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BoBoiBoy: Speed Battle 1.82
BoBoiBoy Speed Battle is a fast reaction game for two players onthe same device. It is based on the famous Malaysian animatedseries BOBOIBOY produced by Animonsta Studios. ENJOY A FUN ANDCUSTOMIZABLE GAMEPLAY★ Select your favourite character from theBoBoiBoy series (Yaya, Adudu, Ying, Fang…)★ Challenge your friendsto a multiplayer battle of reflexes and knowledge!★ Choose amongseveral missions, follow the instructions and hit the button assoon as you see the correct answer. Be faster than your opponent towin points! But be careful. Hit at the wrong time and you will losea point. 12 missions are already available and we will add more inthe weeks to come! MAIN FEATURES:★ Official Boboiboy free-to-playgame, produced in partnership with Animonsta Studios★ Originalsound effect from the Boboiboy animated series★ 12 differentmissions to choose from already. More coming!★ 12 differentcharacters including Ying, Gopal, Fang, Probe, Adudu, Ochobot…★ 2game modes (multiplayer or single player) Grab your friend,classmate or parents and play a round of this fast-paced reactiongame now! Check also the special offer section within the game. Getfor instance free Cocoa simply by referring friends! Like us onFacebook at https://www.facebook.com/boboiboygames to get more infoabout all our titles or simply to get in touch with us. We love tohear from you!
BoBoiBoy: Adudu Attacks! 2 2.97
Red alert! Attention everybody! Adudu is attacking Rintis Island!He is sending his spaceships to Earth to steal the most valuableenergy resource Cocoa. To protect Rintis Island, you must helpBoBoiBoy and his friends. Fight against Adudu's entire gang anddefeat them! Discover this fun and challenging shooting game onyour mobile device! Download BoBoiBoy: Adudu Attacks! 2 and team upwith BoBoiBoy now! MAIN FEATURES:★Official BoBoiBoy free-to-playgame, produced in partnership with Animonsta Studios★Originalsoundtrack from the BoBoiBoy TV animation★Over 45 levels available!★Revisit all the beautifully designed scenes from BoBoiBoy Season 1to Season 3★9 challenging boss levels including Adudu, Probe andSuper Probe.★Unleash all 5 elemental powers to beat Adudu and hisevil associates. ★Power up your BoBoiBoy characters.★DifferentMissions generate more possibilities of game play!Like us onFacebook at https://www.facebook.com/BoBoiBoyGames/ to get moreinfo about all our titles or simply to get in touch with us. Welove to hear from you!
Penguin Dash 1.0.4
Run, Penguin, run! You partied away and danced a lot but somehowlost a friend in dangerous waters. Be quick and save your friend,but watch out! There are lots of sharks around and submarines andother obstacles block your way. Features:★Easy game play, fastaction ★Cute characters★Combos, items and power-ups ★Worldwideleaderboard ★Over 10 missions to be achieved!
BoBoiBoy Puzzle Clash 2.43
EJoJo and all his minions are ready for a final attack. UseBoBoiBoy’s powers to defeat them one by one, level by level!Outsmart your opponents by being quick and witty with combos of allelements and collect the best cards for ultimate strikes.Fighttogether with BoBoiBoy & Friends to level up your hero and savethe world!★Official BoBoiBoy game licensed by famous AnimonstaStudios★Based on the storylines of BoBoiBoy TV Season 1 to 3★Uniquegame combining puzzle, card collection and RPG elements★ChallengingTic-Tac-Toc gameplay with over hundreds of combinations★Customizeyour hero's abilities with 60+ character cards★FREE full gameexperience to beat EjojoDownload and experience a brand newadventure with BoBoiBoy now!
