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Rehtona - Super Jump Pixel Puzzle Game 1.3.7
TapTap - Best Game Finalist MODIAN - Editor's Choice IGF-Participant Dot 4 Joy Studio's latest masterpiece,innovativedouble worlds puzzle game! A soul-searching colorfuladventureabout a girl’s precious memories, broken worlds, andself-rescue.Rehtona is a pixel style, platformer puzzle game. HelpRehtona findthe connection between the two mirrored worlds: theordinary worldand the world behind the gate. Rehtona acts in oneworld andanticipate how it will impact the other world. Go throughthepuzzles, flip back and forth to block traps, open pathways,andhelp piece together lost memories. These are the key factorsthatlead Rehtona to the final answer to everything. Let’s togetherjoinRehtona’s colorful journey – one you will never forget.GameFeatures: ● Breathtakingly two unique yet mirrored worldsofpuzzles with radically different strategies to solve ● 5chapters,32+ elaborately designed levels plus 7 challenge levelsand morelevels are coming ● Delightful and interestingpuzzles/mechanicswith the just right difficulty to play ● Touching,mysterious storyline! ● Stunning pixel graphics with a highlypolished interface! ●Smoothly controlled platform jumper, join theunforgettable journeyof Rehtona ● Full Save/Load functionality withFlashback system! ●Expansion updates will be kept updating, time tochallenge yourbrain! ● Expansion updates will be kept updatingevery week/month,time to challenge your brain! ● The easter eggs inthe game arepleasantly surprised, find them during the journey!Rehtonacombines parallel worlds transformations with a varietyofmechanisms to create excellent levels that require playerstocarefully inferred. At the same time, the game usesawell-designed, suspenseful and fascinating story throughoutalllevels, and you need to push the story's development withthepuzzles. We hope to give you a double enjoyment of gameplayandplot at the end of the game. The operation of the game is nothard,you only need to focus on solving the puzzle, usinglogicalreasoning, shuttling in the mirrored world to get keys,collectcrystals and explore different endings. Let's start thejourney!Welcome to join our community! Email:support@joyient.zendesk.comFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/Dot4JoyStudio/Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/dot4joy_studio/Twitter:https://mobile.twitter.com/Dot4JoyStudioYoutube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMsiuiafsuJxxQtwvJhzZug/
Archery Elite™ - Free Multiplayer Archero Game
Aim! Fire! Shooting! Go hunting! Become a master archer hero!🏅Hunting Exciting!-Shooting the animals to win the rewards bygetting higher scores! 🏅Shooting battle! - First-person-shooter,join the most exciting 1v1 3D multiplayer archery game ever in2020!! 🏅Archero game! -Archero from more than 143 countries competewith archery ace! 🏅Bow and Arrow -The best archery game recommendedby Google Play! 🎯🎯 Archery Elite™ is the most excitingfirst-person-shooter game by 707 INTERACTIVE. Play one of the mostpopular fun acrade sports games in the Olympics. The gameplay isvery simple, just use your bow and arrow to aim and release toshoot a variety of targets to get higher scores and be thebowmaster. Now, It's FREE! Archery go to play with your friends orfamily via Facebook and become the bowmaster! 🎯🎯 🏷️REAL-TIMEMULTIPLAYER, FUN OF SPORTS YOU CAN EXPERIENCE * Do you want tocompete with archero all over the world? Do you want to playagainst your friends for 3D archery games? PVP mode, Deer HuntingMode, WiFi Battle Mode with friends and Single Player mode areabsolutely satisfying! Play online with 3d scene, also you can playoffline anywhere, whether you have a network or not! 🏷️INVITE YOURFRIENDS VIA FACEBOOK, COMPETE WITH ARCHEROS * When you feel boredby playing alone, do not hesitate to invite your friends viaFacebook to archery battle 3d! By WiFi Battle Mode, you can archerygo to shooting world with your friends or family! 🏷️EXPERIENCE THECHARM OF ARCHERY IN DIFFERENT SCENES * Lawn, Field, Coast, Iceland,many simulated scenes we have as long as you want to experience!You can feel the most realistic experience in these scenes! 🏷️GOSHOOTING DIFFERENT TARGETS And Bottles, Drones, Animals, Fruits,Plates ... A wide variety of shooting targets, you can get avariety of shooting battle fun! 📍Game Features: 🏹Simulation huntingPVP mode, Deer, Pheasant, Leopard, Moose, Bear...Archery go toshoot more animals and compete with hunters 🏹Real-time PVP match,compete with other archeros around the world 🏹Invite friends, playwith friends or family via Facebook , and engage in archerychampion 🏹Unlock hundreds of shooting archery levels to be thebowmaster 🏹Multiple shooting arena: Lawn, Field, Coast, Icelandetc. 🏹Real 3D and diverse equipment, customize your exclusiveequipment 🏹Chatting with your competitor in match, clash withfriends 🏹Improve your archery skills in single game mode. ArcheryElite is a 3D simulation mobile clash game which has amazingshooting galleries, animations. And with first-person-shooter, it’sso realistic which makes you feel like you are actual in thearchery clash game. Come and improve your skills to be the bestarcher in shooting world! Archery Elite is the fun casual acradestyle archery shooting game which has different gameplay and modes,Single Player Mode, Multiplayer Player Mode, Deer Hunting mode, andit’s so fantastic playability! You can simulate the archery in theshooting world. There are a variety of levels with differentfeatures and archery challenges. Start now! Aim and shoot! You arethe Archery Elite! Aim. fire! Start shooting today by playingArchery Elite! Welcome to play and start your own shooting game!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can get rewards from our fan page events: 🎁🎁 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ArcheryElite3D Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/archery_elite/ Twitter:https://mobile.twitter.com/ArcheryElite We hope you enjoy the game.Have fun!!!
