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Kids Play House 1.0
ACJ Games
Spend hours in the Kids Play House with 5greatgames for kids!Rhyme and match - A great memory game with two games, matchthesame image or match rhyming images.State Capitols - Great game that teaches kids USStatecapitols.Math Games - Fun learning for math includingaddition,subtraction, multiplication, and learning how to countmoney.Slid Puzzle - the classic slid puzzle games with over30puzzlesElevator Dash - Test your timing a patience by trying to moveup21 floors in this great game.
Kids Play House IV 1.0
ACJ Games
Welcome to the 4th edition of Play HouseforKids. In this game are three new learning games:* Tell Time - great way to teach kids how to tell time* Funny Faces - create funny faces adding eyes, nose, mouth,hats,hair, and ears.* Word Search - fun way to learn the spelling of words.* Slide Puzzle - classic game of sliding tiles to createapicture.
Elevator Dash 7.0
ACJ Games
Welcome to Elevator Dash, a fun andchallenginggame where you simply have to move the character up 70floors whileavoiding obstacles to reach the end of the game. Eachtime basedlevel presents various obstacles and becomes harder asthe gameprogresses.