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100 Castle Room Escape Game 1.0.3
100 Castle Room Escape a point and click escape game with 100levels! With extremely challenging puzzles. This 100 Castle RoomEscape Game contains of 100 Castle rooms, 100 escape task, and 1000puzzles. You need to find 100 Castle door room keys by solvingpuzzle, finding clues and objects. The room have Quests, logicalpuzzles, hidden objects, jigsaw – all of those you will find oneach of 100 rooms.It is time to escape the room! Features: ↗ Mindblowing puzzles ↗ Classic room escape game ↗ Real situations ↗Gorgeous graphics. ↗ 100% fun guaranteed! How to play: Find items,search clues and solve puzzles. Unlock each and every door toescape! What are you waiting for? Let the Escape Fever begin!
Fantasy Escape Games Collection - A2Z Escape Games 1.0
A2Z Fantasy Escape Games brings you this point and click typelatestnew room escape games especially for the escape games lovers. A2ZFantasy Escape Games Free New Room Escape Games is a comboofmultiple room & door escape games of various locations.Afterplaying all these A2Z Escape Games Free New Escape Games,surelyyou will have the feel of escaping in a logic way and givereality.That kind of experiences is assured by these Escape Games.Almostall room escape games have players locked inside the room andhowthey escape from the rooms by open the doors. But this A2ZEscapeGames New Room Escape games will give you more excitementthanother room escape games, as the rooms are filled withcrypticpuzzles that have to be cracked. Game features: ♦︎ MultipleEscapeGames ♦︎ Challenging Levels. ♦︎ Tricky Levels. ♦︎ DoorsEscape. ♦︎Nice graphics. ♦︎ When you are stuck, three kinds ofhints willhelp you ♦︎ Kill time-no pressure no push! ♦︎ Suitablefor bothkids and adults to train logic skills. ♦︎ Find, combine anduseitems ♦︎ Use your brain and your mind ♦︎ Use logic and outsidethebox thinking. ♦︎ Picturesque & Strange locations! ♦︎RiddlingPuzzles. ♦ Attractive Game play ♦ Polished animation. ♦Realistic& gorgeous graphics. ♦ Smart phone puzzles! ♦Different themedrooms! ♦ Constant updates of New Rooms! ♦ Smoothstory-line. ♦Charming rooms with lots of hidden clues andsolutions. ♦ Highlyefficient Game in Low Memory usage. ♦ Uniquesetting , unlike anyother escape game. ♦ Beautiful rooms toexplore! ♦ ChallengePuzzles ♦ An escape game you will remember! ♦︎Simple, easy rules,type the correct word to win a game! ♦︎ ALLLEVELS are FREE for allusers! ♦︎ NEW word gameplay, good news forword gamer! ♦︎ No timelimit, adjust your pace at any level ♦︎ 100%free escape game appDownload this escape game for free now andenjoy solving thepuzzles Are you ready for the thrilling experiencewith lots ofdrama and adventures? DOWNLOAD now to begin your escapeadventure!We are working on improving the game, so if you have anyquestion,let us know your thought and tips via -a2zescapegames@gmail.com .