Sniper Honor: Fun FPS 3D Gun Shooting Game 2021 1.8.5
Fight for honor! Pick up the cool guns at hand and experience thecold-blooded adventure as a professional assassin! You are thesniper elite and sharpshooter! Sniper Honor is a real-life 3D freeoffline gun shooting game with best sniping shooting experience andawesome gameplay. Fight against the gangs in the city, or thehighest leader of the criminal forces, everything happens in theblink of an eye! It’s a fun sniper gun shooter game with theawesome offline shooting gameplay of 2021, which you can play inthe market! You must be a assassin elite and enjoy the top snipingexperience! Justice is calling you, it's your duty to protect themodern city and resident! Come on heroes! ⚔️ How to play: ● Confirmthe target according to the lead ● Wait patiently and watchcarefully ● Lock the target, trigger the sniper rifle ● Earnrewards and strengthen cool weapons 🛡️ Game Features: ● Fun free toplay on mobile without internet! ● The thrilling graphics, 3Ddesign and sound, with breath-taking slow-motion shots! ● Collectthe invincible sniper guns (rifle, shotgun, pistol) and specialbullet from the world and put them in your kit! ● Excellent freegame and level design to fully sniping experience the career as asharpshooter! ● A variety of props to help you in battle, make theassassin easier! ● It's completely free and offline! Join thebattle at no cost, download the shooting game, start your adventureand experience it instantly! ● Biohazrd Alert: Prevent zombies frominfecting and destroying them with fury! ● Multiple mission modesand different arenas with diverse awesome gameplay, such as rescuehostage, use your strategy to eliminate armoured opponent, shootcrazy cow to protect villagers etc. Survive in missions andexperience the real battle in different arena maps! ● No wifi game,it can be experienced without internet - offline mode, playanywhere you want! ● Know about the amazing assassin stories, be asharpshooter and enjoy the top sniping experience! ● Thrillinggraphics, play this cool game online or offline! ● Upgrade yourfury gun with gold! Make your weapon even better! ● Claim gems fromgold piggy bank! ● Update different holiday events (Halloween,Christmas, New year etc.)! Sniper Honor will put you in the citystreets with constantly changing environment. Put gang members,evil leaders, and savage mobs into eternal sleep through theamazing sniper rifles and in your hands. They may sit in cars,armored vehicles or take hostage, pick up your rifle and shootbullets, break cars and armored vehicle or rescue the hostage tocut their fury crimes. With the best graphics and superb FPSexperience, the career of an assassin is right there in yourdevice. You can experience dozens of different types of tasks, suchas saving the hostages, eliminating dangerous gangsters, protectingthe police and assassination of the evil leaders, etc. Every actionwill be instructed, please observe and trigger the final shot! Amorden gun shooting game for free, you can't miss it! Sniper Honorcontains several real-life amazing sniper rifles and will continueto expand. Enhance and upgrade your weapon components by completingthe mission for greater power and better killing! A wide variety ofgame scenes will be switched from action to action. As a topsharpshooter elite, you must make a critical strike in a complexenvironment. Use your strategy to eliminate enemies survive in theadventure, become the sniper elite! Forget about those lameshooting games and join the cool no wifi morden game Sniper Honornow! It's the best sniper survival games for android! Don't bebound by the rules, use your own method to solve the problem ahead!Start your assassin adventure! Honor blazing! Join our officialFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/SniperHonor/
Endless Nightmare: Epic Creepy & Scary Horror Game 1.1.1
Test your guts, overcome your fear, thriller begins, scream! Youare James, a police officer, your wife and daughter were murderedat home. During your pursuit of the truth in the house, somethingscary happened. What happens next in this scary house will be anendless nightmare for you, everything is in mystery, adventurestarts... Gameplay: ★ Investigate: Adventure start! Explore eacharea, open locked doors, search for clues, solve brain teasers,disclose the mystery, you may find some strange things, but theyare useful, figure out who is the murderer! ★ Listen: Don't justrely on your eyes! Listen carefully to the sounds around you. Youmay meet a mad woman likes horiffic clown, do not scream, she willmake noises when approaching. ★ Escape: Hide and seek, even if youare discovered by the horrible mad woman, you may get goosebumps,but don't be afraid, you still have a chance to outlast. Run! ★Hide: You can find a hiding place, hide in closet or under table.Don't be seeked by her, or you will dead by daylight, find a roadto survival. ★ Strategy: Attract her by breaking vases or cups,then take the chance to explore other areas. Don't forget the rulesof survival and use strategy, find a road to survive and find heridentity. ★ Attack: Don't want to hide anymore? Collect parts ofthe taser gun to assemble and make her pacify, become a killer! ★Leave: Find out the murderer and survive to escape from the horrorhouse. Game Features: ★ Free to play without internet, playanywhere you want! ★ Attractive scary story, creepy case, horrifictruth, experience the thrill of solving a case! ★ Collect variousitems to help you discover clues and explore the truth! ★ Avoid andeliminate the horrible evil woman, exciting and fun! Remember hideand seek! ★ 3D design and exquisite graphics, give you the mostrealistic visual horror experience! ★ Scary music, creepy soundsand atmosphere with jumpscares, please wear headphones for a betterexperience! ★ Multiple difficulty modes, improve your guts! ★ Firstperson adventure game, do not dead by daylight! ★ Dog is your bestfriend, he can help you find clues and protect you! ★ Get freerewards from the wheel! Endless Nightmare is a 3D terror ghost gamefor free, it has a mini world, realistic graphics, horrific soundscombine with puzzling scary story will take you into a creepy andexciting world! Everything is in mystery. Open locked doors, manybrain teasers and you can find lots of items and clues in thecreepy house, solve brain teasers, they help you figure out truthof the case and all mysteries. During the exploration process inmany risky rooms, you should also keep your eyes open for the evilghost, run immediately if you meet her, hide in closet or under thebed are good ways to get rid of the evil woman. Remember the rulesof survival. Of course, you can make her pacify, use strategy! Canyou escape horror in the horror mini world? Aimee liked stayingwith granny, granny is not only her granny, but also her teacher.Granny companied with Aimee when she was illing, she hated thehospital but liked granny's company, made her feel pacify. Grannyso sad after Lisa and Aimee died, please help her! If you want arealistic and creepy horror ghost logic game, play this fun freeterror and super scary exploration adventure game, we expect youcomplete the chapter, solve brain teasers and puzzles, figure outthe case and outlast from the scary mini world! Everything haslogic, use your strategy to find the truth, escape horror andfigure out your real identity! Overcome your fear! Thriller begins,scream begins! Let's start your horror action adventure! Rememberrules of survival in this horrific adventure, do not dead bydaylight! Seek, hide and outlast. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/EndlessNightmareGame/
