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Gravity is Wrong 1.3
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Collect as many coins as you can and trytoavoid getting squished. There are three difficulties. Thereareenemies on the Medium and Hard. The game can be paused andunpausedby swiping down. You may submit your score to threeseparate GooglePlay leader-boards and receive up to 5 achievements.Tip: You might find the game a lot easier if you use "PressonScreen" controls.
Smash a Smartphone 1.5
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Tap the red button to trigger thehammer.
Flappy Poop 2.5
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Flap the poop through the obstacles. Makesurethat your sound is turned on, you just might laugh. :D
EuroJackpot Number Generator 1.3
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If you can't decide what numbers to playyoucan use this app. It randomly generates five numbers between 1and50, and two numbers between 1 an 10.
You are the Asteroid 2.4
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After the Asteroid war of extermination in 1979, the Spaceshipempire spread like a virus throughout the universe, reproducingexponentially, annihilating any and all asteroids. To survive,individual asteroids have been forced to cannibalize their own kindin order to prolong their existence. You are The Asteroid, surviveand bring devastation to the Spaceship empire. (Control yourcharacter in order to avoid or to smash into other asteroids andspaceships. Each collision with a spaceship will decrease yoursize, but you will receive a lot of score points. If you smash intoother asteroids they will break apart into fragments. You willincrease in size for each 5 fragments that are picked up.) You caneither control your asteroid by tilting the device or by having itfollow your finger. Known bug/problem (Tilt the device mode): Ifyou spin your device around for 180 degrees, the screen may rotateand your controls will work in reverse.