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AEStudio, the popular online market place inMyanmar with the best price products.Now you can have online shopping experience with Ourcustomer can get access to the best deals and big discounts. Weoften give 1kyat items on our site weekly basic and the otherpromotions with free delivery. Our well designed App let you to usethe following.* Shop by category* Search by shop* Create wish list* Manage your orders* Customer reviews* Share products with friends* Secure card payment system
1 Brain 2 Fingers & PianoTiles 1.1
The only thing you need to do is Don'tTouchThe White Tiles. Sounds easy?Game features:- Charming piano sound effects- Smooth gameplay- Game Center support- Social network sharingThere are 3 main modes in the game:- Escape mode: get to 25/50 black tiles on each side as fastaspossible.- Survive mode: tap as many of the black tiles as you canwithoutmissing a single one.- Explore mode: tap as many black tiles as you can in15/30seconds.
Dotx 1.0
Tap the dots in order digits appeared.Soundeasy? But the number does not appear in the order. Hmm, Itseemsharder.With 100+ levels to challenge your memory,concentration,determination.Let play this FREE GAME and swank your scores withyourfriends.Easy to Play, Hard to Master !!!
Chippi Bird 1.1
- Tap to keep the bird fly- Avoid pipes to get score (be careful with moving pipes)- Compare your high score with others on Google Play GamesVersion for iOS devices:
Dulux - Cẩm nang sơn nhà 1.0.0
Bạn đang tìm kiếm những cách phối màu khácnhaucho ngôi nhà của mình? Tham khảo các phương án phối màu từbảng màusản phẩm Dulux.You are lookingfordifferent color schemes for your home? Refer to the colorschemesfor the color palette from Dulux products.
Fly Up 1.0
* Tap to flap the wings and fly up.* Be careful with the obstacles.* Share your score on Facebook.FREE Game !!! Easy to Play, Hard to Master !!!
2048 Cube 3D 1.1
Play the most addictive puzzle game in3Dinterface and compare your high score with other players onGooglePlay Games.To move the blocks simply swipe up, down, left or right andusethe red arrows on screen to move the blocks forwardorbackward.The object of "2048 Cube 3D" is to move the blocks in such awaythat same numbered blocks collide forming a new block that istwiceas much as the originals until the number 2048 isreached.For every collision you receive the number of points of thenewlycreated block. After each move is made a new block number 0 or2will be randomly assigned to an empty node. If after making amoveall blocks are filled and no new moves are possible, thegameends."2048 Cube 3D" is based upon the original 2048 game designedbyGabriele Cirulli.Version for iOS devices: