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Coloring Monkey 1.0
ABC Media
Coloring Monkey is a game where you will findthe best images to color from your smartphone or tablet.This is about one of the funniest games for kids that you candownload, because you will have to pick a draw to color it howeveryou want. If you are looking for coloring games, now you have foundone of the most entertaining games for Android, Yes it's ColoringMonkeyHow can I play this “Coloring Boy” Game?It is very simple, you just have to follow this steps:1. Download and install the game.2. Choose a coloring games category.3. Choose the image you want to color.4. Pick the colors and start coloring!Free coloring Monkey main Features:* A lot of images to draw, sort by categories. You will be able tochoose draw from this categories: Animals to coloring, vehicles,foods, Boys, Girls, etc.* You will be able to choose the colors you want for your coloringbook.* Do you want to share your creations? Don’t panic, because youwill be able to share all your drawings using messaging apps andthrough your social media profiles. But wait, you also will be ableto share your designs through any application running in yoursmartphone or tablet.* If you just want to save your colored drawings, you can do itusing your smartphone or tablet memory to watch them in any sizeand share them with your friends or family.* This app get updates frequently adding new images so you and yourkids can have new coloring images.We hope you and your children have enjoyed this online paintinggame. In this case, we will appreciate if you rate us a five inthis kids game so we can improve and bring more new updates.Positive votes and comments make us improve this game and app forkids.Disclaimer: All of the images and drawings found in this game areproperty of Reticode, which is prohibited the commercial use of anyimage found in this program without prior consent ofReticode.
Pink Roses Zipper 1.2
ABC Media
A really beautiful Pink Love Roses hows up onyour screen while it is locked.And you have to unzip the zipper to unlock your Smartphone.It provides convenience to the user when they're unlocking theirphone user just have to drag it down wards to unzip the Pink LoveRoses and your phone will be unlocked.It is quick, simple and easy way to unlock your phone.This zipper lock app doesn't require any password or pin code tounlock your smartphone.This app is a cute treat for Pink Love Roses lovers.