Scary Maze Mummy Shooting Game 1.0
This, scary maze game and shooting game.Play now the best game,mummy shooting in scary maze game. New game Scary Maze 3D, a horrorlabyrinth game.The scary maze game contains extremely dangerousmummies and other creatures. This scary maze game where you can bethe first mummy shooter. Because we are trying to shooting thespiders and mummies in the labyrinth.You shoot against each otherwith these dangerous mummies and other monsters in the labyrinth.At the same time you will try to solve the maze. But do not worry,Because there are very powerful weapons to kill these monsters. Youalso have the ammunition you need at specific points in thelabyrinth. You can use your health and reduce the health box.Excellent games with realistic scenes.The scary maze game consistsof five levels and game consists of five different mazeKill mummiesand kill monsters, You may be the only hero of the maze in shootingmummy game.