City Racing 2: 3D Fun Epic Car Action Racing Game 1.1.3
Drive on the horizon at wild top speed, fully control the vehicle,nitrogen drift for no limit, overtake on curve and experience thegrowth of the legendary driver! Hot wheels spin! Speed battlestart! City Racing 2 is a fun real classic racing game with top 3Dgraphics and high quality, giving you an ultimate visual enjoyment.It gathers more than 50 super classic sports cars with top gear,you can customize to create a car that reflects your personalstyle, plunge into a thrilling speed race, overtake on curve, useyour superb driving skills to conquer rivals until burnout, winepic races, and create your ace club to become a legend of track!Addicting Gameplay: ★ Career: 1V1, Classic, Timing, Elimination,help you become the legend driver! ★ Multiplayer: multiplayer modehas 5 levels point race allows you to compete with world streetracing drivers all over the world in epic real-time match, hotwheels spin, leave your rivals behind, be the fast world streetracer! ★ Season Challenge: Complete season tasks and get richrewards! Be the top rich street racer! Contest of champions start!★ Season Record: Get the first place in each city's different laprecords, claim rewards! ★ Club: Create your top club and challengethe global team wealth ranking! ★ Modification: We preparedexquisite vehicle painting for you, you can customize top gear suchas body, tires, and rear wing. The powerful decal function allowsyou to design your own cool cars! ★ Collection: Unlock the topclassic cars, build your ss-class car library! ★ Social: Visitother players' garages, like and applaud the modified super sportscars! ★ Treasure: Free draw top sports cars daily, try your luck! ★Lucky Chest: Unlock epic chests, get drawings and gold forupgrading vehicle parts to make your vehicles run faster, exceedthe limit! Features: ★ Use your superb vehicle skills to epic racein the winding track, experience the world street racing untilburnout. Overtake challenge, release the ultimate nitrogen, feelthe fun of drifting and driving excitement! ★ Participate in epicfierce competitions with world's top drivers! Get supreme honors!Contest of champions start! ★ Release no limit speed on 14 tracksin 7 cities in the world, world street race, highway championship,and so on. Experience different town styles, and drift on asphaltwith your skilled action, have a good joyride! ★ Real classicracing physics engine, restore the classic cars and thrillingscenes, create amazing graphic effects, and enhance the visualenjoyment to the extreme! Hot wheels spin! ★ More than 50 classicsports cars, Porsche, Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini, etc. Each oneis carefully selected to experience the exciting feeling brings bydifferent sports cars! The cars with top gear need speed no limitsuntil burnout! ★ Online speed highway game, a car action game forboys! Interact with top racers around the world and findlike-minded friends online! ★ Points ranking, focus ranking, teamranking, check your ranking in the world, and move towards the toppopular racers! ★ Mobile asphalt highway game for free, play it atanywhere! City Racing 2 is committed to creating a free fun realclassic racing game, with a variety of maps, rich gameplay, cooltop sports cars and fun social features, you can not onlyexperience the ultimate drift pleasure in the highway game, butalso look for rivals with considerable strength, it's a new legendcar game 2021 you most wanted. This is a fun 3D world streetasphalt action highway game with top gear for free, overtakechallenge, nitrogen racing, drifting, social, super vehicles, club,vehicle modification everything! This driving game is not onlydesigned for speed pursuers, but also for engine enthusiasts! Ruletraffic when you are reaching the fast speed! Fire and fury! Playthis hot real simulation & addcting classic racing game! Youneed for speed until burnout! Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CityRacing2/
Machinartist - Mystery
Solve match 3 puzzles and follow the splendid storylineinMachinartist! Along with Olaf, the talented mechanic, youwillexplore deeply hidden secrets in a mysterious town, unveilthetruth of time machine, and play fun match 3 games forfree.Matchinartist is an epic combination of challenging matchinglevelsand creative gameplay. An abandoned mysterious town lostitscomposure; an unknown power awakened the sleeping crowds; thelostmechanical civilization called out between life and death. Isitpossible for Olaf to turn the tide with his own might? Itremainsto be seen. A forgotten mechanical city presented itself inanotebook. The notebook guided Olaf to a mysterious town and stepona journey for exploring secrets of the time machine to savehisbeloved wife. Olaf gathered gems, forged mechanical partsandinvented machinery in the town, which is full of scrap andbizarrecreatures. Wisdom, courage and strength are indispensablefor Olafto move forward. Olaf’s first invention:Parallel-DimensionGlasses. With it, Olaf can find the sparklingenergy vial andactivate the mechanical bee. Then, the mechanicalbee fluttered andsoared high to the sky, which lighted up theadventure ahead ofOlaf. Will the journey always be safe and sound?Dangers await Olafwith the sudden appearance of a mystery man. Themystery man isconspiring on secret actions. However, the light ofhope shinesagain when Olaf reactivated the core energy of the town.With hisown strength, Olaf revealed the secrets of the timemachine.Finally, with help of everyone, a new adventure is about tobeginfor discovering further civilization. Is it possible for Olaftopush through the insurmountable obstacles, find the timemachineand save his dear wife? Download the game and begin yourjourney inthis lost mechanical city now! Game Features: *Explorethe town:Explore a mysterious town full of the unknown, and meetfantasticcreatures that haven’t been seen before. Are you ready fortheadventure? *Search the mechanical civilization: Themechanicalparts are precisely made, and they are all ingenious andluminousartifact, which will help Olaf to explore his wayforward!*Wonderful story line: The checkered and addictive storyline withdistinctive in-game characters, are telling you a story ofthe lostmechanical civilization. *Match-3 levels: Challenging match3levels, gorgeous gems, interesting materials and boosters, aswellas addicting matching experience. You won’t quit frommatching!*Invite Friends: Login into the game with your Facebookaccount,then you can explore the adventure along with your friends.Failedin difficult levels? Don’t worry. Share energy with yourfriendsand keep matching! The road ahead of this searching journeyholdsmany hopes. Your bag is already packed, and Olaf is waitingfor youto step on the adventure together! Download the game anduncoverthe new chapter now! Machinartist is completely free to playbutsome of the in-game items require payment. Any problem? Wanttoknow more about the game? Visit our Facebook to gethelp:https://www.facebook.com/playmachinartist/
