Monster VS Zombie 1.6.7
9FACTORY, an independent game developer, finally broke out after along hiatus and came back with the new title, 'Monster VSZombie'!9FACTORY presents you the amazing defense game, even betterthan the previous '9 Heroes Defense.'Super System that you haven'teven seen before will be there to help you with yourgameplay.Eliminate the zombies swarming from multiple lines andsave the Earth!Sounds easy? It's easier said than done.Why don'tyou try it?[Featured] - Multi LineThis is not a typical battlesystem that takes place in a single line - all the battles wagingin 4 lines at the same time will totally blow you away. - SuperSystemLaunch a normal monster for a certain number of times and ittransforms into Super Monster.Use the powerful super monsters andwin your battle. - Various ObjectsObjects placed across the mapsuch as portals, moving walkways and hard gravestones will add thefun to the gameplay. - Sticker SystemEnjoy various stickers toupgrade the stats of your monsters and super monsters. - GameModeTotal of 4 exciting game modesDay time Mode: 100 stages toplayNight time Mode: 100 stages to playStation Assault in Day time:90 stages to playStation Assault in Night time: 90 stages toplayZombie Rush: Unlimited stages"Monster VS Zombie" a video ad,such as advertising and data storage and management- GET_ACCOUNT -WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGESuchpermission.Server does not use the user's information into the gameseparately.
내가 지키리+ 1.29
인디게임 개발사 9FACTORY에서 오랜 공백을 깨고 신작인 내가지키리를 출시했습니다.전작인 9히어로즈 디펜스를 뛰어넘는엄청난 디펜스게임이 탄생했습니다.이전 어디에서도 볼 수 없었던 슈퍼몬스터 시스템이 여러분들을 도와줄 것 입니다.여러라인에서 공격해 오는 좀비들을 처치하고 지구를 구해주세요!!쉬워 보인다구요? 결코 쉽지 않습니다.도전해보세요!!=====================================================메인메뉴와 게임결과창에 광고가 뜨는 무료버전도 있습니다.유료버전은 이러한 광고없이 쾌적하게 플레이 가능합니다.동영상을 보면 보상을지급하는 보상형 광고는 유료 무료 둘다들어있습니다.======================================================- 멀티라인하나의 라인에서의 전투가 아닌 4개의 라인에서 전투가 이루어지는 눈 돌릴틈이 없는 긴박한 전투- 슈퍼 시스템일반몬스터를 일정횟수 출전시키면 슈퍼몬스터로 변신강력한 슈퍼몬스터를 활용하여 전투에서 승리하세요-다양한오브젝트포탈,무빙워크,단단한 비석등 맵에 배치되어 있는 게임의 재미를 더해주는 오브젝트-스티커 시스템몬스터,슈퍼몬스터의능력치를 한껏 더 올려줄수 있는 다양한 스티커-게임 모드총4가지의 다채로운 게임모드낮모드 : 총 100개의 스테이지밤모드: 총 100개의 스테이지낮 보급소 습격 : 총 90개의 스테이지밤 보급소 습격 : 총 90개의 스테이지좀비 러시 :무한대의 스테이지----개발자 연락처 :이메일 : [email protected] new indiegame developer has released a long space in 9FACTORY I shall keepit.Defense games are beyond incredible predecessor, Defense 9Heroes was born.Where previously unseen in the super monster systemwill help you.Kill the zombie attacks to come from several lines,please save the planet!It seems easier? Certainly not easy.Tochallenge!=====================================================There is also a free version with ads that float on the mainmenu, the game result window.The paid version can play comfortablywithout these ads.In a video advertisement that pays compensationfor the compensation is paid bothfree.================================================== ====-Multi-lineTense battle there is no break in the snow to turn thebattle takes place in four lines instead of fighting in one line-Super SystemWhen a certain number of ordinary monster transformedinto a super-monster appearancesUtilizing the powerful super moneymonster victory in battle- Various objectsPortal, moving walkway,which adds to the fun of the game objects are placed on a sturdytombstone, etc. Map- Sticky systemMonster, monster of a supervariety of sticker stats give the utmost better place- Game ModeAllfour of colorful game modesLow Mode: 100 total StageNight mode: atotal of 100 stagesLow depot raid: a total of 90 stagesNight depotraid: a total of 90 stagesZombie Rush: Infinity Stage
9Heros Defence 1.0
To. my beloved animals. Dr.Z has turned the entire humankind intozombies. The humankind’s last hope is the babies kidnapped by Dr.Z.All we have left is you, who are not infected. I will awaken yourhidden power. You have to save the babies no matter what. The fateof the world is in your hands. I wish you become the heroes whowill save the world. From Dr.K P.S. -Battles are available in line4. -You can transform 3 times. -You have 3 different skills forsupport. -When battle becomes difficult, a superhero will come andsave you. -Never put your guards down. There is a rumor saying thatthey also have super zombies on their side. -Always be prepared forzombie attacks. -You can defeat zombie attacks using threedifferent methods.
9히어로즈 디펜스 1.0
===============================================2012 최고의 디펜스게임 9히어로즈디펜스가 드디어 구글플레이에상륙했습니다.===============================================동물들에게 세계를지배하려는 Dr.Z가 인간들을 전부 좀비로 만들어버렸다. 인류의 마지막 희망은 Dr.z가 납치해간 아기들뿐이다. 남은건전염되지 않은 너희들뿐.. 너희 동물들의 잠재된 능력을 일깨워주겠다. 이 아기들을 꼭 구해야한다. 인류의 운명이 너희들손에 달려있다. 인류를 구원할 영웅이 되어주길... From Dr.K 추신: -전투는 4라인에서 가능하다. -너희들은5번의 변신을 할 수 있다. -너희들을 보조할 3가지의 스킬이 있다. -전투가 힘들어지면 너희를 구원할 슈퍼히어로가나타날 것이다. -방심하지 말것. 저들에겐 슈퍼 좀비도 있다는 소문이 있다. -항상 좀비의 습격에 대비해라. -좀비의습격에는 3가지의 방법으로 물리칠 수 있다.----개발자 연락처 :이메일 :[email protected]===============================================2012Best Defense 9 game Heroes Defense has finally landed on GooglePlay.===============================================Animals toTheDr.Z want to rule the world and left it in all humanszombies.Humanity's only hope is the last Dr.z haegan baby iskidnapped.Toe spread not only you.I will remind you, the potentialability of the animals.Seek means these babies.The fate of humanityrests in the hands of you.Hoping to become a hero to save the humanrace ...From Dr.KPS:- Combat is available in four lines.- You canmake five turns.- There are three skills to assist you.- Thesuperhero fight harder when you save you will receive.- Do notvigilant. There are also rumors that they egen super zombies.- Makealways against the assault of zombies.- Attack of the Zombie has todefeat in three ways.
Infinity Turn 1.0.2
Crazy addictive simple game that you play with only touch.Challengethree difficulties.Collect dozens of balls.What you need is aagility!!"Infinity Turn" a video ad, such as advertising and datastorage and management- GET_ACCOUNT- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGESuch permission.Server does not use the user'sinformation into the game separately.