BoBoiBoy Photo Sticker 1.0.1
Your photo looks nice. How about making it awesome? Make yourphotos super cute with BoBoiBoy Photo Sticker and share them withyour friends! ONLY FEW CLICKS TO MAKE YOUR PHOTO OUTSTANDING!★Takea photo or select it from your gallery★Choose your favoritestickers and play with them as you want! Move them, resize them,rotate them… ★Select and add a beautiful frame to make your photoeven nicer★Full screen edit and preview 100s OF STICKERS AND FRAMESALREADY AVAILABLE!★High quality stickers and frames★All from thefamous BoBoiBoy animated series by Animonsta Studios ★Write yourown messages on top with BoBoiBoy official characters ★New framesand stickers will be added regularly! IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS WITHYOUR BOBOIBOY PHOTOS!★Share easily your customized photos★All themain platforms are supported: Facebook, WHATSAPP, LINE, WeChat,Instagram etc… Like us on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/8elements to get more info about all ourtitles or simply to get in touch with us. We love to hear from you!
Upin&Ipin Nonogram 1.0.7
A new semester has started and Upin and Ipin receive a lot ofhomework from their teacher. Oh no … But wait, this looks like somecool puzzles. They now need your help to be quick enough! Solve 20different puzzles in 3 levels of difficulty and beat the clock. Thegame starts rather easy but will challenge your brains as you tryto solve more and more puzzles.Watch out - more levels coming soon!
BoBoiBoy: Ejojo Attacks 1.22
Ejojo and Adudu attack again! They are sending their forces todefeat us, level by level, more and more! BoBoiBoy needs to defendour town and keep all minions away from our home! Another epicclash is unfolding. Make use of different powers and items to savethe world together with BoBoiBoy and his friends!Features:★ 4different BoBoiBoy powers available in game★ Infinite number ofstages★ Facebook sharing and friends leaderboard★ Unlock 18 awesomestickers in the collection area
CoinBox Breaker 1.0.4
A stupid Alien got lost in space and lands in Japan. Now get this,the fool carries all his planets treasure boxes with him. This isyour chance to rob his precious coins and steal his UFO.Sneak inand tap your way to victory. Click fast and break them all in ashort time to get rich quick. And don’t forget to summon yourminions for help!★3 FREE stages ★Unlock 10 levels of special powerups★30 stages★Quick and simple game play ★Don’t think, just click!
Christmas Slots 777 1.2
Xmas Slots lets you spin the wheels on your very own virtual casinoslot machine to win coins and hit jackpots under the Christmastree!It is designed for those gamblers among you who want a quickand easy spin in between! The magic of the game really lies in itssimplicity. Try it out!Download Christmas Slots today and have aMerry Casino Season!★Classic Vegas style, single line, 3 reelslots★Nudge and Hold functions★Realistic sounds★Easy game, fun toplay, setting an exciting casino experience ★Nice ChristmasadaptationFind us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8elements
Power Spheres by BoBoiBoy 1.3.20
This new Puzzle-Action game in the ever so popular BoBoiBoy gameseries is the officially licensed mobile game for monsta’s BoBoiBoyThe Movie.The game challenges your puzzle skills and speed.Combinations of BoBoiBoy’s elemental powerballs unleash action onyour opponents in the battle screen above as a group of alientreasure hunters has arrived on earth and kidnapped Ochobot inorder to use him to locate an ancient and powerful “Sfera Kuasa”.BoBoiBoy and his super friends must now race from level to level tosave Ochobot and fight never before seen villains.This split-screenBoBoiBoy game combines Match 3 Puzzle gameplay with Action elementsand takes you to defeat well-known enemies and new villains fromthe movie in 100 exciting levels.Can you beat the Alien treasurehunters?Are you good enough to help BoBoiBoy and his friends tosave Ochobot?Will you uncover the secrets behind the mysterious“Sfera Kuasa” and unlock your BoBoiBoy’s new powers?
