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Unicorn Pet
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Unicorn Pet - a new, magical, 3d virtual pet game is here! Pickyour pony and enjoy this magical saga in unicorns world. In themagical world of the Unicorns, life was peaceful and pleasant. Thatwas until the evil Warlock imprisoned nearly all of the unicorns inhis ghastly castle and took away their magic power. Fortunately,there's still the good wizard, who, from time to time, manages tofree one of those fairy ponies and return their powers. Will youtry taking care one of a saved unicorn ? Your task will not only beto taking care of it, but also to be a best friend. Take care ofyour virtual pet, play with it, gallop through the wilderness ofthe magical land with the marvelous Unicorns selected for you withcare and accordingly to your personality! Like in reality, theirslife will go on even after you close game and an icon will notifyyou anytime your unicorn needs your help. Create your own story andbecome best unicorn trainer. Features: ★ choose one of 15 ponies -for kids, but not only! ★ ride at unicorn and play mini games ★visit shops, build, customize and explore this magical world ★ usean gestures to pet and care for your little pony ★ unicorns growsand change over time (from baby to teen and adult) ★ Play unicornride mini game and run through wilderness ★ Fight and attack ghostsin Unicorn Defender ★ Avoid obstacles and get best score in FlappyUnicorn ★ You like castles or elves? Maybe rainbows and sweets?Choose one of many available themes And that's just the beginningof the adventure! Soon, you too will be able to free new Unicorns!For any problems or questions with Unicorn Pet game, find us onfacebook: http://www.facebook.com/aagames