Fishing Fever: Free PVP Fish Catching Sports Game
Hungry shark hooked! This a new 3d fishing sports game isspeciallydesigned for anglers! You can catch fish for free withoutgoing outas well as experiencing fun of wild catch! Hunting fishfor freewith fishing enthusiasts all over the world and join thefishingsports competition! Compete for hitmaster! You can enjoy thethrillof fishing by the lake, river, ocean and fishing land; gofishinganytime in any season! Join Fishing Fever, you’ll beprovided witha fishing paradise, and hundreds of rare fish speciesare waitingfor you to discover! Easy fishing, funny gameplay!Gameplay: *Single Mode: Improve fishing skills in single mode, pullthe fishinto vortex to consume the fish's HP, and then smoothlycatch itinto the bag! * 1v1 Mode: Compete with all playres aroundtheworld, see who catch fishes with high fishing points withinthespecified time. The person with higher fishing points getsvictory.Let's start awesome angler games! * League: Get the Leaguepoints,promote fishing grade, compete with other anglers on therankingand get generous league rewards! It's a fishing mania! *Fish card:Get different kinds of fish species by unlocking variousfishingmaps. Complete missions and open chests to get fish cards.Afterupgrading card, weight of the fish, attraction of the bait,andchance of legendary fish hooked will be increased! * Fishinggear:Unlock and upgrade fishing gears, improve fishingefficiency!Customize gear look and create your own fishing rod. *Club: Createyour epic club, invite your friends to join, sharefishingenjoyment! * Social: Interact with other anglers around theworldand share fishing experiences! * Achievement: Record yourbestfishing points for each fish, compete with globalfishingenthusiast, the title of fishing ACE is yours! Winner slaps!Gamefeature: * Adjust angle, throw rod, fish hooked, pull intovortexand catch fish; simulate realistic fishing with simpleoperation!Not only can you experience the excitement of fishing,but alsoenjoy the joy of collecting legendary fish species! *Realisticgraphics and various special effects make you feel like inthe realfishing paradise and fishing lands! * Beautiful fishingparadise,simulate many world’s top fishing paradise (VermillionLake,Kentucky Lake, Mekong River, Reina, etc.), Enjoy thebeautifulfishing maps while fishing! * Hundreds of fish species:shark,bass, marlin, catfish, codfish, color bass, white bass,greatmuskellunge, king giant barb, giant swordfish, great bowfinand soon, there are more extremely rare legendary fish species! *Manymatches, compete in real time, defeat anglers from all overtheworld, you are the fishing ACE! Winner slaps! * Variousevents,huge rewards will be sent! Fishing Fever is a realsimulationfishing hunting game, you can use enter several famousfishingscenes, and experience the joy of hunting different rarefishes ingame, such as ocean shark, largemouth Bass, giant marlinand so on!There are at least 15 or more different fishes in eachfishing map,which can help anglers know about the fish species inthese famousplaces. As long as the corresponding fish card is used,there is achance to catch the fish. Upgrade fish card, morelegendary fisheshooked, catch big fish even giant rare fish king!You can also jointhe fishing match to compete for title of fishingACE! This is aawesome fish blast game! Catch or release? Show yourfishingskills! Wild catching, boat catching, ocean catching, itownmultiple catching maps! Begin to play this huntingfishingsimulator sports game now, join Fishing Fever, experiencethe funfishing sports game! Easy fishing, real experience! Welcometo joinus: https://www.facebook.com/FishingFeverGame/
Running Ball
⚡Run, roll the ball! The best fun and creative ball game!⚡RUNNINGBALL is the racing game with a long history in the BallKingdom.⚡Let’s roll the ball to keep moving and challenge thechampion.⚡Win the first to collect the coins and unlock balls ofdifferentskins. 😃How to play? Tap the ‘match’ button and chose thestartingpoint. Ready to run, run, run! Players need to roll hard onvariousterrains and overcome various obstacles to keep moving. Easytolearn, easy to control, but difficult to win the first! Thecomplexand winding track, and full of various unknown levels, ofcourse,the items that can be picked up randomly also make the gamefull of"Surprise". ✨Game features: ✨ * Very very easy to control; *Richscene and terrain, organs * Various trigger props to increasethefun * Small balls of various designs for collection *Relaxed,stress reliever, and enjoy full of racing fun * The processofwatching the game is full of exciting and tense 😃Are you readytheRUN? 💪Let's roll the ball and feel the beat in this RunningBallGame! Support: We'd love to hear your precious feedbackandrecommend for our game. Please contactus:support@joyient.zendesk.comFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/RunningBall3d/
Best Friends: Puzzle & Match - Free Match 3 Games
It's fun matching time! Play Best Friends! Enjoy fascinating match3puzzles and meet new friends along the blasting way. Best Friendsisa free match 3 games full of unique gameplay and endless fun!Matchelements and solve interesting puzzles in this new 2021game.There’re tons of fun for you to discover! Explore the happylife ofa bunch of friends, solve challenging match 3 levels, andunlockmore chapters as you upgrade your match 3 skills! BestFriends isthe match 3 game designed for you! Don’t hesitate! Getthe matchinggame for free now. This unique puzzle game will makeyou cravingfor more. Regular update is guaranteed to offer youbetter gamingexperience! 🎉 Game Features: * Tons of challengingmatch 3 levelsand puzzles are waiting for you to solve! Blast yourway throughinteresting levels and unlock more chapters. * Uniqueandentertaining obstacles will bring more fun and challenges whileyouplaying this free game. There’s no need to worry thematchingprocess will get you bored! * Use powerful boosters to helpyoupass levels. Different boosters will assist you to completelevelswithout stop. * Create your own team and help each other. Youcanchat with your friends in this free match 3 game! Receivefreelives or compete with each other, playing with friends willbringmore fun! * Various game events will make you get addicted tothisfree puzzle games! Join events will also bring you freerewards. *Get stuck at difficult levels? Don’t worry. Plenty offree prizeswill help you pass levels with ease! * Get a new device?In BestFriends, you can sync game data easily between your phoneandtablet! Want to know more about this free game? Follow ourofficialFacebooknow:https://www.facebook.com/Best-Friends-Puzzle-Match-104122024990423BestFriends is completely free to play but some of the in-gameitemsrequire payment. Have fun playing Best Friends thechallenging match3 puzzle game around! Tons of match 3 levels arewaiting for you todiscover. Join us now, try to pass as manylevels as you can! Thisfree match 3 game of 2021 will neverdisappoint you. Are you ready?Step on the match 3 adventure now!
Marble Dash: Epic Bubble Shooter Legend Game 2021 1.1.669
Enjoy the magic adventure of marble bubble shooter game!Popcolorful balls to solve puzzle quest! Join us in this excitingnewbubble shooting games and solve the puzzle,get your magicjourneyon! Marble Dash is an epic match 3 bubble shooting zumbalegendgame in 2021. Marble Dash has a lot of magical quests withmorethan 500 challenging levels. Come and explore the puzzlemysteriesof fantasy jungles and sunny beaches with the classicmatch 3bubble shooter legend game! Easy to play, match 3 marbles ormoreof the same color and use powerful boosters to pop thosemarbles!you need to eliminate them all before they are absorbedbymysterious cave! Download this fun free puzzle game rightnow!Candy ball blast, you are the candy crusher! How to play: *Shootcolorful candy balls and destroy them by matching colors andmakeas much points as possible, crush them all * Switch, swap andblastsame colored marbles to show your amazing zuma matching skills*Use powerful boosters to pass hard levels * Make combos tocreatechain reactions and earn higher score Features: * More than500levels! Brand new scenes: Jungle, sunny beach, Desert andfantasticparadise and so on. * Combine colors and connect them inthis match3 marble shooter mania! * More and more new levels addedeverymonth, can’t stop playing it! * Endless Mode, boss levels,developsystem, piggy bank and many other game functions are waitingforyou to discover! * Play for free, addictive zuma magic legend!*Equip powerful skill, use gold to upgrade it, improve your power!*Epic match 3 games free with unlimited lives! * Challengelevelsand power-up boosters make a more enjoyable bubbleexplosionexperience! * Challenge boss, use your balls to crush it!* Collectkeys to unlock chests, more items can be obtained! * Spinwheeldaily for free, you can get precious items! Play this epiccasuallenged game now, accept the challenge and crush them all! Donothesitate, you are the candy marble crusher! Come to combineandcrush gems and marbles to play with your friends! Welcome tofollowour Facebook and share your precious suggestions with us!FB:https://www.facebook.com/MarbleDashGame/
Bowling Club™- Free 3D Bowling Sports Game
🏅 Bowling Club™ is the world's exciting free 3D arcade bowlingsports game online in 2020! 🏅 To challenge PVP multiplayer bowlinggames with the PBA's best bowlers, and also clash with friends!🏅The top simulation sports game, and bowl on every exciting 3Dbowling alleys to challenge the bowling of king! Bowling Club™ isthe popular fun sports ball games. It's a free arcade simulation 3Dbowling game that has the fantastic 3D bowling alleys&balls. Inthe game, app-optimized sports gameplay that is a completelydifferent fascinating bowling experience! Unlock more new balls andupgrade them, climb the ladder, and compete with other bowlersonline! Play the ultimate clash game online& offline. Join theBowling Club! To play the best fun ball games, sign in to yourFacebook account, and bowl with your friends in the free onlineapp!!! ✨Game features✨ 🎳 Quick-fire PVP online in real-time, matchthe skill-appropriate opponent, or play with your friends ; 🎳 Themost realistic striking experience, simulating the fun bowlingchallenge; 🎳 Mini arcade gameplay: Drunk Bowling, Domino Bowling,and Strike Master; 🎳 Excellent 4 bowling modes: real-time PVPmultiplayer match, Tournaments, Drunk Bowling, Single game; 🎳Fantastic 3D graphics alleys, including many outdoor alleys and,amazing realistic 3D bowling game; 🎳 Plenty of realistic 3D bowlingballs available and 10 Pins & Lanes; 🎳 Multiplayer tournamentsmatch to win lots of cups, make you be the BOWLING of KING in theworld; 🎳 Clash with your friends: play 1v1 online with your friendsPK anytime anywhere, even via Facebook in bowling crew&club; 🎳Season of every two weeks with Ball Token. Win matches, gathertokens, and collect season rewards; 🎳 Rankings. Are ready for youto be the King of PBA's bowler in one of the best competitivesports? [A VARIETY OF FANTASTIC PINBALLS AND AMAZING BOWLING BALLS]A variety of material equipment, different striking experience! Aball upgrade system similar to RPG, strive to improve your battleskills. Challenge numerous levels and unlock new locations! Evenyou will receive a gift pack right now!! Bowl and create yourlegendary in career mode! [CREATIVE MINI & ARCADE SIMULATIONGAMES TO TAKE REWARDS FOR FREE] Based on the traditional rules ofbowling competition, we also added some arcade mini clip game asDrunk Bowling, fun mini bowling games such as Domino Bowling andStrike Master. You can bowl 10 pin shuffle,100 pins...to playultimate bowling! And a variety of mini arcade games such as Dailywheel, Super Wheel, and flips. The game is very easy to learn andaddicted to it, you can not stop in the game. Bowl with yourfriends! [SEASON AND TOURNAMENTS TO CHALLENGE FOR BOWLING of KING]Now, you can continuously challenge and accumulate points to becomethe Bowling Master By climbing the ladder. Who is the Hit King? Whois the championship? Who is the LADDER? Want to be Jason Belmonte?Clash with friends in every crew! [ULTIMATE 3D GRAPHICS THAT RIVALSTHE TOP SIMULATION GAMES] Bowling balls, realistic alleys, and Pinsare crafted in stunning 3D graphics. Simulation scenes such asBowling Alley, Snow Fort, Route 66, etc. Make you have therealistic bowling crew experience! Bowling is as interesting astennis and golf, this free online app is a must-have for sportsfans. If you like table tennis(ping pong), football(soccer),basketball, baseball, badminton, volleyball, then this bowlingsimulation game will definitely be your favorite! Ready to becomethe next Jason Belmonte? Download the game and start your BowlingClub now! Clash online and become a pro bowling king! Download thefun game app and enjoy multiplayer matches or start your campaignjourney. Clash with friends in every crew like you've never donebefore! Welcome to join our Facebook fan page:https://www.facebook.com/BowlingClubGame/ We hope you enjoy BowlingClub. Have fun!
Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting Assassin Game 3.0.3
Ninja’s Creed is one of free fun 3D real sniper shooting games withvarious types of assassin weapons. You will feel a real powerfulshooting experience and top great 3d graphics. You need to hide inshadow, secretly eliminate criminal gangs, disrupt undergrounddeals, wipe our justice, and assassinate supreme leaders of thecrime forces, become the archer shooting king of each region! Crushthem all! It’s an epic fps shooter game that combines elements ofNinja assassin in 2021 and play for free. Begin your first personshooting action archery adventure, lock in target and end the evilwith an arrow, wipe out injustice, become the invisible protectorof the city! Be the hero and shooting king, you are skilled archeryshooter! 📍 Gameplay: ● Track targets, disrupt underground deals andcomplete fun assassin missions ● Use the Eagle-eyed to lock target,sometimes you need to use strategy ● Help organization to eliminateenemies and gain your bounty ● Aim and shoot, eliminate criminalleaders and end evil with strategy ● Rule regions, protectcitizens, and get the taxes you deserve ● Claim rewards, collectpowerful weapons ● Unlock talent system, enhance archery skills 📍Features: ● Free epic sniper action adventure games with archershooter elements! You can play for free without any paying! ● Topcool game graphics, exquisite 3D characters and cool maps, shockingslow-motion shooting. ● Excellent popular game and level design,experience the real ninja archer’s & sniper career. ● The firstperson shooting games with smooth motion animation, bring you anon-stop action experience. ● A variety of powerful weapons areavailable to use, such as bows and arrows, crossbows, hidden weaponand so on, build your arsenal. ● Rich gameplay and modes, such asmain story, hunting list, daily tasks, dominator, armed conflicts,bounty hunter and so on. You can't stop playing. ● Use Eagle-eyedwill help you locking targets in missions. ● Unlock talent toenhance archery skills and improve assassin strength. ● Usestrategy to eliminate evil gangs, wipe out injustice, survive andbecome archer king. Development team perfectly combined a varietyof elements such as ninja assassin, archery skills, archer weapons,action shooting, fps survival missions and then born this uniqueaction archery assassin game! You can call it bow and arrow,assassin, cool fps action or casual game! It is easy to play, usingthe new arrow deceleration special effect technology, which givesyou different shooting experience every time you shoot. Ninja’sCreed is definitely the first person bow and arrow shooter actionadventure game that you have been expected. As a ninja shooter, younot only need archery skills, but also get powerful weapons toimprove your strength. We choose different weapon this time exceptfor gun, though no guns in this popular shooting game, you canchoose the suitable weapon among many different weapons. There arethree types of weapons in game, bow, crossbow and hiddenweapon, trythese weapons and upgrade them, choose the suitable one, kill theimposters among enemies, eliminate bosses as a bow master or ninjashooter! Please pay attention, you need to find strategy to wipeout bosses! Be careful for the imposter among your partners,Protect yourself, survive in missions! Selecting the right weaponin different tasks will help you complete the task faster! Aim yourtarget, be the archer king! Start your adventure! Experience thisfree and cool archery game now! Bring yourself into the roleplaying ninja game! Become the top dominator of these regions,guard the city and justice! Aim and shoot, crush them all! Welcometo join our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NinjasCreedGameContact us: contact@joyient.com
