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7punches: Simple Time Clocking 2021.18.0
7shifts, Inc.
7punches is a companion app to 7shifts (www.7shifts.com) — a freeemployee scheduling app built for restaurants. 7punches is designedto help restaurateurs manage scheduling, payroll, and attendancelike a pro, and to help staff quickly and easily punch in and outfor their shifts. How 7punches works: - 7punches app serves as aneasy-to-use, secure, time-clocking punch pad for your employees. -Syncs with 7shifts to generate powerful insights about your sales,budgets, staff attendance, and productivity. - Reduce your laborcosts when you set limits on early clock ins, program auto punchouts, enforce breaks, and prevent unauthorized punches. - Promptstaff to declare tips at the end of each shift. - Record and syncevery employee punch, even when 7punches is not online. - Easilyedit and/or approve all employee punches Note: This companion apprequires a subscription to 7shifts. Luckily, you can get setup inminutes. Visit www.7shifts.com to start your FREE trial today.About 7shifts: - 7shifts is employee scheduling software forrestaurant managers and employees. - It provides a powerfulplatform for restaurant owners and managers to schedule staff andmanage requests on the go. - Employees can access schedules andsubmit time-off requests, availability updates, and swap shiftsfrom anywhere. - 7shifts and 7punches work together to makeemployee punches simple, and to provide managers with valuablelabor cost data.
7tasks: Easy Task Management 2021.18.0
7shifts, Inc.
Meet 7tasks, your free and easy task management system built forrestaurants. 7tasks is a companion app to the free restaurantemployee scheduling app, 7shifts (www.7shifts.com). The 7tasks appis an easy-to-use task checklist for your team, helping you managedaily tasks and improve accountability. Here’s how 7tasks works: -Create custom task lists for your restaurant staff to stay on topof opening, closing, and cleaning duties. - Assign and show staffthe tasks that they are responsible for by their location,department, and role. - Keep tabs on when and by who tasks arecompleted. Note: This companion app requires a subscription to7shifts. Luckily, you can get set-up in minutes by visitingwww.7shifts.com to start your FREE trial today. About 7shifts: -7shifts is employee scheduling software for restaurant managers andemployees. - A powerful platform for restaurant owners and managersto schedule staff and manage requests on the go. - Employees accessschedules and submit time-off requests, availability updates, andswap shifts from anywhere. - Use in-app chat and announcements tokeep connected with your team. - 7shifts and 7tasks work togetherto streamline the daily operations of your restaurant.