iCallMore 2.1.8
iCallMore is the Mobile Dialer that allows to make VoIP calls fromany of the android devices and it uses 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi Internetconnectivity. It is developed based on the requirements of VoIPProviders business needs.iCallMore Features:-It uses SIP protocolbased for signalingSupports G729, PCMU, and PCMA codecsRuns behindNAT or Private IPUser Friendly InterfaceAuto Sync of BalanceRealTime Sip status messagesCall HistoryAddress bookintegrationCompatible with all sip standard switchesiCallMore hasvery efficient implementation of jitter buffer to play voicesmoothly.Silent suppression and comfort noise generation has beenused to reduce the bandwidth usage, and this makes the dialer moreefficient in making VoIP calls.It easily integrates with mobilephonebook and auto detects (+) sign when contact is picked fromphonebook.”
Byefone 3.8.6
Byefone is the most happening mobile dialerinthe telecom circles.Byefone is a simple downloadable appthatallows you to make VoIP calls from your mobile at low rateswithbest quality. Byefone works on all Android supported deviceswithlimited internet connectivity via 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi, etc.The features attached to this dialer give you a rich contentformaking VoIP calls. VoIP Providers can leverage this app tofurthertheir business by connecting to larger user base.Top Features:Uninterrupted call connection even in low bandwidth areasSupportive to codecs : G729,PCMU, PCMALatest UILoud SpeakerReal-time SIP status messagesSIP based protocol for SignalingImproved Call HistoryWorks past NAT or Private IP
iCallMore 1.0.0
iCallMore is the most happening mobile dialer in thetelecomcircles. It is a simple downloadable app that allows you tomakeVoIP calls from your mobile at low rates with best quality.Itworks on all Android supported devices with limitedinternetconnectivity via 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi, etc. The features attachedto thisdialer give you a rich content for making VoIP calls.VoIPProviders can leverage this app to further their businessbyconnecting to larger user base. Top Features: Uninterruptedcallconnection even in low bandwidth areas Supportive to codecs:G729,PCMU, PCMA Latest UI Loud Speaker Real-time SIPstatusmessages SIP based protocol for Signaling Improved CallHistoryWorks past NAT or Private IP Hold Compatible with all SIPstandardswitches Address Book Consolidation Automatic BalanceConsolidationJitter buffer implementation for smooth voiceEncourages use ofsilent suppression and comfort noise generation toreduce bandwidthusage Auto detects contacts sourced from phone bookThus,iCallMoreis a comprehensive mobile dialer that makes your VoIPcallingeffortless and enjoyable.