simulates a realbowling game/match.A unique game experience design, giving you acompletely different bowling competition experience! 🎳🎳 Gamefeatures: 🏆 The most realistic striking experience, restoring thefun of bowling competitions; 🏆 3 innovative events gameplay: DrunkBowling, Domino Bowling and Strike Master; 🏆 4 game modes:real-time 1V1 match, championship, Drunk Bowling, Single game; 🏆Beautiful and Realistic 3D graphics scenes, let you experiencedifferent atmospheres of the game/give you a different atmospheresof the game; 🏆 100+ exquisite 3D bowling balls and Pins & Lanesshow off your class; 🏆 Global real-time fast 1V1 match, a perfectmatch with players around the world; 🏆 Tournament of Champions,make you be the invincible world champion! 🏆 In-game friend systemallows you to bowl together with your friends PK anytime, anywhere!🏆 Hundreds of grade medals and Achievements give you the absoluteglory! [A wide variety of pins and amazing equipments] A variety ofmaterial equipments, different striking experience!Challengenumerous levels and unlock new locations!Enter the game to get ahuge amount of upgrade materials,and even you will receive a giftpack right now,!! Come and create your legendary upgrade path![Creative play to have fun] Based on the traditional rules ofbowling competition, we also added Drunk Bowling, fun games such asDomino Bowling and Strike Master, and a variety of mini games suchas Daily wheel,Super Wheel and flips.The game is very easy tolearn,and addicted to it, you can not stop in the game.[Championship to complete for King of bowling] There are Hundredsof grade medals and Achievements, a variety of competitionrankings. Who is the Hit King? Who is the championship? Who is theLADDER? Waiting for you to strike! [The ultimate experience of topart] Bowling balls,fantastic bowling alleys and Pins are crafted inexquisite 3D art. Top-class high-definition game scenes such asBowling Alley, Snow Fort, Route 66, Magical museum, WonderfulStreet, Seaworld. Make you have the ultimate immersive experience!Download the game and start your Bowling Club now!Become a probowler! We hope you enjoy the game. Have fun! ! !
Sniper Honor: Best 3D Shooting Game 1.4.0
Fight for honor! Pick up the sniper rifle at hand and experiencethe cold-blooded career as a professional assassin! Sniper Honor isa real-life 3D shooting game with best shooting experience andsuperb gameplay. Fight against the gangs in the city, or thehighest leader of the criminal forces, everything happens in theblink of an eye! It’s completely free, and this is the best snipershooting game you can play in the market! 📍How to play: ● Confirmthe target according to the lead ● Wait patiently and watchcarefully ● Lock the target, trigger the rifle ● Earn rewards andstrengthen weapons 📍Game Features: ● The current best graphics and3D design, with breath-taking slow-motion shots. ● Collect thesniper rifles from real world and put them in your kit! ● Excellentgame and level design to fully experience the career as a sniper. ●A variety of props to help you in battle, make the killing easier.● It's completely free! Join the battle at no cost, download thegame and experience it instantly! ● Biohazrd Alert: Prevent zombiesfrom infecting they and destroying them with rampage! ● Multiplemission modes with diverse gameplay, you must download! ● Can beexperienced without internet, play anywhere you want! Sniper Honorwill put you in the city streets with constantly changingenvironment. Put gang members, evil leaders and savage mobs intoeternal sleep through the sniper rifles in your hands. With thebest graphics and superb FPS experience, the career of an assassinis right there in your device. You can experience dozens ofdifferent types of tasks, such as saving the hostages, killingdangerous gangsters, protecting the police and assassination of theevil leaders, etc. Every action will be instructed, please observeand trigger the final shot! Sniper Honor contains several real-lifesniper rifles and will continue to expand. Enhance and upgrade yourweapon components by completing the mission for greater power andbetter killing! A wide variety of game scenes will be switched fromaction to action. As a top assassin, you must make a criticalstrike in a complex environment. Fight for honor! Forget aboutthose lame shooting games and join Sniper Honor now! Don't be boundby the rules, use your own method to solve the problem ahead!Download for free now! We will regularly provide excellent updatesto expand your sniper career. Thank you for playing!_____________________________________________ Join our officialFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/SniperHonor/
Bling Crush - Jewels & Gems Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.3.1
Over 2,000,000 players are playing this top free game full of 💎gemsand jewels! Bling Crush is a free match 3 puzzle game for fun.Slider your finger to match and crush gems. 🌈Thousands ofchallenging levels are waiting for you to unlock! 💓Addictivelevels, easy gameplays and cute graphics will bring you endlessfun! Match and crush combos of jewels to kill time. New puzzlesevery month and daily free rewards will bring you enormousentertainment!!! 👉HOW TO PLAY -👍You will have a specific goal inevery free level, just finish the goals and you will get bigrewards -👍Match 3 or more same color gem jewels in order to crushthem. -👍Pass level to get enough stars and unlock the new maps.-👍Collect coins and buy powerful boosters to crush gems easily.-👍Pass levels to unlock sweet cute friends to help you win thematch game. -👍Join the World Tournament compete with friends allover the world, winner will get generous rewards. -👍Hundreds ofchallenging levels and sweet maps need you to match. -👍New matchgame with piggy bank can give you free coins. 👉FEATURES 💎THE BESTPUZZLE GAME - Super fun and addictive gameplay. Hundreds ofchallenging and unique match-3 levels! 💎 MATCH-3 GAME FOR FUN - NoWi-Fi or internet connection required to play. Bling Crush is aneasy to play match 3 puzzle game! No matter your experience, youwill enjoy those wonderful jewel games & levels! 💎 GREATGRAPHICS AND DESIGN - Different wonderful game-worlds with newdesigns! Solve puzzles and unlock new maps. 💎 BLAST BOOSTERS TOHELP YOU - Powerful boosters helping you solve the quests and theywill help you to match every blocks and solve every puzzle. 💎 MATCHTO UNLOCK NEW EVENTS - Play timed events for boosters & otherrewards. Sweet holiday & Christmas events to be added regularlyfor your entertainment. 💎 PLAY WITH FRIENDS! - Leaderboard to watchyour friends and competitor globally. Monthly and global rankingsshow your great record. Are you ready to join Bling Crush? Try thebest matching jewels games in 2019! Follow us to get news andupdates: https://www.facebook.com/playblingcrush/