Jewel Slots Deluxe 5.21
Spin the gems and win !Jewel Slots lets you spin the reels on yourvery own virtual casino slot machine to win coins and hit hotjackpots!It is specially designed for those gamblers among you whowant a quick spin all the time!In this full version you have noneed to worry about running out of coins – play as long and oftenas you want.Once downloaded, you can enjoy all features of the gameand never run out of money!!!! Come and download Jewel Slotstoday and win your epic Jackpot!★ Classic Vegas style, single line,3 reel slots★ Nudge and Hold functions★ Realistic sounds★ Easygame, fun to play, setting an exciting casino experience ★ LuxuryJewels grant you extra luck on winning!Find us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/8elements
Pub Fun Duck Shoot Deluxe 1.01
Grab your shotgun, load and fire. Those damn ducks have found a wayinto your pumpkin farm and now steal all the good produce. Stopthem the sporty way!Your job is to hunt down as many ducks aspossible in 1 minute.The game is a nice time-killer for those whoenjoy quick action. Features: • 5 different ducks to shoot• Quickand easy to learn and play• Nice animations• Funny ducksoundsHints:• Remember to reload your gun!
Pub Fun Santa Shoot 1.1
Do all the Christmas jingles make you dizzy? Damn X-mas decoeverywhere? Fed-up already? Well, grab your shotgun, load and fire.Give it to Santa straight. Your job is to hunt down as many of thefat guys as possible. You have 30 seconds! Download Pub Fun SantaShoot today and have a Merry Shooting Season!★ Simple tab shooter★Easy to play★ Nice Christmas graphics and audioFind us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/8elements
Flappy Santa 1.0.1
Flappy Santa is the Christmas game that will keep you glued to yourmobile screen.Fun, easy, challenging, addictive!You have tonavigate the clumsy Santa through all the bells and trees simply bytapping with your finger on the screen. Tap anywhere and Santaflies higher.Download Flappy Santa today and have a Merry FlappySeason! ★ One touch game★ Very easy to pick up, very difficultto master★ Nice Christmas graphics and audio
Mall Defender 1.0.3
Shopping is our life! Defend and take control of all Shopping MallsASAP!Gather your crowds and go faster than the intruders.MallDefender is a fun little strategy game in which you will need tocontrol the shopping mad crowd and gather more and more people totake back your beloved malls to get rid of the other unwelcomeinvaders.★ 3 levels of difficulty★ Hong Kong buildings★ Streetsounds of the city
Dungeon Balls Pro 1.1.5
Challenge your puzzle skills in this wonderful pinball story!Threebeautiful sisters with the magical abilities of controlling ice,fire, and plants have lost their home due to an unfortunateincident. In order to rebuild it, they have decided to search andcollect treasures from a dungeon which is full of surprises anddangers. But as they progress in the dungeon, they meet newcompanions, which lead them to events which will effect the fate ofthe world...... The amazing and amusing adventures of the threesisters will be presented by using "comics" in the game, givingplayers an easy and entertaining way to enjoy the sisters' excitingadventures! How to Play:Each stage is a room in the dungeon wherethe game proceeds with characters and heroes transforming into"pinballs" on the pinball platform. By launching the balls, playershelp these characters as they hit and bounce in the dungeon stagesto defeat monsters, activate hidden switches, and break out oftraps to solve the difficult puzzles in each stage. SpecialFeatures:- Intuitive controls, simply touch the screen to launchthe pinball! - Each stage is carefully designed with numerous trapsand hidden switches! - There are 100 stages at launch, with morecoming in future patches! - Hero characters can be obtained as youproceed from stage to stage! - With the 3 star achievement system,players can feel proud about their achievements! - The more starsyou have, the stronger your characters will be; try to achieve 3stars in all stages! - Collect gold coins to rebuild your home! Themore coins you have, the fancier your house will be!✔Officialwebsitehttp://www.8elements.net/✔Follow uson:https://www.facebook.com/dungeonballs
BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes RPG 1.0.14