Badminton Blitz - Free PVP Online Sports Game
Join 2 000 000 badminton community and play with friends – The3Dbadminton game! Join us:https://www.facebook.com/BadmintonBlitz/🏆3D sports game! Thecompetitive badminton fun game online in 2021ever! 🏆Jump and smashstrongly! Quickly PVP multiplayer sportmatches with global playersin real-time! 🏆Hit the shuttlecock!Badminton clash! It's time toplay the multiplayer championshipsports game on mobile! BadmintonBlitz - Different from the tennisclash game, badminton games areeasier to learn and control. Startin a quick 3-minute online PVPmatch or take the badminton world bystorm! JUMP-SMASH! Play withyour friends or family via Facebook ina fun, multiplayer,simulation, and sports game! In BadmintonBlitz, Stunning 3Dgraphics and app-optimized sports gameplay diveyou in an ultimatefascinating atmosphere of a simulated world everthan before! Liveout your sports dream with Badminton Blitz: Playexcellentmultiplayer PVP sports matches to pro badminton player.Challengebadminton players around the world to win the Badmintonof Leaguetrophy in the Tournament! 🏸 Game features 🏸 🏸 Challengeyour friendsor compete with badminton players in PVP multiplayersports matchesonline 🏸 Invite and play with friends, search worthyopponents, addthem or like them 🏸 Create and level - up your ownathleticcharacter abilities to the top of the badminton pro sportsranks 🏸Customize your equipment, and equip with the bestracketimportantly. 🏸 Assemble the strongest club: join or createtheclub, fight together to win the championship 🏸 Simulatetheexciting 3D sports arena and UI design to give you themostvisually realistic badminton experience. 🏸 Personalizeyourself:Change avatar, customize avatar frame, shuttlecocktailing, emojis,and card backgrounds 🏸 Glory road, win a trophy,and gain rewards 🏸Climb up the Tournaments Rankings to unlock freeamateur, semi-pro,and pro badminton players! 💥 Brand new sport gamewith super fluidcontrols 💥 Two-handed control, third-personperspective, similar toMOBA mechanisms – experience the rush ofcompetition. Grab yourracket to smash, hit the shuttlecock – playultimate badminton now!💥 Competitive sports, constantly challenge,badmintonleague&clash💥 Matching random players in real-time,and playagainst real players from amateur to badminton master!Everythingis possible! Do you dare to come and learn skills withthem? 💥Develop the characters and upgrade their racket 💥 Acharacterupgrade system similar to RPGs. Choose the best charactersandfitness trainer for your squad. What's more, we have alsoprepareda training room for each athlete to simulate the realsportstraining system. In this competitive badminton sports game,you canhelp train the next world champion! Come on! 💥 Win matches,be thebadminton MVP! 💥 Give you a badminton racket, can you rise tothetop? With the abilities of the carry arena andskillsbreakthroughs, hitting your name to the global leaderranking! Makea crazy smash to your competitor?Win! And become thebadminton MVP!The sports of Badminton is easy to learn, but hard tomaster. Itrequires constant training, skills and wisdom. Andspecialcharacter costumes will also make you the focus of theaudience. InBadminton Blitz, you can challenge your competitor, andparticipatein the Tournaments to become a legend! Badminton is asport as funas tennis, basketball, golf, table tennis (ping pong),or football(soccer). It's free to play the fun, popular,multiplayer,simulation badminton game! Download Badminton Blitznow! In caseyou’ve faced any issues or some have some questions, donothesitate to contact us: OurFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/BadmintonBlitz/
Candy Charming - 2021 Free Match 3 Games 17.3.3051
Play 🍬Candy Charming!🍬 Enjoy fun match 3 free games! Over 8 millioncandy charmers are playing our free match 3 games! Candy Charmingis a new and free match 3 games full of fun and joy! There’re 3000+challenging match 3 levels waiting for you! And we will regularlyadd new levels. This fun candy match 3 game won’t disappoint you.Exploring magical candy kingdoms, challenging different match 3levels, helping lovely candy fairy to crush candy! Can’t wait totry this match 3 game? Get the game for free now! Besides, Weupdate this free game monthly to bring you better experience. Don’tmiss this match 3 games! Bored at home? Play this free game full ofhuge🎁rewards with your friends and family. This free game is agreat tool to help you relax. 👏You can enjoy thousands of candymatch 3 games for free. Moreover, we update new and free match 3games regularly to make sure you never run out of challenginglevels to play! Are you looking for a free game without WIFI? Areyou looking for a free match 3 game in which you can compete withyour friends? Then play Candy Charming now! 🎉You can find all youwant in this match 3 games! 📍Candy Charming Features: 🍭 3,000+Addictive match 3 levels Candy Charming has 3,000+ levels and willadd free match 3 levels monthly. Download this free candy matchgame and begin the journey. 🍭 Lots of in-game events Fun in-gameevents are waiting for you! Global rank, lucky balloon and morein-game events are waiting for you to participate! We will add moreinteresting events in this free match 3 game. 🍭 Top variousgameplays Daily Reward, Spin the wheel, Happy Hour, Sweet Mission,Sweet Treats and so on. More gameplays will be added to this sugar& candy crush game. 🍭 FREE to play There are daily free rewardsand don’t forget to spin the wheel to get awesome bonus. Player canenjoy this candy match 3 games for free. 🍭 Sync game data Login thegame with your Facebook account. Check your Facebook friends’levels and sync your levels between different devices and play thisfree match 3 games anytime. 🍭 Offline games No Wi-Fi or internetconnection is required. You can play games for free even if you’reoffline. This candy crush game is a great time killer when you’reboring. 🍭 Relaxing music and Cute graphics Different wonderful gamemaps and delicious jelly & sugar & soda & candy withnew designs. Relaxing jazz music brings you a different atmosphere.This 2021 free games is an excellent choice among all free games. 🍭Powerful boosters There are 7 powerful boosters which can help yousolve the quests, pass matching levels, crush candy and cookie. HOWTO PLAY: ●Connect 3 or more similar candies in a line to crushthem. We offer hints to help you pass levels. This free games 2021is designed to relieve stress. ●Match 4 puzzle pieces to create aspecial candy bomb. And crush candy in a row. You can crush candyeasily. ●Match 5 in T or L to create a magical candy. Then crushcandies of the same color with the magical candy. Do not hesitate,try this free match 3 games 2021 now! ●Use less moves and morecombos of special candies to get more stars in the level. Enjoyingit? Learn more about this candy match game! Follow Candy Charmingon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playcandycharming/ FollowCandy Charming on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/candycharmingfun/ Follow Candy Charmingwebsite for tips: www.candycharming.com Candy Charming iscompletely free to play but some of the in-game items requirepayment. 👏 Are you ready to join Candy Charming? Play this freematch 3 games in 2021! Try to pass as many levels as you can! Youcan enjoy this game for free whenever you are. Candy Charming is amatch 3 games designed to relieve stress. With cute graphics andsoothing music, you can crush candy delightfully. Do not hesitate,begin your journey and play this free games now!
