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BlazBlue RR - Real Action Game 1.28
!!!!! Recommended Android version: Android 5.0 or above !!!!!“BlazBlue RR - Real Action Game” is a revolutionary 2Dside-scrolling fighting game on mobile platform. With its exquisite2D graphics, orthodox fighting experience and character voicescontributed by famous Japanese voice actors, this game is truly awork of art and will leave players awestruck. Another remarkablefeature of the game is its unique control system, stylish yet easyto master, this brand new touch-and-swipe control system willsurely bring the ultimate fighting game experience to the players.-BlazBlue Revolution Reburning Features- [Officially licensed.Authorized Blazblue] The only Blazblue action mobile gameauthorized by Arc System Works, supervised by Toshimichi Mori, theproducer of the original series, perfectly restored the classiccharacters and moves of the original series, recurred the story ofthe TV anime, and included all the memorable dialogs. [Battle onthe fingertips] We abandoned the inhuman virtual buttons, andcreated a unique tap-and-slide control mode (we have a patent forthis), all the moves will be performed with your fingertips, andgive you a refreshing experience just like playing the arcadefighting game. All skills have no cool down time, when performedproperly, you can achieve unlimited combos! [Extremely gorgeousgraphics] The most gorgeous 2D graphics, and the most authenticJapanese graphic style, based on thousands of beautiful originalartworks. The most sophisticated battle effects and movepresentation, perfectly restored the fighting style of Blazblue,give you the finest fighting experience! [A-list voice actors andepic music] Tomokazu Sugita、Yuuichi Nakamura、Aoi Yuuki、TetsuyaKakihara、Akira Ishida ... dozens of Japanese A-list voice actorsjoined us in this game, and the game music was composed by Japanesemaster musician Daisuke Ishiwatari, wake up your ears and listen tothe sound of the battle! [Unlock heroes and deepen their bonds]Popular characters from the Blazblue series will emerge one afteranother, players can unlock them by collecting special items. Eachhero has a unique fighting style, which will bring you differentcombat experiences, the restraints among characters are crucial tothe battles, unlock more heroes and let the power of bonds help youto overcome the difficulties! [PVE and PVP, various gameplays]BlazBlue Revolution Reburning has various gameplays, both PVE andPVP, player can either select story mode to challenge strongholdsof higher difficulty, experience the grand storyline of the series,or compete against other players in competitive mode, WIFI battleis also available, you can fight against your friends face to face![Contact us] Customer service email:[email protected] website:http://91act.com Official facebookpage:https://www.facebook.com/bbrr.91act/ Official Twitter Page:https://twitter.com/BlazBlueRR