BoBoiBoy Galactic Heroes is a casual action RPG mobile game forbased on the most popular 3D animated TV Series in Southeast Asia -BoBoiBoy Galaxy.Fight with the grown up teen gang of BoBoiBoy andhis friends to collect power sphera's spread in the entire galaxyand beat villains and monsters on your way as many many huntershave been trying to relocate and capture the power spheres fortheir own gains. To stop the power spheres from falling into thewrong hands, this RPG lets you play as young superhero BoBoiBoy andyou first need to reunite your friends to form powerful teams tosearch and collect the power spheres from across the dangerousUniverse. The Galaxy is your playground!Are you hero enough to helpBoBoiBoy and his friends to save the entire galaxy?Play it now: Theofficial BoBoiBoy RPG action super hero game for brandnew TV SeriesBoBoiBoy Galaxy![Features]★ Casual action RPG mobile game★ 3DCharacters in a 3D world by Unity Engine 5★ 5 planets to play onplus 1 final Boss planet★ 80 stages in 4 different areas to defeatmultiple villains★ Numerous Battle Modes: - Turn-based Battle -Active Time Battle (ATB) - Quick Time Event (QTE) special attacks★Autosave every end of the battle★ Daily quests and Daily rewardsavailable★ Train & evolve Monsters to make your teamundefeatable★ Collect 10 special Hero Characters with leaderabilities★ Fight ini PVP with others around the world
Battle of Heroes 10.70.91
Manage your heroic characters and lead theminto fighting adventures in the mysterious world of Aeon. It’s allabout collecting Heroes and managing their skills, elements,levels, equipments, stats to survive more than 300 unique battlestages over 8 game modes.Fate has thrust Aeon into an age of chaos; the rise of darkness.But the Goddess shined upon you to lead your armies into theenemy’s territory for victory. Now, you must form a strong team outof hundreds of heroes and combinations to face demons, monsters andother unspeakable terrors from the dark side.Join thousands of player heroes in Indonesia on this excitingfantasy journey. Become the best and prove your worth byparticipating in 5v5 battles in the Arena. Strengthen your heroesby equipping them with weapons, armors and accessories! Those itemswill get random status improvements when you upgrade them!In-Game Feature- ControlControl your game character by simply choose and switch to Manual,Auto Play (auto move) & Auto Skill (full auto play).Adventure- Scenario ModeFinish each stage with(total of 288 stages that you can play in thescenario mode.- Tower of CalamitiesComplete 25 challenges from each tower. There are 4 towers thatawaits you on Battle of Heroes Tower of Calamities. Claim exclusivereward from each challenge that you have completed.- Daily BossGet your heroes ready to battle and defeat the daily bosses!- Defense modeDefend the crystal from the enemy! Enemies will continuously attackthe crystal in wave.Battle- ArenaProve your worth and become the stronger! Own the arena by securingthe top position on 1vs1 PvP Battle. Earn the respected title bybecoming the mighty one!- CrusadeExplore 15 islands on the crusade mode and beat each player thatguard the islands. Claim you reward after conquering theisland.- MiningSend your strongest hero and set up your formation to earn Gems andGolds in mining mode. The longer you do the mining, the more Goldand Gems that you can claim! Guard your mine from enemies who wantsto try stealing your resources.Unique Feature- Guild BossCreate and build your own guild and defeat the guild boss togetherwith your guild member. An exciting rewards awaits you for eachguild boss that you have defeated. Rank up your guild level toincrease the number of recruitment for your guild member. Put yourbest heroes in the barrack with your desired price in order to getextra Guild Coins.- VIPVIP Features will grow slowly based on the total time that youspend to play the game, or simply increase it slightly by top-upinto the game.- HeroGrab and develop 1 new hero that released every week after gameupdate or maintenance!Increase the level of your hero to maximum level 30 by doingadventure, increase the power of your hero by enhance your hero to+7, and increase the star of your hero to max 6 stars. Improve yourbattle points!- Item.Increase the power / battle point of your team by adding item toyour Hero, Item can be enhance to get higher level and randomstatus.- Hero SkillSharpen your Hero's ability by increasing the active and passiveskills to maximum level to help you complete each adventureeasily.Battle of Heroes stands out from other mobile Action RPGs as itchallenges your playing skills by offering a unique variety anddepth of Hero and Battle parameters.