Bling Crush: Free Match 3 Jewel Blast Puzzle Game 1.4.9
🍬 Welcome jewel masters to play this top free match 3 games fullofgems and diamonds!💎 This is an epic jewel match game for fun,slideyour finger to match gems a line and crush shiny diamonds! 🍭🍭BlingCrush offers you a relaxing atmosphere, you can enjoy therelaxmusic and luxury diamonds. In this classic free candy gemblastgame, match 3 diamonds or more to pass levels. 🌈Thousandsofchallenging levels are waiting for you, be the diamond blastkingor jewels master! Colorful gems blast, crush them all! HOW TOPLAY★ You will have a specific goal in every level, just finishthegoals and you will get big rewards ★ Magic candy switch to match3or more shiny gems of the same color in order to crush blocks.★Pass match 3 level to get enough stars and unlock the new maps.★Collect coins and buy powerful boosters to crush colorfulcandygems and get crystal blast easily. ★ Pass levels to unlocksweetcute friends to help you win, crush colorful crystals withyourfriends. ★ Join the World Tournament to compete with friendsallover the world, and the winner will get generous rewards.★Thousands of challenging levels and sweet maps ★ New charmingjewelmatch game with piggy bank will bring you free coins. ★Collectmagic rainbow crystals in levels to get jewel blast, givingyou acharming gaming experience! GAME FEATURES 💎 The best classicjewelmatch game, super fun and addictive gameplay. Thousandsofchallenging and unique charming levels! 💎It's a candy jewelblastlenged game for free, no wifi or internet connection isrequired.Easy to play this shiny candy crystal blast puzzle game,even ifyou’re offline, you can still enjoy those wonderful legendlevels!💎 Exquisite graphics and design, different wonderful in-gameworldswith new designs! Solve freeze jewels puzzles and unlockcharmingmaps! 💎 Blast Boosters to help you, powerful boostershelping yousolve the quests and collecting jewel stars to unlockgreatrewards! 💎 Match to unlock new events, participateinterestingevents to get free boosters & other rewards. We willadd sweetevents regularly for your entertainment. 💎 Play withfriends,leaderboard enables you to check friends’ progressglobally. Passas many free luxury diamond levels as possible tocrush them all,ranking king! 💓Addictive levels, easy gameplays andcharminggraphics will bring you endless fun! Match and crush combosofshiny gems to kill time. Various gameplays and daily freerewardswill bring you enormous entertainment!!! Feeling bored athome?Blocks crush, try this free jewel legend game now! 🍬 Are youreadyto join Bling Crush? A luxury jewel match game designed tobringplayers joy and surprises. There are lots of challengingpuzzlelevels, but it’s an easy free game for beginners to startoff.Except for free match 3 levels, interesting events are alsoheld ingame. 🍭🍭 Players will find tons of fun in this epic match 3game.What’re you waiting for? Try this new free match 3 games in2021!Crush gems with your friends! Compete for rankings! You arethediamond blast king! ✨Blast shiny gems through brilliant jewelgamesnow!✨ Follow us to get news andupdates:https://www.facebook.com/playblingcrush/
Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital - Horror Games
The new Endless Nightmare game released! The story happens inascary hospital in the new creepy horror game. James wakes up inthescary hospital, he is investigating the case that the peoplearemissing in the Oak Town, dangers are everywhere in the scaryweirdhospital. What kind of weird and creeppy case will heencounter?Many evil eyes are looking at him. What creepy secret ishidden inthe sacry weird hospital? James will take weapons to acontestbetween justice and evil this time! Gameplay: * Exploration:Searchthe scary rooms in hospital carefully, collect the usefulitems andclues. * Investigation: According to the items and cluesyouexplored in scary rooms, solve free puzzles, find thehiddensecrets of the creepy hospital and infer the truth. * Hiding:Becareful of the dangers in creepy hospital, there are manyscaryghosts everywhere. If you can’t beat them, please hide incabinetand wait for them to leave. * Strategy: If you meet thepowerfulboss, use your strategy to get rid of him. * Attack: Knifeand gunsare added to the game, you can collect them to kill creepyghosts!Of course the parts of guns can be upgraded, the weapon willbemore powerful after upgrading! If you are not good at shooting,youcan use knife to assassinate mad ghosts from behind. Weaponscanpacify you and loss the horror! * Learning: You will obtainmoreskills by learning talents! It will greatly increase thechances ofsurvival. Game Features: * Exquisite 3D graphics style,and bringyou the most realistic horror visual experience! * Complexplotsand case, use your wisdom and strategy to find the creepytruth! *Exploring with the first-person perspective, testinglogicalreasoning ability, and discovering the horror secrets hiddenin thehospital! * Rich gameplay, talents, weapons, inference,battles,the game has everything you want! * Take up your weapons!You canshow accurate marksmanship to kill horror ghosts! * Creepymusicand sounds effect, please wear earphone to experience thescaryatmosphere! * Progress can be saved, experience the realthriller!* Play without internet! You can play it everywhere!EndlessNightmare: Weird Hospital is an epic 3D popular ghost game.Itcontains horror items, ghosts with unknown identity, freepuzzlesrich gameplay and so on. You must discover the secret of thecaseand escape from the hospital. In addition to the explorationanddecryption elements, the new popular horror game adds morenewfunctions, such as talents, weapons, battles andmaterialresources. You will meet more different kinds of ghosts inthegame, and each ghost has his origin, you can find theiridentityfrom the game plot. Take the weapon, destroy the threatthey bringto you and pacify yourself. This 3D popular & scaryhorror gamewill give you a totally different experience of thereasoning andadventure. Exquisite art style, well-designed freepuzzles andcomplex plots bring you a complete view of the gameworld. Two gameworks have a close connection, after experiencingthe thrillingnights in James’ house, let’s take a look at the storyhappenedbefore! Show your wisdom and strategy, infer the caseaccording tothe clues and items in the rooms, unearth the secret ofthehospital rescue yourself and escape! Thriller starts now!Welcometo share your opinions with us!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/EndlessNightmareGame/
Puppy Diary: Popular Epic match 3 Casual Game 2021
