Simulated Hypnosis 1
Simulated hypnosis, the game of optical illusions that will makeyou see the world around you differently.This game does not createreal hypnosis but if it is able to generate visual effects for ashort period of time, making it appear that you arehypnotizedSimulated hypnosis uses strobe images, if you aresensitive to flickering lights it is not advisable to use thisgame.Ready to go into another optical dimension and see the objectsaround you deformed?Open your game, choose the animation of thevisual effect you like, look at the center of the optical illusionfor 30 seconds, without looking away from the center until thetimer reaches zero. Now look around and fix your eyes on someobject and hallucinate with what will happen. The object you arelooking at will begin to deform, it will dynamically change itsmorphology, you will see how it expands or contracts, you will seehow it moves even though it is really still. The hypnoticsimulation effect will last you a few seconds, after that timeeveryone will return to normal. Each illusion creates a differenthypnotizing effect for a few seconds. Some effects give thesensation of being floating, as of weightlessness.Now try anotheroptical illusion and look at the lamp in your room or a tree by thewindow. See how it moves ?. You can also look at the face of afriend that you have close to laugh at seeing your facedeform.Usage tips:- Place your phone or tablet in a horizontalposition to better see some illusions- Remember that each opticalillusion animation creates a different visual effect- Do not lookaway from the center stopwatch during the exposure time to get theeffect correctly.- Use this game in well-lit places to boost theeffect of hallucination- Pause in every illusion to rest youreyesIn the first version you can get the best effects.How to unlocknew simulated hypnosis effects?The first hallucination comesunlocked and you can use it as many times as you want, to get newoptical illusions you have to overcome levels in the game ofillusions that it has incorporated. Open the mini game and start toovercome levels, the operation is very simple, touch the screen ofyour mobile phone to throw the small balls towards the center, thecentral ball is rotating continuously to either side, preventssmall balls from touching or If you get all the balls in the centeryou will go to the next level, if a small ball collides withanother ball, then you lose the game, but do not worry, you can tryagain, as many times as necessary. The more screens you get, themore visual effects you can get.TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS- Theapplication is translated internally in 35 languages, depending onthe language you have activated in the operating system of yourdevice.- 5 different hypnosis you can get- Includes environmentalsounds within each simulated hypnotizing effect.- Operation of thecentral regression chronometer in both horizontal and verticaldisplay position dynamically- Sharing, grading and repeat optionsfor each hallucination- Enable / Disable audio within the illusionset.- Compatible with phones and tablets since version 2.3 ofAndroid.- Instructions, warnings and advice inside the game.Thanksfor downloading Simulated Hypnosis, the game that will make you seethe world around you in different ways for a few seconds.You canwrite comments and suggestions to help us expand and improve thisgame.
Twister Screen Prank 1
Tornado screen is a joke app, to play and have fun with yourfriends.When your friends touch the screen of your android phone ortablet a large tornado will appear on the desktop by dragging allthe icons on your phone and blowing them up. Move the hurricaneacross the screen to see the special effects and animations we'vecreated. When the tornado has removed all the icons then a surpriseawaits you. what will happen?. Dare to find out.Tornado screenincludes multiple simulation options for live wallpapers, andgraphic animations as well as atmospheric effects and sounds. Touse all screen modes you must first unlock them. Get free coins towin new screen simulators. To unlock each simulator you can usedifferent ways to get coins. The most fun way is to play the minigame of balls and for each level you win you will win morecoins.Screen modes included:- fire screen: this mode will burn theicons on the desktop of your device. Drag the flame of fire acrossthe screen and watch as the icons and decorations burn, as well asthe clock and notifications.- electric screen: the electric modecreates an effect of electric rays on your screen, when you touchan icon it will electrocute and disappear. Electrocut all the iconsto see what will happen.- Aquatic Tsunami Screen: Tsunami mode cansubmerge all the icons inside the sea, it is as if a big wave hadflooded your phone. You can tease your friends with this mode bytelling them that you dropped the phone into a puddle of water orin the mop bucket and trigger the tsunami mode to scare them.-impossible screen: with the screen option impossible every time youtouch an icon on your desktop with your finger it will move and youcan never get caught. If you try to slide your finger over theicons, they will all move away from your finger so you never get totouch them.- elastic display: use the elastic display mode so thatall the icons are in continuous movement, they will bounce oneanother and once activated they will never stop moving.- Brokenscreen: after using some of the screen modes will create a brokenscreen simulation, you will hear a crack and it will look as ifyour phone's crystal has been broken. But do not worry, everythingis a simulation and your device will not suffer any kind ofphysical damage.Have fun playing the mini game that incorporatesthis app and overcomes fun and varied levels of progressivedifficulty. You do not need internet to play or to unblock newscreens. You can share this game with your friends directly fromwithin the application.If you like this game you can write commentsand tell us what new screens you want us to develop in the nextupdates. All comments help us improve the quality of thisgame.Spend jokes and laugh out loud with the torn screen.