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كنوز نبوية وسنن منسية 1.0
برنامج بة العديد من كنوز النبى صل الله عليةوسلم فى شكل منظم ومرتب.ويوجد خاصية تكبير الخط لتحسين الرؤية.
Mushaf 2.8.1
Mushaf is free and easy app to read Quran , (An electronic Quran)with unique features (reading - listening - memorizing the children- interpretation) - app contain build in Paper Mushaf, and alsoTafsir, so you do not need internet to read. - Advanced index thatincludes the arrangement of the Qoran in the parts, and anotherindex of the Sura, and you can search in both indexes. - Providingcopy of Mosshaf Al-Madina, copy of Mosshaf Al-Tajweed (coloredaccording to Tajweed rules) and copy of Mosshaf Warsh (RewayatWarsh An-Nafei'). - Gapless audio playback , recitations by manyfamous reciters (Rewayat Has ,Warsh and Qaloon). - Search throughAll Quran text , or specific sura - Share Quran text , or image. -Arabic Tafsir(Commentary) "Al-Saa'di, Ibn-Katheer, Al-Baghawy,Al-Qortoby, Al-Tabary and Al-Waseet". - Text Translation of the AllQuran meanings (English , French). - E’rab(Grammar) Al-Quran byQasim Da'aas. - Split screen between Quran and tafsir. - Switchpages with swipe or volume buttons. - An easy way to save page orverse bookmark by swipe bookmark handle. - Make screen always onwhile reading - Night mode - Convert Quran to text and controllfont size. - Sync between recitaion and Aya position in the Page(highlighting Aya while recited). - Ability to repeating verses -Keep audio playing even if app closed - Audio controller innotification **ِ App permissions ** - the app needs internet accessso that it can download required contents (recitations,translations and Quran pages images). - the app needs to access tofile storage so that it can store downloaded contents (recitations,translations and Quran pages images).
com.abdo.azan.zikr 1.5.4
The program helps you in maintaining your prayers, as the programcan determine your country Prayer times, and determine qibladirection. -Prayer Times in your Country -show next prayer andremaining time -Qibla direction -widget to show next pray -searchnearest mosques -period alarm before azan -silent mode after azan-animation while azan -copy or share muslim azkar -12 azan sound ,and you can choose from sdcard -muslim azkar -Bookmark azkar-Ongoing notification to know next prayer time -Iqama afterdetermine time -Audio library to listen and download audio files-Ramadan settings (schedule - msharaty - mdfa3) -Month prayer timestable *attention : this app under update , we add more featuresevery update , let us know your opinion about app , and leave yourfeedback.
Diary Note 1.3
Use this diary app to make your own personal journal of dailyevents, appointments, secrets and feelings. FEATURES: *password& pin code protection , and you can recovery your password viaEmail *Add photos, videos and records to your note *Come with builtin Emojis *Personalize background and text color with color pallete*Change text size and font style *Add reminder to remember yourmoments *Automatic reminder to write your diary *Backup your diaryin sdcard to keep it save *Automatic backup your diary with orwithout media files *save your favorite diary *Add tag to yourdiary to get it easy *Add your mood to this days *Search your diarywith date or title or tags (feel free to leave your comment orsuggestion to improve this app)
Cart Shop 1.0.0
E-commerce template application for android and iOS usingFlutterframework by google. What we will offer? -App with beautifuldesignfor android and iOS -Admin app to control your product-Native appwith great performance App description: -Sort yourproducts withcategories -Search for product -Filter and sortproducts -Addfavorite product -User track for products -Pushnotification -Userorder history -First app screen header for yourshop offers -Andmore.... *Feel free to order any add or adjust ,contact us.