Puppy Diary is an elements blast math 3 puzzle game, you needtocomplete levels by crushing and matching pieces! Each levelhasdifferent puzzles, you can get higher scores with the fewestmoves!You will get a sense of accomplishment by solvingdifferentpuzzles! Play the top game Puppy Diary now! It’s a popularepiccartoon matching & casual puzzle games! The richstoryline,lovely elements, naughty puppy, well-designed levels andsmoothcontrol will definitely make you unable to stop playing!❤️Gameplay: 🍭 Switch to match 3 or more epic pieces of the samecolorin order to eliminate and get combo blast 🍭 You will getpowerfulboosters after eliminating more pieces at once 🍭 Any twoboosterscan be combined to a more powerful blast effect 🍭 Get topscoreswith fewest moves 🍭 Complete more levels to unlock newchapters 🍭Buy useful items to help you complete levels easily 🍭Obtain richepic rewards by collecting level stars 🍭 Hundreds ofepicwell-designed levels, different difficulties of puzzles arewaitingfor you to solve 🍭 Rule the leaderboards, compete with yourbestfiends and players in the world, see who will complete morelevelsand become matching king 🐾 Game Features 🍒 Top lovely cartoonartstyle with 3D elements, exquisite characters and pieces willmakeyou love it 🍒 Smooth controls and cool blast effects, give youarefreshing explosion gaming experience 🍒 Interesting storyline,youcan feel the infinite joy with your best fiends - Tina andpuppySunday 🍒 Combine any two powerful boosters to help youcompletelevels more easily 🍒 Collect stars in each level, get moretoprewards 🍒 Get free top reward and surprise each day fromsign-inand daily wheel 🍒 Hundreds of epic well-designed levels,experiencedifferent puzzles in each level 🍒 Join or create a teamwith yourbest fiends, rule the leaderboards, you are matching king🍒 Competewith best fiends and other players all over the world 🍒Manybeautiful pieces such as candy, soda, sugar, jelly andmoredessert! 🍒 Cheerful and relaxing music makes you feel happytorelease stress and kill boring time 🍒 More top epic eventsopen,complete levels to get rewards, you will unlock sugar, soda,jellyand candy pieces! Crush all dessert, be the dessert kingPuppyDiary is a one of classic matching puzzle & casual games,movethe candy pieces slightly to complete the blast combos and makeacandy crush! Combine any two powerful boosters to help youcompletelevels more easily! There is a naughty puppy dogaccomplishes withyou, he is not only your best fiend, but also aplaymate who grewup with you! You can experience the differentlywonderful life withhim! Complete hundreds of levels and puzzlestogether with him,experience new elements in each level! Play thisepic matchingpuzzle level games now, amazing matches are waitingfor you, soda,candy, sugar, jelly, crush all candy pieces, becomeblast combomaster! Let’s see who will complete more levels andbecome thematching king! Welcome to share your ideas andsuggestions with us!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PuppyDiaryGame/
Clash of Bugs: Epic Popular Bug & Animal Art Games 1.3.0
Clash of Bugs is one of an epic casual & strategy animal games,cute bugs become fighters of different professions. You need toform your powerful bugs legion, start a brand-new adventurejourney, lead the bugs to crush enemies, meet various challengesand get victories! Small ants also have infinite power, experiencethe Clash of Bugs, take you into the war world of bugs, and trulyfeel the power of small biological groups! Gameplay: * The higherthe quality of bugs, the better the battle attributes, collecthigh-quality of bugs as many as possible! * Every bug has a uniqueskill, combine them reasonably to form your strongest bugs battlelegion! * Adjust formation according to the insects’ professionsand skills, put shooter bugs with shooting skills behind others,destroy enemies, and complete wonderful battles! * Change formationwith strategy, start 1v1 battle, eliminate powerful boss, win theduel! * Destroy world boss with other players around the world, getrich rewards to exchange for mythical insect! * Collect more insectcards, merge and promote them to improve battle power! * New legionleader heroes added! You can create your powerful battle legions! *Excess insect cards can be fused into a higher quality insect! *Challenge bounty quests to get rich rewards! * Fight against realplayers in arena, get season rewards, unlock mythical insect anddominate the leaderboard! * Collect gold and diamond, exchange forthe legendary insects! Game Features: * Exquisite and cute cartoonart style, you will love these cute bugs! * Free strategysimulation & adventure online game, integrating multiple hotelements, giving you a different experience! * Thousands ofwell-designed levels, it’s a best choice to kill time! * Rich andinteresting gameplay, bounty quests, world boss, arena, challengelevels, you can’t stop playing! * Over 40 kinds of real insects,ants, firefly, butterfly, unicorn and many insects you may not haveseen! * Claim free gold, diamond and high quality cards in shop,fun to play without paying! * Receive mythical bug by login 7 daysfor free! * Daily tasks, sign-in rewards, bounty quests will giveyou rich game resources! * Relaxed music and sound, relieve yourstress and make you happy! Clash of Bugs is an epic popular onlineanimal game with insects as the theme that combines many elementssuch as war strategy, simulation, battle, cartoons and so on.Thousands of well-designed levels, many different1v1 modes, youcan’t stop playing! Cartoon art style and exquisite graphics, youwill love these cute insects! There are 4 different quality ofinsects, rare, epic, legendary and mythical qualities, you need tocollect resources online game. The higher the quality of theinsects, the better the battle attributes, get as many ashigh-quality animal as possible to form your powerful animallegion! Before the battle starts, adjust the formation according toeach bug’s occupation and skill, so that each bug can play adecisive role, it will easier to pass levels! Use the same warstrategy to fight against powerful boss, change formation to try!Don’t worry if you meet a strong opponent, collect as many insectcards as possible to promote them to improve their attributes andyour battle power! If you have extra cards, please use themreasonably and fuse them into a higher quality card! Use resourceswisely, make your animal legion powerful, meet more challenges!It’s a war among insects. Survival of the fittest, only a powerfulbattle legion can survive in the jungle! Use your war strategy andwisdom to help bugs survive. Collect resources, battle simulation,insect evaluation, truly feel the power of small biological groups!Join the world of bugs, lead your battle legion to get victory andstart a new adventure now! Welcome to follow our Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ClashofBugs